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Bethany (Character)
from "Star Trek: Enterprise" (2001)

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"Star Trek: Enterprise: North Star (#3.9)" (2003)
[Archer is helping Bethany escape from prison]
Bethany: What are you doing?
Captain Archer: It's called a jailbreak where I come from.
Bethany: It's called that here, too.

[Archer is trying to get information about the Skagarans]
Bethany: So... what do you want with me?
Captain Archer: Well... you are the teacher around here, aren't you? The first Skagaran I ever saw was today, lying in that coffin. Seems I'd be more likely to get the truth from you than... from the men who put him there.

Bethany: Where do you expect me to go?
Captain Archer: There are other settlements. I'm sure they can use a good teacher.
Bethany: Things won't be any different there.
Captain Archer: Maybe not. But you won't be spending ten years in prison.

Bethany: You must think we're barbaric. All the things humanity's accomplished - building ships like this, traveling to other worlds - and we're still down there shooting each other.
Captain Archer: The progress on Earth, it didn't happen overnight.
Bethany: But it was progress all the same. You've managed to change. We haven't. Even if you could take us back, I don't think we're ready.