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Biography for
Quark (Character)
from "Star Trek: Deep Space Nine" (1993)

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Quark is a Ferengi and the owner of Quark's Bar, Grill, Gaming House and Holosuite Arcade (known as Quark's) aboard Deep Space 9. As a Ferengi, he is subject to distrust and suspicion, some of which he earns by living up to his profiteering nature. But he was more kindly than many of his species and occasionally helped out Bajorans during the Cardassian Occupation by selling them food at a discount, going against the Ferengi belief that "greed is the purest, most noble of emotions."

When Starfleet rechristens the station, Quark considers leaving but Captain Benjamin Sisko essentially makes him an offer he can't refuse to stay. Quark is constantly up to various shenanigans for profit, which are often foiled by Constable Odo, but he also comes through for Starfleet personnel when they truly need it, going against the Ferengi custom of only looking out for himself. Odo and Quark come to an understanding, where Odo lets some of the smaller things slide in exchange for information.

He has a stand-offish relationship with Worf, who is Klingon, and views Ferengi as dishonorable and overly concerned with money.

Background: He has a younger brother, Rom, who occasionally works for him as a bartender. His cousin Gaila is a weapons trafficker. His other cousins are Stol and Barbo.

His nephew Nog is infatuated with Starfleet.

His view of his mother Ishka evolves over time, after he initially has issues with her non-corformist feminist Ferengi ways. His father Keldar is also not the savvy businessman Quark believed him to be.

He has several romantic interests throughout the series including Gilka, the Klingon.

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