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Dr. Phlox (Character)
from "Star Trek: Enterprise" (2001)

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"Star Trek: Enterprise: Dear Doctor (#1.13)" (2002)
Dr. Phlox: Are you married, Crewman?
Crewman Elizabeth Cutler: Course not! I would've told you.
Dr. Phlox: I'm married.
Crewman Elizabeth Cutler: You are?
Dr. Phlox: Three times.
Crewman Elizabeth Cutler: So, you have... two ex-wives?
Dr. Phlox: I have three current wives, and they each have two husbands, not counting myself.
Crewman Elizabeth Cutler: Is that considered normal for Denobulans?
Dr. Phlox: Quite.

[from Phlox's reply to Dr. Lucas, his Human colleague]
Dr. Phlox: You'll be pleased to hear that the crew finally seems to be growing accustomed to an alien doctor on board. I must admit, I wasn't planning to stay this long, but the opportunity to observe your species on their first deep space venture has proven irresistible.

Dr. Phlox: [voice-over] Since we were on the subject of mating, I think Crewman Cutler may be romantically interested in me. I can't be certain, however; the pheromones of Human females aren't as potent as Denobulans'.

[the crew is watching a romantic movie]
Crewman Elizabeth Cutler: We can go if you're bored.
Dr. Phlox: No, no, I'd like to stay and see what happens.
Crewman Elizabeth Cutler: You won't be disappointed. The ending's classic.
Dr. Phlox: [chortles] Not the film. I'm sensing a rising emotional undercurrent in the room. I'm curious to see if it culminates in some kind of group response.

Dr. Phlox: [voice-over] It's remarkable, Doctor, even fictional characters seem to elicit Human compassion. My shipmates have calmly faced any number of dangers, and yet a simple movie can bring tears to their eyes.

Crewman Elizabeth Cutler: They don't have movies where you come from, do they?
Dr. Phlox: Well, we had something similar a few hundred years ago, but they lost their appeal when people discovered their real lives were more interesting.

Dr. Phlox: [about the heart] Physiologically, it is nothing more than a very efficient pump. What could possibly make you people think it is the source of all emotion?
Crewman Elizabeth Cutler: Now, you may know about our cardiopulmonary system, but you have a lot to learn about the human heart.

[Sato is exercising her Denobulan language skills, commenting about Phlox's developing relationship with Cutler]
Dr. Phlox: [in Denobulan] Do you have any advice?
Ensign Hoshi Sato: [in Denobulan] I think you make a very cute... washboard.
Dr. Phlox: I beg your pardon?
Ensign Hoshi Sato: [laughing] Couple! A cute couple!

Dr. Phlox: Denobulans require very little rest, unless you count our annual hibernation cycle.
Captain Jonathan Archer: Am I gonna be without my doctor this winter?
Dr. Phlox: Only for six days.
Captain Jonathan Archer: Maybe I'll join you.

Dr. Phlox: [voice-over] I never thought I'd meet a species that forges such intimate bonds with lesser creatures. It's surprising, the things you Humans choose to invest your emotions in.
[on Archer's relationship to his dog]

Dr. Phlox: [voice-over] I've noticed how the Captain seems to anthropomorphize his pet. He even talks to the creature, although I'm fairly certain it has no idea what he's saying. Then again, I've been known to speak to my Pyrithian bat on occasion.

[Dr. Phlox is scanning a Menk, on which the latter asks something in his language]
Ensign Hoshi Sato: He wants to know what you're doing.
Dr. Phlox: Have you learned enough Menk to explain a molecular bio-scan?
[Sato replies to the Menk in Menk]
Crewman Elizabeth Cutler: What'd you say?
Ensign Hoshi Sato: Told him the Doctor was looking inside of him.

Dr. Phlox: Evolution is more than a theory. It is a fundamental scientific principle.

Dr. Phlox: [voice-over] Despite the Menks' insistence that they're treated well, my Human crewmates seem to see things differently... They think the Menk are being exploited by the Valakians. So their first instinct is to rise to their defense, despite the fact that the Menk don't appear to need or want a defender.

Dr. Phlox: [voice-over] I had meant to transmit this letter by now, but the Valakian epidemic has been taking up most of my time. Working with the physicians here has been quite fulfilling. I suppose it's the reason we joined the Interspecies Medical Exchange. But I worry about falsely raising their hopes. Despite Captain Archer's confidence in me, I'm afraid the scale of the disaster may outweigh our best intentions.

Captain Jonathan Archer: A cure, Doctor? Have you found a cure?
Dr. Phlox: [after some hesitation] Even if I could find one, I'm not sure it would be ethical.
Captain Jonathan Archer: Ethical?
Dr. Phlox: We'd be interfering with an evolutionary process that has been going on for thousands of years.
Captain Jonathan Archer: Every time you treat an illness, you're interfering. That's what doctors do.
Dr. Phlox: You're forgetting about the Menk.
Captain Jonathan Archer: What about the Menk?
Dr. Phlox: I've been studying their genome as well, and I have seen evidence of increasing intelligence - motor skills, linguistic abilities. Unlike the Valakians, they appear to be in the process of an evolutionary awakening. It may take millennia; but the Menk have the potential to become the dominant species on this planet.
Captain Jonathan Archer: And that won't happen as long as the Valakians are around?
Dr. Phlox: If the Menk are to flourish, they need an opportunity to survive on their own.
Captain Jonathan Archer: Well, what are you suggesting? We choose... one species over the other?
Dr. Phlox: All I'm saying is that we let nature make the choice.
Captain Jonathan Archer: The hell with nature. You're a doctor. You have a moral obligation to help people who are suffering.
Dr. Phlox: [firmly] I'm also a scientist; and I'm obligated to consider the larger issues. 35,000 years ago, your species co-existed with other humanoids, isn't that correct?
Captain Jonathan Archer: [sighs] Go ahead.
Dr. Phlox: What if an alien race had interfered and given the Neanderthals an evolutionary advantage? Fortunately for you, they didn't.
Captain Jonathan Archer: I appreciate your perspective on all of this. But we're talking about something that might happen. *Might* happen thousands of years from now. They've asked for our help. I am not prepared to walk away, based on a theory.
Dr. Phlox: Evolution is more than a theory. It is a fundamental scientific principle. Forgive me for saying so - but I believe your compassion for these people is affecting your judgment.
Captain Jonathan Archer: My compassion guides my judgment.
Dr. Phlox: Captain...
Captain Jonathan Archer: Can you find a cure?
[Phlox hesitates]
Captain Jonathan Archer: Doctor?
Dr. Phlox: [after a long pause] I already have.

Dr. Phlox: [voice-over] Two days ago, when we first discovered the alien shuttle, I had no idea that I'd be facing a dilemma of this magnitude. For the first time, I find myself in conflict with my Captain. But he is my Captain, and he's placed a great deal of trust in me. I believe I owe him the same.

Dr. Phlox: [voice-over] I'd like to think, Doctor Lucas, that if I'd had a chance to talk to you face to face, you would have never let me even consider withholding my findings from the Captain. But I'm ashamed to say, I almost did just that.

Dr. Phlox: [voice-over] If I hadn't trusted him to make the right choice, I'd have been no better than the Vulcan diplomats who held your species back, because they felt you couldn't make proper decisions on your own. I came very close to misjudging Jonathan Archer. But this incident has helped me gain a new respect for him. Happiness and health to you, Doctor. Your, erm... dedicated colleague Phlox.

"Star Trek: Enterprise: A Night in Sickbay (#2.5)" (2002)
Dr. Phlox: You needn't be concerned. I hold six degrees in interspecies veterinary medicine.
Captain Jonathan Archer: I thought you were just... you know a... people doctor.
Dr. Phlox: As a matter of fact, I've also earned degrees in dentistry, hematology, botanical pharmacology...
Captain Jonathan Archer: [making a surrendering gesture] I'm impressed!

Dr. Phlox: Have you considered that your anger may encompass more than just Porthos and the Kreetassans?
Captain Jonathan Archer: What?
Dr. Phlox: How long has it been since you were intimate with a woman?
Captain Jonathan Archer: What?
Dr. Phlox: How long has it been...
Captain Jonathan Archer: I heard you! I suppose you're gonna tell me you have a degree in psychiatry too.
Dr. Phlox: Absolutely.

Captain Jonathan Archer: Let me ask you a question, Doc, just out of curiosity - are there any dogs on your homeworld?
Dr. Phlox: The Denobulan lemur is highly sought after. It's... not exactly a dog, but you could say it's doglike; it has tail, fur, most have one head...

Dr. Phlox: We should both try to get a few hours of rest. If there are any changes in his vital signs, the alarms are quite loud.

Captain Jonathan Archer: [of Porthos] Is he comfortable?
Dr. Phlox: He's fast asleep.
Captain Jonathan Archer: I'm glad to see someone is.

Captain Jonathan Archer: Did you have any pets when you were a kid?
Dr. Phlox: My people don't keep pets.
Captain Jonathan Archer: I thought you said something about... the Denobulan lemur being highly sought after.
Dr. Phlox: Oh, very much so. Their kidneys are considered a great delicacy.

Dr. Phlox: If you were a married man, I'd be wondering if your wife had thrown you out.
[when Archer enters sickbay with his bedding]

Captain Jonathan Archer: Does your expertise on... sexual tension come from professional training or... firsthand experience?
Dr. Phlox: I do have three wives.
Captain Jonathan Archer: And they each have...
Dr. Phlox: Two husbands, besides myself.
Captain Jonathan Archer: Sounds very complicated.
Dr. Phlox: Very. Why else be polygamous?

Captain Jonathan Archer: You're gonna drown my dog?
Dr. Phlox: Only for an hour, Captain. There should be no problem resuscitating him once the surgery's complete.
Captain Jonathan Archer: How many times have you done this before?
Dr. Phlox: Never.
Captain Jonathan Archer: [alarmed] Has anyone done this before?
Dr. Phlox: Not to my knowledge.

Captain Jonathan Archer: If Porthos pulls through, will he need... a special diet or treatments, having a chameleon's pituitary gland?
Dr. Phlox: Hm... You may have trouble finding him. He'll have the ability to blend into his background when frightened.
Captain Jonathan Archer: You're kidding.
Dr. Phlox: Yes, I am.

[Archer has accidentally spilled a viscous liquid over Phlox]
Captain Jonathan Archer: That stuff isn't poisonous, is it?
[Phlox takes some of it on his finger and tastes it]
Dr. Phlox: Nah, I'll be fine.

Dr. Phlox: [in Archer's dream] We are gathered here today, to bid a final farewell to a faithful and kind colleague, a friend, who would never hesitate to offer his paw, in exchange for a simple smile, or a slice of cheese. Like his namesake, this quadruped believed we should stand together, all for one, and one for all.

Captain Jonathan Archer: Listen, Doc, however this turns out, I want to apologize for... accusing you of being insensitive before.
Dr. Phlox: As I recall, you accused my entire species of being insensitive.
Captain Jonathan Archer: Then I apologize to you and all your fellow Denobulans.
Dr. Phlox: Well, I can't speak for the others, but on behalf of myself, I accept. And to think, T'Pol told me you were incapable of apologizing.

Dr. Phlox: [referring to his family] You asked me if I miss them. The answer is yes - every one of them. The children, the wives... even the other husbands. But we Denobulans live a long time, Captain, and right now, there's nowhere I'd rather be than serving with the Interspecies Medical Exchange aboard this wonderful vessel of yours.

Dr. Phlox: I hear things went very well on the surface.
Captain Jonathan Archer: I doubt I would have even gone down there, if it hadn't been for you, Doc. I owe you one.

[last lines]
Captain Jonathan Archer: Sickbay's all yours.
Dr. Phlox: You're welcome back anytime, Captain.

"Star Trek: Enterprise: Doctor's Orders (#3.16)" (2004)
[Phlox has to run the ship alone for several days and starts hearing noises]
Dr. Phlox: Perhaps we are letting our imaginations run away with us, hm-hm? I should never've let Mr. Tucker talk me into watching 'The Exorcist' last week.

[Dr. Phlox takes a knobbly object out of a jar. Porthos is barking at it]
Dr. Phlox: D'you want one of these?
[Porthos utters an affirmative woof]
Dr. Phlox: [scoffs] I doubt you'd like it. It's a leech, you know. It will clean out your intestinal tract.

Dr. Phlox: I'd be better off talking to my Pyrithian bat.

Dr. Phlox: [to T'Pol] Would you mind not creeping around the ship like a Draxxan cloud viper?

Dr. Phlox: Bangs, squeaks, rattling chains... Is this a starship or a haunted house?

Dr. Phlox: What if one of these delusions causes me to open an airlock or shut down life support?
Sub-Commander T'Pol: You won't do that.
Dr. Phlox: How do you know?
Sub-Commander T'Pol: Because your duty is to look out for the welfare of this crew. Why do you think the Captain allowed you to sedate him, over Commander Tucker's objections? Because he trusts you. As do I.

Dr. Phlox: [reading from the manual on the warp drive] "Output must be confined to within 300 and 312 millicochranes to prevent fusion of the dilithium matrix."
Sub-Commander T'Pol: That seems simple enough.
Dr. Phlox: "... unless the spatial compression index is greater than 5.62 percent, or the ship is within two parsecs of a class-C gravimetric field distortion."

Dr. Phlox: I'm a physician, not an engineer!

Sub-Commander T'Pol: Commander Tucker was complaining that it will take him days to realign the warp coils.
Dr. Phlox: [laughs] Yes, he gave me quite a talking-to.
Sub-Commander T'Pol: He also said, and I quote: "Phlox did one hell of a job!"

[last lines]
Sub-Commander T'Pol: You must have enjoyed having the ship to yourself.
Dr. Phlox: It wasn't nearly as empty as I anticipated.

Dr. Phlox: Being alone on Enterprise - just the two of us - has proven more stressful than I imagined. Two people aren't even enough for a Denobulan marriage, a... proper one, anyway.

Dr. Phlox: I for one will never complain again when I can't get a good seat on movie night.

Dr. Phlox: You need some rest. Let me walk you to your quarters.
Sub-Commander T'Pol: Doctor's orders?

"Star Trek: Enterprise: Divergence (#4.16)" (2005)
Antaak: Has the House of Phlox always been one of healers?
Dr. Phlox: There is no, erm... House of Phlox. Denobulan family units are different from Klingons.
Antaak: Ah, yes, I've heard. Three wives for each husband; three husbands for each wife. Your mating practices must be very complex.
Dr. Phlox: Wondrously so.

[Antaak has come up with a solution to cure the infected Klingons at stage one]
Dr. Phlox: But then General K'Vagh would not get his Augments. He would never allow it.
Antaak: What if we don't tell him?
Dr. Phlox: Do you understand what will happen if the General learns that we've deceived him?
Antaak: The cure would save millions of innocent lives. What more honorable death could there be for a healer, Klingon or Denobulan?

Dr. Phlox: Why did you think you'd succeed in perfecting Augments, when Dr. Soong failed?
General K'Vagh: Soong's mistake was that he made too few of them.
Dr. Phlox: Earth once had thousands. They became tyrannical and started a war.
General K'Vagh: Klingons have discipline.
Dr. Phlox: Augments don't.

Dr. Phlox: Antaak told me about your son.
General K'Vagh: He died in combat for the Empire.
Dr. Phlox: At least he was spared the final stage of this disease. May I, er... ask how he was infected?
General K'Vagh: Command chose his unit for the Augment experiment when we had exhausted our supply of prisoners. My son was a warrior. He asked for no special treatment, and I gave him none.

General K'Vagh: Fleet Admiral Krell will not extend his deadline.
Dr. Phlox: The only possible way to get results on Krell's schedule is to infect four healthy Klingons.
General K'Vagh: You have four right here!
Dr. Phlox: Only one of these strains will work, the other three will be lethal. Ethically, it's unthinkable!
General K'Vagh: The ethics, Doctor, are simple: three lives to save millions.

[Phlox has injected K'Vagh, Antaak and two guards with one strain each]
General K'Vagh: How long until we know which one of us survives?
Dr. Phlox: An hour at most.
General K'Vagh: Would bloodwine affect the results?
Dr. Phlox: I don't believe so.
General K'Vagh: Then we shall drink to the bravery of these warriors! Doctor?
Dr. Phlox: Never on the job.

Dr. Phlox: Admiral Krell. Doctor Phlox again. By now you may have noticed the small package which we sent to your bridge. What you may not know is that it contains a potent sample of the metagenic virus. Even as we speak, it is dispersing throughout your ship infecting you and your crew.
Fleet Admiral Krell: You're lying!
Dr. Phlox: Check your internal sensors. You will find that the atmosphere contains approximately twenty parts per million of the viral strain. Or if you don't trust your sensors, trust your senses. You will feel the initial symptoms in about thirty minutes: tightness in the chest, irregular heartbeat, tingling in your cranial ridges.
Fleet Admiral Krell: This is a cowardly attack!
Dr. Phlox: Maybe so. But I am prepared to give you the cure. Thanks to Captain Archer, I have managed to complete the antivirus. Of course, if you destroy this colony, well - treating you and your crew could prove difficult. I suggest you power down your weapons, Admiral, and let me cure your people.

Antaak: I doubt my superiors will allow me to remain in my position. I'll need to find a new specialty... Perhaps... cranial reconstruction!
Dr. Phlox: I have a feeling that's... about to become very popular.

Commander T'Pol: How are you feeling?
Captain Jonathan Archer: Not too bad aside from some strange cravings. Plateful of live gagh sounds pretty good right now.
Dr. Phlox: The cravings should disappear in a day or so, along with your, er... ridges.
Commander Charles 'Trip' Tucker III: No, I'd keep 'em if I were you, Captain. It makes you look intimidating.

"Star Trek: Enterprise: The Breach (#2.21)" (2003)
Dr. Phlox: The will of the patient is the cornerstone of Denobulan medical ethics.
Captain Jonathan Archer: Don't you believe if you can help someone, you're ethically bound to do so?
Dr. Phlox: Hippocrates wasn't Denobulan.

[Dr. Phlox takes a ball of hair out of a small cage]
Ensign Hoshi Sato: What is that?
Dr. Phlox: It won't bite. It's called a tribble.
[he hands the tribble to Hoshi]
Dr. Phlox: It was extremely difficult to acquire. They're outlawed on most worlds.
Ensign Hoshi Sato: Why? Is it dangerous?
Dr. Phlox: Oh, far from it. All it's capable of doing, really, is eating and breeding. The problem is, they breed quite prodigiously.
[Phlox takes the tribble and feeds it to one of his other creatures]
Dr. Phlox: The only thing that keeps their population in check is the abundance of reptiles on their homeworld.

Hudak: Tell me, were you raised listening to stories about my people, the 'evil Antarans'? Did they give you nightmares?
Dr. Phlox: I could ask you the same question about my people.
Hudak: Do you have children, Doctor?
Dr. Phlox: Why?
Hudak: Did you tell those stories to them? Did you teach them to hate Antarans just like you were taught?
Dr. Phlox: My children have nothing to do with this.
Hudak: Don't they? If they were here right now, what would they think about their father, talking to an Antaran?
Dr. Phlox: Enough!
Hudak: Would you even let them in the same room with me?
Dr. Phlox: I have tried to treat you with respect, but I refuse to listen to these insults. You're the reason we haven't been able to put the past behind us! You have kept this hatred alive! No Denobulan would want to be in the same room with you!
[storms out of sickbay]

Dr. Phlox: When I was quite young, I wanted to take a... a trip to an arboreal planet, near our system. It was a park of sorts with a... great variety of exotic animal life. Some friends and I had planned the journey for months, but a... week before I was supposed to leave, one of my grandmothers took me aside and told me I couldn't go.
Sub-Commander T'Pol: Why not?
Dr. Phlox: She said the planet was tainted. Antarans had lived there once; even though they'd been gone for years, she believed the place had been spoiled by their presence.
Sub-Commander T'Pol: Did you go?
Dr. Phlox: No. But when I had children of my own, I took them there. I was determined not to raise them as I was raised.
Sub-Commander T'Pol: Your children were fortunate to have a father who taught them to embrace other cultures.
Dr. Phlox: [gloomily] I certainly tried...

Dr. Phlox: You also asked me if I have children; I have five. And no, I never told them my grandmother's stories. When they asked me about the Antarans, I told them the truth, as best as I knew it. I told them about our military campaigns against your people. About how we had demonized you, turned you into a faceless enemy. I wanted them to learn to judge people for what they really are - not what the propaganda tells them.
Hudak: How would you know who we really are?
Dr. Phlox: I don't. But I am proud to say that my children would consider my grandmother's attitude archaic - all of them but one.

Dr. Phlox: You wanted to know what my children would think if they were here now. I can tell you what Mettus would think: he would be happy to have me grant your request - and let you die. But that is not the example I tried to set for my children. Why not live? Set an example for yours?

[last lines]
Dr. Phlox: Dear Mettus. I know it's been some time since I've written, and I know chances are slim that you'll respond to this letter. However, something has happened that compels me to try to reach you again. I've had an experience that has opened many old wounds. As painful as it's been, it's also changed something in me. I hope, if you're willing to listen, it might begin to change something in you.

"Star Trek: Enterprise: Dead Stop (#2.4)" (2002)
Lieutenant Malcolm Reed: It can't be ethical to cause a patient this much pain.
Dr. Phlox: It's unethical to harm a patient; I can inflict as much pain as I like.

Lieutenant Malcolm Reed: [on the device that is treating his leg] Are you sure this thing knows what it's doing?
Dr. Phlox: That's the third time you've asked.
Lieutenant Malcolm Reed: You didn't answer me the first two times.

Dr. Phlox: The wound might heal faster if you'd allow me to apply a few more Regulan bloodworms.
Lieutenant Malcolm Reed: You're not putting any more of those things inside my leg. You still haven't found the last one.

Dr. Phlox: [examining a corpse] Subject's name: Ensign Travis Mayweather, Human male. Weight: 72 kilograms. Age: 26 Earth years - far too young to be on this table.

Dr. Phlox: It's ironic in a way. The station can duplicate a dead human body in all its exquisite detail, yet a living, simple, one-celled organism is beyond its capability.

[Phlox has discovered something odd during Travis' autopsy]
Archer: Did you find something?
Dr. Phlox: As a matter of fact, I did. This is not Ensign Mayweather.
Archer: What?
Dr. Phlox: It's a nearly perfect replica. I've never seen a lifeform duplicated in such extraordinary detail, from its epidermis down to its cellular proteins. This is remarkable work.
Archer: If it's so perfect, how do you know it's not him?
Dr. Phlox: You recall what happened to Crewman Fisher last month after our visit to Tessik Prime?
Archer: He came down with Rigelian fever.
Dr. Phlox: I inoculated the entire crew to prevent an outbreak. Would you mind rolling up your sleeve?
[Phlox puts a cuff over Archer's wrist and shows his bloodstream on the monitor]
Dr. Phlox: The vaccine contained millions of genetically altered microbes. Most of them are still in your bloodstream. They typically survive for, oh, at least several weeks.
[Phlox places a cuff on the corpse]
Dr. Phlox: Every one of the alien microbes in this body is dead.
Archer: Couldn't they have been killed by the isolytic shock?
Dr. Phlox: These microbes thrive on isolytic energy. If anything, they would have multiplied. I believe that someone, or something, has abducted Ensign Mayweather and left this facsimile in his place.
Archer: Apparently bulkheads aren't the only thing this station can replicate.

"Star Trek: Enterprise: Fight or Flight (#1.3)" (2001)
[first lines]
[Hoshi is trying to animate a slug-like creature, tutting]
Dr. Phlox: I didn't realize you spoke slug.

Ensign Hoshi Sato: [on "Sluggo"] I shouldn't have brought her on board. Maybe I could ask the Captain to try to find a planet with an argon-rich atmosphere.
Dr. Phlox: It might be easier just to feed her to my bat.

Dr. Phlox: Humans are so unpredictable. Have you seen the quantities of food Crewman Namod consumes?
Commander Charles 'Trip' Tucker III: ...Not really.
Dr. Phlox: Have you smelled Ensign Socorro after she exercises?
Commander Charles 'Trip' Tucker III: Er...
Dr. Phlox: She gives off a fragrance not unlike the adrenal gland of a Nausicaan. And, uh, Crewmen Bennett and Haynem over there, do you see them? If I'm not mistaken, they are preparing to mate.
[Tucker tries to appear uninvolved]
Dr. Phlox: Do you think they might let me watch?
Commander Charles 'Trip' Tucker III: It's good to see you're enjoying yourself.

Ensign Hoshi Sato: I'm a translator; I didn't come out here to see corpses hanging on hooks.
Dr. Phlox: It goes without saying that you're going to encounter the unexpected.
Ensign Hoshi Sato: Not corpses on hooks!

Ensign Hoshi Sato: [about "Sluggo"] She needs to get back to an environment that is more suited to her.
Dr. Phlox: Mm... Perhaps someplace where she could teach.
[in reference to his earlier suggestion to Sato to take up teaching at the university]

"Star Trek: Enterprise: Vanishing Point (#2.10)" (2002)
Dr. Phlox: Transporter technology is, er, very new. I'm sure Humans were equally frightened when the automobile was introduced, or the aeroplane. New forms of transport take a while to get used to. I'm not at all surprised at your reaction; you wouldn't catch me using that apparatus.

Dr. Phlox: It'll take me a while to account for every molecule, but you... appear to be in one piece. I don't think you're in danger of becoming the next Cyrus Ramsey.

Dr. Phlox: Not a single biomolecular anomaly.
Ensign Hoshi Sato: No? How about this?
[she points at a birthmark on her nose]
Dr. Phlox: A subcutaneous pigmentation.
Ensign Hoshi Sato: That's not where it used to be; it was a good centimeter lower.
Dr. Phlox: Well, it looks lovely where it is now.

Dr. Phlox: I can promise you one thing: you're in perfect health. You're neither transparent nor porous.
Ensign Hoshi Sato: You won't put this on my medical record, will you?
Dr. Phlox: As far as I'm concerned, I didn't even see you come in here.

"Star Trek: Enterprise: The Forgotten (#3.20)" (2004)
Dr. Phlox: The imaging chamber is still offline. Commander Tucker reassigned the repair team that was working here. He said the Armory was a higher priority. Huh - we'll see how low a priority I am the next time he burns his fingers on a plasma conduit.

[Dr. Phlox has ordered Tucker to get six hours of sleep]
Dr. Phlox: Well, Commander?
Commander Charles 'Trip' Tucker III: I can give you two hours.
Dr. Phlox: I believe the number was six.
Commander Charles 'Trip' Tucker III: If I'm gone longer than three, there may not be a ship here when I get back.
Dr. Phlox: Four. Not a minute less.
Commander Charles 'Trip' Tucker III: Done. And remind me never to buy a car from you.

[due to her abuse of trellium, T'Pol has difficulties suppressing her emotions]
Dr. Phlox: On Earth, there is a cautionary tale about the dangers of releasing a magical creature called a genie from a bottle. Once it's out, it's extremely difficult to put back in.

[Archer and Phlox show the Xindi delegation their data about the Sphere Builder they had encountered earlier in the season]
Degra: What caused his death?
Captain Jonathan Archer: Some kind of cellular degeneration. It started the moment he was taken off his ship.
Degra: Perhaps your atmosphere was toxic to him.
Dr. Phlox: I believe our universe was toxic to him.

"Star Trek: Enterprise: Regeneration (#2.23)" (2003)
Lieutenant Malcolm Reed: What sort of people would replace perfectly good body parts with cybernetic implants?
Dr. Phlox: You of all people should be open-minded about technology.
Lieutenant Malcolm Reed: I don't have a problem with it... as long as it stays outside of my skin.

[after being infected with Borg nanoprobes, Dr. Phlox has come up with a drastic radiation therapy as a treatment]
Dr. Phlox: [hands Archer a hypospray] You, er, may want to keep this, in the event I'm unsuccessful.
Captain Jonathan Archer: What is it?
Dr. Phlox: A cure, of sorts. It contains a neural toxin that will terminate my synaptic functions within a matter of seconds.
Captain Jonathan Archer: Aren't you jumping the gun a little?
Dr. Phlox: I have no intention of turning into one of those... cybernetic creatures.

Dr. Phlox: Why are you wearing a phase pistol?
Ensign Hoshi Sato: Oh, it's... Lieutenant Reed's idea. If you come near me, I'm supposed to shoot you.
Dr. Phlox: I hope you'll use the stun setting.

Dr. Phlox: The technology could assert itself at any moment. I don't know what will happen if it does. I underestimated these nanoprobes once. I don't intend to make the same mistake twice.

"Star Trek: Enterprise: Zero Hour (#3.24)" (2004)
Sub-Commander T'Pol: I've always found it distracting to think of death, especially when entering a dangerous situation.
Dr. Phlox: Hope for the best, prepare for the worst. I don't know about Vulcans, but Denobulans take great pleasure in bequeathing their belongings to far-flung relatives.
Sub-Commander T'Pol: We're not dead yet.

Dr. Phlox: It's time for you to work your magic, Mr. Tucker; within five minutes, everyone on this ship is going to start dying!
Commander Charles 'Trip' Tucker III: No pressure.

Sub-Commander T'Pol: My skin hasn't fully healed yet.
Dr. Phlox: Oh, you're doing fine. Vulcans are obviously more sensitive to the effects of mysterious realms.
Sub-Commander T'Pol: I guess we're not so tough after all.
Dr. Phlox: Excuse me?

Sub-Commander T'Pol: [referring to Porthos] Will he be all right?
Dr. Phlox: Not for a while. Lost his best friend. But it's just a matter of time, he'll be fine again.
Sub-Commander T'Pol: [to Porthos, but perhaps more to herself] Did you hear that? The Doctor says you'll be fine. It's just a matter of time.

"Star Trek: Enterprise: Affliction (#4.15)" (2005)
[Phlox and Sato are leaving Madame Chang's Mandarin Cafe]
Dr. Phlox: There are a lot of Starfleet people here.
Ensign Hoshi Sato: That's probably my fault. I told a few friends about the place.
Dr. Phlox: A *few*?
Ensign Hoshi Sato: I'm a comm officer. If there's one thing I know how to do, it's disseminate information.

[Phlox has been abducted to work on an antiviral agent against a Klingon disease]
Dr. Phlox: Why didn't you simply ask for our help? Starfleet and Denobula would have provided you with all the specialists you'd need.
Antaak: You don't understand the Klingon way, Doctor. To ask for assistance would make us look weak in the eyes of our enemies. It could even incite rebellion.

Dr. Phlox: We should contact the IME. They may have seen this mutation before. I'm certain they'll be willing to share their database with us. I know of a few... indirect channels. No one would have to know.
Antaak: There's no reason to contact them. We've acquired their entire database.
[he hands Phlox a data rod]
Dr. Phlox: You stole it.
Antaak: Medical research isn't a priority for the High Council. I am forced to obtain information however I can.
Dr. Phlox: That doesn't sound very honorable.
Antaak: Given the choice between honor and saving lives, I choose the latter.

[a patient is brought into the lab]
Dr. Phlox: When I asked you to bring me a subject for dissection, I assumed he'd already be dead.
General K'Vagh: He won't be alive much longer.
[Antaak approaches the patient with a hypospray, but Phlox stops him]
Dr. Phlox: What do you think you're doing?
Antaak: Euthanizing him.
Dr. Phlox: Out of the question! I thought you were committed to saving lives.
Antaak: It is more honorable to give one's life to medical research than to die for no purpose!
Dr. Phlox: That choice is not ours to make!
[K'Vagh draws his disrupter and shoots the patient]
General K'Vagh: Proceed.

"Star Trek: Enterprise: Stigma (#2.14)" (2003)
[Trip feels that he is being seduced by Dr. Phlox' wife Feezal]
Commander Tucker: You gotta understand, I've been a perfect gentleman; absolutely nothing's happened. She's trying to... She's, she's, um... making advances, if you know what I mean.
Dr. Phlox: [intrigued] Sexual advances?
Commander Tucker: I'm afraid so.
Dr. Phlox: [delighted] Has she offered to give you a rose petal bath?
Commander Tucker: No, no. No, nothing like that.
Dr. Phlox: Oh, any man would be a fool to ignore the romantic overtures of a healthy Denobulan woman! Don't you find her attractive?
Commander Tucker: Oh, sure. I-I mean, no, she's your wife!
Dr. Phlox: What does that have to do with it?
Commander Tucker: She's your wife?
Dr. Phlox: Oh, nonsense! Nonsense! You're too concerned with Human morality. I thought you wanted to learn about new cultures. Isn't that why you joined Starfleet?
Commander Tucker: Why, of course it is! But I was brought up believing you don't play around with another man's wife. I don't think I'm ever gonna change my mind about that.
Dr. Phlox: As you wish. Your loss.

Dr. Phlox: Humans!

[repeated line]
Dr. Phlox, Feezal: [respectively] My beloved.

Sub-Commander T'Pol: I have Pa'nar Syndrome. It doesn't make a difference how I contracted it.
Captain Jonathan Archer: It makes a lot of difference. You're not a member of this minority. He forced himself on you, you said it yourself.
Dr. Phlox: He's right, T'Pol, you should tell them.
Sub-Commander T'Pol: He is not right. If I used that as a defense as a way to keep from being taken off Enterprise, I'd be condoning their prejudice, and in the process indicting every member of the minority. I won't do that.

"Star Trek: Enterprise: In a Mirror, Darkly: Part 2 (#4.19)" (2005)
Lt. Commander T'Pol: I notice you've been making extensive use of the library database.
Dr. Phlox: I was merely researching classical literature. I wanted to compare our major works with their counterparts in the other universe. I skimmed a few of the more... celebrated narratives. The stories were similar in some respects, but their characters were... weak, and compassionate. With the exception of Shakespeare, of course. From what I could tell, his plays were equally grim in both universes.

[a crewman has been attacked by a predatory reptile]
Major Malcolm Reed: Perhaps it was a pet, owned by one of the original crew.
Dr. Phlox: Unless one of them owned a velociraptor, I find it extremely unlikely.

Lt. Commander T'Pol: What's Major Reed's condition?
Dr. Phlox: Hm... At this point, he could go either way. No doubt there'll be several discreet celebrations if he should expire.

[T'Pol and Soval are trying to convince a rather reluctant Phlox to join them in their cause]
Lt. Commander T'Pol: There's an old tradition: if someone saves the Emperor's life, it's said there's no request he can refuse him. Consider the possibilities - a medical facility of your own with unlimited resources. You could conduct experiments as you see fit.
Crewman Soval: Don't forget the females.
Dr. Phlox: Females?
Crewman Soval: You'll be able to choose as many concubines as you'd like.
Dr. Phlox: [ponders this] If the Emperor were my patient, I'd be obligated to save his life. I suppose what you're suggesting... isn't that different.

"Star Trek: Enterprise: Bounty (#2.25)" (2003)
Subcommander T'Pol: I'm hungry.
Dr. Phlox: Our meals will be here soon.
Subcommander T'Pol: I wasn't referring to food.

Subcommander T'Pol: You don't find me attractive?
Dr. Phlox: Of course I do. But that is not the issue.

[T'Pol is suffering from pon farr]
Subcommander T'Pol: You have the cure. It's unethical for you to withhold it, Doctor.
Dr. Phlox: This mating cycle of yours was artificially induced. We can't be certain that a... physical encounter would help.
Subcommander T'Pol: I'm willing to try.

[T'Pol has been cured]
Subcommander T'Pol: Did I do anything inappropriate?
Dr. Phlox: I've had patients treat me far worse.
Subcommander T'Pol: Did we?
Dr. Phlox: Oh, Denobulan males aren't comfortable discussing such topics.

"Star Trek: Enterprise: Broken Bow: Part 1 (#1.1)" (2001)
Capt. Jonathan Archer: I'm sorry to take you away from your program, but... our doctors haven't even heard of a Klingon.
Dr. Phlox: Please, no apologies! What better time to study Human beings than when they're under pressure?

Dr. Phlox: Optimism, Captain!

Dr. Phlox: [about his Altarian marsupial] Their droppings contain the greatest concentration of regenerative enzymes found anywhere.
Capt. Jonathan Archer: Their "droppings"?
Dr. Phlox: If you're going to try to embrace new worlds, you must try to embrace new ideas.

[Archer and Phlox are discussing Klaang, who is lying unconscious in sickbay]
Capt. Jonathan Archer: Ensign Mayweather tells me that we'll be to Qo'noS in about eighty hours. Any chance he'll be conscious by then?
Dr. Phlox: There's a chance he'll be conscious within the next ten minutes. Just not a very good one.

"Star Trek: Enterprise: Unexpected (#1.5)" (2001)
Dr. Phlox: [to Tucker] I'm, uh, not quite sure if congratulations are in order, Commander, but... you're pregnant.

Sub-Commander T'Pol: [to replicator] Water, carbonated.
Dr. Phlox: Now, that's adventurous.
[after T'Pol has told Dr. Phlox she couldn't bear eating the food of Humans]

Captain Jonathan Archer: I'd like you to start seeing the Doctor every eight hours. As your... delivery date gets closer, he should be able to start figuring out what your post-natal responsibilities might be.
Commander Charles 'Trip' Tucker III: [appalled] Post-natal responsibilities?
Dr. Phlox: You may very well be putting those nipples to work before you know it.

Dr. Phlox: There's an old saying: When in Fellebia, do as the Fellebians do.

"Star Trek: Enterprise: Two Days and Two Nights (#1.25)" (2002)
[Phlox is about to go into hibernation]
Sub-Commander T'Pol: And if someone should require medical attention during your hibernation?
Dr. Phlox: Crewman Cutler is a capable medic.
Crewman Elizabeth Cutler: Yeah, I know where the bandages are.

[T'Pol and Cutler have gone to wake Phlox from hibernation]
Crewman Elizabeth Cutler: [whispering] I'm not so sure this is a good idea.
Sub-Commander T'Pol: There's no need to whisper. He's in a state of deep hibernation.
Crewman Elizabeth Cutler: Yeah, that's what I'm worried about.
[Culter gives Phlox a hypospray, but there is no response]
Sub-Commander T'Pol: Did you use the correct dosage?
Dr. Phlox: [wakes up, shouting] Do'sani! Do'sani, yo-to aruda!
[collapses again]
Crewman Elizabeth Cutler: Phlox?
Dr. Phlox: [groans] I don't care what it tastes like.
Sub-Commander T'Pol: Wake up, Doctor.
Dr. Phlox: Sub-Commander. Has it been forty-eight hours?
Sub-Commander T'Pol: No.
Dr. Phlox: Then why did you wake me?
Sub-Commander T'Pol: There's a medical emergency.
Dr. Phlox: Emergency? Then call the doctor.
Sub-Commander T'Pol: *You're* the doctor.
Dr. Phlox: Of course. Who's sick?
Sub-Commander T'Pol: Ensign Mayweather.
Dr. Phlox: Who?
Sub-Commander T'Pol: Ensign Mayweather, our helmsman.
Dr. Phlox: I know who he is!
[looks under his sheets]
Dr. Phlox: Where is he?
Sub-Commander T'Pol: He's in Sickbay.
Dr. Phlox: We're not in Sickbay?
Sub-Commander T'Pol: We're in your quarters.
Dr. Phlox: Well, then... to Sickbay!
[gets out of bed and falls on the floor]
Dr. Phlox: I could use some assistance, please.

[Dr. Phlox is still drowsy after waking from hibernation]
Dr. Phlox: What seems to be the trouble, Captain?
Ensign Travis Mayweather: It's Travis, Doctor.

[Phlox is examining Mayweather]
Dr. Phlox: It's definitely being caused by an antigenic compound in his system. We'll need Regulan blood worms.
Ensign Travis Mayweather: What?
Dr. Phlox: They're excellent at filtering toxins.
Crewman Elizabeth Cutler: Uh... which container are they in?
Dr. Phlox: No, fresh ones would be better!
Dr. Phlox: [activates com panel] Set a course for Regulus, maximum warp!
Sub-Commander T'Pol: Doctor, I think this was a mistake. You should return to your quarters.
Dr. Phlox: I appreciate the offer, but it would be best to keep our relationship professional.

"Star Trek: Enterprise: Cogenitor (#2.22)" (2003)
[In connection with the Vissian cogenitor, Dr. Phlox and Tucker are talking about alien impregnation techniques]
Dr. Phlox: In this case, I imagine the cogenitor provides an enzyme, which facilitates conception.
Commander Charles 'Trip' Tucker III: What do you mean by 'provides'?
Dr. Phlox: Well, first the female has to...
Commander Charles 'Trip' Tucker III: No - no, no, no, don't tell me. I don't think I wanna know.
Dr. Phlox: Oh, well - hm... I have pictures!
Commander Charles 'Trip' Tucker III: Uh, I think I'll pass.

Commander Charles 'Trip' Tucker III: So, you've heard of these cogenitors?
Dr. Phlox: [nods] Not all species are limited to two sexes. In fact, I, er... have it on good authority that the Rigelians have four. Or was it five?

Dr. Phlox: Keep an open mind, Commander, hm? You came on this mission to meet other species, no matter how many genders they may have.

"Star Trek: Enterprise: These Are the Voyages... (#4.22)" (2005)
Commander William T. Riker: [as Chef, about Trip] So, did he follow your orders?
Dr. Phlox (hologram): Didn't have a choice.
Commander William T. Riker: You've always got a choice.

Dr. Phlox (hologram): I wouldn't be surprised if this alliance begins to expand before we know it. You should be very proud of yourself, Captain.
Capt. Jonathan Archer (hologr.): I'll be proud of myself if I get this speech out in one piece.
Dr. Phlox (hologram): That's not what I meant.
Capt. Jonathan Archer (hologr.): I know what you meant, Phlox. And I appreciate it. But this is not about me.
Commander T'Pol (hologram): Why do so many Humans refuse to take credit where credit is due? There are times when modesty and humility are quite illogical.

Dr. Phlox (hologram): I'd wish you good luck, Captain. But you've always had an ample supply.

"Star Trek: Enterprise: Terra Prime (#4.21)" (2005)
Lieutenant Malcolm Reed: [after landing on Mars] 32!
Dr. Phlox: Hmm?
Lieutenant Malcolm Reed: This is the 32nd planet I've set foot on.
Dr. Phlox: [chuckles] 248!

Dr. Phlox: When you invited me to join this crew, I thought it would be an interesting diversion for a few months - some time away from the complications of family, which, on Denobula, can be extremely complicated. I didn't expect to gain another family.

Dr. Phlox: [as Malcolm experiences motion sickness during the ride in the comet's tail] Would you like me to give you something?
Lieutenant Malcolm Reed: No, I've already had the maximum dosage.
Dr. Phlox: Here's a bag.

"Star Trek: Enterprise: Cold Station 12 (#4.5)" (2004)
Dr. Phlox: Even an Augment needs oxygen.

Dr. Phlox: You might be interested to know, Smike's become quite the student of Earth history. He's been reading up on the Eugenics Wars.
Capt. Jonathan Archer: I doubt Soong gave him the whole story.
Dr. Phlox: I'm quite familiar with the subject myself. Human intellect and Human instinct were out of sync. So many people were killed.

Capt. Jonathan Archer: Denobula perfected genetic engineering a long time ago. But you never came close to destroying yourselves.
Dr. Phlox: Perhaps we were simply fortunate.
Capt. Jonathan Archer: Or maybe your instincts... had caught up with your intellect.

"Star Trek: Enterprise: Sleeping Dogs (#1.14)" (2002)
Lieutenant Malcolm Reed: We can travel faster than the speed of light. You'd think we could find a cure for the common cold.
Dr. Phlox: You should be grateful a Human cold is so mild. I once had a patient with the, er, Kamaraazite flu. He sneezed so violently, he nearly regurgitated his pineal gland.

Dr. Phlox: Well, you won't be contagious inside an environment suit. Just try not to sneeze in your helmet.

Bu'kaH: There was a raid.
Captain Jonathan Archer: Yes?
[he waits for Bu'kaH to continue, which however doesn't happen]
Captain Jonathan Archer: I can understand your not wanting to talk about it if the raid went badly for you.
Bu'kaH: The Xarantines are no match for us! We attacked their outpost and took what we wanted.
Dr. Phlox: And that included some Xarantine ale?
[she nods]
Captain Jonathan Archer: Did your whole crew drink it?
Bu'kaH: The triumph belonged to all.
Captain Jonathan Archer: I'll take that as a yes.

"Star Trek: Enterprise: The Aenar (#4.14)" (2005)
[Tucker is concerned about T'Pol using the telepresence unit]
Dr. Phlox: Commander - she's doing her job.
Commander Charles 'Trip' Tucker III: She's gonna hurt herself.
Dr. Phlox: Take my advice. Don't interfere.
Commander Charles 'Trip' Tucker III: I can't believe I'm getting this from you now. Or has everyone on this ship got crazy?
Dr. Phlox: Not everyone.
Commander Charles 'Trip' Tucker III: Oh, I'm crazy.
Dr. Phlox: It's not your fault. As far as I know, there are no species in the galaxy that mastered the art of mixing, er... romance and vocation.

Commander Charles 'Trip' Tucker III: What the hell am I gonna do?
Dr. Phlox: This is one ailment that is universally untreatable. You'll have to suffer through it.

"Star Trek: Enterprise: Extinction (#3.3)" (2003)
Lieutenant Malcolm Reed: Have you got anything for my stomach? Chef's food isn't sitting too well.
Dr. Phlox: Till your digestive tract is fully restored, you may want to avoid the mess hall.
Lieutenant Malcolm Reed: What do you suggest I eat?
Dr. Phlox: You're welcome to some of the moth larvae I feed to my Pyrithian bat.

Captain Jonathan Archer: [about the mutagenic virus] This was created... as a final effort to preserve a civilization - a people. That species we became - they cease to exist the moment this virus is gone.
Dr. Phlox: Captain...
Captain Jonathan Archer: We came out here to stop the Xindi from destroying Humanity. I'll be damned if I'm gonna have a hand in destroying another race in the process.

"Star Trek: Enterprise: The Catwalk (#2.12)" (2002)
Dr. Phlox: [after T'Pol has granted him more space for his caged creatures] My Edosian slugs thank you.

Dr. Phlox: There's a notation in your medical file, something about a, an unfortunate incident during zero G training?
Lieutenant Malcolm Reed: The EV-simulator at Lunaport, or, as Starfleet trainees call it, the 'Vomitorium'.

"Star Trek: Enterprise: Observer Effect (#4.11)" (2005)
[the two aliens have been detected by Phlox]
Alien inhabiting Commander T'Pol: We come here only to study how physical species react to the unknown. You can help by telling us how you detected our presence. That happens in less than two percent of our missions.
Dr. Phlox: Commander Tucker and Ensign Sato were sedated. They shouldn't have been able to stand and talk.
Alien inhabiting Captain Archer: It's been so long since we had physical form. We weren't able to distinguish sleep from sedation.
Alien inhabiting Commander T'Pol: We'll remember next time.

Dr. Phlox: No wonder you erase memories. Your behavior is appalling!

"Star Trek: Enterprise: In a Mirror, Darkly: Part 1 (#4.18)" (2005)
[Phlox is adjusting life support for the Tholian, who is screaming]
Dr. Phlox: If you're angry now, just wait.

Dr. Phlox: [torturing the Tholian] Will you kindly die?

"Star Trek: Enterprise: Demons (#4.20)" (2005)
Dr. Phlox: [referring to the child] Vulcan and Human physiology are not all that dissimilar. From the evidence I have, there's no reason to believe she's anything but perfectly healthy.
Commander Charles 'Trip' Tucker III: That's good to hear.
Dr. Phlox: You'll also be interested to know she has your eyes, and T'Pol's ears.

Commander Charles 'Trip' Tucker III: You know, my father always wanted a granddaughter. Bugged my sister about it constantly.
Dr. Phlox: It seems he got his wish.

"Star Trek: Enterprise: Future Tense (#2.16)" (2003)
Sub-Commander T'Pol: Are you saying you believe time travel is possible?
Dr. Phlox: Surprises, Sub-Commander. I believe in embracing surprises.
Sub-Commander T'Pol: I prefer to embrace logic.

Dr. Phlox: I understand Captain Archer believes that the vessel traveled here from the future.
Sub-Commander T'Pol: That's his theory.
Dr. Phlox: Genetic anomalies, unexplainable alloys, the evidence of it seems to be mounting.
Sub-Commander T'Pol: Perhaps.
Dr. Phlox: Ah. The Vulcan Science Directorate. They've always been rather reluctant to embrace unorthodox ideas. After they review our findings, I have a feeling they might reconsider their opinion of time travel.
Sub-Commander T'Pol: It's not an opinion. It's simple logic.

"Star Trek: Enterprise: The Expanse (#2.26)" (2003)
Sub-Commander T'Pol: Are you confident with your decision, Doctor?
Dr. Phlox: What decision would that be?
Sub-Commander T'Pol: To remain on Enterprise. Crewman Fuller just told me a shuttle's on its way with 200 snow beetles.
Dr. Phlox: They could be for my replacement.
Sub-Commander T'Pol: There isn't a doctor in Starfleet that would have the slightest idea what to do with them.

Dr. Phlox: It's interesting. You and I, the only aliens on board this vessel, to go or to stay. For me, it was a simple question of loyalty toward the Captain, and the sad realization that he'll need me more than ever on such a crucial mission. But for you, it's a more difficult decision. Does your allegiance lie with the High Command or with Captain Archer?

"Star Trek: Enterprise: Vox Sola (#1.22)" (2002)
[Reed is trying to test a bioelectric field on the alien's separated tentacle]
Dr. Phlox: If you intend to pummel this appendage with EM radiation until it cries for mercy, I'm afraid I can't permit that.

Lieutenant Malcolm Reed: I'm sure I don't have to remind you, Doctor, I am the ranking officer here.
Dr. Phlox: Not in my sickbay. Unless the Captain says otherwise.
Lieutenant Malcolm Reed: The Captain is in no condition to offer an opinion!
Dr. Phlox: Precisely.

"Star Trek: Enterprise: Damage (#3.19)" (2004)
Captain Jonathan Archer: How long have you been a doctor?
Dr. Phlox: Nearly forty years.
Captain Jonathan Archer: And in all that time... did you ever do anything you thought was unethical?
Dr. Phlox: [after a pause] Twice. Why?
Captain Jonathan Archer: I'm about to step over a line - a line I thought I would never cross. And given the nature of our mission, it probably won't be the last.
Dr. Phlox: Probably not. May I ask what you're planning to do?
Captain Jonathan Archer: There could be more casualties.
Dr. Phlox: I'll be ready.

Captain Jonathan Archer: It's hard to imagine that we'll ever get this ship back the way it was.
Dr. Phlox: It's a simple matter of repairs. Well, perhaps not that simple. Somehow I don't think it's the damage to Enterprise that's... troubling you.

"Star Trek: Enterprise: The Council (#3.22)" (2004)
Commander Charles 'Trip' Tucker III: Is it my imagination, or are you losing weight?
Dr. Phlox: A-haha! I was hoping someone might notice.
Commander Charles 'Trip' Tucker III: Yeah, I'm not the only one. Hoshi commented on it last week.
Dr. Phlox: Well, I'm pleased to see that my efforts are yielding results.
Commander Charles 'Trip' Tucker III: What's your secret?
Dr. Phlox: A Denaxian tapeworm. It attaches itself to the lower intestinal tract and absorbs nutrients from...
Commander Charles 'Trip' Tucker III: Hold on, hold on! You have a worm inside you?
Dr. Phlox: It's perfectly harmless. I hardly notice it at all.
Commander Charles 'Trip' Tucker III: How are you gonna get it out?
Dr. Phlox: I insert a standard V-probe into my...
Commander Charles 'Trip' Tucker III: No, no, no, no, no! Never mind.
Dr. Phlox: Well, it's a simple procedure.
Commander Charles 'Trip' Tucker III: I'm sure it is, Doc. I just don't wanna lose my appetite.

Commander Charles 'Trip' Tucker III: Ever since the attack on Earth, all I've thought about is gettin' back at whoever was responsible.
Dr. Phlox: And now we are making peace with them.
Commander Charles 'Trip' Tucker III: Yeah, I've gotten used to the anger. It's gonna be like... I don't know, losing an old friend.
Dr. Phlox: You have other friends.

"Star Trek: Enterprise: Singularity (#2.9)" (2002)
Dr. Phlox: [on possible causes for Mayweather's headache] It could be as innocuous as muscular tension. On the other hand... Terrellian plague starts out with a simple headache. And then all manner of nasty things begin to happen...

Dr. Phlox: How are you feeling?
Ensign Travis Mayweather: A little tired. But the headache's gone. What'd you do?
Dr. Phlox: Very little, fortunately.

"Star Trek: Enterprise: The Crossing (#2.18)" (2003)
[guided by Archer over comm, Phlox tries to pull off a panel]
Dr. Phlox: It's not coming off.
Captain Jonathan Archer: It'll come off. You just need to use a little muscle.
[Phlox tries harder, without success]
Dr. Phlox: I've used every muscle I've got. It won't budge.
Captain Jonathan Archer: Try using your foot for leverage.
[Phlox does so, and the panel comes off, sending him flyling backwards and crashing headfirst against the opposite bulkhead]
Dr. Phlox: Good suggestion.

[last lines]
Dr. Phlox: Follow me, Commander. We have a lot of doors to unlock.

"Star Trek: Enterprise: Similitude (#3.10)" (2003)
Capt. Jonathan Archer: There's a... part of you - something inside you - that Trip needs. Dr. Phlox is going to have to perform an operation.
Sim Trip at 8: Will it hurt?
Dr. Phlox: Not at all. You won't feel a thing.
Sim Trip at 8: Doctors always say that.

Sim: I'm sorry I doubted you, Doc.
Dr. Phlox: No need to apologize.
Sim: Yes, there is. You see, I don't just remember Trip's childhood. I remember mine. You made a damned good father.
Dr. Phlox: You were a damned good son.

"Star Trek: Enterprise: Fortunate Son (#1.10)" (2001)
[Reed and Phlox are under fire]
Lieutenant Malcolm Reed: Get down!
Dr. Phlox: Under the circumstances, I defer to your experience.

"Star Trek: Enterprise: Silent Enemy (#1.12)" (2002)
Ensign Hoshi Sato: I don't suppose scanning his taste buds would help?
Dr. Phlox: Medically speaking, there's no accounting for taste.

"Star Trek: Enterprise: The Andorian Incident (#1.7)" (2001)
Dr. Phlox: What is that Vulcan motto, um - "Infinite diversity...?"
Sub-Commander T'Pol: "... in infinite combinations".
Dr. Phlox: Mm! And what is diversity but a celebration of differences? - I wonder if you might remind me of our mission on this vessel. Please, indulge me.
Sub-Commander T'Pol: Our mission is to make contact with those who Humans consider new life and new civilizations.
Dr. Phlox: In other words, to seek infinite diversity.
Sub-Commander T'Pol: I suppose so.
Dr. Phlox: Well, then, it seems to me, a cultural exchange between your Vulcan brethren and your Human crew is simply a furtherance of that mission.

"Star Trek: Enterprise: Civilization (#1.9)" (2001)
Dr. Phlox: Isn't it extraordinary? Thousands of sentient species in our little corner of the cosmos, each one discovering science in their own unique way.

"Star Trek: Enterprise: Horizon (#2.20)" (2003)
Dr. Phlox: As I suspected, it's nothing more than a simple headache.
Sub-Commander T'Pol: I was hoping for something more serious.
Dr. Phlox: Oh?
Sub-Commander T'Pol: I've been coerced into watching tonight's movie.
Dr. Phlox: If you're looking for a medical excuse, I'm afraid you're out of luck. If it's any consolation, I'll be there as well. I agree, this form of entertainment is rather crude, but it can often provide an enlightening glimpse into human behavior.
Sub-Commander T'Pol: Don't be surprised if you see me here again afterwards. I've little doubt my headache will return.

"Star Trek: Enterprise: Fusion (#1.17)" (2002)
Sub-Commander T'Pol: Last night I neglected to meditate before I went to sleep. As a result, I awoke feeling... agitated. All I need is an injection of inoprovalene. 25 milligrams should suffice.
Dr. Phlox: Very well... "Doctor".

"Star Trek: Enterprise: Shockwave: Part 1 (#1.26)" (2002)
Commander Charles 'Trip' Tucker III: Enterprise coming back to Earth with its tail tucked between its legs... It'll be Soval's crowning achievement! They'll probably give the sonofabitch some gaudy medal and then cart him off to wherever they send bitter old Vulcans to retire.
Dr. Phlox: Ambassador Soval's service record contains an impressive list of accomplishments.
Commander Charles 'Trip' Tucker III: You have to find some good in everybody, don't you? I gotta tell ya, that's one of your unique qualities... that drives-me-crazy!
Dr. Phlox: [lighthearted] I'll certainly miss your outspoken personality, Mr. Tucker.

"Star Trek: Enterprise: Chosen Realm (#3.12)" (2004)
Dr. Phlox: There'll be an extra helping of snow beetles for you tonight, young lady.
[after his Pyrithian bat has successfully distracted the guard]

"Star Trek: Enterprise: Cease Fire (#2.15)" (2003)
Dr. Phlox: I served as a medic in the Denobulan Infantry. If I learned anything from that experience, it's that battlefields are unpredictable places - even under a flag of truce.

"Star Trek: Enterprise: Twilight (#3.8)" (2003)
Dr. Phlox: How do you feel?
Captain Archer: Like a shuttlepod landed on my head.

"Star Trek: Enterprise: Anomaly (#3.2)" (2003)
[Tucker is complaining about sleeplessness, but doesn't want to spend too much time on neuropressure sessions with T'Pol]
Dr. Phlox: There is another treatment that might be helpful.
Cmdr. Charles 'Trip' Tucker III: All right, what've you got?
[Phlox presents a jar with eel-like creatures]
Dr. Phlox: Aldebaran mud leeches!
Cmdr. Charles 'Trip' Tucker III: [apprehensive] What am I supposed to do with them?
Dr. Phlox: Place one on your chest and one on your abdomen an hour before going to bed. Their secretions act as a natural sedative. Oh, er, please, be careful to sleep on your back. If you roll over, you might anger them.
Cmdr. Charles 'Trip' Tucker III: Maybe an hour a night with T'Pol isn't so bad.

"Star Trek: Enterprise: Terra Nova (#1.6)" (2001)
Captain Jonathan Archer: [on Nadet] How's she doing?
Dr. Phlox: She's as disagreeable as she was before I treated her.

"Star Trek: Enterprise: Shadows of P'Jem (#1.15)" (2002)
Dr. Phlox: You realize you are not the first Vulcan officer to be posted aboard a Human starship? The High Command has tried this before, but none of the others lasted more than a... few weeks. They found their crew mates too chaotic and unpredictable. But you've been here more than six months, and you haven't merely tolerated this crew, you've become part of it. Isn't it logical to take pride in that accomplishment?
Sub-Commander T'Pol: Pride is a Human indulgence.
Dr. Phlox: I suppose it is.

"Star Trek: Enterprise: Bound (#4.17)" (2005)
[Sato consults Dr. Phlox about a headache]
Ensign Hoshi Sato: It's probably just stress.
Dr. Phlox: Plenty of that going around.
Ensign Hoshi Sato: Or it could be our new passengers.
Dr. Phlox: The Orion females? Why should they give you a headache?
Ensign Hoshi Sato: I'm just not used to seeing guys trip over themselves like that.
Dr. Phlox: Oh, just a little healthy sexual energy. Helps keep the blood pumping.
Ensign Hoshi Sato: If you ask me, it's pumping a little too hard.

"Star Trek: Enterprise: Hatchery (#3.17)" (2004)
[Archer has been sprayed by a Xindi-Insectoid egg]
Dr. Phlox: The egg probably considered you a threat.
Captain Jonathan Archer: Humans seem to have that effect on the Xindi.

"Star Trek: Enterprise: Borderland (#4.4)" (2004)
Dr. Arik Soong: [on genetic engineering] I didn't realize you shared Humanity's reactionary attitude toward this field of medicine.
Dr. Phlox: On the contrary. We've used genetic engineering on Denobula for over two centuries, to generally positive effect.
Dr. Arik Soong: But you don't approve of what I've done.
Dr. Phlox: You tried to redesign your species. The first time that was attempted on Earth, the result was 30 million deaths.
Dr. Arik Soong: We can't let past mistakes hold us back.
Dr. Phlox: It's your responsibility as a scientist to learn from past mistakes.

"Star Trek: Enterprise: Daedalus (#4.10)" (2005)
Commander T'Pol: Kir'Shara is having an enormous impact.
Dr. Phlox: It's clearly had an impact on you. You, er... seem more certain of yourself.
Commander T'Pol: I've never felt less certain.
Dr. Phlox: Erm... You're reexamining your core beliefs. Something most people never do.

"Star Trek: Enterprise: Minefield (#2.3)" (2002)
[after hitting a mine, several crew members arrive in sickbay with severe injuries]
Dr. Phlox: [to one of the patients] You'll have to wait in line for my osmotic eel to cauterize your wound. He's getting quite a workout today.

"Star Trek: Enterprise: Harbinger (#3.15)" (2004)
Captain Jonathan Archer: [referring to the alien] I wanna talk to him again.
Dr. Phlox: I don't even know if I can revive him.
Captain Jonathan Archer: Find a way.
Dr. Phlox: Captain, this man is dying a painful death. To keep him conscious is unethical.
Captain Jonathan Archer: Until I get the answers I need, we're going to have to bend a few ethics.