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Arturis (Character)
from "Star Trek: Voyager" (1995)

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"Star Trek: Voyager: Hope and Fear (#4.26)" (1998)
Arturis: Ah - here it is. It's a simple matter of extracting the iconometric elements, and triaxilating a recursion matrix.
Capt. Kathryn Janeway: Now, why didn't I think of that?

Arturis: Are you Borg?
Seven of Nine: Yes.
Arturis: You're much more attractive than the average drone.

Capt. Kathryn Janeway: [referring to Arturis] Have you encountered his people before?
Seven of Nine: Species 116.
Arturis: Is *that* what you call us?
Seven of Nine: Yes. The Borg has never been able to assimilate them - not yet.

Arturis: The Borg Collective is like a force of nature. You don't feel anger toward a storm on the horizon. You just avoid it.

Arturis: Some species are born with great physical prowess, others, like yours, with a generosity of spirit. My people can see patterns where others see only confusion.

Arturis: You negotiated an agreement with the Borg Collective: safe passage through their space. And in return, you helped them defeat one of their enemies.
Seven of Nine: Species 8472.
Arturis: In your colorful language, yes, Species 8472. Did it ever occur to you that there were those of us in the Delta Quadrant with a vested interest in that war? Victory would have meant annihilation of the Borg; but you couldn't see beyond the bow of your own ship!
Capt. Kathryn Janeway: In my estimation, Species 8472 posed a greater threat than the Borg.
Arturis: Who are you to make that decision? A stranger to this quadrant!
Capt. Kathryn Janeway: There wasn't exactly time to take a poll. I had to act quickly.
Arturis: My people managed to elude the Borg for centuries - outwitting them, always one step ahead. But in recent years, the Borg began to weaken our defenses, they were closing in, and Species 8472 was our last hope to defeat them. You took that away from us! The outer colonies were the first to fall, 23 in a matter of hours. Our sentry vessels tossed aside, no defense against the storm. And by the time they surrounded our star system, hundreds of cubes... we had already surrendered to our own terror. A few of us managed to survive, ten, twenty thousand. I was fortunate, I escaped with a vessel, alone, but alive. I don't blame them. They were just drones, acting with their collective instinct. You! You had a choice!