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Borg Queen (Character)
from Star Trek: First Contact (1996)

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"Star Trek: Voyager: Dark Frontier (#5.16)" (1999)
Borg Queen: We are Borg.
Seven of Nine: I am an individual!
Borg Queen: You're only repeating their words. You sound like a mindless automaton.

Borg Queen: You've changed. Your exo-plating, your ocular implant. They've taken you apart; and they've recreated you in their own image. Hair, garments. But at the core, you are still mine.
Seven of Nine: The Borg have changed as well. I expected re-assimilation, not conversation.
Borg Queen: I see they've also given you a sense of humor.
Seven of Nine: My humor is my own.
Borg Queen: Spoken like a true individual.

Seven of Nine: I am Annika Hansen, Human.
Borg Queen: I remember Annika. Does she remember us? She wasn't afraid. Why are you?

Borg Queen: We won't turn you into a drone. You're much too valuable to us with your individuality intact. But you've left humanity behind. Try to abandon their petty emotions as well. Fear... anger... vanity... They've corrupted you. But the damage can be repaired.

Borg Queen: We want you to be our eyes. Let us see Humanity.

Borg Queen: We don't want another drone. We want you.
Seven of Nine: I will resist.
Borg Queen: I know.

Borg Queen: Stop resisting. Take pleasure in this.
Seven of Nine: I will not take pleasure in the destruction of a race!
Borg Queen: Human sentiment. Compassion, guilt, empathy - they're irrelevant.
Seven of Nine: Not to me.
Borg Queen: "Me"? There is no 'me'. There is only 'us'. One mind.
Seven of Nine: My thoughts are my own.

Borg Queen, Seven of Nine: [respectively] Our thoughts are one.

Seven of Nine: You attacked us. You murdered my family!
Borg Queen: We did no such thing. We gave them perfection.
[one Borg steps forward into the light]
Seven of Nine: [aghast] Papa...?

Captain Kathryn Janeway: Let her go, or I'll give the order to fire.
Borg Queen: You would be destroyed as well, along with your crewman.
Captain Kathryn Janeway: Better than being one of you!

Captain Kathryn Janeway: Seven, shut down that field.
Borg Queen: Don't listen to her. She's poisoned your thoughts long enough.
Captain Kathryn Janeway: [to Seven] I'm giving you an order!
Borg Queen: One order, one voice! Insignificant!

Borg Queen: Seven of Nine - be efficient.

Borg Queen: Congratulations.
Seven of Nine: Regarding?
Borg Queen: Assimilation is complete.
Seven of Nine: 300,000 individuals have been transformed into drones. Should they be congratulated as well?
Borg Queen: They should be. They've left behind their trivial, selfish lives, and they've been reborn with a greater purpose. We've delivered them from chaos into order.
Seven of Nine: Comforting words. Use them next time instead of "Resistance is futile". You may elicit a few volunteers.

Borg Queen: We believed you would be an asset to us. We were wrong. You are weak.

Star Trek: First Contact (1996)
Borg Queen: Brave words. I've heard them before, from thousands of species across thousands of worlds, since long before you were created. But, now they are all Borg.
Lieutenant Commander Data: I am unlike any lifeform you have encountered before. The codes stored in my neural net cannot be forcibly removed.
Borg Queen: You are an imperfect being, created by an imperfect being. Finding you weakness is only a matter of time.

Borg Queen: I am the beginning. The end. The one who is many. I am the Borg.

Borg Queen: [to Picard] Watch your future's end.

[a Borg scratches Data's flesh arm]
Lieutenant Commander Data: Ah!
Borg Queen: Is it becoming clear to you yet? Look at yourself, standing there, cradling the new flesh I've given you. If it means nothing to you, why protect it?
Lieutenant Commander Data: I... I am simply imitating the behavior of humans.
Borg Queen: You're becoming more human all the time, Data; now you're learning how to lie.
Lieutenant Commander Data: My programming was not designed to process these sensations.
Borg Queen: Then tear the skin from your limb as you would a defective circuit.
[Data hesitates]
Borg Queen: Go ahead, Data! We won't stop you!
[Data forces himself to try to tear off the skin]
Borg Queen: Do it! Don't be tempted by flesh!
[Data relents and leaves the skin alone]
Borg Queen: Are you familiar with physical forms of pleasure?
Lieutenant Commander Data: If you are referring to sexuality, I am... fully functional, programmed in... multiple techniques.
Borg Queen: How long since you've used them?
Lieutenant Commander Data: Eight years, seven months, sixteen days, four minutes, twenty-two...
Borg Queen: Far too long.
[they kiss passionately]

Borg Queen: You are in chaos, Data. You are the contradiction: a machine who wishes to be human.
Lieutenant Commander Data: Since you seem to know so much about me, you must be aware I am programmed to evolve. To better myself.
Borg Queen: We too are on a quest to better ourselves, evolving toward a state of perfection.
Lieutenant Commander Data: Forgive me: the Borg do not evolve, they conquer.

Borg Queen: Do you always talk this much?
Lieutenant Commander Data: Not always, but often.
Borg Queen: Why do you insist on utilizing this primitive linguistic communication? Your android brain is capable of so much more.
Lieutenant Commander Data: Have you forgotten? I'm endeavoring to become more human.
Borg Queen: Human! We used to be exactly like them. Flawed. Weak. Organic. But we evolved to include the synthetic. Now we use both to attain perfection. Your goal should be the same as ours.
Lieutenant Commander Data: Believing oneself to be perfect is often the sign of a delusional mind.
Borg Queen: Small words from a small being, trying to attack what it doesn't understand.

[Picard asks the Borg Queen to exchange Data for himself]
Captain Jean-Luc Picard: Let him go. He's not the one you want.
Borg Queen: Are you offering yourself to us?
Captain Jean-Luc Picard: Offering myself...? That's it, I remember now! It wasn't enough that you assimilate me... I had to give myself freely to the Borg. To you!
Borg Queen: You flatter yourself! I've overseen the assimilition of countless millions. You were no different!
Captain Jean-Luc Picard: You're lying. You wanted more than just another Borg drone. You wanted a human being with a mind of his own, who could bridge the gulf between humanity and the Borg! You wanted a counterpart! But I resisted. I fought you.
Borg Queen: You can't begin to imagine the life you denied yourself.

[first lines]
Borg Queen: Locutus...
Captain Jean-Luc Picard: I am Locutus of Borg. Resistance is futile.

Borg Queen: What's wrong, Locutus? Isn't this familiar? Organic minds are such fragile things. How could you forget me so quickly? We were very close, you and I. You can still hear our song.
Captain Jean-Luc Picard: Yes, I... I remember you. You were there all the time. But... that ship... and all the Borg on it were destroyed...
Borg Queen: You think in such three-dimensional terms. How small you've become.

Captain Jean-Luc Picard: It's not too late. Locutus could still be with you. Just in the way you wanted: an equal. Let Data go, and I will take my place at your side. Willingly, without any resistance.
Borg Queen: Such a noble creature. A quality we sometimes lack. We will add your distinctiveness to our own. Welcome home... Locutus.

Borg Queen: [Data fires quantum torpedoes at Cochrane's ship and inexplicably misses his target, outraging the Borg Queen] DATA!
Lieutenant Commander Data: Resistance is futile!
[Smashes the warp coolant, flooding Engineering and destroying the Borg]

"Star Trek: Voyager: Unimatrix Zero: Part 1 (#6.26)" (2000)
[first lines]
Borg Queen: Four of Twelve, Subjunction of Unimatrix 525. You have a disease. You're one of many with this sickness. We want to cure you.

Borg Queen: [to a dismantled Borg drone] It's a shame you're not alive to experience disembodiment. It's the epitome of perfection.

Borg Queen: Janeway!
[when realizing Janeway's involvement with Unimatrix Zero]

Borg Queen: Captain.
Captain Kathryn Janeway: It's been a long time. How are things in the Collective?
Borg Queen: Perfect, for the most part. Voyager?
Captain Kathryn Janeway: Never better.

Borg Queen: We're close. I can almost hear them. Bring us closer!

Borg Queen: We'll see you soon, Harry.

"Star Trek: Voyager: Unimatrix Zero: Part 2 (#7.1)" (2000)
Borg Queen: Spatial grid 9-4, cube 6-3-0, complement 64,000 drones. But I can no longer hear three of them. No doubt they've joined your resistance. Are they trying to sabotage the vessel and liberate others? I don't know. Because I can no longer hear them. - Initiate self-destruct!
[the cube is destroyed]
Borg Queen: An effective solution, don't you agree? Spatial grid 0-9-1, sphere 8-7-8, complement 11,000 drones. Only one is silent. But I have no choice. I must silence all of them.
[the sphere is destroyed]

Borg Queen: You like having friends, don't you? Assimilation turns us all into friends. In fact, it brings us so close together, we can hear each other's thoughts.
Alien Boy: Is that fun?
Borg Queen: Yes. It's fun.

Borg Queen: [to Janeway] You were responsible for many deaths. Now you can save thousands.

Borg Queen: I took your advice, Captain. I paid a visit to Unimatrix Zero. It's far more primitive than I expected. I don't understand how anyone could prefer a crude environment to Borg perfection.
Captain Kathryn Janeway: Spend a little more time there. You might find out.
Borg Queen: I've seen enough. It's an illusion.

Borg Queen: Is this your compromise?
Captain Kathryn Janeway: I don't compromise with Borg.

Borg Queen: I know how this must upset you, Captain. As a Starfleet officer, you value all life. Even drones. How many more are you willing to sacrifice?

"Star Trek: Voyager: Endgame (#7.25)" (2001)
The Borg Queen: You've infected us... with a neurolytic pathogen.
Admiral Kathryn Janeway: Just enough... to bring chaos to order.

The Borg Queen: Seven of Nine, Tertiary Adjunct of Unimatrix 01. It's been too long.
Seven of Nine: What do you want?
The Borg Queen: Do I need a reason to visit a friend?
Seven of Nine: We're not friends.
The Borg Queen: No. We're more than that. We're family.

The Borg Queen: You and I don't need words to understand each other.
[after assimilating Admiral Janeway]

[when suffering from malfunctions]
The Borg Queen: What have you done?
Admiral Kathryn Janeway: I thought we didn't need words to understand each other.

"Star Trek: Voyager: Dark Frontier (#5.15)" (1999)
Borg Queen: Never forget who you are.

Borg Queen: We've come to make you an offer: rejoin the Collective and we'll spare Voyager.
Seven of Nine: Why me?
Borg Queen: Because... you are unique.

[last lines of Part 1]
Borg Queen: Welcome home.