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Quotes for
Sulu (Character)
from "Star Trek" (1966)

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Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country (1991)
Captain Hikaru Sulu: [after seeing the Enterprise's torpedo hit the Bird-of-Prey] Target that explosion and fire!

[the Excelsior is knocked off course by a huge shockwave, and Commander Rand intercepts a message from the Klingon moon Praxis]
Klingon Officer: [in Klingon] This is an emergency! We have suffered...!
[the message abruptly cuts off, replaced by the seal of the Klingon Empire, and then Kerla's face]
Brigadier Kerla: This is Brigadier Kerla speaking for the High Command. There has been an incident on Praxis. However, everything is under control, we have no need for assistance. Obey treaty stipulations and remain outside the Neutral Zone. This transmission ends now.
Captain Hikaru Sulu: An *incident*?
Commander Janice Rand: Do we report this, sir?
Captain Hikaru Sulu: [turning to Rand] Are you kidding?

Captain Hikaru Sulu: Nice to see you in action for one last time, Captain Kirk. Take care.

Captain Hikaru Sulu: In range?
Helmsman Lojur: Not yet sir.
Captain Hikaru Sulu: Come on, come on.
Helmsman Lojur: She'll fly apart!
Captain Hikaru Sulu: *Fly her apart then!*

[first lines]
Captain Hikaru Sulu: Stardate 9521.6. Captain's Log, USS Excelsior. Hikaru Sulu commanding. After three years, I have concluded my first assignment as master of this vessel, cataloguing gaseous planetary anomalies in Beta Quadrant. We're heading home under full impulse power. I'm pleased to report that ship and crew have functioned well.

Captain Hikaru Sulu: [an energy wave has buffeted Excelsior] Don't tell me that was any meteor shower!

Excelsior Officer: [checking the scanners] I've confirmed the location of Praxis, but...
Captain Hikaru Sulu: What is it?
Excelsior Officer: [turning to face Sulu] I cannot confirm the existence of Praxis!

Captain Hikaru Sulu: [pointing to the image on the viewscreen] Praxis?
Excelsior Officer: What's left of it, sir!

Captain Hikaru Sulu: [seeing the convictions of Kirk and McCoy on the Klingon broadcast] Send to Commander, Enterprise: "We stand ready to assist you" - Captain Sulu, USS Excelsior.

Captain Hikaru Sulu: [seeing the Enterprise] Shields up! All right, now we've given them something else to shoot at.

Captain James T. Kirk: [on the viewscreen] Captain Sulu! You realize that just by talking to me, you're violating regulations?
Captain Hikaru Sulu: I'm sorry, Captain, your message is breaking up...
Captain James T. Kirk: Bless you, Captain.

"Star Trek New Voyages: Phase II: World Enough and Time (#1.3)" (2007)
Janice Rand: Don't look so worried.
Sulu: Say that one more time, and I swear, I'll bust you back to Yeoman.

Sulu: Lisa thought you had all died. But I said: you don't know James Kirk. He always manages to snatch life from the jaws of death. He'll find a way.

Sulu: Uhura! It's been forever... my God...
Lt. Nyota Uhura: What?
Sulu: You're younger than my daughter.

Sulu: [unsheathing his sword] I don't care who dies, she lives!

Alana Sulu: Father, I can't let you do this!
Sulu: Alana?
Alana Sulu: Even if Mr. Spock is right, and I survive, what kind of life would that be? How can I go back to that empty world, how can I live, knowing that you, or that all of you died because of me?

Alana Sulu: [quoting Shakespeare's The Tempest] Our revels now are ended. And these our actors, as I foretold you, were all spirits and are melted into air, into thin air. We are such stuff...
Sulu: As dreams are made on...

Demora Sulu: Say hello to your granddaughter
[hands her to him]
Sulu: So beautiful... The whole universe is ahead of you.
Demora Sulu: And I did as you asked, with her name. But... I don't understand. Who's Alana?
Sulu: You had a sister...

"Star Trek: The Naked Time (#1.4)" (1966)
[Sulu is acting psychotically]
Sulu: I'll protect you, fair maiden.
Uhura: Sorry, neither.

Sulu: Stand, no farther. No escape for you. You'll either leave this war bloodied, or with my blood on your swords.

Sulu: Hey, Joey... You feeling all right?
Tormolen: Get off me! You don't rank me and you don't have pointed ears, so just get off my neck!

Capt. Kirk: What is it?
Sulu: Nothing but gravity increase, sir. Like the planet reached out and yanked at us.
Capt. Kirk: Compensate.

Sulu: Don't know if it's this planet or what happened with Joe... I'm sweating like a bridegroom.
Riley: Yeah, me too.

Sulu: Hey, why don't you come down to the gym with me, Kevin, my lad.
Riley: Now?
Sulu: Why not? A light work-out will take the edge off.

Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home (1986)
[the crew is on a shuttlecraft pondering what their new starship will be]
Sulu: ...I'm counting on the *Excelsior*.
Scotty: The *Excelsior*? Why in God's name would you want that bucket of bolts?
Kirk: A ship is a ship.
Scotty: Whatever you say so.
Scotty: Thy will be done.
[the new starship USS *Enterprise* 1701-A emerges into view]
Kirk: My friends.
Kirk: We've come home.

Sulu: San Francisco.
Sulu: I was born there.

[last lines]
[on the bridge of the new Enterprise]
Sulu: Helm ready, Captain.
Kirk: All right, Mr. Sulu. Let's see what she's got.

[Captain Kirk and his crew prepare to time warp in order to retrieve Humpback whales from the past; via sling-shooting around the sun]
Kirk: [to himself] May fortune favor the foolish...
[normal voice]
Kirk: Warp speed, Mister Sulu.
Sulu: Aye, sir. Warp speed.
[the captured Klingon Vessel speeds up at warp speed]
Sulu: [silence in the cockpit; nonchalantly] Warp two... warp three.
Kirk: [uneasy] Steady as she goes...
Sulu: Warp four...
[a metallic reading plate slips off of Spock's desk. Spock reaches for it, but it falls into the grate. As the ship gets closer and closer to the sun, the interior of the Klingon vessel begins to vibrate gradually]
Sulu: Warp five...
[Another metallic reading plate slips off of Uhura's communications desk; clattering to the floor]
Sulu: Warp six...
[several objects fall to the floor noisily in the background as the ship's alarms go off]
Sulu: Warp seven... warp eight...
Chekov: Sir... heat shield's at maximum!
Sulu: [over the alarms] warp NINE! Time warp two, Time warp three...
Kirk: [over the noise] We need to break away the speed.
Sulu: [literally shouting over the alarms] Time warp five, Time warp six, Time warp seven, Time warp eight...
[a screen bursts into shatters due to the pressure from the sun; Uhura screams. Kirk, Chekov, McCoy and Spock immediately turn their heads toward Uhrua's direction]
Cmdr. Uhura: [over the noise] I'm fine... I'm all right.
[Kirk lets out a sigh of relief; steam hisses as the ceiling cracks; the window shows that they are getting really close to the sun]
Kirk: [shouts] NOW MISTER SULU!
[the ship successfully maneuvers around the sun]

Pilot: Have you ever flown before?
Sulu: Oh, here and there!

Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan (1982)
[first lines]
Saavik: Captain's log: Stardate 8130.3. Starship Enterprise on training mission to Gamma Hydra, section 14, coordinates 22-87-4. Approaching Neutral Zone; all systems normal and functioning.
Sulu: Leaving section 14 for section 15.
Saavik: Standby. Project parabolic course to avoid entering Neutral Zone.
Sulu: Aye, captain.

Kirk: Stand by to receive our transmission.
[sotto voce]
Kirk: Mr. Sulu, lock phasers on target and await my command.
Sulu: [sotto voice] Phasers locked.

Sulu: So much for a "little training cruise".

Kirk: Time?
Saavik: Three minutes, thirty seconds.
Kirk: Distance from Reliant?
Chekov: 4000 kilometers.
Sulu: We're not going to make it, are we?
[Kirk turns to look at David, who slowly shakes his head]

Kirk: I hate inspections.
Sulu: I'm delighted. Any chance to go aboard the Enterprise.

"Star Trek: The Enemy Within (#1.5)" (1966)
Sulu: Temperature's starting to drop?
Captain James T. Kirk: Yeah. At night it gets down to 120 degrees below zero.
Sulu: That's nippy.

Sulu: Can you give us a status report, Captain? Temperature's still dropping. Now 41 degrees below zero.
Captain James T. Kirk: We've located the trouble. It shouldn't be much longer.
Sulu: Do you think you might be able to find a long rope somewhere and lower us down a pot of hot coffee?
Captain James T. Kirk: I'll see what we can do.
Sulu: Rice wine will do if you're short on coffee.

Sulu: I think we ought to give room service another call. That coffee's taking too long.

Sulu: We're using hand phasers to heat the rocks. One phaser quit on us, three still operating. Any possibility of getting us back aboard before the skiing season opens down here?

Sulu: Enterprise, this is Sulu.
Captain James T. Kirk: Kirk here, Mr. Sulu.
Sulu: Hot line directly to the Captain. Are we that far gone?
Captain James T. Kirk: I gave everybody the afternoon off. I'm watching the store.

"Star Trek: That Which Survives (#3.17)" (1969)
Sulu: Once in Siberia there was a meteor so great that it flattened whole forests and was felt as far...
Captain James T. Kirk: [interrupting] Mr. Sulu, if I'd wanted a Russian history lesson I'd have brought along Mr. Chekov.

Sulu: Stop or I'll shoot! I don't wanna have to kill a woman!

[In trying to dig D'Amato's grave with his phaser, Kirk can't get far]
Sulu: That's the same red rock.
Captain James T. Kirk: My phaser didn't cut through it.
Dr. McCoy: Whatever it is, it has a mighty high melting point.
Captain James T. Kirk: 8,000 degrees Centigrade. It looks like igneous rock but infinitely denser.

Sulu: [taking readings after an earthquake] It's gone!
[hands Kirk his tricorder]
Sulu: The Enterprise - it's gone!
D'Amato: He's right! There's nothing there!
Dr. McCoy: How could it just be gone? What the devil does that mean, Jim?
Captain James T. Kirk: For one thing... it means we're stranded.

Sulu: [Looking at a rockpile grave marker for D'amato] He looks so lonely there.
Dr. McCoy: It would be worse if he had company.
Sulu: How can you joke about it?
Dr. McCoy: I'm not joking. Until we know what killed him, none of us is safe.

Star Trek III: The Search for Spock (1984)
Sulu: The word, sir?
Kirk: The word is no. I am therefore going anyway.
Sulu: You can count our help, sir.
Kirk: Thank you, Mr. Sulu, I'll need it.
Chekov: Shall I alert Dr. McCoy?
Kirk: Please. He has a long journey ahead of him.

[their first look at the USS Excelsior]
Uhura: Would you look at that.
Kirk: My friends, the great experiment: The Excelsior. Ready for trial runs.
Sulu: She's supposed to have transwarp drive.
Scotty: Aye. And if my grandmother had wheels, she'd be a wagon.
Kirk: Come, come, Mr. Scott. Young minds, fresh ideas. Be tolerant.

Kirk: [gathers himself after David's murder] Mr. Sulu, what is the crew compliment of a Bird-of-Prey?
Sulu: About a dozen officers and men.
Kirk: With some of them on the planet... I swear to you, we're not finished yet. Bones, you and Sulu to the transporter room. The rest of you with me, we have a job to do.

Sulu: One minute to space doors.
McCoy: Are you just gonna walk through them?
Kirk: Calm yourself, Doctor.

Scotty: [studying the Klingon Bird-of-Prey's helm] Where's the damn antimatter inducer?
Chekov: This?... no, *this*!
Scotty: That or nothing.
Sulu: If I read this right, sir, we have full power.
Kirk: [exasperated] Go, Sulu!

Star Trek Into Darkness (2013)
Sulu: Attention: John Harrison. This is Captain Hikaru Sulu of the USS Enterprise. A shuttle of highly trained officers is on its way to your location. If you do not surrender to them immediately, I will unleash the entire payload of advanced long-range torpedoes currently locked on to your location. You have two minutes to confirm your compliance. Refusal to do so will result in your obliteration. And If you test me, you will fail.
Bones: Mr. Sulu, remind me never to piss you off.

[last lines]
James T. Kirk: Where should we go?
Spock: As a mission of this duration has never been attempted, I defer to your good judgment Captain.
James T. Kirk: Mr. Sulu, take us out!
Sulu: Aye, Captain.

Spock: [after the Vengeance crashes] Scan the enemy ship for any signs of life.
Sulu: [confused] Sir... there's no way anyone could've survived that.
Spock: [swings round with a snarl] HE COULD!
Sulu: [as Khan leaps from the wreckage] Whoa... he just jumped thirty meters.

Scotty: No! I'm not signing anything! Now get these bloody things off my ship!
[sees Kirk]
Scotty: Captain!
James T. Kirk: Is there a problem, Mr. Scott?
Scotty: Aye, sir! I was just explaining to this gentlemen that I cannae authorize any weapons on board this ship without knowing what's inside them!
Spock: Mr. Scott raises yet another point that le...
James T. Kirk: Report to the bridge.
Spock: Captain.
[leaves the engineering room]
James T. Kirk: Mr. Scott, I understand your concerns but we need these torpedoes on board!
Scotty: Due respect, sir, but photo torpedoes run on fuel, now I cannae detect the type of fuel that's in the compartments on these torpedoes because it's shielded. Now I asked for the specifications but he says...
[gestures to Torpedo Security]
Torpedo Security: It's classified.
Scotty: [repeating exasperatedly] It's classified. So I said; no specs, no signature!
Sulu: [from deck above] Captain, flight checks complete, we're good to go, sir.
James T. Kirk: Thank you, Mr. Sulu.
Sulu: Yes, sir.
Scotty: Now if you'll excuse me, sir, I have a warp core to prime.
[walks away]
Scotty: [to Keenser] Get down!
Bones: Jim, your vitals are way off...
James T. Kirk: Report to the medbay.
[follows Scotty to the warp core]
James T. Kirk: Scotty! I need you to approve those weapons.

"Star Trek: Mirror, Mirror (#2.4)" (1967)
Mirror Sulu: Still no interest, Uhura? Hmm? I could change your mind.
Uhura: You are away from your post, mister.
Mirror Sulu: Is the captain here? Is Spock here? When the cat's away...

Captain James T. Kirk: What is this, Mr. Sulu?
Mirror Sulu: Mr. Spock has orders to kill you, Captain. He will succeed... apparently. You will also appear to have killed him after a fierce battle. Regrettable, but it will leave me in command.

Mirror Sulu: [enraged] You take a lot of chances, Lieutenant.
Uhura: [angrily drawing a knife] So do you, mister. So do you.

Uhura: [flirting with Mirror Sulu and stroking his face] You... were supposed... to come back. You... didn't... come back.
Mirror Sulu: [smiles and looks away from security panel]
Uhura: [smacks Mirror Sulu's face after security alarm clears] Oh... I seem to have changed my mind!
Mirror Sulu: You live dangerously, lady.
Uhura: So do you, mister, so do you.

"Star Trek: The Animated Series: The Infinite Vulcan (#1.7)" (1973)
Lieutenant Sulu: I hope these things work.

Captain James T. Kirk: What is that thing?
Lt. Hikaru Sulu: It's a mobile plant. When it stops, it's roots bore back into the ground. They're all over the place. I think it likes me.
Captain James T. Kirk: We always encourage our officers to make friends with the natives.

Agmar: But come, you are worried about your friend. I will show you he is safe and in good hands.
[turns to lead the way]
Lt. Hikaru Sulu: Just like that, captain?
Captain James T. Kirk: So it would seem, Mr. Sule. All the same, keep that bag handy...

Captain James T. Kirk: By the way, Mr. Sulu, any chance of teaching me that body throw? Could come in handy some time.
Lt. Hikaru Sulu: I don't know, sir. It isn't just physical, you know. You have to be inscrutable.
Captain James T. Kirk: Inscrutable? Sulu, you're the most scrutable man I know!

"Star Trek: The Corbomite Maneuver (#1.10)" (1966)
Lieutenant Dave Bailey: Raising my voice back there doesn't mean I was scared or couldn't do my job, it means I happen to have a human thing called an adrenalin gland.
Mr. Spock: That sounds most inconvenient, however. Have you considered having it removed?
Lieutenant Dave Bailey: [sees Sulu quietly laughing at him] Very funny.
Sulu: Try and cross brains with Spock, he'll cut you to pieces every time.

Sulu: Four minutes, thirty seconds.
Scott: You have an annoying fascination for time pieces, Mr. Sulu.

Sulu: If, eh, anyone's interested... 30 seconds.

"Star Trek: Spock's Brain (#3.1)" (1968)
Sulu: That ship, Captain, either was many years ahead of us, or it was the most incredible design fluke in history.

Sulu: Ship's Log, Lieutenant Sulu recording. I am holding the Enterprise in orbit about planet Sigma Draconis VII. Captain Kirk's hunch that Spock's brain is on this planet appears to be correct. Ensign Chekov remains on the surface, to act as liaison between the Captain and the Enterprise.

Captain James T. Kirk: Show us the three Class M planets, Mr. Chekov.
Chekov: The one on the left, number 3, it rates letter B on the industrial scale.
Captain James T. Kirk: Earth equivalent approximately... 1485.
Chekov: Yes, sir. Second planet Class M, number 4, rates letter G.
Captain James T. Kirk: The year 2030.
Sulu: But that ship, Captain, either was many years ahead of us, or it was the most incredible design fluke in history.
Captain James T. Kirk: Third Class M planet, Mr. Chekov?
Chekov: Number 6. No sign of industrial development. At last report, in a glacial age. Sapient life plentiful, but on a most primitive level.
Captain James T. Kirk: Now, as I understand it, Mr. Chekov, there are three Class M planets...
Chekov: Yes, sir.
Captain James T. Kirk: ...not one of which is capable of launching an interstellar flight...
Chekov: No, sir.
Captain James T. Kirk: ...yet one of them accomplished it.
Chekov: Yes, sir.
Captain James T. Kirk: Thank you, Mr. Chekov.

Star Trek Beyond (2016)
Captain James T. Kirk: Sulu, get us up there!
Sulu: [to the crew] Hold onto something!

Captain James T. Kirk: Mr. Sulu... you can... fly this thing, right?
Sulu: [looks back at him; smug] You kiddin' me, sir?
[Sulu smashes throttle]

[last lines]
Captain James T. Kirk: [epilogue] Space: the final frontier.
Commander Spock: These are the voyages of the starship...
Montgomery 'Scotty' Scott: ...Enterprise. Its continuing mission...
Doctor 'Bones' McCoy: explore strange new worlds...
Sulu: seek out new life...
Chekov: ...and new civilizations...
Lieutenant Uhura: boldly go where no one has gone before.

Star Trek V: The Final Frontier (1989)
Uhura: [Chekov and Sulu are lost in the woods of Yellowstone] Is there a problem, gentlemen?
Sulu: Uh, yes. We've been caught in a... we've been caught in a blizzard.
[Chekov blows on the communicator, simulating wind noises]
Chekov: And we can't see a thing. Request you direct us to the coordinates.
Uhura: My visual says sunny skies and seventy degrees.
Chekov: [stops blowing] Sulu, look. The sun's come out. It's a miracle.
Uhura: [over communicator] Don't worry, fellas. Your secret's safe with me. I'll sent a shutlecraft to pick you up.
Sulu: Uhura, I owe you one! Sulu out.

[hiking in the woods of Yellowstone]
Chekov: Admit it, we're lost.
Sulu: All right, we're lost. But we're making good time!
Uhura: [over communicator] Commander Sulu, come in please.
Sulu: I don't believe this! Commander Sulu here.
Uhura: Bad news, gentlemen. Shore leave's been canceled.
Chekov: [relieved] Rescued at last!
Uhura: Return to the pre-arranged coordinates for pickup.
Chekov: Don't tell them we're lost. We'll never live it down here.

Sybok: What are you doing?
Kirk: In order to lower and re-raise the shields as quickly as possible, we're going to forego the tractor beam, and fly her in manually.
McCoy: *Manually*?
Sybok: How often have you done this?
Sulu: [smiles] Actually, it's my first attempt.

Star Trek (2009)
James T. Kirk: So what kind of combat training do you have?
Hikaru Sulu: Fencing.

Leonard 'Bones' McCoy: Well, congratulations, Jim. We've got no captain and no god-damned first officer to replace him.
Kirk: Yeah, we do.
[Kirk sits himself into the captain's chair]
Leonard 'Bones' McCoy: What?
Hikaru Sulu: Pike made him first officer.
Leonard 'Bones' McCoy: You gotta be kidding me!
Kirk: Thanks for the support.
Lt. Nyota Uhura: I sure hope you know what you're doing...
Lt. Nyota Uhura: [sarcastically] ... CAPTAIN.
Kirk: So do I.

Hikaru Sulu: The fleet has cleared spacedock, Captain. All ships ready for warp.
Christopher Pike: Set a course for Vulcan.
Hikaru Sulu: Aye-Aye, Captain. Course laid in.
Christopher Pike: Maximum warp. Punch it.
[One by one, the rest of the star fleet jumps into warp drive, leaving the Enterprise behind. Sulu frowns at the console, puzzled]
Christopher Pike: Lieutenant, where is Helmsman McKenna?
Hikaru Sulu: He has lungworms, sir. He couldn't report to his post. I'm Hikaru Sulu.
Christopher Pike: And you are a pilot, right?
Hikaru Sulu: Very much so, sir.
[he trails off, hitting buttons]
Hikaru Sulu: I'm, uh, I'm not sure what's wrong here.
Christopher Pike: Is the parking brake on?
Hikaru Sulu: Uh, no. I'll figure it out. I'm just...
Spock: Have you disengaged the external inertial dampener?
Hikaru Sulu: [Embarrassed. Without looking at anyone, he punches in the correct sequence] Ready for warp, sir.
Christopher Pike: Let's punch it.

"Star Trek: The Deadly Years (#2.12)" (1967)
Chekov: [darkly] Give some more blood, Chekov. The needle won't hurt, Chekov. Take off your shirt, Chekov. Roll over, Chekov. Breathe deeply, Chekov. Blood sample, Chekov. Marrow sample, Chekov. Skin sample, Chekov. If-if I live long enough, I'm going to run out of samples.
Sulu: You'll live.
Chekov: Oh, yes, I'll live, but I won't enjoy it.

Captain James T. Kirk: Maintain standard orbit, Mr. Sulu.
Sulu: You already gave that order, sir.
Captain James T. Kirk: Oh? Well... FOLLOW it.

Captain James T. Kirk: Oh, Mr. Sulu, increase orbit to 20,000 mile perigee.
Sulu: You mean, ANOTHER 20,000, Captain?
Captain James T. Kirk: I fail to understand why each one of my commands is being questioned. Now do as you're told, Mr. Sulu.
Spock: Mr. Sulu, what is our present position?
Sulu: Orbiting at 20,000, sir.

"Star Trek: Voyager: Flashback (#3.2)" (1996)
[Captain Sulu tastes some of Tuvok's Vulcan tea]
Captain Hikaru Sulu: Outstanding! I may have to give you a promotion.
Tuvok: That was not my motivation, Captain. I am not attempting to curry favor with you in any way.
Captain Hikaru Sulu: [laughing] Mr Tuvok, if you're going to remain on my ship, you're gonna have to learn how to appreciate a joke. And don't tell me Vulcans don't have a sense of humor, because I know better.
Tuvok: I will... work on it, sir.

Captain Hikaru Sulu: Who the hell are you?
[after spotting Janeway]

[Tuvok is protesting against Sulu's decision to rescue his comrades]
Captain Hikaru Sulu: Ensign, you're absolutely right. But you're also absolutely wrong. You'll find that more happens on the bridge of a starship than just carrying out orders and observing regulations. There is a sense of loyalty to the men and women you serve with - a sense of family. Those two men on trial, I served with them for a long time. I owe them my life, a dozen times over. And right now they're in trouble, and I'm going to help them. Let the regulations be damned.
Tuvok: Sir, that is a most illogical line of reasoning.
Captain Hikaru Sulu: You better believe it.

"Star Trek: Let That Be Your Last Battlefield (#3.15)" (1969)
Chekov: There was persecution on Earth once. I remember reading about it in my history class.
Sulu: Yes, but it happened way back in the twentieth century. There's no such primitive thinking today.

Mr. Spock: [On the bridge, after Lokai and Bele have beamed to the surface of Charon] And another life form has appeared on Cheron.
Uhura: That doesn't make any sense.
Mr. Spock: To expect sense from two mentalities of such extreme view points is not logical.
Sulu: Their planet's dead. Does it matter now which one's right?
Mr. Spock: Not to Lokai and Bele. All that matters to them is their hate.
Uhura: Do you suppose that's all they ever had, sir?
Captain James T. Kirk: No, but that's all they have left. Warp factor two, Mr. Sulu. Set course for Starbase 4.

"Star Trek: The Lights of Zetar (#3.18)" (1969)
Chekov: I didn't think Mr. Scott would go for the brainy type.
Sulu: I don't think he's even noticed she HAS a brain.

Uhura: During the disturbance, Memory Alpha was hailing. I wanted to respond but I couldn't make my hand move.
Chekov: Captain. It was not hands that were paralyzed. It was eyes. I could not force my eyes to look down and set a new course.
Sulu: No. No, it was speech that was affected. I couldn't utter a sound.

"Star Trek: The Animated Series: The Slaver Weapon (#1.14)" (1973)
Lt. Hikaru Sulu: Mr. Spock, if it takes a stasis box to find another stasis box, how did anyone ever find the first one?
Mr. Spock: As with a number of discoveries, purely by accident, lieutenant.

Lt. Hikaru Sulu: Nice try.
Lt. Uhura: I'm slowing down. I used to run the 100 in record time.

"Star Trek: Wolf in the Fold (#2.14)" (1967)
Sulu: This is the first time I heard a malfunction threaten us.
Captain James T. Kirk: Man your post, Mr. Sulu.

Voice of Redjac: I am without ending. I have existed from the dawn of time, and I shall I live beyond its end! In the meantime, I shall feed, and this time I do not need a knife. You will all die horribly in searing pain!
Mr. Spock: It is attempting to generate terror, Captain.
Voice of Redjac: I can cut off your oxygen and suffocate you!
Sulu: Captain.
[McCoy injects Sulu with a hydrospray, Sulu immediately becomes euphoric]
Sulu: Whoever he is, he sure talks gloomy.
[starts to rise from chair]
Captain James T. Kirk: [pushing Sulu back into his chair] Man your post, Sulu.

"Star Trek: Balance of Terror (#1.14)" (1966)
Captain James T. Kirk: Since the days of the first wooden vessels, all shipmasters have had one happy privilege, that of uniting two people in the bonds of matrimony. And so, we are gathered here today with you, Angela Martine, and you, Robert Tomlinson, in the sight of your fellows, and in accordance with our laws and our many beliefs, that you may pledge your...
[the ceremony is interrupted by a siren]
Sulu: [through intercom] Alert! Alert! All decks, alert! Alert! Alert! Captain to the bridge! All decks, alert!

Captain James T. Kirk: Go to full magnification.
Sulu: Screen is on full mag, sir.
Captain James T. Kirk: I don't see anything. Can't understand it.
Mr. Spock: Invisibility is theoretically possible, Captain - selective bending of light - but the power cost is enormous. They may have solved that problem.

"Star Trek: Wink of an Eye (#3.11)" (1968)
Uhura: Malfunction, sir.
Captain James T. Kirk: Mr. Sulu, I would like...
Uhura: Captain, it corrected itself.
Sulu: Captain, there's some trouble on the hanger deck. The controls are frozen.

Sulu: Sir, now I have readings that, uh, deflectors are inoperative. The controls are frozen.

"Star Trek: The Enterprise Incident (#3.2)" (1968)
[first lines]
Dr. McCoy: [voice-over] Enterprise Medical Log, stardate 5027.3, Dr. Leonard McCoy recording. I'm concerned about Captain Kirk. He shows indications of increasing tension and emotional stress.
Chekov: I have completed the assignment, Captain: a theoretical incursion...
Captain James T. Kirk: Yes, Mr. Chekov, I can read, and as usual, your theoretical evaluations do not tally with mine. Return to your duty, and I'll let you know when your work is satisfactory. Mr. Spock, full sensor scan on the region, please.
Spock: I did give a full report on it just...
Captain James T. Kirk: Yes, Mr. Spock, that was the past. I'm concerned with the present.
Captain James T. Kirk: [to the Bridge crew] Or is it becoming too much for this crew to present me with current information?
Spock: No, sir. Compliance presents no problem.
Captain James T. Kirk: Then, Mr. Spock, comply.
Spock: Sensor scan to one-half parsec... Negative, Captain.
Captain James T. Kirk: Very well.
Dr. McCoy: [voice-over] I can find no reason for the Captain's behavior, except possibly that we've been on patrol too long without relief and diversion. He has resisted all of my attempts to run a psychological profile on him.
Sulu: Maintaining course and speed, sir.
Captain James T. Kirk: Change course. Come about to 185, mark 3.
Sulu: But sir, that'll lead us directly into the Romulan Neutral Zone.
Captain James T. Kirk: Yes, very perceptive, Mr. Sulu. I know where the course change takes us. Execute.
Sulu: Aye, sir.

Sulu: Captain!
Chekov: You're alive!
Uhura: They said you'd been killed, sir.
Captain James T. Kirk: The report was premature.
Chekov: Captain, your ears. What happened?
Captain James T. Kirk: We'll discuss it later. Mister Sulu, lay in a course for home. Mister Chekov, take the sensors. Mister Spock is still aboard the Romulan flagship. I want his body readings pinpointed and isolated. That was not a request, gentlemen.
Chekov: Aye, sir.
Sulu: Aye, sir.
Uhura: Aye, sir.

"Star Trek: The Man Trap (#1.1)" (1966)
Yeoman Janice Rand: [to one of Sulu's plants] Hello, Beauregard. How are you today, darling?
Sulu: Her name's Gertrude.
Yeoman Janice Rand: No, it's a he plant. A girl can tell.
Sulu: Why do people have to call inanimate objects 'she'? Like, um, "she's a fast ship".
Yeoman Janice Rand: He is not an inanimate object. He's so animate he makes me nervous. In fact, I keep expecting one of these plants of yours to, er, grab me.

Yeoman Janice Rand: Where are you, Sulu?
Sulu: In here, feeding the weepers, Janice.
Yeoman Janice Rand: I've got your tray.
Sulu: May the Great Bird of the Galaxy bless your planet.

Star Trek: The Motion Picture (1979)
[Kirk has just gotten command back of the Enterprise]
Lt. Cmdr. Hikaru Sulu: He wanted her back. He got her.
Alien Ensign: And Captain Decker? He's been with this ship every minute of her refitting.
Lieutenant Commander Nyota Uhura: Ensign, the possibilities of our returning from this mission in one piece may... have just doubled.

"Star Trek: The Doomsday Machine (#2.6)" (1967)
Mr. Spock: It's closing fast on the Constellation.
Sulu: Standing by, sir.
Mr. Spock: Commodore, I suggest...
Matt Decker: Kirk pulled us out of there by distracting it. Now it's our turn. Fire phasers.
[the Enterprise fires upon the planet-killer, causing it to release the Constellation]
Matt Decker: Did it! Hard about! Give me some distance.
[the Enterprise veers sharply to the left, away from the planet-killer]

"Star Trek: Amok Time (#2.1)" (1967)
Sulu: How do you figure it, Chekov? First we're going to Vulcan, then we're going to Altair, then we're headed to Vulcan again, and now we're headed back to Altair.
Chekov: I think I'm going to get space sick.

The Life of Larry (1995)
Mr. Sulu: Sir, we are approaching the planet.
Capt. Kirk: Very good. We're beaming down. It could be dangerous - we may be killed - but that's why we're out here. The landing party will consist of myself, Mr. Spock, Dr. McCoy and Ensign Skippy.
Ens. Skippy: Oh shit.

"Star Trek: The Empath (#3.12)" (1968)
Sulu: Do you suppose our landing party could be in any danger?
Scott: That's not likely. The planet's atmosphere will give them ample protection. And if I know Captain Kirk, he'll be more worried about us than we are about him.
[cut to Kirk, strung up by his wrists and under torture]

"The Simpsons: Itchy & Scratchy: The Movie (#4.6)" (1992)
[on the bridge of the Enterprise, everyone is well past their prime]
Cpt. Kirk: Captain's log, Stardate 6051. Had trouble sleeping last night. My hiatal hernia is acting up. The ship is drafty and damp. I complain, but nobody listens.
Announcer: "Star Trek XII: So Very Tired"... see the original cast in the latest and greatest adventure!
[three Birds of Prey confront the Enterprise]
Sulu: Captain, Klingons off the starboard bow.
Cpt. Kirk: [exasperated] Again with the Klingons.
[activates communicator]
Cpt. Kirk: Mr. Scott, give me full power.
[in the engine room]
Scotty: It's no good, captain.
[Scotty is too fat reach the engineering computer]
Scotty: I ca'not reach the control panel!

"Star Trek: The Squire of Gothos (#1.17)" (1967)
Lt. Hikaru Sulu: Captain... we're about to warp.
Lt. Vincent DeSalle: Large body ahead!
Mr. Spock: [Spock studies his scanner] Collision course!
Captain James T. Kirk: Hard to port, Mr. Sulu!
[the Enterprise evades the planet]
Mr. Spock: That was the planet Gothos, Captain.
Captain James T. Kirk: Gothos? Mr. Sulu, have we been going in circles?
Lt. Hikaru Sulu: No, sir. All instruments show on course.
Mr. Spock: Gothos again, Captain!
Captain James T. Kirk: [the planet has reappeared again in front of the ship, which evades it again, barely] Hard over, Mr. Sulu.
Mr. Spock: Cat and mouse game...
Captain James T. Kirk: With us as the mouse...
Lt. Vincent DeSalle: There it is again, dead ahead!
Captain James T. Kirk: Ninety degrees to starboard, Mr. Sulu
Lt. Hikaru Sulu: Turning, Captain.
Lt. Hikaru Sulu: [the planet moves to block their course changes] ... but not veering off from it.
Captain James T. Kirk: Ninety degrees sub port, Mr. Sulu. Adjust...
Lt. Hikaru Sulu: Turn completed... and still accelerating toward the planet!
Mr. Spock: Or it toward us.

"Star Trek: The Animated Series: The Terratin Incident (#1.11)" (1973)
Captain James T. Kirk: [Bones is using a miniature laser to heal Sulu's broken leg] How is it, Sulu?
Lt. Hikaru Sulu: I can feel it knitting, sir.

"Star Trek: This Side of Paradise (#1.24)" (1967)
Sulu: When it comes to farms, I wouldn't know what looked right or wrong if it were two feet from me.

"Star Trek: Shore Leave (#1.15)" (1966)
Sulu: Captain, take cover! There's a samurai after me!

"Star Trek: The Changeling (#2.3)" (1967)
Sulu: [the Enterprise is under attack from an unknown enemy] Sir, they've fired another!
Capt. Kirk: Can we take it, Mr. Scott?
Scott: That's... problematical, sir.

"Star Trek: The Animated Series: Once Upon a Planet (#1.9)" (1973)
Lt. Hikaru Sulu: It's been almost 5 minutes, captain.
Doctor McCoy: Maybe the planet smells a trick.

"Star Trek: Turnabout Intruder (#3.24)" (1969)
Sulu: The captain really must be going mad if he thinks he can get away with an execution.
Chekov: Keptin Kirk wouldn't order an execution even if he were going mad. That cannot be the keptin.
Sulu: What difference does it make WHO he is? Are we gonna allow an execution to take place?
Chekov: If security backs him up, how will we fight him?
Sulu: I'll fight them every way and ANY way I can.

"Star Trek: The Animated Series: Albatross (#2.4)" (1974)
Mr. Spock: General order 6 has been activated?
Sulu: Yes, sir. If everyone on board has perished at the end of 24 hours the ship will self-destruct in... in order to protect other beings from the disease on board.

"Star Trek: And the Children Shall Lead (#3.4)" (1968)
Captain James T. Kirk: Mr. Sulu, I ordered you to change course. Mr. Sulu...
Sulu: Captain, stay away form the controls! If you touch them, we'll be destroyed!

"Star Trek: Friday's Child (#2.11)" (1967)
Chekov: Mr. Scott. Picking up something on the sensors, sir. Seems to be another ship.
Scott: Well, let's put it on the screen.
[screen reveals nothing]
Chekov: It's just at the edge of our sensor range, sir. Hard to get an exact reading.
Sulu: You think it's a Klingon ship?
Scott: Who else would be playing cat and mouse with a starship?

"Star Trek: The Return of the Archons (#1.21)" (1967)
Sulu: [strangely filled with vacant contentment] You're not of the body.

"Star Trek: Day of the Dove (#3.7)" (1968)
[as Chekov is going after the Klingons armed with a sword, Kirk tries to hold him back]
Chekov: Don't try to stop me, Captain. I saw what they left of Pyotr. And I swore on his grave I would avenge his murder.
[enters the turbolift]
Sulu: What's Chekov's grudge against the Klingons? Who's... Pyotr?
Captain James T. Kirk: His only brother, killed in a Klingon raid.
Sulu: His brother? He never had a brother. He's an only child.

"Star Trek: Return to Tomorrow (#2.20)" (1968)
Mr. Spock: Captain, I do wish to inspect whatever this is that lived that long ago.
Capt. Kirk: And I would like to have my science officer with me on something as unusual as this, but it is full of unknowns, and we can't risk both of us being off the ship.
[all ship's controls suddenly shut down]
Sulu: All power gone, sir.
Capt. Kirk: On the other hand, perhaps this Sargon would like you to come with us.
[all power suddenly returns]
Mr. Spock: Fascinating.