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Annorax (Character)
from "Star Trek: Voyager" (1995)

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"Star Trek: Voyager: Year of Hell: Part 2 (#4.9)" (1997)
Annorax: [after Chakotay has eradicated a comet in a simulation to change Voyager's history] Congratulations. You almost wiped out 8,000 civilizations.

Annorax: You're an anomalous component - alone, disconnected, impossible to predict. You have no idea how you've complicated my mission.
Tom Paris: Glad to hear it.

Annorax: I have collected artifacts from... hundreds of worlds. This vessel is more than a weapon. It's a museum of lost histories.

Chakotay: You've been at this for 200 years, Annorax. What makes you think you're ever going to succeed?
Annorax: What makes you think Voyager will ever reach Earth? The odds against you are astronomical. Yet you keep trying.

Annorax: Past, present and future - they exist as one, they breathe together.

Annorax: When time offers you an opportunity, you don't ignore it.

Annorax: Target Voyager. Put Janeway out of her misery.

Annorax: [of Tom Paris] I've never seen such an intransigent young man.
Chakotay: You've had us in isolation for two months; we've been scanned, poked and prodded. How do you expect us to act?
Annorax: With some degree of dignity and restraint. Your crewmate has none.

Annorax: I'm altering history on a massive scale. The destinies of countless star systems are in my hands. The fate of one species is insignificant.
Chakotay: You're trying to rationalize genocide. One species *is* significant, a single life is significant!

Annorax: Beyond study and instrumentation, there is instinct. Not everyone has the ability to truly perceive time - its colors, its moods.

Annorax: When I tell you that time has moods, a disposition to be intuited, I'm not speaking metaphorically.
Chakotay: What *do* you mean?
Annorax: Anger is one of its moods - anger, and the desire for retribution, vengeance. Time itself has tried to punish me for my arrogance. It has kept me from my wife, denied me my future!

Annorax: You can't imagine the burden of memory that I carry. Thousands of worlds, billions of lives, gone, brought back, gone again... I try to rationalize the loss. They're not really being destroyed, because they never existed. Sometimes I can... almost convince myself.

Annorax: In the meantime, my mission must continue.
Chakotay: You don't have the right!
Annorax: To fight for what is mine? That's not for you to decide. Only time can pronounce judgment against me.

[last lines]
Annorax's Wife: Good morning.
Annorax: Good morning.
Annorax's Wife: Join me for breakfast?
Annorax: In a little while. I still have a... few more calculations.
Annorax's Wife: There are always a few more calculations. It's a beautiful day. Spend it with me.
Annorax: I suppose I can make the time.

"Star Trek: Voyager: Year of Hell: Part 1 (#4.8)" (1997)
Annorax: Time is patient. So we must be patient with it.

Annorax: Take us to the Zahl homeworld, prepare a new set of calculations. We must erase the entire species from time, every life form... every molecule.

Annorax: If I told you to count the stars in the cosmos - would the task ever be complete?
[on Obrist's claim that the erasure of the Zahl homeworld has produced a complete temporal restoration]

Annorax: You're a long way from your world. In a manner of speaking, so am I. Unfortunately, only one of us can go home again.