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Vreenak (Character)
from "Star Trek: Deep Space Nine" (1993)

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"Star Trek: Deep Space Nine: In the Pale Moonlight (#6.19)" (1998)
Captain Sisko: Welcome aboard, Senator. I'm Captain Benjamin Sisko.
Vreenak: So - you're the Commander of Deep Space Nine; and the Emissary to the Prophets, decorated combat officer, widower, father, mentor... and, oh yes - the man who started the war with the Dominion. Somehow I thought you'd be taller.
Captain Sisko: Sorry to disappoint you.
Vreenak: To be honest, my opinion of Starfleet officers is so low, you'd have to work very hard indeed to disappoint me.

[Vreenak holds up the recording Sisko has given him]
Vreenak: It's a *faaake*!

Vreenak: I look forward to seeing your station, while it's still here, that is. The way the war is going with the Federation, it may not be around much longer.

Captain Sisko: [in a debate with a real Romulan official] Maybe you're right. Maybe the Dominion will win in the end. Then the Founders will control what we now call Cardassia, the Klingon Empire and the Federation. So, instead of facing three separate opponents with three separate agendas, you'll find yourselves facing the same opponent on every side. There is a word for that: surrounded.
Vreenak: [... ] You make some very good points, Captain. But it's still all speculation and theory - nothing that would warrant abrogating our treaty and plunging the Empire into war.
Captain Sisko: What if I told you that the Dominion is planning a sneak attack on the Romulan Empire at this very moment?
Vreenak: Mm... I'd want proof.