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Biography for
Saavik (Character)
from Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan (1982)

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She's of full Vulcan lineage. Originally a Star Fleet Cadet trainee (played by Kirstie Alley in her first major screen role in Star Trek The Wrath of Khan) under the guidance of Captain Spock at Star Fleet Academy, which is then being run by Admiral Kirk.

Saavik, along with her classmates, Kirk, Spock and most of the crew of the original Enterprise, goes on a simple training mission that ends up becoming a real mission and Saavik becomes an active participant on the bridge and away missions with Admiral Kirk.

She (now played by Robin Curtis in the movie Star Trek The Search for Spock) gets assigned to watch over the newly formed Genesis Planet with Kirk's estranged son, Dr. Marcus, who is a scientist and one of the Genesis Device creators.

Klingons come to investigate and take charge of what they term the Genesis Weapon and Saavik and Marcus escape to the Genesis Planet to avoid capture by the Klingons and discover the Genesis effect has regenerated the body of Captain Spock, who was killed by radiation sickness at the end of Wrath of Khan and ejected in a coffin to the Genesis planet by Kirk. This regenerated Spock is new a young, full blooded Vulcan child who is growing by leaps and bounds due to the Genesis effect and Saavik takes charge of him, especially during the several periods of Pon Far or mating time when Spocks blood boils in the Vulcan reproduction cycle.

Kirk and the senior staff of the Enterprise hijack the Enterprise and illegally go off to the Genesis Planet in search of Spock to reunite his Karma, carried by Dr. McCoy, with his body in the Vulcan tradition. They find Saavik and Spock, rescue them and return them to Vulcan for the re-unification process.

In Star Trek the Voyage Home Robin Curtis reprises her Saavik role on Vulcan where she will be staying with Spocks family.

There is certainly some speculations associated with her presence during the several times of Pon Far Spock experiences that she had to deal with and her staying with Spock's mother on Vulcan, but this was never addressed in any further movies.

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