Counselor Deanna Troi
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Biography for
Counselor Deanna Troi (Character)
from "Star Trek: The Next Generation" (1987)

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Deanna Troi is a half-human, half-Betazoid and the ship counselor aboard the USS Enterprise-D. Like all Betazoids, she is able to communicate with her species telepathically and has extra-sensory empathy for what other species are feeling, with the exception of the Breen and Ferengi, whose brains differ too much from her own. She often uses her abilities as a sort of human lie detector, to sense whether other species they encounter are being truthful.

Troi is truly an Empath, and cares deeply about the people around her, sometimes becoming overwhelmed by their emotions. She is usually able to remain separate from what others are feelings, but she also tries to help people feel better by listening. She takes her work seriously, but also has a playful almost girlish side.

Troi is good friends with the ship's medical officer Beverly Crusher.

Background: Troi was born on the equivalent of March 29, 2336 on Betazed to Ambassador Lwaxana Troi and the human Starfleet Lietutenant Andrew Troi, who died when she was seven. This loss and other secrets from her childhood impact her relationship with her brassy and strong mother, who has a habit of showing up unannounced and meddling in her life.

Per Betazoid custom, Troi was "genetically bonded" to Dr. Wyatt Miller, the son of her late father's best friend, with an arranged marriage set for 2364, but he fell for someone else.

After graduating from Starfleet Academy in 2359, she continued advanced psychology studies on her homeworld, where she first met William T. Riker, her beloved, or "Imzadi." She was later reunited with him after being assigned to the USS Enterprise-D, but they tempered their romance for professional reasons.

She has a serious sweet tooth for chocolate.

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