Sub-Commander T'Pol
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Sub-Commander T'Pol (Character)
from "Star Trek: Enterprise" (2001)

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"Star Trek: Enterprise: Horizon (#2.20)" (2003)
Commander Charles 'Trip' Tucker III: We're gonna be showing the three greatest horror movies ever made: 'Frankenstein', 'Bride of Frankenstein', and 'Son of Frankenstein'. We might even throw in 'Abbott and Costello Meet Frankenstein'.
Sub-Commander T'Pol: I have no interest in horror movies.
Commander Charles 'Trip' Tucker III: How do you know if you've never seen one? You don't have to see all of 'em, just... come the first night. I promise, you'll like it. Reanimated life forms, science run amok - they're right up your alley.

Captain Jonathan Archer: Let's make a night of it. Dinner in the Captain's mess, 1800; movie at 1930. You'll be my date.
Sub-Commander T'Pol: I beg your pardon?
Captain Jonathan Archer: I'll be a perfect gentleman.

Sub-Commander T'Pol: I don't understand why Humans would feel compelled to frighten themselves.
Captain Jonathan Archer: Gets the heart pumping.
Sub-Commander T'Pol: Cardiovascular activity would be more efficient.

Dr. Phlox: As I suspected, it's nothing more than a simple headache.
Sub-Commander T'Pol: I was hoping for something more serious.
Dr. Phlox: Oh?
Sub-Commander T'Pol: I've been coerced into watching tonight's movie.
Dr. Phlox: If you're looking for a medical excuse, I'm afraid you're out of luck. If it's any consolation, I'll be there as well. I agree, this form of entertainment is rather crude, but it can often provide an enlightening glimpse into human behavior.
Sub-Commander T'Pol: Don't be surprised if you see me here again afterwards. I've little doubt my headache will return.

Sub-Commander T'Pol: [to Phlox, during movie night] We can stop the film if it's disturbing your conversation.

Sub-Commander T'Pol: Captain, I'm reading biosigns on the planet. To quote Dr. Frankenstein, "it's alive".

Sub-Commander T'Pol: [about 'Frankenstein'] From my perspective, this was the story of an individual persecuted by humans because he was different.
Commander Charles 'Trip' Tucker III: That's one way of looking at it.
Sub-Commander T'Pol: In many ways, the film seemed quite prophetic. The reaction of the villagers, for example; it was similar to the reception Vulcans received after landing on Earth.
Captain Jonathan Archer: [snorts] I don't recall anyone greeting a Vulcan Ambassador with torches and pitchforks.

Sub-Commander T'Pol: I'm going to recommend that Ambassador Soval watch the film.
Commander Charles 'Trip' Tucker III: You're kiddin'.
Sub-Commander T'Pol: I believe it would help Vulcans who've recently arrived on Earth.
Captain Jonathan Archer: Maybe inviting her to movie night wasn't such a great idea.
Sub-Commander T'Pol: On the contrary, I'm looking forward to 'Bride of Frankenstein'.

"Star Trek: Enterprise: Fallen Hero (#1.23)" (2002)
[first lines]
Commander Charles 'Trip' Tucker III: Excuse me?
Sub-Commander T'Pol: I asked if you...
Captain Jonathan Archer: We heard you... What makes you think we're suffering from a lack of sexual activity?

Sub-Commander T'Pol: It's my understanding that your mating ritual is effective in easing tension.
Commander Charles 'Trip' Tucker III: That hasn't always been my experience.

[T'Pol has suggested that the crew take shore leave on the planet Risa]
Captain Jonathan Archer: Is it, um, populated?
Sub-Commander T'Pol: Yes, by a humanoid culture, receptive to... easing tension.

[Tucker has put on a Hawaii shirt as a preparation for his shore leave]
Sub-Commander T'Pol: If you're wearing that to impress the women on Risa, you may as well stay on board.
Commander Charles 'Trip' Tucker III: Rule number one: you've got to be seen to get noticed. And I plan on gettin' noticed.

Captain Jonathan Archer: I've had a few heroes in my life. It's never easy when one of them lets you down.
Sub-Commander T'Pol: Vulcans don't have heroes.
Captain Jonathan Archer: No, I'm sure they don't.

Vulcan Ambassador V'Lar: T'Pol - I sense your anger.
Sub-Commander T'Pol: You presume that my time with Humans has left me susceptible to their emotions.
Vulcan Ambassador V'Lar: They're our emotions as well. We simply hide them better.

Sub-Commander T'Pol: If we expect to continue our relations with Humanity, we have to earn their trust.
Vulcan Ambassador V'Lar: I would not have succeeded at my career for 94 years without earning people's trust.

Vulcan Ambassador V'Lar: Have you tried iced tea?
Sub-Commander T'Pol: I don't care for it.
Vulcan Ambassador V'Lar: Captain Archer certainly does. It's flavored with passion fruit. An appropriate ingredient for him, don't you think?

"Star Trek: Enterprise: Stigma (#2.14)" (2003)
Sub-Commander T'Pol: I have Pa'nar Syndrome. It doesn't make a difference how I contracted it.
Captain Jonathan Archer: It makes a lot of difference. You're not a member of this minority. He forced himself on you, you said it yourself.
Dr. Phlox: He's right, T'Pol, you should tell them.
Sub-Commander T'Pol: He is not right. If I used that as a defense as a way to keep from being taken off Enterprise, I'd be condoning their prejudice, and in the process indicting every member of the minority. I won't do that.

Captain Jonathan Archer: If you're not going to defend yourself, the least you can do is speak for this minority you're so eager to protect. You said you didn't want to condone the attitude of these doctors. Your silence would do just that.
Sub-Commander T'Pol: You need to understand... I won't tell them how I got the disease.
Captain Jonathan Archer: I'll go along with that. I promise. But *you've* got to understand, I'm not gonna give you up without a fight.

Dr. Yuris: [referring to T'Pol] The mind meld was performed against her will.
Dr. Oratt: Can you verify this?
Sub-Commander T'Pol: Why? So you can perpetuate your double standard? Condemn the infected when they meld by choice and sympathize with them when they don't?

Sub-Commander T'Pol: Why jeopardize your career to help someone you despise?
Dr. Yuris: If I despised you, I'd be despising myself. I'm part of the minority.

Dr. Yuris: I'm sorry. I had to tell them the truth. You should do the same.
Sub-Commander T'Pol: I have nothing to say to them.

Dr. Strom: Our culture is governed by rules. We're not about to ignore them.
Sub-Commander T'Pol: There are no rules telling you to oppress minorities.

Sub-Commander T'Pol: With your permission, I'll be contacting the High Command. I don't intend to let Yuris be dismissed without a fight.

[last lines]
Sub-Commander T'Pol: Maybe this incident will encourage others to speak out.
Captain Jonathan Archer: Let's hope so.

"Star Trek: Enterprise: These Are the Voyages... (#4.22)" (2005)
Commander T'Pol (hologram): Captain, Admiral Douglas is asking you to approve the decommission protocols.
Capt. Jonathan Archer (hologr.): One thing at a time. After the charter's signed, I'll give him whatever he needs to put Enterprise in mothballs.
Comm Voice: All senior staff, report to the bridge.
Commander William T. Riker: Computer, freeze program. Save from this time index.
Enterprise-D Computer: Program saved.
Commander William T. Riker: End program.

[Riker, posing as Chef, has asked T'Pol about Trip]
Commander T'Pol (hologram): If you're referring to our intimate relationship, that's been over for six years.
Commander William T. Riker: But the question remains, do you miss him?
Commander T'Pol (hologram): I'm Vulcan. I don't miss people.

Commander T'Pol (hologram): Before I joined this crew, I never could have imagined anything more important than following orders.
Commander William T. Riker: [as Chef] And now?
Commander T'Pol (hologram): Humans believe that sometimes... you have to follow your instincts. Very illogical approach, but one I've come to embrace.

Commander T'Pol (hologram): After speaking with Chef, I realized we may never see each other again.
Cmdr. C. 'Trip' Tucker (hologr.): What're you talking about?
Commander T'Pol (hologram): We're taking different assignments. There's no way of knowing...
Cmdr. C. 'Trip' Tucker (hologr.): There's every way of knowing. I can guarantee you we're not gonna lose touch. Stop thinking like that.
Commander T'Pol (hologram): However long it may be... I believe I'm going to miss you.

Capt. Jonathan Archer (hologr.): Time heals all wounds. But absence makes the heart grow fonder. I guess it's a little tricky. Emotions have a way of counterdicting themselves.
Commander T'Pol (hologram): And you wonder why we suppress them?

Capt. Jonathan Archer (hologr.): When I took command ten years ago, I saw myself as an explorer. I thought all the risks would be worth it. Because just beyond the next planet, just beyond the next star, there would be something magnificent, something noble. And now, Trip is dead, and I have to give a speech about how worthwhile it's all been.
Commander T'Pol (hologram): Trip would be the first to say it was worthwhile.

Dr. Phlox (hologram): I wouldn't be surprised if this alliance begins to expand before we know it. You should be very proud of yourself, Captain.
Capt. Jonathan Archer (hologr.): I'll be proud of myself if I get this speech out in one piece.
Dr. Phlox (hologram): That's not what I meant.
Capt. Jonathan Archer (hologr.): I know what you meant, Phlox. And I appreciate it. But this is not about me.
Commander T'Pol (hologram): Why do so many Humans refuse to take credit where credit is due? There are times when modesty and humility are quite illogical.

"Star Trek: Enterprise: Carpenter Street (#3.11)" (2003)
Drive-thru voicebox: Welcome to Burgerland. How may I serve you today?
Loomis: I'll have the Double Superbeef, no lettuce.
Captain Jonathan Archer: [to voicebox] One Double Superbeef without lettuce, please.
Drive-thru voicebox: You can make that a triple for only 40¢ extra.
Loomis: Do it.
Captain Jonathan Archer: [to voicebox] A double will be fine.
Drive-thru voicebox: Would you like to make that a combo?
Loomis: [to voicebox] Yeah, fries and a medium root beer.
Drive-thru voicebox: Will there be anything else today?
Captain Jonathan Archer: A hamburger, ketchup only.
Drive-thru voicebox: You can make that a double for only 40¢ extra.
Captain Jonathan Archer: No, thank you.
Drive-thru voicebox: Would you like to make that a combo?
Captain Jonathan Archer: No, no combo.
Drive-thru voicebox: Will there be anything else today?
[Archer turns to T'Pol. She leans over to read the menu]
Sub-Commander T'Pol: [to voicebox] Does the Fiesta Salad contain animal products?
Drive-thru voicebox: No, but we can add three strips of bacon for only 75¢ more.
Sub-Commander T'Pol: [disgusted] Nothing for me, thank you.
Captain Jonathan Archer: Sure?
Sub-Commander T'Pol: Quite.

[Archer is about to drive off in a 'borrowed' car]
Sub-Commander T'Pol: Have you ever operated a vehicle from this period?
Captain Jonathan Archer: I can pilot a starship.

Sub-Commander T'Pol: We just traveled 90 light years back to Earth.
Captain Jonathan Archer: And 150 years into the past.
Sub-Commander T'Pol: Forgive me if I'm not entirely convinced.
Captain Jonathan Archer: You will be.

[Loomis is discussing with T'Pol the conditions of his release if Archer catches the Xindi]
Loomis: I'm taking a big chance here, okay? If your associate doesn't catch them, they're gonna come looking for me, okay? You two better keep your word.
Sub-Commander T'Pol: You've been abducting people for money, and you're questioning our honesty?

Sub-Commander T'Pol: [referring to Loomis] In one individual we've managed to find the worst qualities of this era: greed, violence, moral corruption.

[Archer is taking out money from a 21st-century ATM using 22nd-century technology]
Captain Jonathan Archer: People used to go to jail for this.
Sub-Commander T'Pol: We'll return what we don't use.

Captain Jonathan Archer: How did this "doctor" find you?
Loomis: I told you, I work at the blood bank. He wanted someone from every blood type - eight blood types, eight people. He figured I had access to that kind of information.
Sub-Commander T'Pol: Did he also figure that you'd have no compunctions about abducting people?
Captain Jonathan Archer: What's he paying you?
Loomis: 5,000 a piece, double for the last three.
Sub-Commander T'Pol: [to Archer] Is that what human life is worth in the 21st century?

"Star Trek: Enterprise: Zero Hour (#3.24)" (2004)
Sub-Commander T'Pol: Has it occurred to you what's going to happen if Captain Archer fails? If Earth is destroyed?
Commander Charles 'Trip' Tucker III: Every day.
Sub-Commander T'Pol: Good. Then you've already come to the conclusion that without Humanity, there's no one to combat these Sphere Builders. Their Expanse will continue to grow, encompassing one system after another, including Vulcan. Your world is no longer the only one in jeopardy.

Sub-Commander T'Pol: I've always found it distracting to think of death, especially when entering a dangerous situation.
Dr. Phlox: Hope for the best, prepare for the worst. I don't know about Vulcans, but Denobulans take great pleasure in bequeathing their belongings to far-flung relatives.
Sub-Commander T'Pol: We're not dead yet.

Sub-Commander T'Pol: My skin hasn't fully healed yet.
Dr. Phlox: Oh, you're doing fine. Vulcans are obviously more sensitive to the effects of mysterious realms.
Sub-Commander T'Pol: I guess we're not so tough after all.
Dr. Phlox: Excuse me?

Commander Charles 'Trip' Tucker III: You look nice like this - kinda like an old oil painting.
Sub-Commander T'Pol: ...I'm not old. I will only be 66 years old on my next birthday.
Commander Charles 'Trip' Tucker III: I can't believe you told me that.
Sub-Commander T'Pol: You accused me of looking old!
Commander Charles 'Trip' Tucker III: That's not what I mean. I've been trying to get you to tell me your age since we left Spacedock. Why now?
Sub-Commander T'Pol: To Vulcans, certain... information is considered intimate.
Commander Charles 'Trip' Tucker III: Intimate? Hm...

Lieutenant Malcolm Reed: It's done.
Sub-Commander T'Pol: Done?
Lieutenant Malcolm Reed: Captain Archer destroyed the weapon.
Commander Charles 'Trip' Tucker III: Where is he? Is he okay?
Lieutenant Malcolm Reed: Captain didn't make it, Trip.

Sub-Commander T'Pol: [referring to Porthos] Will he be all right?
Dr. Phlox: Not for a while. Lost his best friend. But it's just a matter of time, he'll be fine again.
Sub-Commander T'Pol: [to Porthos, but perhaps more to herself] Did you hear that? The Doctor says you'll be fine. It's just a matter of time.

[Enterprise is approaching Earth, as Sato enters the bridge]
Sub-Commander T'Pol: You should be in your quarters.
Ensign Hoshi Sato: With all due respect to Phlox, I wouldn't miss this for the world.

"Star Trek: Enterprise: Strange New World (#1.4)" (2001)
[T'Pol has suggested to scan a class M planet with automated probes first before landing on its surface]
Captain Jonathan Archer: How long would all that take?
Sub-Commander T'Pol: Six or seven days.
Commander Charles 'Trip' Tucker III: You expect us to sit up here for a week while probes have all the fun?

Sub-Commander T'Pol: I share your concern for Crewman Novakovich, but as I told...
Commander Charles 'Trip' Tucker III: You couldn't care less about him, or any of the rest of us! That'd require some of those useless Human emotions.
Sub-Commander T'Pol: *Your* emotions are beginning to affect your judgment. You're becoming irrational.
Commander Charles 'Trip' Tucker III: You've never seen me irrational.

Captain Jonathan Archer: Archer to T'Pol.
Sub-Commander T'Pol: Yes, Captain.
Captain Jonathan Archer: We have Novakovich.
Sub-Commander T'Pol: And I have a phase pistol pointed at my head.

Commander Charles 'Trip' Tucker III: You didn't shoot me last night, did you?
Sub-Commander T'Pol: I'm afraid I did.

Sub-Commander T'Pol: You have your assignments. We'll rendezvous here at 1900 hours, unless the Captain wants us to pose for more pictures.

Commander Charles 'Trip' Tucker III: "Challenge your preconceptions or they'll challenge you."
Sub-Commander T'Pol: Commander?
Commander Charles 'Trip' Tucker III: That's something Mr. Velik used to say. Tenth grade biology class. He was a Vulcan scientist who came to teach us about life on other worlds. I'd... never seen a Vulcan before, not up close. He scared the hell out of me.
Sub-Commander T'Pol: Perhaps it's not too late to follow his advice.

[last lines]
Ensign Travis Mayweather: Ow... I must've twisted up my neck. How's Novakovich? Do we know?
Sub-Commander T'Pol: The Captain says he's going to be fine.

"Star Trek: Enterprise: Shockwave: Part 2 (#2.1)" (2002)
[Silik has drugged T'Pol for interrogation]
Silik: Where is Archer?
Subcommander T'Pol: I don't know.
Silik: Who are you working with from the future?
Subcommander T'Pol: The Vulcan Science Directorate has determined that time travel is impossible.
Silik: Does Captain Archer agree with that opinion?
Subcommander T'Pol: This is not an opinion.
Silik: Does Archer agree with that determination?
Subcommander T'Pol: Captain Archer believes Crewman Daniels... comes from the future.
Silik: But Daniels is dead.
Subcommander T'Pol: Captain Archer claims he saw Daniels two days ago.
Silik: Your Captain is gone. Did Daniels take him into the past or the future?
Subcommander T'Pol: Vulcan Science Directorate has determined that time travel is impossible.

Subcommander T'Pol: [groggy] You're on the ceiling; why aren't you on a monitor?

Subcommander T'Pol: [to Soval] You spoke of the destruction of the monastery. What about the Vulcan listening post that Captain Archer found there? I would hope that our people have learned from those events, that using a sacred sanctuary to spy on others was a dishonorable practice, to say the least. I don't wish to contradict Captain Archer; but learning from one's mistakes is hardly exclusive to Humans.

Subcommander T'Pol: You may have overdone your pyrotechnic display; the scorching on the starboard nacelle is extensive.
Commander Charles 'Trip' Tucker III: Well, I'll try to remember that next time we have to fake a reactor breach.

Subcommander T'Pol: [groggy] Science Vulcan Directorate has determined that time travel is... not fair.
Captain Archer: Whatever you say.

[last lines]
Subcommander T'Pol: I still don't believe in time travel.
Captain Archer: The hell you don't.

"Star Trek: Enterprise: Terra Prime (#4.21)" (2005)
Commander T'Pol: [holding her baby] Hello.
Commander T'Pol: I'm your mother.
Commander T'Pol: You're going to need a name. We should discuss that with your father.

Commander T'Pol: Her medical readings appear normal.
John Frederick Paxton: There's nothing normal about it.
Commander Charles 'Trip' Tucker III: She's not an 'it'!

John Frederick Paxton: That child is a cross-breed freak. How many generations before our genome is so diluted that the word 'Human' is nothing more than a footnote in some medical text? The same thing could happen to your people. Or don't you care about that?
Commander T'Pol: Neither of our species is what it was a million years ago, nor what it'll become in the future. Life is change.
John Frederick Paxton: Change in this case means extinction. And I, for one, will not let that baby bring Humanity to that point.

[T'Pol has found out that Paxton is suffering from Taggart's Syndrome and treating it with an alien therapy]
Commander T'Pol: The very thing you're warning Humans to avoid is what's keeping you alive: alien knowledge, freely shared. You're not only a terrorist, you're a hypocrite.

John Frederick Paxton: I'm not the first significant leader who failed to measure up to his own ideals.
Commander T'Pol: You're not significant!
John Frederick Paxton: History will determine that!

Commander Charles 'Trip' Tucker III: [referring to their daughter] I guess we shouldn't keep calling her 'she'.
Commander T'Pol: Elizabeth.
Commander Charles 'Trip' Tucker III: My sister would have liked that.

"Star Trek: Enterprise: Bound (#4.17)" (2005)
[Enterprise is approaching the Berengaria system]
Commander T'Pol: A Vulcan science vessel surveyed the seventh planet over 50 years ago. The file states it's an M-class world with a flourishing ecosystem. No intelligent life.
Captain Jonathan Archer: Sounds promising.
Commander T'Pol: They did report one distinctive feature which bears mentioning.
Captain Jonathan Archer: And that is?
Commander T'Pol: A species of flying reptile, some reportedly over 200 meters long. They're also said to breathe fire.
[the crew's expressions become a mixture of curiosity and skepticism]
Commander T'Pol: There's been lingering questions over the accuracy of this report.
Captain Jonathan Archer: [suppressing a grin] We can't wait to find out.

Commander T'Pol: I've been hearing some concerns from the crew.
Captain Jonathan Archer: Concerns?
Commander T'Pol: The Orion women. Their presence is becoming disruptive.
Captain Jonathan Archer: You're telling me. The crew isn't used to having Orions on board.
Commander T'Pol: It's more than that. Our guests visited the mess hall this morning. As a result, twelve crewmen reported late for their shifts.
Captain Jonathan Archer: I get the picture.
Commander T'Pol: It's primarily their attire.
Captain Jonathan Archer: Or lack of it!

Navaar: Please, release us.
[Archer's hand moves toward the button to open the doors]
Commander T'Pol: Captain!
[Archer comes to his senses at the last second]
Navaar: I'm obviously not the only woman with power over you.

[T'Pol has told Tucker that they share a psychic bond]
Commander Tucker: So, if we're bonded... what does this have to do with me not being affected by the Orions?
Commander T'Pol: I'm immune to the pheromones because of my Vulcan physiology.
Commander Tucker: And you're making me immune?
Commander T'Pol: Apparently.
Commander Tucker: Well... I don't know whether to be relieved or... really worried.

Commander T'Pol: At least we've learned something about the Orions.
Lieutenant Malcolm Reed: Yeah, the women are in charge!
Commander T'Pol: It proves that even the most disagreeable species have some... positive attributes.

Captain Jonathan Archer: It almost sounded like you were making a joke.
Commander Tucker: At least trying to make one.
Commander T'Pol: I assure you, if I ever decide to make a joke, you'll know about it.
Commander Tucker: There it is again.
Captain Jonathan Archer: T'Pol, if I didn't know better, I'd think you were picking up some of Trip's bad habits.

"Star Trek: Enterprise: E² (#3.21)" (2004)
Commander Charles 'Trip' Tucker III: Come on - you gotta admit, you've been avoiding me ever since the two of us... You know, when we...
Sub-Commander T'Pol: Had sexual relations?
Commander Charles 'Trip' Tucker III: Wow, it's real romantic when you put it that way.

Old T'Pol: If Enterprise hadn't been stranded in the past, it's... possible I never would have married Trip. But I can't imagine what my life would have been like without him.
Sub-Commander T'Pol: What do you suggest I do?
Old T'Pol: There's a Human expression: follow your heart.
Sub-Commander T'Pol: What if my heart doesn't know what it wants?
Old T'Pol: It will - in time. It will.

Old T'Pol: You're allowing your Human side to get the better of you.
Lorian: You know nothing about being Human.
Old T'Pol: I know that for them, guilt can be a powerful motivator. Don't let it cloud your judgment.

[aboard the old Enterprise]
Captain Jonathan Archer: They didn't tell me you were still aboard.
Old T'Pol: Ah... You mean still alive.

Sub-Commander T'Pol: I should've known this was a mistake.
Commander Charles 'Trip' Tucker III: What?
Sub-Commander T'Pol: Exploring Human sexuality with you. You're obviously unable to have a physical relationship without developing an emotional attachment.
Commander Charles 'Trip' Tucker III: You know, all the other women on board must've been taken. 'cause I can't imagine any other reason why I would've married someone as stubborn as you.

[Lorian's Enterprise hasn't followed Archer's through the corridor]
Captain Jonathan Archer: Lorian has years of command experience. Something tells me we shouldn't write him off yet. - I suppose there's another possibility. Since we weren't thrown into the past, maybe history somehow corrected itself?
Sub-Commander T'Pol: Are you suggesting that the other Enterprise never existed? If you're right... then why would we remember them?

"Star Trek: Enterprise: Broken Bow: Part 1 (#1.1)" (2001)
Admiral Maxwell Forrest: We may need to defer to their judgment.
Capt. Jonathan Archer: We've been deferring to their judgment for a hundred years!
Admiral Maxwell Forrest: Jon.
Capt. Jonathan Archer: How much longer?
Sub-Commander T'Pol: Until you've proven you're ready.
Capt. Jonathan Archer: Ready to what?
Sub-Commander T'Pol: To look beyond your provincial attitudes and your volatile nature.
Capt. Jonathan Archer: Volatile? You have no idea how much I'm restraining myself from knocking you on your ass.

Commander Charles 'Trip' Tucker III: [introducing himself] Trip. I'm called Trip.
Sub-Commander T'Pol: I'll try to remember that.

Capt. Jonathan Archer: While you may not share our enthusiasm about this mission, I expect you to follow our rules. What's said in this room and out on that bridge is privileged information. I don't want every word I say being picked apart the next day by the Vulcan High Command.
Sub-Commander T'Pol: My reason for being here is not espionage. My superiors simply asked me to assist you.
Capt. Jonathan Archer: Your superiors don't think we can flush a toilet without one of you to assist us.

Sub-Commander T'Pol: Perhaps you'd like to go to your quarters and lie down.
Ensign Hoshi Sato: Ponfo mirann.
[Vulcan insult]
Sub-Commander T'Pol: I was instructed to speak English on this voyage. And I'd appreciate it if you'd respect that.

[T'Pol is attempting clumsily to cut a bread stick with a fork]
Capt. Jonathan Archer: It might be a little easier using your fingers.
Sub-Commander T'Pol: Vulcans don't touch food with their hands.
Commander Charles 'Trip' Tucker III: Can't wait to see you tackle the spare ribs.

Sub-Commander T'Pol: It remains to be seen whether Humanity will revert to its baser instincts.
Commander Charles 'Trip' Tucker III: Well, we used to have cannibals on Earth. Who knows how far we'll revert? Lucky this isn't a long mission.
Capt. Jonathan Archer: Human instinct is pretty strong. You can't expect us to change overnight.
Sub-Commander T'Pol: With proper discipline...
[she finally manages to cut a clean piece off her breadstick and holds it up with her fork]
Sub-Commander T'Pol: ...anything's possible.

"Star Trek: Enterprise: Unexpected (#1.5)" (2001)
Sub-Commander T'Pol: [to replicator] Water, carbonated.
Dr. Phlox: Now, that's adventurous.
[after T'Pol has told Dr. Phlox she couldn't bear eating the food of Humans]

Sub-Commander T'Pol: Three days. You were only there for three days, and you couldn't restrain yourself.
Commander Charles 'Trip' Tucker III: [to Archer] I'm telling you, Captain, I was a complete gentleman the entire time.
Sub-Commander T'Pol: I imagine that's a question of how you define 'gentleman'.

Sub-Commander T'Pol: One of the first things a diplomat learns is not to stick his fingers where they don't belong.

[last lines]
Sub-Commander T'Pol: I've run a check through the Starfleet database. You might be pleased to know that this is the first recorded incident of a Human male becoming pregnant.
Commander Charles 'Trip' Tucker III: Just how I always wanted to get into the history books.

Sub-Commander T'Pol: It's difficult enough having to smell all this. Eating it is out of the question.

Captain Jonathan Archer: That business a... bout the Klingon Chancellor calling me a brother... Was that true?
Sub-Commander T'Pol: Klingons are known to exaggerate. I saw nothing wrong with doing the same.

"Star Trek: Enterprise: Breaking the Ice (#1.8)" (2001)
[Archer has suggested to invite Captain Vanik on board Enterprise]
Captain Jonathan Archer: Dinner's a good way to break the ice. I was hoping you might give Chef some menu suggestions.
Sub-Commander T'Pol: Certainly.
Captain Jonathan Archer: A little food, a little wine...
Sub-Commander T'Pol: Vulcans don't drink wine.
Captain Jonathan Archer: You know what I mean. Just help me make him go away.

[T'Pol asks Tucker's advice on whether she should accept a prearranged marriage on Vulcan or stay on Enterprise]
Commander Charles 'Trip' Tucker III: What do *you* wanna do?
Sub-Commander T'Pol: That is irrelevant.
Commander Charles 'Trip' Tucker III: No, it's not, it's very relevant. Do you wanna go back and marry this guy, spend a year with him, ten years, a hundred years, or do you wanna stay on Enterprise?
Sub-Commander T'Pol: I have an obligation.
Commander Charles 'Trip' Tucker III: You've got an obligation to yourself. You spent the last year around Humans. If there's one thing you shoulda learned, it's that we're free to make our own decisions. There's a lot to be said for personal choice.

Commander Charles 'Trip' Tucker III: I respect your customs. But this marriage was arranged when you were a kid. A lot's happened since then. People change.
Sub-Commander T'Pol: Vulcans don't.

[Archer is reluctant to accept Vanik's help to save Reed and Mayweather out of an emergency situation]
Sub-Commander T'Pol: Vanik expects you to refuse his offer. He sees Humans as arrogant, prideful. Why not prove him wrong? You can save them, or you can let your pride stand in the way. You're Human; you're free to choose.

Commander Charles 'Trip' Tucker III: Did it ever occur to you that you might have postponed the wedding because subconsciously you wanted to get out of it?
Sub-Commander T'Pol: That would imply that my subconscious mind controls my decisions. It doesn't.
Commander Charles 'Trip' Tucker III: It happens to Humans all the time. Maybe you're picking up some of our bad habits.

[last lines]
Sub-Commander T'Pol: Captain, with your permission, I'd like to transmit a message to the Ti'Mur, to send to Vulcan.
Captain Jonathan Archer: Go right ahead.
Sub-Commander T'Pol: Thank you.
[T'Pol and Tucker exchange a look, then she leaves]
Captain Jonathan Archer: What was that all about?
Commander Charles 'Trip' Tucker III: It's personal.

"Star Trek: Enterprise: The Andorian Incident (#1.7)" (2001)
Sub-Commander T'Pol: [briefing Archer and Tucker on the proper protocols for a visit at the Vulcan monastery] When we arrive, we'll be greeted by a Vulcan elder. You should not speak to him, or any member of the order, unless spoken to first. If they appear to be meditating, do not approach them or attempt to make conversation. Also, maintain quiet at all times, and do not touch or disturb any artifacts, relics or ornamentation. If we arrive at their time of communal kolinahr, it's likely we'll be turned away. At the conclusion of our visit, we'll be offered the Stone of J'Kah as a gesture of salutation. Accept it, then bow slightly and observe a respectful silence for approximately five seconds.
Captain Jonathan Archer: [to Tucker, under his breath] I thought Starfleet training was tough.

Sub-Commander T'Pol: The icon in that shrine is perched at an odd angle.
Commander Charles 'Trip' Tucker III: Oddly perched, huh? We'd better call Starfleet Command.
Sub-Commander T'Pol: That's not all, Captain. The Vulcan elder seems... agitated.
Commander Charles 'Trip' Tucker III: You call that agitated?

[Archer, T'Pol and Tucker have been taken hostage by Andorians]
Captain Jonathan Archer: They threaten to kill us all if anyone attempts a rescue.
Sub-Commander T'Pol: Mr. Reed wouldn't be that reckless.
Captain Jonathan Archer: I didn't recruit my Tactical Officer to sit on his butt when he's threatened.

Sub-Commander T'Pol: We don't believe in responding to violence with violence.
Captain Jonathan Archer: I admire your ethics. But right now, a little violence might help.
Sub-Commander T'Pol: You're beginning to sound like an Andorian.

Dr. Phlox: What is that Vulcan motto, um - "Infinite diversity...?"
Sub-Commander T'Pol: "... in infinite combinations".
Dr. Phlox: Mm! And what is diversity but a celebration of differences? - I wonder if you might remind me of our mission on this vessel. Please, indulge me.
Sub-Commander T'Pol: Our mission is to make contact with those who Humans consider new life and new civilizations.
Dr. Phlox: In other words, to seek infinite diversity.
Sub-Commander T'Pol: I suppose so.
Dr. Phlox: Well, then, it seems to me, a cultural exchange between your Vulcan brethren and your Human crew is simply a furtherance of that mission.

"Star Trek: Enterprise: Fusion (#1.17)" (2002)
Sub-Commander T'Pol: Last night I neglected to meditate before I went to sleep. As a result, I awoke feeling... agitated. All I need is an injection of inoprovalene. 25 milligrams should suffice.
Dr. Phlox: Very well... "Doctor".

Sub-Commander T'Pol: Captain. Do you... dream?
Captain Jonathan Archer: Sure. Sometimes they're even in color.

Sub-Commander T'Pol: Just because they smile and eat chicken doesn't mean they've learned to master their emotions.

Tolaris: [contemplating a nebula] Look at that. I've never seen anything so beautiful. You probably consider that an emotional reaction.
Sub-Commander T'Pol: Not necessarily. It is aesthetically pleasing.
Tolaris: "Pleasing". Coming from you, that's practically an outburst.

[Archer visits T'Pol in her quarters during her meditation]
Captain Jonathan Archer: Feeling any better?
Sub-Commander T'Pol: Has the Vulcan ship left?
Captain Jonathan Archer: About twenty minutes ago.
Sub-Commander T'Pol: Then, yes. I'm feeling better.
Captain Jonathan Archer: [referring to T'Pol's meditation] You do this every night?
Sub-Commander T'Pol: Every night.
Captain Jonathan Archer: I think... I finally understand why.

"Star Trek: Enterprise: The Catwalk (#2.12)" (2002)
[during a neutronic storm, the crew has to huddle together in the 'catwalk']
Captain Jonathan Archer: You know, there's a bright side to all of this.
Sub-Commander T'Pol: Really?
Captain Jonathan Archer: It's bringing the crew closer together. If you forget about the storm outside, this is almost like going on a camping trip.
Sub-Commander T'Pol: Perhaps we can sing a few songs later.

Captain Jonathan Archer: You... haven't left the command area much today. You might want to wander around, get to know the crew.
Sub-Commander T'Pol: I'm familiar with every one of them.
Captain Jonathan Archer: There's a lot more to these people than just their names. It'd be good for you to fraternize a little.
Sub-Commander T'Pol: Is that an order?
Captain Jonathan Archer: Does it have to be?
Sub-Commander T'Pol: I'm not skilled at fraternizing.
Captain Jonathan Archer: Here's a chance to learn.

[the crew is watching a western movie]
Commander Charles 'Trip' Tucker III: Did that guy shoot one of his own men?
Lieutenant Malcolm Reed: It's hard to tell them apart in those ridiculous hats.
Sub-Commander T'Pol: The dead man was secretly working for Sheriff Boggs.
Commander Charles 'Trip' Tucker III: How do you know that?
Sub-Commander T'Pol: Isn't it obvious?

Captain Jonathan Archer: I did a little research in the Vulcan database. That class 5 storm a century ago... involved the starship T'Plana. Apparently, they couldn't outrun the wave front. It was lost, with all hands. - I thought you said it was "nearly" destroyed.
Sub-Commander T'Pol: I must have remembered incorrectly.

Captain Jonathan Archer: [Archer is watching water polo, and T'Pol is trying to sleep] Am I disturbing you?
Sub-Commander T'Pol: Only slightly.
Sub-Commander T'Pol: [Archer turns off his device, then looks at T'Pol]
[She notices]
Sub-Commander T'Pol: Am I disturbing you?
Captain Jonathan Archer: Only slightly.

"Star Trek: Enterprise: Cease Fire (#2.15)" (2003)
Cmdr. Charles 'Trip' Tucker III: I don't like pushing the engines this hard. The injectors are running 110 percent.
Sub-Commander T'Pol: They're rated for 120.
Cmdr. Charles 'Trip' Tucker III: Yeah, and my underwear is flame-retardant. That doesn't mean I'm gonna light myself on fire to prove it.

Sub-Commander T'Pol: [just before the shuttle crashes] We need to reduce our speed.
Capt. Jonathan Archer: The ground is gonna do that for us.

Sub-Commander T'Pol: [about her position on Enterprise] I find the work gratifying.
Vulcan Ambassador Soval: Gratification is an emotional indulgence. You disagreed with our recommendation that Archer's mission be canceled after the tragedy at Paraaga II. Why?
Sub-Commander T'Pol: I was on board Enterprise at the time. I felt my opinion would be welcomed.
Vulcan Ambassador Soval: You believed you knew better than the High Command? That sounds a great deal like another emotion: arrogance. Perhaps it's time for you to consider another assignment.
Sub-Commander T'Pol: Just because Captain Archer has earned my respect doesn't mean I've been contaminated by his emotions.

[when being shot at, Archer leaves the Vulcans behind to reconnoiter]
Capt. Jonathan Archer: No offense, but my ears are less likely to draw fire than yours.
Vulcan Ambassador Soval: What is their fixation with our ears?
Sub-Commander T'Pol: I believe they're envious.

Capt. Jonathan Archer: The ball's in your court now.
[Soval looks inquiringly at T'Pol]
Sub-Commander T'Pol: It's a Human expression. It means the next move is yours.

"Star Trek: Enterprise: Oasis (#1.20)" (2002)
Commander Charles 'Trip' Tucker III: [about Liana] She knows the ship's systems inside and out. She kept me from gettin' fried on a live plasma feed.
Sub-Commander T'Pol: Perhaps she can help you then.
Commander Charles 'Trip' Tucker III: What's that supposed to mean?
Sub-Commander T'Pol: By the way you keep talking about her you obviously appreciate her technical expertise.
Commander Charles 'Trip' Tucker III: She's very competent.
Sub-Commander T'Pol: So was the female engineer on the Xyrillian ship.
Commander Charles 'Trip' Tucker III: You're never gonna let that go, are you?
Sub-Commander T'Pol: I'm simply noting that the last time you found someone this competent, you wound up carrying her child.

Captain Jonathan Archer: D'Marr - what do you call that... spice?
Alien Trader D'Marr: Hajjlaran. The warlords on Preenos use it to test their courage.
Alien Trader D'Marr: [to T'Pol] You sure you won't have some?
Sub-Commander T'Pol: My courage doesn't need testing.

Commander Charles 'Trip' Tucker III: Spooky ship, missing crew, things going bump in the night - it'd give anybody the creeps.
Sub-Commander T'Pol: The "creeps"?
Commander Charles 'Trip' Tucker III: Yeah, willies - heebie-jeebies. Don't you get frightened every once in a while?
Sub-Commander T'Pol: No.
Commander Charles 'Trip' Tucker III: Not by anything?
Sub-Commander T'Pol: No.
Commander Charles 'Trip' Tucker III: Too bad. Nothing like a good scare.

Sub-Commander T'Pol: [scanning a crashed ship] No power signatures. It appears to be deserted.
Commander Charles 'Trip' Tucker III: But are your sensors calibrated for ghosts?

Sub-Commander T'Pol: I heard something.
Commander Charles 'Trip' Tucker III: Rats maybe?
[T'Pol scans the area]
Sub-Commander T'Pol: No.
Commander Charles 'Trip' Tucker III: Well, then you probably imagined it.
Sub-Commander T'Pol: Vulcans don't imagine things.

"Star Trek: Enterprise: Doctor's Orders (#3.16)" (2004)
Dr. Phlox: What if one of these delusions causes me to open an airlock or shut down life support?
Sub-Commander T'Pol: You won't do that.
Dr. Phlox: How do you know?
Sub-Commander T'Pol: Because your duty is to look out for the welfare of this crew. Why do you think the Captain allowed you to sedate him, over Commander Tucker's objections? Because he trusts you. As do I.

Dr. Phlox: [reading from the manual on the warp drive] "Output must be confined to within 300 and 312 millicochranes to prevent fusion of the dilithium matrix."
Sub-Commander T'Pol: That seems simple enough.
Dr. Phlox: "... unless the spatial compression index is greater than 5.62 percent, or the ship is within two parsecs of a class-C gravimetric field distortion."

Sub-Commander T'Pol: Commander Tucker was complaining that it will take him days to realign the warp coils.
Dr. Phlox: [laughs] Yes, he gave me quite a talking-to.
Sub-Commander T'Pol: He also said, and I quote: "Phlox did one hell of a job!"

[last lines]
Sub-Commander T'Pol: You must have enjoyed having the ship to yourself.
Dr. Phlox: It wasn't nearly as empty as I anticipated.

Dr. Phlox: You need some rest. Let me walk you to your quarters.
Sub-Commander T'Pol: Doctor's orders?

"Star Trek: Enterprise: Bounty (#2.25)" (2003)
Subcommander T'Pol: [when Phlox denies her sexual advances] You have no idea what you're denying yourself.

Subcommander T'Pol: I'm hungry.
Dr. Phlox: Our meals will be here soon.
Subcommander T'Pol: I wasn't referring to food.

Subcommander T'Pol: You don't find me attractive?
Dr. Phlox: Of course I do. But that is not the issue.

[T'Pol is suffering from pon farr]
Subcommander T'Pol: You have the cure. It's unethical for you to withhold it, Doctor.
Dr. Phlox: This mating cycle of yours was artificially induced. We can't be certain that a... physical encounter would help.
Subcommander T'Pol: I'm willing to try.

[T'Pol has been cured]
Subcommander T'Pol: Did I do anything inappropriate?
Dr. Phlox: I've had patients treat me far worse.
Subcommander T'Pol: Did we?
Dr. Phlox: Oh, Denobulan males aren't comfortable discussing such topics.

"Star Trek: Enterprise: A Night in Sickbay (#2.5)" (2002)
Captain Jonathan Archer: Whatever friction there's been between us, I'd like to try to minimize it.
Sub-Commander T'Pol: Friction is to be expected whenever people work in close quarters for extended periods of time.
Captain Jonathan Archer: I guess that's always been true, especially when the people are of the opposite sex.
Sub-Commander T'Pol: Then it's good that you're my superior officer, that we're not in a position to allow ourselves to become attracted to one another, hypothetically. If we were, the friction that you speak of could be much more... problematic.

Captain Jonathan Archer: I really thought you were beginning to understand something about human feelings.
Sub-Commander T'Pol: Not when it pertains to primitive quadrupeds who haven't developed the ability to speak or to use a toilet.

Sub-Commander T'Pol: [on the Kreetassans] We obviously offended them again.
Captain Jonathan Archer: Maybe my hair's parted on the wrong side.

Sub-Commander T'Pol: [of the Kreetassans] They're not interested in punishing you. They only want an appropriate apology.
Captain Jonathan Archer: I'm sorry!
Sub-Commander T'Pol: For what?
Captain Jonathan Archer: Just practicing.

"Star Trek: Enterprise: First Flight (#2.24)" (2003)
Sub-Commander T'Pol: You obviously admired this man.
Captain Jonathan Archer: Quite a bit.
Sub-Commander T'Pol: And yet he cracked your molar?
Captain Jonathan Archer: Yeah... Humans can have funny ways of forming friendships.
Sub-Commander T'Pol: To say the least.

Sub-Commander T'Pol: Optimism doesn't alter the laws of physics.

[last lines]
Sub-Commander T'Pol: I believe there's a Human custom that says when you discover something of merit, you earn the right to name it.
Captain Jonathan Archer: What would you suggest? The T'Pol/Archer Nebula?
Sub-Commander T'Pol: I was thinking the 'Robinson Nebula' would be more appropriate.

Sub-Commander T'Pol: Captain Robinson clearly wanted to command Enterprise as much as you did.
Captain Jonathan Archer: He wasn't alone. But by the end... A.G. and I were the only two candidates left. They made the final selection six months before we launched... Maybe I just got lucky.

"Star Trek: Enterprise: Shockwave: Part 1 (#1.26)" (2002)
Sub-Commander T'Pol: You're very adept at listing the questionable decisions you've made. But there have been other decisions, many of them, that no one would question. I'm willing to try to convince my government of that; are you willing to try to convince yours?
Captain Jonathan Archer: You know... this has got to be the first time a Vulcan... has ever attempted to cheer up a Human.

Sub-Commander T'Pol: The Vulcan Science Directorate has concluded that time travel is impossible.
Captain Jonathan Archer: Well, good for the Vulcan Science Directorate.

Captain Jonathan Archer: I never thought this was possible either. But... I traveled through time. And I need you to believe me.
Sub-Commander T'Pol: Why?
Captain Jonathan Archer: Because it's hard enough trying to fathom all this without having my Science Officer, a colleague who I trust and rely on, the person who got me to stop feeling sorry for myself, accusing me of being an hallucinating madman.

Captain Jonathan Archer: I'm placing you in command. I advise you to maintain your present course and speed. I don't know what's going to happen. But try to keep an open mind... especially when it comes to things the Vulcan Science Directorate says are... "impossible".
Sub-Commander T'Pol: I'll try.

"Star Trek: Enterprise: Regeneration (#2.23)" (2003)
Sub-Commander T'Pol: They're disrupting our plasma network. Main power is failing.
Lieutenant Malcolm Reed: We're losing weapons.
Captain Jonathan Archer: They set us up.
Ensign Hoshi Sato: They're hailing us. Audio only.
Captain Jonathan Archer: This is Captain...
The Borg (voice): You will be assimilated. Resistance is futile.

Captain Jonathan Archer: There was something familiar about all this; but I couldn't put my finger on it until I found this speech Zefram Cochrane made eighty-nine years ago. When I was a kid, I read everything I could about him. It took me a while, but I finally found it in the database. He was giving a commencement address at Princeton, when he started to talk about what really happened during First Contact. He mentioned a group of cybernetic creatures from the future, who tried to stop his first warp flight when he was living in Montana. He said they were defeated by a group of Humans, who were also from the future.
Sub-Commander T'Pol: As I recall, Cochrane was famous for his imaginative stories. He was also known to be frequently intoxicated.
Captain Jonathan Archer: No one took him seriously. And he recanted the whole thing a few years later; but you have to admit, there are similarities.
Sub-Commander T'Pol: [reading from the computer] He said their ultimate goal was "to enslave the Human race."
Captain Jonathan Archer: If he was right... they might be heading back to their homeworld, so they can try again.

[Archer and Reed have returned after placing explosive charges on the Arctic transport turned Borg vessel]
Sub-Commander T'Pol: Did you find the research team?
Captain Jonathan Archer: [darkly] There isn't anyone on that ship we can help anymore.

[last lines]
Captain Jonathan Archer: They told their homeworld how to find Earth.
Sub-Commander T'Pol: Did you learn where the message was sent?
Captain Jonathan Archer: Somewhere deep in the Delta Quadrant.
Sub-Commander T'Pol: Then I doubt there's any immediate danger. It would take at least 200 years for a subspace message to reach the Delta Quadrant, assuming it's received at all.
Captain Jonathan Archer: Sounds to me like we've only postponed the invasion until what - the 24th century?

"Star Trek: Enterprise: Twilight (#3.8)" (2003)
Subcommander T'Pol: Our relationship has evolved over the years.
Captain Archer: Exactly how far has it evolved?

Subcommander T'Pol: Captain - I never expressed my gratitude for what you did.
Captain Archer: I suppose there's not much point in thanking me. A few hours from now, I won't remember it.

Subcommander T'Pol: You could have been seriously injured. I told you to leave me behind.
Captain Archer: Fortunately, I don't take orders from you.

[last lines]
Captain Archer: Oh, would you mind bringing me another pillow?
[T'Pol takes out a pillow from a drawer and puts it under Archer's head]
Captain Archer: Would you turn down the lights just a little?
[T'Pol turns off the light by his bed]
Subcommander T'Pol: Anything else?
Captain Archer: No, that's great.
[T'Pol turns to leave]
Captain Archer: You know - you'd make a wonderful nurse.

"Star Trek: Enterprise: The Seventh (#2.7)" (2002)
Sub-Commander T'Pol: The information that I was given says that you buy high-grade biotoxins and sell them to anyone who will meet your price.
Menos: If all of the Ministry's reports about me were true, I could easily shape-shift and slip out of these restraints or... sprout wings and fly to my ship.

[T'Pol is uncertain whether to stop Menos or to let him go]
Captain Jonathan Archer: Why did you want me here?
Sub-Commander T'Pol: Because I trust you.
Captain Jonathan Archer: Then trust me. You were sent to apprehend him, not to judge him.
[T'Pol stuns Menos]

[T'Pol claims that her memories of killing a Vulcan won't affect her, as she was much younger at the time]
Captain Jonathan Archer: You've also spent a lot of time around Humans lately.
Sub-Commander T'Pol: You do have a way of putting questionable actions behind you.
Captain Jonathan Archer: When you don't have the ability to repress emotions, you learn to deal with them and move on.

[last lines]
Captain Jonathan Archer: Was there something else?
Sub-Commander T'Pol: If you ever need someone you can trust...
Captain Jonathan Archer: I won't forget.

"Star Trek: Enterprise: Future Tense (#2.16)" (2003)
Sub-Commander T'Pol: Are you saying you believe time travel is possible?
Dr. Phlox: Surprises, Sub-Commander. I believe in embracing surprises.
Sub-Commander T'Pol: I prefer to embrace logic.

[last lines]
Captain Jonathan Archer: [of the High Command] I wonder... if they'll believe that Humans and Vulcans will be... swapping chromosomes one day.
Sub-Commander T'Pol: They're more likely to believe in time travel.

Dr. Phlox: I understand Captain Archer believes that the vessel traveled here from the future.
Sub-Commander T'Pol: That's his theory.
Dr. Phlox: Genetic anomalies, unexplainable alloys, the evidence of it seems to be mounting.
Sub-Commander T'Pol: Perhaps.
Dr. Phlox: Ah. The Vulcan Science Directorate. They've always been rather reluctant to embrace unorthodox ideas. After they review our findings, I have a feeling they might reconsider their opinion of time travel.
Sub-Commander T'Pol: It's not an opinion. It's simple logic.

Captain Jonathan Archer: I'm tired of these factions interfering with our century. It's time we took a more active interest in this war, gathered some intelligence ourselves.
Sub-Commander T'Pol: Assuming, for the moment, the Temporal Cold War exists - I believe we shouldn't get involved.
Captain Jonathan Archer: Like it or not, we've been involved since we left Spacedock.

"Star Trek: Enterprise: Azati Prime (#3.18)" (2004)
Sub-Commander T'Pol: Their flight path is somewhat erratic.
[on Tucker's and Mayweather's first piloting attempt with the Xindi shuttle]

Sub-Commander T'Pol: [referring to Daniels] He said you're the only one who can end the conflict with the Xindi. You can't do that if you're dead.
Captain Jonathan Archer: That's if you accept Daniels' version of the future.
Sub-Commander T'Pol: He's in a position to know.
Captain Jonathan Archer: I thought you were the skeptical one when it came to time travel.
Sub-Commander T'Pol: Our recent visit to Detroit has tempered my skepticism.

Sub-Commander T'Pol: Dismissed.
Commander Charles 'Trip' Tucker III: Dismissed?
Sub-Commander T'Pol: Get out.

Sub-Commander T'Pol: I don't want you to die! - It's not necessary.
Captain Jonathan Archer: I wish that were true.

"Star Trek: Enterprise: The Forge (#4.7)" (2004)
[Archer and T'Pol are overlooking the desert]
Commander T'Pol: This site is called Gateway, where Surak supposedly began his journey into the Forge.
Captain Jonathan Archer: You keep saying 'supposedly'. You don't believe Surak did the things they said he did?
Commander T'Pol: He brought logic to Vulcan, in an age we call the Time of Awakening. But his writings from that period no longer exist.
Captain Jonathan Archer: There must be some record of it.
Commander T'Pol: Over the centuries, his followers made copies of his teachings.
Captain Jonathan Archer: Let me guess: with the originals lost, whatever's left is open to interpretation.
Commander T'Pol: You find this amusing?
Captain Jonathan Archer: I find it familiar.

Arev, aka Syrran: [referring to T'Pol's amulet] Did your mother tell you the story?
Commander T'Pol: Of the IDIC?
Arev, aka Syrran: "Infinite Diversity in Infinite Combination" - words that are a mere shadow of its true meaning. Surak tells us that the story of the IDIC has no end. But it begins here, at Mount Seleya.

[Archer and T'Pol have found cover from a sehlat up a rocky slope]
Commander T'Pol: They're very persistent creatures. When I was a child, I had one as a pet.
Captain Jonathan Archer: You had one of those?
Commander T'Pol: Domesticated. They're smaller - slightly.
Captain Jonathan Archer: How slightly?
Commander T'Pol: You have Porthos.
Captain Jonathan Archer: Porthos doesn't try and eat me when I'm late with his dinner.
Commander T'Pol: Vulcan children are never late with their sehlats' dinner.
Captain Jonathan Archer: I can believe that.

[last lines]
Captain Jonathan Archer: Don't resist.
Commander T'Pol: What do you mean?
[out of nowhere, Syrrannites appear and apprehend them... ]

"Star Trek: Enterprise: Two Days and Two Nights (#1.25)" (2002)
[Phlox is about to go into hibernation]
Sub-Commander T'Pol: And if someone should require medical attention during your hibernation?
Dr. Phlox: Crewman Cutler is a capable medic.
Crewman Elizabeth Cutler: Yeah, I know where the bandages are.

[T'Pol and Cutler have gone to wake Phlox from hibernation]
Crewman Elizabeth Cutler: [whispering] I'm not so sure this is a good idea.
Sub-Commander T'Pol: There's no need to whisper. He's in a state of deep hibernation.
Crewman Elizabeth Cutler: Yeah, that's what I'm worried about.
[Culter gives Phlox a hypospray, but there is no response]
Sub-Commander T'Pol: Did you use the correct dosage?
Dr. Phlox: [wakes up, shouting] Do'sani! Do'sani, yo-to aruda!
[collapses again]
Crewman Elizabeth Cutler: Phlox?
Dr. Phlox: [groans] I don't care what it tastes like.
Sub-Commander T'Pol: Wake up, Doctor.
Dr. Phlox: Sub-Commander. Has it been forty-eight hours?
Sub-Commander T'Pol: No.
Dr. Phlox: Then why did you wake me?
Sub-Commander T'Pol: There's a medical emergency.
Dr. Phlox: Emergency? Then call the doctor.
Sub-Commander T'Pol: *You're* the doctor.
Dr. Phlox: Of course. Who's sick?
Sub-Commander T'Pol: Ensign Mayweather.
Dr. Phlox: Who?
Sub-Commander T'Pol: Ensign Mayweather, our helmsman.
Dr. Phlox: I know who he is!
[looks under his sheets]
Dr. Phlox: Where is he?
Sub-Commander T'Pol: He's in Sickbay.
Dr. Phlox: We're not in Sickbay?
Sub-Commander T'Pol: We're in your quarters.
Dr. Phlox: Well, then... to Sickbay!
[gets out of bed and falls on the floor]
Dr. Phlox: I could use some assistance, please.

Ensign Travis Mayweather: Have you ever been to an alien hospital?
Sub-Commander T'Pol: Yes. In San Francisco.

[Phlox is examining Mayweather]
Dr. Phlox: It's definitely being caused by an antigenic compound in his system. We'll need Regulan blood worms.
Ensign Travis Mayweather: What?
Dr. Phlox: They're excellent at filtering toxins.
Crewman Elizabeth Cutler: Uh... which container are they in?
Dr. Phlox: No, fresh ones would be better!
Dr. Phlox: [activates com panel] Set a course for Regulus, maximum warp!
Sub-Commander T'Pol: Doctor, I think this was a mistake. You should return to your quarters.
Dr. Phlox: I appreciate the offer, but it would be best to keep our relationship professional.

"Star Trek: Enterprise: Silent Enemy (#1.12)" (2002)
[an alien vessel has approached Enterprise but moved off again without making contact]
Sub-Commander T'Pol: I wouldn't take offense. Not every species has motives that can be understood in Human terms.
Ensign Travis Mayweather: Maybe they checked us out and decided we weren't very interesting.
Lieutenant Malcolm Reed: Us? Not interesting?

Captain Jonathan Archer: [before testing their phase cannons on a moon crater] You're sure there's nothing down there?
Sub-Commander T'Pol: Yes, Captain.
Captain Jonathan Archer: Not even a microbe? I don't want to blow up something that could evolve into a sentient species in a couple of billion years.

Sub-Commander T'Pol: Warp drive is offline.
[all lights go out]
Sub-Commander T'Pol: Main power is down.
Captain Jonathan Archer: Torpedoes!
Sub-Commander T'Pol: Tactical systems are down.
Captain Jonathan Archer: Why don't you save time and tell me what *isn't* down?

"Star Trek: Enterprise: The Xindi (#3.1)" (2003)
Sub-Commander T'Pol: 'Delicate' is not a word I associate with Mr. Tucker.

Sub-Commander T'Pol: The Doctor injected you with a placebo. He sent you here because he wanted me to persuade you to try Vulcan neuropressure. As I predicted, it was a pointless exercise.
Commander Charles 'Trip' Tucker III: Why didn't he just ask me?
Sub-Commander T'Pol: He did. You refused.
Commander Charles 'Trip' Tucker III: Oh, so this... whole thing was just a setup?
Sub-Commander T'Pol: The Doctor knows how intransigent you can be.
Commander Charles 'Trip' Tucker III: Intransigent?
Sub-Commander T'Pol: Unwilling to compromise.
Commander Charles 'Trip' Tucker III: I know what it means. But it just so happens, it's not true. I'm as willing to compromise as anyone else.
Sub-Commander T'Pol: Then take off your shirt.

[Tucker is administering neuropressure to T'Pol]
Sub-Commander T'Pol: Little closer together... Harder... Harder...
Commander Charles 'Trip' Tucker III: If I push any harder I'll knock you over.

"Star Trek: Enterprise: Civilization (#1.9)" (2001)
Captain Jonathan Archer: A farm?
Sub-Commander T'Pol: It's remote and sparsely populated. If you're exposed, there's a reduced risk of cultural contamination.
Captain Jonathan Archer: This must be why aliens are always landing in cornfields.

Sub-Commander T'Pol: The longer you remain, the more you risk cultural contamination.
Captain Jonathan Archer: These people are suffering from something a lot worse than cultural contamination. We've got to find out what it is.

Captain Jonathan Archer: Let's try not to shoot anyone else while we're here, okay?
Sub-Commander T'Pol: I'll try.
[after T'Pol has stunned Riann]

"Star Trek: Enterprise: Desert Crossing (#1.24)" (2002)
[Sato is questioning the wisdom of the Vulcans' choice of location when making first contact with the Humans]
Ensign Hoshi Sato: An alien species makes contact with the United States. It could have made a lot of other countries nervous.
Sub-Commander T'Pol: What's your point?
Ensign Hoshi Sato: It seems to me that we're gonna run into similar problems: we get invited to dinner, and before you know it, we're accused of taking sides in a war.
Sub-Commander T'Pol: Contacting new worlds always involves unexpected risks. The High Command has very specific protocols regarding planetary conflicts. Eventually, Captain Archer will have to... create some directives of his own.

[Zobral is refusing to help find Archer and Tucker in the desert]
Lieutenant Malcolm Reed: You're the one who got our people stranded down there.
Zobral: They are not *my* responsibility!
Sub-Commander T'Pol: You're mistaken. The Torothans believe we've joined your cause. If Captain Archer and Commander Tucker are apprehended, they'll undoubtedly be treated as members of your clan. They'll become victims of the same oppression you've been fighting all these years. You should feel as responsible for those two men as you do for your own.

[last lines]
Sub-Commander T'Pol: [referring to Zobral] What you told him was correct. Decisions to get involved in conflicts of other worlds should be left to governments, not starship captains.
Captain Jonathan Archer: I know. The irony is, I have the feeling his cause is worth fighting for.

"Star Trek: Enterprise: Terra Nova (#1.6)" (2001)
Sub-Commander T'Pol: "Terra Nova"?
Captain Jonathan Archer: I'm surprised you've never heard of it.
Sub-Commander T'Pol: I'm not familiar with the early years of Human space exploration.
Commander Charles 'Trip' Tucker III: Really? Every school kid on Earth had to learn about the famous Vulcan expeditions.
Sub-Commander T'Pol: Name one.
Commander Charles 'Trip' Tucker III: [after a period of unsuccessful thinking] History was never my best subject.

[Archer tells T'Pol that no one has heard from the Terra Nova colony in over 70 years]
Sub-Commander T'Pol: My experience with Humans is limited. But I've come to learn that they're quite resourceful. Terra Nova may still be there, Captain.

[Archer wants to persuade the Novan colonists to return to Earth]
Sub-Commander T'Pol: Are you certain it is the right thing?
Captain Jonathan Archer: What're you talking about?
Sub-Commander T'Pol: When you get them back to Earth, what will you do? Send them to school, teach them to read and write? Wear Human clothing, eat Human food? Teach them to live on the surface? Enjoy the sunshine?
Captain Jonathan Archer: You're damn straight. They're Human beings. It's their birthright. It might take a little while, but they'll adapt. It's a hell of a lot better than dying down in those tunnels.
Sub-Commander T'Pol: They've lived in those tunnels for three generations. You can't just pluck them up and bring them to a strange world and hope they'll learn to conform. You'd be destroying their identity, destroying the Novan culture.

"Star Trek: Enterprise: The Expanse (#2.26)" (2003)
Sub-Commander T'Pol: Are you confident with your decision, Doctor?
Dr. Phlox: What decision would that be?
Sub-Commander T'Pol: To remain on Enterprise. Crewman Fuller just told me a shuttle's on its way with 200 snow beetles.
Dr. Phlox: They could be for my replacement.
Sub-Commander T'Pol: There isn't a doctor in Starfleet that would have the slightest idea what to do with them.

Sub-Commander T'Pol: I've decided to resign my commission.
Capt. Jonathan Archer: Why? You've worked so hard, T'Pol.
Sub-Commander T'Pol: You're taking Enterprise into a very dangerous place. This is no time for me to leave.

Capt. Jonathan Archer: Sure you still want to tag along?
Sub-Commander T'Pol: It's only logical.

"Star Trek: Enterprise: Vox Sola (#1.22)" (2002)
Ensign Hoshi Sato: [analyzing the alien's communication pattern] Our translation matrix isn't designed for this. Look at it: it's more like a calculus equation than a language.
Sub-Commander T'Pol: Mathematics is sometimes considered a form of language.

Ensign Hoshi Sato: All I see is numbers, codes...
Sub-Commander T'Pol: Any code can be broken.

Ensign Hoshi Sato: You don't think I belong on Enterprise, do you?
Sub-Commander T'Pol: On the contrary. It would be a great loss to Starfleet if you were not a part of this crew. If you feel I've been unfair to you, I apologize. But I hold you to a high standard, Ensign, because I know you're capable of achieving it.

"Star Trek: Enterprise: Kir'Shara (#4.9)" (2004)
Commander T'Pol: Captain!
Captain Jonathan Archer: You think I've lost my mind?
Commander T'Pol: I'm not certain your mind is the one making these decisions.

Captain Jonathan Archer: [referring to the Syrrannites] I would have thought you'd be more sympathetic to their cause. You never seemed too happy with the status quo around here.
Commander T'Pol: I may have had disagreements with the High Command. But that doesn't mean I'm going to join a radical faction.
Captain Jonathan Archer: You signed up with Starfleet. A lot of Vulcans I have met consider *us* a radical faction.

Talok: Where are they taking the Kir'Shara?
Commander T'Pol: Mount Seleya.
Talok: Why?
Commander T'Pol: Because the artifact contains Surak's original writings. Only the priests on Seleya can translate them.
Talok: If you are deceiving me...
Commander T'Pol: I am a Syrrannite. We don't lie.

"Star Trek: Enterprise: Awakening (#4.8)" (2004)
Commander T'Pol: Syrran melded with you before he died. What you're experiencing is the residue of his thoughts.
Captain Jonathan Archer: So I'm suffering from... a mind meld hangover?

Captain Jonathan Archer: At least we know your mother's okay.
Commander T'Pol: She's joined a violent cult. She's not okay.

Commander T'Pol: When you gave me that map, you knew I'd try to find you.
T'Les: I thought that if you could see what we were trying to accomplish...
Commander T'Pol: That I'd understand? That I'd join you?
T'Les: I held out that hope, yes. It's possible I was being foolish.
Commander T'Pol: Extremely.

"Star Trek: Enterprise: Borderland (#4.4)" (2004)
[in Archer's ready room]
Capt. Jonathan Archer: One other thing.
[Archer takes a small antique, wooden box from his desk]
Capt. Jonathan Archer: It's your first official day of duty, Commander T'Pol.
[he presents the box to her]
Capt. Jonathan Archer: A present.
[T'Pol opens the box]
Capt. Jonathan Archer: It's from the early 20th century.
[she takes out an antique compass and examines it]
Capt. Jonathan Archer: Should help keep you pointed in the right direction. I'm glad you're with us.
Commander T'Pol: [moved] Thank you, Captain.

Capt. Jonathan Archer: This is my Science Officer, T'Pol.
Dr. Arik Soong: No need for an introduction.
Dr. Arik Soong: [to T'Pol] I admire your people very much. We share a similar view of Humanity.
Commander T'Pol: What view is that?
Dr. Arik Soong: That it could stand some improvement.
Commander T'Pol: I believe that's true of most species, if not all.

Commander T'Pol: I'm not for sale!
[after kicking the Orion slaver in the crotch]

"Star Trek: Enterprise: Countdown (#3.23)" (2004)
Sub-Commander T'Pol: The Captain told the Aquatics we could disable these spheres.
Commander Charles 'Trip' Tucker III: And I'm trying not to make a liar out of him.
Sub-Commander T'Pol: Really?
Commander Charles 'Trip' Tucker III: What do you mean by that?
Sub-Commander T'Pol: You've dismissed all of my proposals.
Commander Charles 'Trip' Tucker III: When you come up with one that doesn't involve blowin' ourselves up, I'll be a little more enthusiastic.

[T'Pol and Tucker are analyzing the data from the sphere]
Sub-Commander T'Pol: This could be a command subroutine.
Commander Charles 'Trip' Tucker III: And it could be a letter to Santa Claus.

[last lines]
Captain Jonathan Archer: [referring to Tucker] I expect you to keep him in line.
Sub-Commander T'Pol: I'll do my best.

"Star Trek: Enterprise: Harbinger (#3.15)" (2004)
Sub-Commander T'Pol: I've noticed that you and Corporal Cole have become somewhat friendly.
Commander Charles 'Trip' Tucker III: Friendly?
Sub-Commander T'Pol: Last week, you were eating together in the mess hall, and in the training session yesterday, she touched your behind.
Commander Charles 'Trip' Tucker III: [chuckles, embarrassed] You've been keeping a pretty close eye on us.
Sub-Commander T'Pol: You're hard to miss.

[Tucker and T'Pol in another neuro-pressure session]
Commander Charles 'Trip' Tucker III: You aren't saying much tonight. Don't tell me you're still upset about me and Amanda.
Sub-Commander T'Pol: No, I'm not upset.
Commander Charles 'Trip' Tucker III: Sure sounds like it.
Sub-Commander T'Pol: You're mistaken.
Commander Charles 'Trip' Tucker III: Why would a few neuro-pressure sessions between me and a MACO be such a big deal? Unless...
Sub-Commander T'Pol: Unless what?
Commander Charles 'Trip' Tucker III: Unless you're... a little jealous.
Sub-Commander T'Pol: I don't experience jealousy.
Commander Charles 'Trip' Tucker III: You're doing a pretty fair imitation of it.
Sub-Commander T'Pol: I am not, in any way, jealous of you and Corporal Cole.
Commander Charles 'Trip' Tucker III: You know, your voice is tensing up. It's a dead giveaway.
Sub-Commander T'Pol: I didn't know you were an expert in vocal inflections.
Commander Charles 'Trip' Tucker III: I don't need to be an expert to read you. Come on, admit it. You're a little jealous.
Sub-Commander T'Pol: You're implying that I'm attracted to you?
Commander Charles 'Trip' Tucker III: That kinda goes along with the assumption, doesn't it?

Sub-Commander T'Pol: [about Tucker's clone Sim] He said he had feelings for me.
Commander Charles 'Trip' Tucker III: He told you that?
Sub-Commander T'Pol: Standing right there.
Commander Charles 'Trip' Tucker III: What the hell was he doing in your room?
Sub-Commander T'Pol: Your voice is tensing up.
Commander Charles 'Trip' Tucker III: Oh, now you're the vocal expert?
Sub-Commander T'Pol: I don't need to be an expert to read you.
Commander Charles 'Trip' Tucker III: I can't believe this. I'm... I'm jealous... of-of myself?
Sub-Commander T'Pol: You're jealous?
Commander Charles 'Trip' Tucker III: No, absolutely not. - Ok, maybe. Maybe I am - a little.
Sub-Commander T'Pol: Which would mean you're attracted to me.
[Tucker looks at her quizzically]
Sub-Commander T'Pol: It goes with the assumption.

"Star Trek: Enterprise: Impulse (#3.5)" (2003)
[Tucker and Phlox are discussing the possible identity of the murderer in a movie]
Sub-Commander T'Pol: Perhaps we should watch and find out.
Commander Charles 'Trip' Tucker III: Part of the fun of a mystery is trying to solve it before it ends, using logic. You of all people should appreciate that.
Sub-Commander T'Pol: Then use logic more quietly.

Sub-Commander T'Pol: [to Archer] You can't allow your concern for a single crewman to affect your mission. This Expanse destroyed everyone aboard the Seleya. Don't let it happen to Enterprise.

"Star Trek: Enterprise: Fight or Flight (#1.3)" (2001)
[T'Pol has detected a vessel drifting in space]
Commander Charles 'Trip' Tucker III: Maybe we should go have a look.
Sub-Commander T'Pol: If you insist on allowing your curiosity to dictate your actions.
Captain Jonathan Archer: We insist.

[Archer has criticized T'Pol's advice to leave the dead aliens behind]
Sub-Commander T'Pol: We have a code of behavior. And we try to obey it.
Captain Jonathan Archer: You may not believe this, but... Humans have a code of behavior too. It took a few thousand years, but... I think we're starting to get it right. Can't believe I almost ignored it.

"Star Trek: Enterprise: Cogenitor (#2.22)" (2003)
[Archer is preparing for an exploration trip with the Vissian captain]
Captain Jonathan Archer: These people are fascinating, T'Pol, they have a lot to offer us... This could be the beginning of a beautiful relationship! - Which reminds me... They've asked us for a sampling of films. I put together a few suggestions.
Sub-Commander T'Pol: I'll see to it.
Captain Jonathan Archer: [ready to go] You're in charge!
Sub-Commander T'Pol: Of the ship or the movies?

Commander Charles 'Trip' Tucker III: This cogenitor is treated like one of Phlox's leeches. You pull it out of its tank when you need it, then you... throw it back in.
Sub-Commander T'Pol: Tri-gender reproduction is not uncommon.
Commander Charles 'Trip' Tucker III: That's not what I'm talking about. This is a question of... Human rights.
Sub-Commander T'Pol: They're not Human.

"Star Trek: Enterprise: Acquisition (#1.19)" (2002)
Sub-Commander T'Pol: There are times I wish Vulcans hadn't learned to repress their violent tendencies.

Sub-Commander T'Pol: "Not that interesting"? "No sense of humor"? "Always complaining"?
Captain Jonathan Archer: ...I'll make it up to you.
Sub-Commander T'Pol: How?
Captain Jonathan Archer: Five bars of gold?

"Star Trek: Enterprise: The Aenar (#4.14)" (2005)
Commander Charles 'Trip' Tucker III: You know, when I was on that ship with Malcolm... I was convinced I was gonna die. You ever been there?
Commander T'Pol: Since Enterprise was launched, we've all been near death, on more than one occasion.
Commander Charles 'Trip' Tucker III: I'm not talking close scrapes. I mean... when you're in a bad situation and... you know this is it, there's no way out. And... you have time to think about it.
Commander T'Pol: In the Expanse, when we were attempting to destroy Sphere 41, I didn't believe we'd survive.
Commander Charles 'Trip' Tucker III: What went through your mind?
Commander T'Pol: Whether or not to transfer auxiliary power to the deflector array. Why do you ask?

Commander Charles 'Trip' Tucker III: [referring to the telepresence unit] I want to be the first one to try it out.
Commander T'Pol: You're not telepathic. It wouldn't be a true measure of the unit's effectiveness.
Commander Charles 'Trip' Tucker III: Well, at least we'll find out if it causes brain damage.

"Star Trek: Enterprise: Carbon Creek (#2.2)" (2002)
Sub-Commander T'Pol: You'd like me to tell you a story?

Commander Charles 'Trip' Tucker III: [after the story] Do you realize you've just rewritten our history books?
Sub-Commander T'Pol: A footnote at best.
Commander Charles 'Trip' Tucker III: Footnote? This is like finding out Neil Armstrong wasn't the first man to walk on the moon!
Sub-Commander T'Pol: Perhaps he wasn't.
[Tucker groans]

"Star Trek: Enterprise: United (#4.13)" (2005)
Captain Jonathan Archer: Did you get through to your people?
Commander T'Pol: Minister T'Pau is dispatching 23 vessels.
Captain Jonathan Archer: That's all?
Commander T'Pol: The High Command has been disbanded. Many of our ships no longer have full crew complements.
Captain Jonathan Archer: T'Pau could have picked a better time to clean house!

Commander T'Pol: Vulcans have a saying: "One man can summon the future." What happens if that man throws away his life before his time?
Captain Jonathan Archer: If I have learned anything these past few years on Enterprise, it's that... the future isn't fixed.
Commander T'Pol: If anything happens to you...
Captain Jonathan Archer: Then I'd better make sure that nothing does.

"Star Trek: Enterprise: The Forgotten (#3.20)" (2004)
Sub-Commander T'Pol: You might find this useful - portable power cells.
Commander Charles 'Trip' Tucker III: Courtesy of our new Xindi friends? Damned neighborly of 'em.

[Tucker is crying over his dead sister]
Commander Charles 'Trip' Tucker III: I-I envy you Vulcans.
Sub-Commander T'Pol: Do you think that the loss of a colleague... or a friend doesn't affect us? It does. But if we give in to those emotions... they overwhelm us. You're the ones to be envied.

"Star Trek: Enterprise: Chosen Realm (#3.12)" (2004)
Sub-Commander T'Pol: We've determined that there are 59 spheres in the Expanse.
Pri'Nam D'Jamat: I think your estimates are a bit low.
Sub-Commander T'Pol: That's doubtful.
Pri'Nam D'Jamat: With the Makers there is no doubt.
Sub-Commander T'Pol: Doubt is the basis of all scientific progress.
Pri'Nam D'Jamat: Scientific progress has led many people to stray.

Pri'Nam D'Jamat: The Maker's breath - it reshapes reality, allows ordinary men a glimpse of the divine.
Sub-Commander T'Pol: That "breath" nearly destroyed your ship.

"Star Trek: Enterprise: Demons (#4.20)" (2005)
Commander T'Pol: You've set a formidable goal. The drafting of a charter in six weeks?
Nathan Samuels: I've always believed that formidable goals produce formidable results.

Commander T'Pol: Trip, the moment Phlox said that the child was ours, I knew it was true.
Commander Charles 'Trip' Tucker III: But you said you'd never been...
Commander T'Pol: I haven't.
Commander Charles 'Trip' Tucker III: Then what are you saying?
Commander T'Pol: I can't explain how it exits, but I know it does. There's a child out there, and it's ours.
Commander Charles 'Trip' Tucker III: How do you know that?
Commander T'Pol: I'm Vulcan.

"Star Trek: Enterprise: Storm Front: Part 1 (#4.1)" (2004)
Sub-Commander T'Pol: We should run a complete diagnostic. Start with the sensor array.
Commander Charles 'Trip' Tucker III: This isn't a damn sensor glitch! We just pulled three .50 caliber bullets from the shuttlepod hull. And spare us the official Vulcan position about time travel. We are 200 years in the past. Face it!

Commander Charles 'Trip' Tucker III: I was just... all set to get home. I wasn't expecting to be in the middle of another 'situation'.
Sub-Commander T'Pol: None of us were. I was also looking forward to going home. I thought perhaps I would return to Vulcan. It's been some time since I was there.
Commander Charles 'Trip' Tucker III: Sounds nice. I was gonna lay on a different beach every week for two months. The only thing to figure out was whether to start in Tahiti or in Cancun.

"Star Trek: Enterprise: Shadows of P'Jem (#1.15)" (2002)
Dr. Phlox: You realize you are not the first Vulcan officer to be posted aboard a Human starship? The High Command has tried this before, but none of the others lasted more than a... few weeks. They found their crew mates too chaotic and unpredictable. But you've been here more than six months, and you haven't merely tolerated this crew, you've become part of it. Isn't it logical to take pride in that accomplishment?
Sub-Commander T'Pol: Pride is a Human indulgence.
Dr. Phlox: I suppose it is.

[last lines]
[after being shot, T'Pol has been advised to stay in sickbay for another 24 hours]
Captain Jonathan Archer: You made... quite an impression on Sopek. I've... got a feeling he's going to talk to the High Command about that transfer order. I'd say the odds are pretty good you're gonna be with us for a while longer.
Sub-Commander T'Pol: You should have consulted me first.
Captain Jonathan Archer: It's probably not too late, if you want to catch up to him.
Sub-Commander T'Pol: [after some consideration] That won't be possible. Leaving sickbay would violate my doctor's orders.

"Star Trek: Enterprise: Affliction (#4.15)" (2005)
Commander T'Pol: Are you leaving because of me?
Commander Charles 'Trip' Tucker III: Well, Starfleet's approved the transfer.
Commander T'Pol: You didn't answer my question.
Commander Charles 'Trip' Tucker III: [sighs] This may come as a shock; but not everything in my life revolves around you.

[in a barren, white environment]
Commander T'Pol: Why are you here?
Commander Charles 'Trip' Tucker III: I was about to ask you the same thing. Is this a daydream?
Commander T'Pol: I'm meditating. This is where I go in my mind.
Commander Charles 'Trip' Tucker III: Well... I would have thought you'd pick a more interesting place. Like the beach, or... or one of those Fire Plains you showed me.
Commander T'Pol: Please leave.
Commander Charles 'Trip' Tucker III: Exactly where am I supposed to go?
Commander T'Pol: Away.
Commander Charles 'Trip' Tucker III: This is *my* daydream. *You* go away!

"Star Trek: Enterprise: Rogue Planet (#1.18)" (2002)
Capt. Jonathan Archer: Do Vulcan captains have their portraits hanging at the High Command?
Sub-Commander T'Pol: Vulcans are revered for their accomplishments, not for the way they look.
Cmdr. Charles 'Trip' Tucker III: Except for the really important ones, who get mummified.

[Archer intends to search for the mysterious woman on his own]
Sub-Commander T'Pol: With respect, Captain, I wonder if you would be so determined to find this apparition if it were a scantily-clad man.

"Star Trek: Enterprise: Marauders (#2.6)" (2002)
Lieutenant Malcolm Reed: This battle won't be won with firepower. Deception and surprise can be just as potent as brute force.
Sub-Commander T'Pol: Klingons are aggressive warriors. But their tactics are crude. They're slow to adapt to changing circumstances.

[T'Pol is demonstrating Vulcan self-defense tactics, using Travis as sparring partner]
Sub-Commander T'Pol: [to Travis] Try to strike me.
[Travis hesitates]
Sub-Commander T'Pol: You won't hurt me.
Ensign Travis Mayweather: It's not you that I'm worried about.

"Star Trek: Enterprise: Sleeping Dogs (#1.14)" (2002)
[Sato is examining some Klingon dishes]
Sub-Commander T'Pol: It's called 'gagh'. It's a Klingon delicacy. But only when they're alive.
Ensign Hoshi Sato: They look like worms.
Sub-Commander T'Pol: They *are* worms.

[last lines]
Ensign Hoshi Sato: Do you smell that?
Sub-Commander T'Pol: I don't smell anything.
Ensign Hoshi Sato: Exactly.

"Star Trek: Enterprise: Shuttlepod One (#1.16)" (2002)
Lt. Reed: If the truth be known, I've... never much cared for the name 'Malcolm'. Always seemed a bit too... stuffy.
Sub-Commander T'Pol: I think it's a lovely name. Mal-kom is the Vulcan word for 'serenity'.
Lt. Reed: Well then - perhaps I won't change it. Pity, though; I was rather growing fond of the name... 'Stinky'.

Sub-Commander T'Pol: Astrometrics detected what could be micro-singularities in the vicinity of the asteroid field.
Captain Jonathan Archer: Micro-singularities are a Vulcan myth. There's no scientific evidence that they exist.
Sub-Commander T'Pol: Our deflectors registered some unusual charged particles at the same time the Tesnian ship began to malfunction.
Captain Jonathan Archer: Any similar damage on Enterprise?
Sub-Commander T'Pol: No. But our hull plating was polarized.
Captain Jonathan Archer: M-hm. Micro-singularities... If the Vulcans had their way, they'd blame them for the common cold.

"Star Trek: Enterprise: Dear Doctor (#1.13)" (2002)
Esaak: [to Archer and T'Pol] You two are not from the same planet?
Sub-Commander T'Pol: No. We may look alike, but the similarity ends there.

[Archer realizes that the Valakians don't have the expertise to develop a warp engine on their own]
Captain Jonathan Archer: We could... stay and help them.
Sub-Commander T'Pol: The Vulcans stayed to help Earth ninety years ago. We're still there.
Captain Jonathan Archer: I never thought I'd say this, but... I'm beginning to understand how the Vulcans must have felt.

"Star Trek: Enterprise: Home (#4.3)" (2004)
[T'Pol has decided to marry Koss]
Sub-Commander T'Pol: I'm sorry.
Cmdr. Charles 'Trip' Tucker III: You're sorry? You brought me sixteen light years just to watch you get married to someone you barely know.

Cmdr. Charles 'Trip' Tucker III: So, this is where you grew up. It's not like I imagined.
Sub-Commander T'Pol: Meaning?
Cmdr. Charles 'Trip' Tucker III: Well, it... it's beautiful.
Sub-Commander T'Pol: Vulcans appreciate beauty.
Cmdr. Charles 'Trip' Tucker III: Well, I had no doubt about that. You always were a snazzy dresser.

"Star Trek: Enterprise: Singularity (#2.9)" (2002)
[first lines]
Sub-Commander T'Pol: Science Officer's log, August 14th, 2152 - Enterprise remains on course for the trinary system. I've transmitted a distress call, but the nearest Vulcan ship is more than nine days away. By the time they arrive, they may only find debris, if that. Even if Enterprise makes it past the black hole without being destroyed, it seems likely the crew won't survive.

[Tucker deposits the sensor interface T'Pol has requested for her research, and turns to leave]
Sub-Commander T'Pol: I'll need your assistance with this.
Commander Charles 'Trip' Tucker III: Weren't you listening to me? I don't have time to cater to your whims. You want to get your name immortalized in the Vulcan database? Get someone else to help you do it.

"Star Trek: Enterprise: Daedalus (#4.10)" (2005)
Commander T'Pol: Kir'Shara is having an enormous impact.
Dr. Phlox: It's clearly had an impact on you. You, er... seem more certain of yourself.
Commander T'Pol: I've never felt less certain.
Dr. Phlox: Erm... You're reexamining your core beliefs. Something most people never do.

Commander T'Pol: I'm learning, it seems, for the first time, what it truly means to be Vulcan.

"Star Trek: Enterprise: Dawn (#2.13)" (2003)
Sub-Commander T'Pol: You managed to establish better relations in a single day than the Vulcans have in a century.
Captain Jonathan Archer: Let's hope it stays that way.

Sub-Commander T'Pol: It's a thermo-kinetic analysis of the moons. Each of them undergoes extreme temperature variations during their orbits.
Captain Jonathan Archer: Go on.
Sub-Commander T'Pol: At night, it can drop to five or even ten degrees below zero.
Captain Jonathan Archer: That doesn't sound so bad.
Sub-Commander T'Pol: During the day, the temperature can rise to as high as 170 degrees.
Captain Jonathan Archer: We better hope that Trip landed on the night side.
Sub-Commander T'Pol: And that we find him before the sun rises.

"Star Trek: Enterprise: Minefield (#2.3)" (2002)
Ensign Hoshi Sato: [translating the aliens' message] They say they've annexed this planet in the name of something called... the 'Romalan Star Empire'?
Sub-Commander T'Pol: Romulan. It's pronounced 'Romulan'.

Captain Jonathan Archer: Romulans? I read about them when I was with Daniels.
Commander Charles 'Trip' Tucker III: What'd you find out?
Captain Jonathan Archer: Not much, just the name. He-he wouldn't let me see anything else. T'Pol?
Sub-Commander T'Pol: They're rumored to be an aggressive territorial species; but the Vulcan High Command has never made direct contact with them.

"Star Trek: Enterprise: Fortunate Son (#1.10)" (2001)
Sub-Commander T'Pol: The Earth cargo ship: "Fortunate". Y-class freighter. Maximum speed warp 1.8. Crew complement 23.
Ensign Travis Mayweather: Not counting newborn babies.
Captain Jonathan Archer: Ensign?
Ensign Travis Mayweather: I grew up on a J-class. A little smaller, but the same basic design. And one thing I can tell you is that at warp 1.8, you got a lotta time on your hands between ports. That's how my parents wound up with me.
Sub-Commander T'Pol: Do you have any helpful information on this vessel beyond its... recreational activities?

"Star Trek: Enterprise: Babel One (#4.12)" (2005)
Cmdr. Charles 'Trip' Tucker III: [after a conversation with a few Tellarites] You know, I like these people more 'n I thought I would. They don't hold anything back. It's refreshing. Speaking your mind for a change.
Captain Jonathan Archer: You don't feel free to speak your mind with the rest of us?
Cmdr. Charles 'Trip' Tucker III: Now, you know what I mean.
Captain Jonathan Archer: [surly] No. Maybe you'd like to explain it to me.
[Tucker gives T'Pol a baffled look]
Captain Jonathan Archer: [gruffly] Why don't you change your uniform before you stink up the place?
Cmdr. Charles 'Trip' Tucker III: [bewildered, then realizing] Ah, practicing your Tellarite. Y'know, I get it.
[Archer gives him a stern look. Tucker looks unsure, then walks out]
Captain Jonathan Archer: [smiles] When in Rome...
Commander T'Pol: I beg your pardon?
Captain Jonathan Archer: Forget it.

"Star Trek: Enterprise: Detained (#1.21)" (2002)
[Archer and Mayweather are being detained by the Tandarans and awaiting their hearing]
Sub-Commander T'Pol: If you'd like, I'll contact the Vulcan High Command. They might be willing to send an arbitrator.
Commander Charles 'Trip' Tucker III: A Vulcan lawyer? They'd be better off gettin' the electric chair.
Sub-Commander T'Pol: Electric chair?
Commander Charles 'Trip' Tucker III: Never mind.

"Star Trek: Enterprise: The Communicator (#2.8)" (2002)
Sub-Commander T'Pol: You don't have to leave technology behind to contaminate a culture.
[Archer hands her a PADD, upon which she prepares to leave]
Sub-Commander T'Pol: You were willing to sacrifice your life to protect them. I would not have expected that.

"Star Trek: Enterprise: Judgment (#2.19)" (2003)
Sub-Commander T'Pol: [of the fugitives] Where do you plan to take them?
Captain Jonathan Archer: They were headed for a system a few light years from here. That should keep them save from the Klingons.
Sub-Commander T'Pol: Empires tend to expand. They may eventually discover they haven't traveled far enough.

"Star Trek: Enterprise: Cold Front (#1.11)" (2001)
[T'Pol has doubts about Daniels being a time traveler]
Commander Charles 'Trip' Tucker III: I thought you scientists were supposed to keep an open mind.
Sub-Commander T'Pol: There's a difference between keeping an open mind and believing something because you want it to be true.
Commander Charles 'Trip' Tucker III: What the hell's that supposed to mean?

"Star Trek: Enterprise: Precious Cargo (#2.11)" (2002)
Sub-Commander T'Pol: [posing as judge and executioner] How much do you weigh?
Firek Plinn: What?
Sub-Commander T'Pol: Your weight.
Firek Plinn: 72 kilograms.
Sub-Commander T'Pol: Height?
Firek Plinn: 1.8 meters. Why are you asking these questions?
Sub-Commander T'Pol: Does your culture observe any post-mortem rituals?
Firek Plinn: This is not fair! I demand to speak with someone from my government!

"Star Trek: Enterprise: Observer Effect (#4.11)" (2005)
[the two aliens have been detected by Phlox]
Alien inhabiting Commander T'Pol: We come here only to study how physical species react to the unknown. You can help by telling us how you detected our presence. That happens in less than two percent of our missions.
Dr. Phlox: Commander Tucker and Ensign Sato were sedated. They shouldn't have been able to stand and talk.
Alien inhabiting Captain Archer: It's been so long since we had physical form. We weren't able to distinguish sleep from sedation.
Alien inhabiting Commander T'Pol: We'll remember next time.

"Star Trek: Enterprise: Rajiin (#3.4)" (2003)
Sub-Commander T'Pol: Some of our calculations may have been slightly off.
[after obliterating the lab in the attempt to synthesize trellium-D]

"Star Trek: Enterprise: Storm Front: Part 2 (#4.2)" (2004)
[last lines]
Sub-Commander T'Pol: I'm picking up vessels approaching. Dozens of them.
Capt. Jonathan Archer: Do they look friendly?

"Star Trek: Enterprise: Dead Stop (#2.4)" (2002)
Captain Jonathan Archer: They even fixed the squeak in the floor. Starting to wonder if we had a gremlin under the deck plating.
[T'Pol gives him a questioning look]
Captain Jonathan Archer: A mythical creature. British pilots used to blame them for problems they couldn't explain.
Sub-Commander T'Pol: Perhaps I should scan for one.

"Star Trek: Enterprise: Proving Ground (#3.13)" (2004)
Captain Jonathan Archer: [of the Andorians] They're here to help, T'Pol.
Sub-Commander T'Pol: That doesn't mean we shouldn't exercise caution.
Captain Jonathan Archer: I'm not gonna ask them to work with guns at their heads just because you don't like them.

"Star Trek: Enterprise: North Star (#3.9)" (2003)
[Tucker offers T'Pol his arm to help her climb on his horse]
Sub-Commander T'Pol: Do you have any experience riding these animals?
Commander Charles 'Trip' Tucker III: I've seen every John Ford western.
Sub-Commander T'Pol: Who?
Commander Charles 'Trip' Tucker III: Look, how hard can it be?

"Star Trek: Enterprise: Damage (#3.19)" (2004)
Sub-Commander T'Pol: There's an unidentified vessel approaching. They're asking for our assistance.
Captain Jonathan Archer: Any details?
Sub-Commander T'Pol: Just that they've taken heavy damage.
Commander Charles 'Trip' Tucker III: Join the club.

"Star Trek: Enterprise: Hatchery (#3.17)" (2004)
Captain Jonathan Archer: [after T'Pol has refused to follow an order] You may not be wearing a uniform. But you can still be charged with insubordination.
Sub-Commander T'Pol: Perhaps we should contact Starfleet and discuss this with Admiral Forrest.

"Star Trek: Enterprise: The Breach (#2.21)" (2003)
Dr. Phlox: When I was quite young, I wanted to take a... a trip to an arboreal planet, near our system. It was a park of sorts with a... great variety of exotic animal life. Some friends and I had planned the journey for months, but a... week before I was supposed to leave, one of my grandmothers took me aside and told me I couldn't go.
Sub-Commander T'Pol: Why not?
Dr. Phlox: She said the planet was tainted. Antarans had lived there once; even though they'd been gone for years, she believed the place had been spoiled by their presence.
Sub-Commander T'Pol: Did you go?
Dr. Phlox: No. But when I had children of my own, I took them there. I was determined not to raise them as I was raised.
Sub-Commander T'Pol: Your children were fortunate to have a father who taught them to embrace other cultures.
Dr. Phlox: [gloomily] I certainly tried...

"Star Trek: Enterprise: The Council (#3.22)" (2004)
[MACO Corporal Hawkins has died during a mission]
Lt. Reed: Maybe that's the problem! Maybe we're getting a bit too comfortable with losing people. 23 men and women! On any given mission, the limits of acceptable casualties is 20%. So says traditional military doctrine. Well, we've crossed that margin!
Subcommander T'Pol: There's a Vulcan axiom: "The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few." Corporal Hawkins understood that.
Lt. Reed: That doesn't make his death any more acceptable.
Subcommander T'Pol: No. But it makes it honorable.

"Star Trek: Enterprise: Divergence (#4.16)" (2005)
Commander T'Pol: How are you feeling?
Captain Jonathan Archer: Not too bad aside from some strange cravings. Plateful of live gagh sounds pretty good right now.
Dr. Phlox: The cravings should disappear in a day or so, along with your, er... ridges.
Commander Charles 'Trip' Tucker III: No, I'd keep 'em if I were you, Captain. It makes you look intimidating.

"Star Trek: Enterprise: The Crossing (#2.18)" (2003)
Alien in Reed's body: Sub-Commander.
Sub-Commander T'Pol: Is there something I can do for you?
Alien in Reed's body: You are very beautiful. Are you aware that you are the most attractive woman on board this ship?
Sub-Commander T'Pol: Do you think it's appropriate for you to be here at this hour?
Alien in Reed's body: Would you mind taking off your clothing? I'd like to learn more about your anatomy.
Sub-Commander T'Pol: Have you been drinking?
Alien in Reed's body: If we are to engage in mating, it would be easier if you disrobed.

"Star Trek: Enterprise: Similitude (#3.10)" (2003)
[Archer has approved Dr. Phlox' proposal to create a simbiot of Trip]
Sub-Commander T'Pol: Are you aware that the Lyssarrian Prime Conclave has banned the creation of simbiots?
Capt. Jonathan Archer: We don't answer to the Lyssarrian Prime Conclave.
Sub-Commander T'Pol: Simbiots are living, conscious entities. We'll be growing a sentient being for the sole purpose of harvesting tissue.
Capt. Jonathan Archer: I'm aware of the ethical implications. If we weren't in the Expanse, maybe my decision would be different, but... we've got to complete this mission. Earth needs Enterprise. Enterprise needs Trip. It's as simple as that.

"Star Trek: Enterprise: Broken Bow: Part 2 (#1.2)" (2001)
Captain Jonathan Archer: Ever since I can remember, I've seen... Vulcans as an obstacle. Always keeping us from standing on our own two feet.
Sub-Commander T'Pol: I understand.
Captain Jonathan Archer: No, I don't think you do. If I'm gonna pull this off, there're a few things I need to leave behind. Things like... preconceptions, holding grudges. This mission would've failed without your help.
Sub-Commander T'Pol: I won't dispute that.
Captain Jonathan Archer: I was thinking. A Vulcan science officer could come in handy. But if I asked you to stay, it might look like I wasn't ready to do this on my own.
Sub-Commander T'Pol: Perhaps you should add pride to your list.
Captain Jonathan Archer: Perhaps I should.
Sub-Commander T'Pol: It might be best if I were to contact my superiors and make the request myself. With your permission.
Captain Jonathan Archer: Permission granted.