Crewman Lon Suder
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Crewman Lon Suder (Character)
from "Star Trek: Voyager" (1995)

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"Star Trek: Voyager: Meld (#2.16)" (1996)
Crewman Lon Suder: A most logical use of violence, to punish the violent. We both know that I am prepared to die, but are you prepared to kill?

Crewman Lon Suder: Understand one thing, Tuvok: I can promise you, this will not silence your demons. If you can't control the violence, the violence controls you. Be prepared to yield your entire being to it, to sacrifice your place in civilized life. For you will no longer be a part of it, and there's no return.

Crewman Lon Suder: It's attractive, isn't it?
Lieutenant Tuvok: Attractive?
Crewman Lon Suder: Violence.
Lieutenant Tuvok: On the contrary. I find it disturbing.
Crewman Lon Suder: You're right, it is disturbing - never knowing when that impulse may come, or whether or not you can control it when it does. You live on the edge of every moment. And yet, in its own way, violence is attractive too. Maybe because it doesn't require logic. Perhaps that's why it is so liberating.

Lieutenant Tuvok: Do you know what a mind meld is?
Crewman Lon Suder: It's that... Vulcan thing where you grab someone's head.

Crewman Lon Suder: Guess I'm lucky. Federation doesn't execute people.

Crewman Lon Suder: Most Betazoids can sense other people's emotions. I can't even sense my own.

"Star Trek: Voyager: Basics: Part 1 (#2.26)" (1996)
[Crewman Suder has created a new orchid species and intends to name it after Tuvok]
Lieutenant Tuvok: That is an honor you should reserve for yourself, Mr. Suder. You gave this species life.
Crewman Lon Suder: And you gave me life. All of this is because of you. Because of the meld.
Lieutenant Tuvok: The meld may have introduced you to my interest in floriculture. But you have embraced it entirely on your own - and discovered a unique talent within yourself in the process.
Crewman Lon Suder: I used to think, the only talent I had was a talent for killing. Please. It's my way of saying thank you.

"Star Trek: Voyager: Basics: Part 2 (#3.1)" (1996)
Crewman Lon Suder: I'm gonna have to kill some of them.
The Doctor: It is possible. Violence might be required to retake the ship.
Crewman Lon Suder: I've worked so... so hard over the last few months, to control the violent feelings. I'm almost at peace with myself. I mean, I see the day coming when I could be.
The Doctor: Mr. Suder. If Lieutenant Tuvok were here, I know he would tell you there are times when violence is required, to defend yourself, to defend your ship... to defend your crew.
Crewman Lon Suder: Yes, there is a logical use for violence - for everyone else. For me, once it begins...