Josh Graham
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Josh Graham (Character)
from Red Dragon (2002)

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Red Dragon (2002)
Francis Dolarhyde: Drop it. Do it now gumshoe. Your son is about to change. Then your wife. You can watch, then I'll take care of you.
[Will drops knife]
Will Graham: [to Josh] Look at you! I have never seen a child as disgusting as you! You pissed your pants? How dare you! You want me to cut it off? Is that what you want me to do, you little freak? Don't cry at me you little faggot. Apologize! Say "I'm sorry daddy, I'm a dirty little beast, I'm a freak!... " Say it!
Josh Graham: No.
Will Graham: Say it!
Josh Graham: No, daddy.
Will Graham: Say it or I will cut it off! "... I'm a dirty little beast, freak, hare lip, and no one will ever love me!"