Reba McClane
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Reba McClane (Character)
from "Hannibal" (2013)

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Red Dragon (2002)
Francis Dolarhyde: I'll shoot you and then myself.
Reba McClane: No please no.
Francis Dolarhyde: [trying to pull the trigger] I can't do it, I CAN'T DO IT, I CAN'T DO IT.

Reba McClane: If there's anything I hate worse than pity, it's fake pity. Especially from a walking hard-on like Ralph Mandy.
Francis Dolarhyde: I have no pity.

Ralph Mandy: Reba, listen... I know it's not my place to say this...
Reba McClane: Go on.
Ralph Mandy: Well, if Dolarhyde is really as moody as you say he is, maybe you ought to keep a little distance. I mean, what do you really know about the guy?

Ralph Mandy: Listen Reba, it's starting to spritz outside. How about I give you a lift home?
Reba McClane: You ride a motorcycle, Ralph. How's that going to help me with the rain?

Manhunter (1986)
[Francis keeps Reba from touching his face]
Francis Dollarhyde: Take my word for it. I'm smiling.
Reba McClane: Hey, I didn't mean to offend you.

[Francis plays a home video of the family he intends to kill]
Reba McClane: What are you watching?
Francis Dollarhyde: Just a little homework.

Reba McClane: Who is it?
Francis Dollarhyde: It's me.
Reba McClane: Who? Who is it?
Francis Dollarhyde: It's me.
Reba McClane: [opens the door] Oh. Francis?
Francis Dollarhyde: No. Not Francis. Francis is gone. Francis is gone forever.

"Hannibal: ...And the Beast from the Sea (#3.11)" (2015)
Francis Dolarhyde: How do you know it's dark?
Reba McClane: The lights aren't on
Francis Dolarhyde: Do you remember... the light? Is it worse to have seen it and lost it?
Reba McClane: I know I can never have the light. But there are things I can have.

"Hannibal: The Wrath of the Lamb (#3.13)" (2015)
Reba McClane: I drew a freak.
Will Graham: You didn't draw a freak. You drew a man with a freak on his back.

"Hannibal: The Number of the Beast Is 666 (#3.12)" (2015)
Reba McClane: I'm not so scarred by life that I'm incapable of love. I hope you aren't, either.