Robbie Robertson
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Robbie Robertson (Character)
from Spider-Man (2002)

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Spider-Man 3 (2007)
Joseph 'Robbie' Robertson: [examining photos] Black-suit Spider-Man! We gotta have these, Jonah.
J. Jonah Jameson: I'll pay you the usual rate.
Peter Parker: You want the photos, I'll take the staff job. Double the money.

J. Jonah Jameson: Well, we do have an opening. Johnson quit, remember?
Joseph 'Robbie' Robertson: You fired him.
J. Jonah Jameson: Whatever.

Peter Parker: You're trash, Brock.
Eddie Brock: Excuse me?
Peter Parker: [Peter drops evidence on Eddie's desk revealing that his picture had been modified] Your picture's a fake.
Eddie Brock: Oh, Parker, you are such a boy scout. When are you going to give a guy a break?
Peter Parker: [Peter grabs Eddie and pushes him into his framed fake picture; Bugle workers all look at them] You want forgiveness? Get religion.
Joseph 'Robbie' Robertson: What's going on here?
Miss Brant: Are you guys all right?
Eddie Brock: Yeah. No, we - We're just horsing around.
[quietly to Peter]
Eddie Brock: Look, I'm begging you. If you do this, I will lose everything. There's not a paper in town that will hire me.
Peter Parker: You should've thought of that earlier.
Joseph 'Robbie' Robertson: What are you doing, Peter?
Peter Parker: [gives evidence to Robbie and walks away] Show this to your editor. Tell him to check his source next time.

"The Amazing Spider-Man: Spider-Man (#1.1)" (1977)
Robbie Robertson: What does he wear?
Peter Parker: What do you mean what does he wear?
Robbie Robertson: Well you said he climbs up the sides of walls, right? Well then my guess he's wearing sneakers.

"The Spectacular Spider-Man: The Uncertainty Principle (#1.9)" (2008)
[Robbies places a Daily Globe on Jonah's desk]
J. Jonah Jameson: And why should I care what the Globe runs on it's front page?
Robbie Robertson: Because their Spider-Man scoop, and Parker's pictures of it, slaughtered our space shuttle coverage at the newsstands.
J. Jonah Jameson: [Crumples the paper] The people have spoken. Get that traitor Parker in here and lock him to and exclusive deal. If they way Spider-Man, we'll give'em Spider-Man. Here's tomorrow's front page headline: "Spider-Man: Threat or Menace?"

Spider-Man (2002)
Joseph 'Robbie' Robertson: We sold out four printings.
J. Jonah Jameson: Sold out?
Joseph 'Robbie' Robertson: Every copy.
J. Jonah Jameson: Tomorrow morning, Spider-man page one, with a decent picture this time...

"Spider-Man: Kraven the Hunter (#1.7)" (1995)
Robbie Robertson: Why are you doing this?
Kraven the Hunter: I was raised in the traditions of nobility, and now I live in the world of the jungle. The codes of conduct that govern both are very similar. If you take what belongs to another, there must be retribution.
Robbie Robertson: I don't know what you're talking about, this isn't the jungle!
Kraven the Hunter: It's a concrete jungle, the same rules apply!

Spider-Man 2 (2004)
Miss Brant: [Walks in with Peter] Chief, I found Parker.
J. Jonah Jameson: 'Bout time, where were you? Crazy scientist blows himself up, and we don't have pictures!
Joseph 'Robbie' Robertson: I heard Spider-Man was there.
J. Jonah Jameson: [annoyed] And where were you, photographing squirrels? You're fired!
Miss Brant: [Peter turns to leave] Chief, the planetarium party.
J. Jonah Jameson: Oh right, you're unfired, get back here!