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Carnage (Character)
from "Spider-Man" (1994)

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Spider-Man (2000) (VG)
Carnage: I am going to CUT you!

[while chasing after Spider-Man]
Carnage: You may have defeated everyone else, but you won't defeat me!

Carnage: Die! Die! Die!

Carnage: What color do you bleed?

[as Spider-Man confronts Doctor Octopus and Carnage, Venom suddenly appears in the room]
Venom: Speaking of crushed.
Spider-Man: Huh?
Venom: It's showtime, freaks!
[Venom turns to Carnage]
Venom: Ooh! I smell *bad* symbiote - and it ain't me!
Carnage: Bring it on, *grandpa!*
[Carnage and Venom fight, which leads them up into the next room and leaves Spider-Man alone with Doctor Octopus]
Spider-Man: Alone at last!
Doctor Octopus: Let us *end* this, Spider-Man!

Carnage: [to Spiderman] You killed my brethren!

"Spider-Man: Spider Wars, Chapter 2: Farewell Spider-Man (#5.13)" (1998)
Uncle Ben Parker: Peter, do you remember what I told you about great power?
Spider-Carnage: [cries] Yes. With great power must also come great responsibility.