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Shocker (Character)
from "Spider-Man" (1994)

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Spider-Man (2002) (VG)
Shocker: There is no way we're giving up a score this big to some clown in red tights!

[Spider-Man walks to the Shocker as he lies defeated on the ground]
Spider-Man: Looks like your flying friend's getting your share of the loot, too. Where'd be get off to, anyway?
[shocker groans as Spider-Man picks him up]
Shocker: If I don't get mine, Vulture isn't getting his. He had some workshop set up, up in the old clock tower, on the Lower East Side.
[Spider-Man drops the Shocker to the ground]
Spider-Man: Vulture, huh? Thanks, Shocker. Give my regards to my fans in the slammer!

Shocker: Come on, freak! You need to learn a lesson! And Shocker's School of Hard Knocks is now open!
Spider-Man: Give me a break, Shock! I can't believe you have any class, let alone a whole school worth!

[after blasting Spider-Man with his vibro-shock gauntlets]
Shocker: I'm gonna grind you up and spit you out!

[while fighting Spider-Man]
Shocker: Ready to rock and roll, web-slinger!

Shocker: Welcome to a world of pain!
Spider-Man: You're embarassing yourself, Shocker!

Spider-Man: Wow! That kink in my back is gone! You're like the world's most dangerous physical therapist!
Shocker: Laugh it up, smart guy!

[while fighting Spider-Man]
Shocker: I'm gonna shut your mouth for you!

Shocker: Don't panic boys. It was only a matter of time before we had to deal with Spider-Man. Let's take care of security and round up some hostages!
Security Guard: [to his walkie-talkie as Shocker's men approach him] Uh, we have a situation here! We need backup!

Spider-Man: Come on Shock, you know I can't let you run around down here without a chaperon
Shocker: Webslinger, you've been riding me all day I'm gonna finish this once and for all!

Spider-Man 2: Enter Electro (2001) (VG)
[while fighting Spider-Man]
Shocker: Fight like a man, bug!

[while fighting Spider-Man]
Shocker: You talk too much!

[while fighting Spider-Man]
Shocker: You can't hide from me!

[Hammerhead and Shocker sit at a table in their jail cell and play cards]
Hammerhead: Full house. Aces over kings. I win again.
[Shocker pounds his fists on the table and then tosses his cards in the air in frustration]
Shocker: I was never any good at poker.
[Shocker and Hammerhead turn to Electro as he sits on his bed, furious]
Electro: So close! *So close!* If it weren't for Spider-Man, I'd be a *god* now!
Hammerhead: Would you *shut up?*
[Electro groans and grunts as he sits with his arms around his legs]
Hammerhead: You know any other games? All I know is this poker.
[Shocker shakes his head and then looks across the hall]
Shocker: Nah. But, uh, maybe *they* know a few.
[Doctor Octopus, the Rhino, Mysterio and Scorpion are in the cell across the hall]
Shocker: *Hey!* You guys know how to play *Go Fish?*

Spider-Man 2 (2004) (VG)
[Spider-Man crouches beside a webbed-up Shocker and holds up his head to see Black Cat walk off]
Spider-Man: She's pretty amazing, don't you think, Shock?
Herman Schulz: [groans] I think my career just hit a new low.
Spider-Man: Ah. Who cares what you think?

Herman Schulz: Spider-Man! I don't know how you found me, but there's no way you're getting me this time!
Spider-Man: Hey, Shocker. You look different somehow. Have you been reupholstered?
Herman Schulz: Heh. Still a comedian, huh?
Black Cat: Come on, Spider. Let's take this guy out.