The Vulture
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The Vulture (Character)
from "The Spectacular Spider-Man" (2008)

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Spider-Man (2002) (VG)
Vulture: You can't match my agility!
Harry Osborn: You're right. I can *beat* you agility!

Vulture: What's the matter, Spider-Man? Too fast for you?
Spider-Man: Hey! Come back! The food at the old folks home wasn't that bad, was it?

Vulture: You're becoming a thorn in my side! Today, you die, Spider-Man!

[while Spider-Man web-swings to catch up with the Vulture in the rain, the Vulture causes damage to a water tower on a rooftop]
Vulture: Those people look thirsty, don't they? Why don't I serve them a drink?
Spider-Man: I think the folks down there are wet enough already!

"The Spectacular Spider-Man: Survival of the Fittest (#1.1)" (2008)
Norman Osborn: What are you babbling about? Put me down!
Spider-Man: Dude, you are the bossiest damsel in distress I have EVER rescued. Also the ugliest, heaviest, and the first!
Norman Osborn, Vulture: WHO ARE YOU!
Spider-Man: Why, I'm your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man, of course!

Vulture: Tell the truth, Osborn. Can your Tech-Flight do this?
[Vulture flies between buildings and straight up one at remarkable speeds]
Norman Osborn: Toomes?
Vulture: Not Toomes, now. I'm what you called me. I'm the Vulture!
Norman Osborn: I called you a buzzard!
Vulture: What?
Norman Osborn: You can't even get the name right.