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Mac Gargan (Character)
from "Spider-Man" (1994)

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Spider-Man (2000) (VG)
[Doctor Octopus stands at the bars of a jail cell, while Scorpion, Mysterio, Rhino and a Jade Syndicate Thug play cards]
Scorpion: Wait. Hold on. Time out. All of you guys were working together and you *still* couldn't take down Spider-Man?
Mysterio: It's not *my* fault! Doc Ock's plan was *horrible!* Everyone *knows* you can't control the symbiotes.
[Rhino stands up, puzzled]
Rhino: Hey, wait. So, if I'm a rhino, you're a scorpion and he's an octopus, what's a Mysterio?
[Rhino sits down on his bench and sends the Thug flying up into the ceiling and he struggles as his head gets stuck]
Scorpion: So, Rhino, got any threes?
[Rhino looks at his cards]
Rhino: Hey! I got a bingo! You guys think you're so smart, but I won! Who's your daddy, Doc Ock? Victory is mine! You're always laughing at me, but who's crying *now*, huh?
[Rhino laughs at his cellmates, but then stops as he takes another look at his cards]
Rhino: Oh, wait a minute. I've made a mistake.
[Doctor Octopus shakes his head and then bangs his head on the bars of his cell three times]

[J. Jonah Jameson hides in his office and the Scorpion looks around the room to find him]
Scorpion: Where are you hiding?

[J. Jonah Jameson hides in his office and the Scorpion finds him]
Scorpion: There you are!

[after Spider-Man sticks to the ceiling, Scorpion fires an energy blast from his tail at Spider-Man]
Scorpion: Get down here!

J. Jonah Jameson: Listen, Gargan! It's a new millenium! Lots of high-tech! There may be some way we can get you out of that suit!
Scorpion: You put me in this suit! Now I'm going to make you pay!
[Scorpion swats his tail at Jameson, but he dodges it and it breaks a nearby window]
J. Jonah Jameson: Get over it, Gargan!
Scorpion: You ruined my life! So now I'll end yours!

[Spider-Man smashes through a window and finds Scorpion about to attack Jameson]
Spider-Man: Leave him alone, Chuckles!
Scorpion: Butt out, web-head!
J. Jonah Jameson: Spider-Man? I ask for the police and I get THIS?

Scorpion: So, do you have any fives?
Rhino: Let me check.
[checks his cards]
Rhino: Hey! I got a bingo. Ha ha, you guys think you're so smart, but i've won! Who's your daddy, Doc Ock? Ha ha ha! Victory is my! You always kid with me, but who's crying now, huh? Ha ha!
[looks at his cards again]
Rhino: ...uh wait a sec, I made a mistake.

Spider-Man (2002) (VG)
Scorpion: The shadow puppet watches all!

Spider-Man: Let's talk about this, Scorpion! You need help.
Scorpion: Talk? No, no talking, you can't take me back!
Spider-Man: I wouldn't even know where to take you back to.

Scorpion: Are you after me too? I think you are!

Spider-Man: Squirrels must love you because you're nuts
Scorpion: Make jokes!

Spider-Man: Friend or Foe (2007) (VG)
[Spider-Man lands crouched before a mind-controlled Scorpion]
Spider-Man: Hey. What'cha doing, pal?
Scorpion: Keeping you occupied while the others collect the shards!
[Scorpion swats his tail at Spider-Man, but he flips away and lands on the ground]
Spider-Man: So your plan to keep me occupied is to put a big tail on your costume and hit me with it? Genius!

[after his mind-control amulet has been destroyed, Scorpion shakes his head, looks around at the temple he's in and he notices Spider-Man standing before him]
Scorpion: Whoa! This ain't New York!
Spider-Man: Ooh, observant! Tell me, now that I've broken the mind control, what's going on?
Scorpion: *Mind control?*
[Scorpion slams his fists on the ground in anger]
Scorpion: Somebody needs a *thumping*, 'cause I don't like being out of control!
[Spider-Man crouches and looks at Scorpion]
Spider-Man: And yet, when you're *in* control, you dress up like a scorpion and act crazy. Go figure.

Adventures of Captain Marvel (1941)
Scorpion: The discovery he is referring to concerns the five lenses that fit into the arms of the Golden Scorpion you see before you. With the lenses in place, the sun's rays can be utilized to change inert material into powerful explosives and to turn base metals into gold. Whoever controls this device will have power such as men have dreamed of since the beginning of time.
Barnett [Ch. 2-10]: And it's my job to get the lenses. Tell me who's got them and I'll get to work.
Scorpion: Oh, it won't be so easy, Barnett. The lenses were divided among the scientists who have hidden them carefully.
Barnett [Ch. 2-10]: But you are one of these men. That's gonna help us!
Scorpion: Naturally. We're holding a meeting at Professor Malcolm's house today. I want you to see that Henry Carlyle does not arrive at that meeting. His lens is the first point of attack.