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Biography for
Mary Jane Watson (Character)
from Spider-Man (2002)

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Mary Jane Watson, often shortened to MJ, is a fictional supporting character appearing originally in Marvel comic books and later in multiple spin-offs and dramatizations of the Spider-Man titles as the best friend, love interest, and one-time wife (as Mary Jane Watson-Parker) of Peter Parker, the alter ego of Spider-Man. This was after the tragic death of Gwen Stacy, and initially upon her introduction, she had a friendly rivalry with Gwen for Peter's affections.

In "Spider-Man: The Animated Series", May and Anna tried to set up Peter and Mary Jane on a blind date. Peter was initially reluctant and decided to go out with Felicia Hardy instead. After some trouble with several Spider Slayers Peter agreed. He was instantly struck by how beautiful Mary Jane is. Although they began to go on dates she would still have to compete with Felicia. Fortunately for her Felicia was also involved with Flash Thompson. Mary Jane took some self-defense classes to help defend herself while in the city. She dated a man called Morris Bench but the two broke up.

Peter did have strong feelings for Mary Jane and loved her a lot. This was imparted onto the Venom Symbiote before it left him and the information was transfered over to Eddie Brock when they became Venom. Venom used this information to bug Peter.

Peter and Mary Jane made a date to go to the movies. However, before Peter could show up she met Eddie Brock who acted very nice. She liked him but when Peter arrived he acted disgusted by Eddie. Peter pulled her away and practically dragged her onto a subway train. She was distressed by his seemingly sudden change of mood, and Peter explained that Eddie was a creep.

Later they were sitting outside Peter's house and MJ wondered what was out there among the stars.

Mary Jane went to The Daily Bugle to meet Peter. The Chameleon, in the disguise of Peter, arrived and kissed MJ very passionately to hide from some passing cops. He then told her they would meet later. When Peter did not show up she was angry. She then got angry at the real Peter who did not know what was going on. He then had to explain to her who the Chameleon was and what he could do.

When Morris Bench came back he revealed that he became Hydro-Man. Spider-Man tried to save her but was unable to match his powers. Mary Jane eventually tricked Bench into going far from water onto a rooftop. He splashed apart and evaporated, apparently dying for good.

he first bump in their relationship came when Michael Morbius disappeared. Felicia, who he had been dating, was filled with sorrow and Peter went to comfort her. Mary Jane saw the two and became jealous. She then went to Harry Osborn for her own comfort and the two became involved. Mary Jane received a letter from her father telling her he wanted to meet. Mary Jane wanted Peter to come help her but he was detained. She saw her father and left with him before Peter arrived. She met a man named Baron Mordo who reunited the two, and for that she joined his cult. However, she was being brainwashed into doing Mordo's bidding while she was asleep.

In one brainwashed episode Mary Jane and several others from the cult and broke into the Sanctum Sanctorum. They attacked Doctor Strange and Wong attempting to steal the Wand of Watoomb. They were stopped by Spider-Man who unmasked MJ and put a Spider-Tracer on her. He followed her to the cult's hideout and joined himself. He tried to get her to leave but she refused because of her father.

Spider-Man joined the cult in their next brainwashed attack and acquired the Wand. Strange and Wong freed Spider-Man and the three heroes attacked the cult and Mordo. Mordo planned to use the wand to release Dormammu from his dimension. The heroes stopped Mordo and Dormammu and freed the cult. Mary Jane tried to find her father only to be caught by Dormammu and pulled into his dimension. He wanted MJ to invite him into her dimension. However, Strange showed her what her father was really like and that he didn't really return. Spider-Man then took her home.

Mary Jane was kidnapped by the Green Goblin and put along side Wilson Fisk, J. Jonah Jameson, and Anastasia Hardy. Spider-Man arrived and battled the goblin. During the battle the other four left in a submarine.

Peter was arrested for selling national defense secrets. Mary Jane and many other friends of Peter went to the courtroom where his attorney Matt Murdock was trying to get him out on bail. On his way back to jail Peter was captured by the Chameleon in the disguise of Spider-Man.

While he was in jail Mary Jane and Aunt Anna took care of his Aunt May in her home. Anna once again berated Peter but MJ defended him. Anna then found that May is seriously ill, after she learned that Peter disappeared, and they call an ambulance. May was taken to a nearby hospital.

While at the hospital MJ was pulled into a closet by Peter, who by now had escaped and heard about his aunt. She disguised him as a doctor and got him into May's room. Peter told May that Murdock had the evidence to prove his innocence. Just then Anna walked into the room. She, too happily, agreed to help Peter sneak out. When they leave the hospital MJ thanked her aunt who revealed she was the Chameleon and shoved the two into a van.

The two were put into an isolation room where they only had a limited supply of air. With the help of Daredevil Detective Terri Lee freed the two. Peter then told her to hide while he ran off. Spider-Man arrived and assisted Daredevil and the police. MJ took out a bad guy herself thanks to some self-defense classes. Eventually Richard Fisk and Susan Choi were arrested and charged with treason. Mary Jane and Harry Osborn became engaged. Mary Jane attended a large conference at Oscorp Towers to unveil a new subway car. While there she encountered Peter who tried to feign happiness at her engagement but was unable to. He questioned whether she truly loved Harry. MJ got flustered and quickly left. While Norman Osborn made a speech Alistair Smythe, now the Ultimate Slayer, broke in and kidnapped her, Harry, and Norman.

They were all then captured by Kingpin and taken to the his hideout in the Chrysler Building. MJ and Harry were put into a cell while Norman talked to Kingpin. Harry wanted to simply comply while MJ felt they needed to find a way to escape. MJ attacked a guard and found Spider-Man, who had followed, and Norman.

While escaping the building started to come down. The three climb down a rope but it was cut. Spider-Man swung down and caught all three. Harry and Norman found a taxi to leave but Mary Jane did not want to go with them. She gave Harry back his ring and told Spider-Man that she wanted some fresh air. After some swinging she revealed that she loved Harry, but as a brother rather than a husband. She realized that she was in love with Peter. Spider-Man dropped her off and she got a taxi.

Mary Jane went to Peter's house to find him only to see Eddie Brock. She knows that he is no friend to Peter and told him. He left after telling her that "they" remembered why Peter loves her. She was shocked to know that Peter felt that way about her. She then became aware that Eddie Brock was Venom. Peter took Mary Jane out to a fair since they had not had a full date in some time. She was surprised that he had not had to leave yet. He left when an interdimensional portal opened up. Spider-Man arrived to stop a roller coaster from entering the portal. He was sucked in before it disappeared.

She got angry that Peter ditched her again and would not talk to him when Peter tried to make amends. Later, MJ realizes that this is who Peter is and she loves him anyways. She confronted him outside his home to tell him. He tried to apologize but she said she would deal with it.

At a park Mary Jane confesses that she didn't believe Peter was safe because she attracts the likes of Dormammu, Mordo, Hydro-Man, and even Venom. Peter assured her that everything would be fine. When they spotted another portal Peter had to leave again.

The two went to the engagement party of Felicia Hardy and Jason Phillip Macendale, but were confronted by an angry Harry. He stormed off and Mary Jane followed. While talking to him Peter left the party.

In "Spectacular Spider-Man", Mary Jane Watson transfered over to the same school as Peter Parker, Gwen Stacy, and Harry Osborn. She dated Peter, Flash Thompson, and Mark Allen. Peter thought he loved her most, but Venom made him realize he liked Gwen more.

Mary Jane came to the school just before the Fall Formal. MJ's aunt Anna arranged for a date with Peter through his Aunt May.

MJ went to Peter's home and he was shocked at how beautiful she was. She smiled, called him Tiger, and told him that he hit the jackpot.

The two attended the dance and the other students were shocked that a girl like MJ was with Peter. Gwen, who liked Peter, was upset and angry at Peter for lying to her. Peter then got a call from The Daily Bugle telling him to photograph an event across town.

Mary Jane understood that photography was Peter's job and let him go. She then went dancing with Hobie Brown. Peter thought he blew his chance with her and almost left. However, she told him that she saved the last dance for him and the two danced.

Later, MJ went to a football game with Glory Grant. Peter tried to talk to her, and she assured him that they were just friends.

MJ joined the other students in going to the Coney Island Carnival. However, the Carnival was attacked by Doctor Octopus. In the chaos, Gwen fell and MJ went back to help her. Spider-Man then arrived and rescued the two.

Later that night, Flash broke up with Liz Allen. When Peter tried to talk to her, MJ stopped him.

At the Halloween Fair, Mary Jane dressed up as a vampire and searched for Peter. She wanted to tell him she was joining him at Midtown High School. When Flash tried to flirt with her, she told him that she was a "free agent." She found Peter dressed as Spider-Man, and she thought he looked good in it.

The next day she tried again to tell Peter but he disappeared. Gwen arrived and told her that Harry was off from school sick.

Peter then began acting strangely. She then learned from her Aunt Anna that Peter's Aunt May had a heart attack and was in the hospital. She assumed this was why he acted the way he did.

When he returned to school, MJ joined the other students at school in comforting him. He apologized for how he acted and they forgave him.

MJ went to the Thanksgiving Day Parade where she met up with Flash. He tried to flirt with her but she rebuffed him. She then saw Gwen tied to a large gorilla parade balloon. The two got the other students to try to help.

They saw Spider-Man fight with Venom. Spider-Man kept trying to save Gwen but Venom kept stopping him. The students grabbed the gorilla's deflating hand and used it to catch her when she fell.

She later started dating Mark Allen. However, he had trouble with gambling. She and Liz tried to help him but learned he became the supervillain Molten Man. They were again saved by Spider-Man.

In "Ultimate Spider-Man", Mary Jane seems to be a caring person as she cares about both Harry and Peter both. However, there is a hint of romance between Mary Jane and Peter as a result of their history together and the time when they were 12 and decided to get "serious".

She is also seen to be very commited to her strive to be a journalist going as far as putting her life and Harry's to get coverage of the battle between Spidey and his team against Venom and the enduring battle between Hulk and Spider-Man against Zzzax.

In the "Spider-Man" movie trilogy, Mary Jane Watson was a popular student in the same high school as her neighbor, Peter Parker, who had a crush on her. and she's the girlfriend of . She was warm-hearted and good-looking, and often doesn't approve the way her boyfriend Flash bullied Peter. During a field trip to a genetics lab, MJ was photographed many times by Peter, who gets distracted and so bitten by the mutated spider, which would transform him in Spider-Man. MJ started to notice many changes in Peter at school, when, during lunch, he prevented her from falling with incredibly fast reflexes. Flash, angered with him, tried to fight Peter but was easily overpowered to MJ's surprise. At their high school graduation, MJ broke up with Flash and was ready to start a new life, following her dreams as an actress. She didn't have much luck and was forced to work as a simple waitress in a fast-food outlet. After her break-up with Flash, MJ became close to Harry Osborn, Peter's best friend, and she became his girlfriend soon after, but they kept the relationship secret from Peter.

During a fair financed by Oscorp, Mary Jane accompanies Harry in order to meet his father, and during the celebration they're spotted by Peter, who acknowledges this way of their relationship. The fair is interrupted by a mysterious masked criminal, the Green Goblin, who kills all the Oscorp directors and puts in danger MJ's life, who's saved by Spider-Man and she takes an extreme liking to the hero. After a not-so-good audition, she meets up with Peter again as they had seen each other earlier when Peter finds out about her relationship with Harry. After a talk, she leaves, but is ambushed by some thugs. However, she is once again saved by Spider-Man, whom she then thanks with a kiss. Harry tries once again to make MJ meet Norman during a Thanksgiving dinner with Peter and May Parker, but Norman, who's just discovered that Peter is Spider-Man, leaves immediately and humiliates MJ, who's hurt by Harry's refuse to defend her.

When May is attacked by the Green Goblin, Mary Jane goes to the hospital to visit her and meets Peter. She confesses to him that she thinks she's in love with Spider-Man, and he undirectly confesses his true feelings to her. Harry arrives when the two of them are holding each other's hand, and goes to his father claiming he was right and that MJ loves Peter, unintentionally giving Goblin a hint on how hurt his enemy. Shortly after it, Goblin kidnaps MJ and brings her on the Brooklyn Bridge. In here, Goblin makes Spider-Man chose who's to be saved, Mary Jane or a tramway full of children. Spider-Man manages to save them both and then engages his nemesis in a mortal battle.

After all these events, Mary Jane attends to Norman Osborn's funeral, don't knowing he really was the Goblin. During the celebration, she and Peter shares a little kiss, but it's enough for her to recognize Spider-Man's lips and discovering Peter's secret.

After Peter Parker's refusal to have a relationship with her in order to focus on his responsibility as a hero, Mary Jane starts a relationship with John Jameson, the son of the Daily Bugle editor J. Jonah Jameson. When the two of them start talking about marriage, Peter tries to enter again in MJ's life, but she tells him it's too late. She's starting, anyway, to have doubts about her groom-to-be, and tries to kiss him the way Spider-Man kissed her the first time, realizing she doesn't feel the same. Wanting to understand what she, and Peter, are really feeling, MJ meets him in a cafe, asking him if he still loves her. He tells her he doesn't, despite this being not true, in order to assure to her a normal life with a man she can learn to love. During their meeting, anyway, Doctor Octopus breaks in, since he's searching for Spider-Man and Harry Osborn told him Peter Parker is the key for reaching the hero. In order to convince Parker to send Spider-Man to him, Doc Ock kidnaps Mary Jane. She's brought in an abandoned ware house, which serves as Octopus' hideout and lab. In there, she's found by Spider-Man, who engages a fierce battle with Doctor Octopus. During the fight, Spider-Man loses his mask, and MJ has a confirmation that Peter Parker is actually Spider-Man. After the fight, he tells her that they can't be together, since he'll always have enemies who can treat her life.

During the wedding, anyway, Mary Jane decides she can't marry a man she doesn't love and flees, leaving John at the altar. She reaches Peter, who's in his apartment, and tells him that she wants to stay with him, despite the risks, and manages to convince him to let her in. In that very moment, the police radio Peter is using announces an emergency call and Peter has to go. MJ looks at him, taken by uncertainty, as the hero takes the place of her man and goes out to save the day.

Mary Jane is now Peter Parker's girlfriend, and he plans to propose to her as soon as possible. The two seem happy together, but MJ still has doubts for a life shared with a hero with Spider-Man's "mission". She's meanwhile become a theatre actress, but she's quite depressed since Peter doesn't manage to assist to a single representation of The Importance of Being Earnest since he's busy as Spider-Man. She then turns to Peter to discuss the negative criticism she received for lacking an audible voice during her stage performance, seeking consolation. Despite Peter's attempts to reassure her that it's a passing phase of constructive criticism, comparing it to his own endeavors as Spider-Man, she is still depressed; she does not believe he has full insight regarding her dismay, as Peter seemingly comes off as narcissistic for his Spider-Man persona. After attending a rehearsal, she is abruptly informed that she was replaced in her role by another actress, due to wide criticism from all newspaper publishers. When Harry Osborn, after his first flight as the New Goblin, has an amnesia, he and MJ return friends. They're together during a city celebration for Spider-Man, who's saved the daughter of the police captain, Gwen Stacy. She gets angry when, during the ceremony, Spider-Man kisses Gwen the way they used to do, and, later, she has a quarrel with him, during the dinner Peter wanted to propose to her in. She claims it was their kiss, and Peter replies that Spider-Man kissed the girl, not him. MJ, furious and frustrated for Peter's primadonna attitude, leaves. MJ finds solace with Harry, who tries to help her as a friend. After a while, anyway, Harry recovers his memory and forces MJ to break with Peter, menacing her. MJ so meets Peter and tells him that she doesn't want to see him any more, since she has another man, who Peter than discovers is Harry himself, who he confronts as both Peter Parker and Spider-Man, leaving him disfigured.

MJ sees Peter while she's working as a singer in a nightclub, but he's changed due to the alien costume and just wants to make her jealous in order to get revenge on her, so he dances with Gwen Stacy in front of her. When Gwen realizes what Peter is doing, she excuses herself to Mary Jane and leaves. Peter then engages a fight with the customers and unintentionally beats MJ too, so realizing the black suit is influencing his mind and decides to leave it, unintentionally giving birth to Venom, Eddie Brock's deranged alter ego.

Brock, seeking revenge on Peter Parker, who discovered his secret identity as Spider-Man after witnessing him breaking free from his symbiote costume, allies to Sandman and kidnaps Mary Jane, taking her hostage in a black spider web above a construction site. The subsequent battle sees Spider-Man and the New Goblin (who no longer begrudges Peter after discovering the truth about his father's death) against Venom and the Sandman: the two villains are defeated, but Harry loses his life in the process.

After Harry's funeral, Peter decides it's time to mend his relationship with MJ, and begins by going to the jazz bar and asking her to dance.

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