Tia Dalma
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Tia Dalma (Character)
from Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest (2006)

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Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End (2007)
Jack Sparrow: Why should I sail with any of you? Four of you have tried to kill me in the past... one of you succeeded.
[looks at Elizabeth; Will looks at her; she looks around, guiltily]
Jack Sparrow: Oh, she's not told you. You'll have loads to talk about while you're here.
Jack Sparrow: [to Tia Dalma] As for you...
Tia Dalma: Now, don't tell me you didn't enjoy it at the time.
Jack Sparrow: Fair enough. You're in.
[begins going down the line of pirates on the beach]
Jack Sparrow: [to Ragetti] Don't need you, you scare me. Gibbs, you can come. Marty, Cotton... Cotton's parrot, I'm a little iffy... At least I'll have someone to talk to.
[to Tai Huang]
Jack Sparrow: Who are you?
Tai Huang: Tai Huang. These are my men.
Jack Sparrow: Where does your allegiance lie?
Tai Huang: With the highest bidder.
Jack Sparrow: I have a ship.
Tai Huang: That makes you the highest bidder.
Jack Sparrow: Good man. Weigh anchor, all hands! Prepare to make sail!
[takes out compass]
Cotton's Parrot: Weigh anchor!
Barbossa: [pats the charts in his hands] Jack... Which way ya goin', Jack?

Tia Dalma: My sweet, you've come for me.
Davy Jones: You were expecting me?
Tia Dalma: It has been torture, trapped in this single form, cut off from the sea. From all that I love. From you.
Davy Jones: Ten years, I devoted to the duty you charged me. Ten years, I looked after those who died at sea, and finally, when we could be together again, you weren't there. Why weren't you there?
Tia Dalma: It is my nature. Would you love me if I was anything but what I am?
Davy Jones: I do not love you!
Tia Dalma: Many things you were, Davy Jones, but never cruel. You have corrupted your purpose, and so yourself, and you did hide away what should always have been mine!
[turns him to his untentacley human form]
Davy Jones: [caressing her face] Calypso.
Tia Dalma: I will be free, and when I am, I will give you my heart, and we will be together always... but if only you had a heart to give.
[turns him to his tentacley monstrous form]
Tia Dalma: [his crab claw arm reaches out and chokes her] Why did you come?
Davy Jones: [unable to pull his arm back through the bars, he walks through them] And what fate have you planned for your captors?
Tia Dalma: [angrily] The brethren court? All of them, the last thing they will learn in this life is how cruel I can be.
[Jones turns to leave]
Tia Dalma: And what of your fate, Davy Jones?
Davy Jones: [turns back] My heart will always belong to you.
[he leaves]
Tia Dalma: [smiles softly to herself as she hugs the bars]

Gibbs: Jack! The world needs you back something fierce!
Will Turner: Cutler Beckett has the heart of Davy Jones, he controls the Flying Dutchman.
Elizabeth Swann: He's taking over the sea!
Tia Dalma: The song has already been sung! The brethren court is called!
Jack Sparrow: I leave you people alone for just a minute and look what happens, everything's gone to pot!

Pintel: No one said anything about cold.
Ragetti: I'm sure there must be a good reason for our suffering.
Pintel: Why don't that Obeah woman bring Jack back the same way she brought back Barbossa?
Tia Dalma: Because Barbossa was only dead. Jack Sparrow is taken body and soul to a place not of death, but of punishment, the worst fate a person can bring upon himself stretching on forever. That's what awaits at Davy Jones' locker.
Ragetti: Well, I knew there was a good reason.

Tia Dalma: Witty Jack is closer than you think!
[mast of the Black Pearl appears in the background, Jack perched on top]

Tia Dalma: There's an evil on these seas that even the most staunch and bloodthirsty pirates have come to fear.

[Elizabeth sees her father in a boat that headed towards the land of the dead and is trying to get off the ship to him]
Tia Dalma: She must not leave the ship!
[she and most of the crew members rush towards her to stop her]
Elizabeth Swann: Father!
Governor Swann: I'll give your love to your mother, shall I?
Elizabeth Swann: Father!
[Will grabs her and holds onto her while she cries]
Will Turner: [to Tia] Is there a way?
Tia Dalma: [shakes her head] Him at peace.

Captain Barbossa: [after reaching Shipwreck Island] I do not renege on a bargain once struck, but we agreed on ends only, the means
[caresses her hair]
Captain Barbossa: are mine to decide.
Tia Dalma: [angrily] Caution, Barbossa: do not forget that it was by *my* power that you were brought back from the dead-or what it'd mean if you fail me.
Captain Barbossa: [changes Barbossa's hand into a skeletal form for a brief moment; this enrages Barbossa, who grabs her by the shoulder] Don't you forget why you had to bring me back, why I could not leave Jack to his well-deserved fate! It took nine Pirate Lords to bind you, Calypso, and it'll take no less than nine to set you free!

Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest (2006)
Tia Dalma: Land is where you are safe, Jack Sparrow, and so you will carry land with you.
Jack Sparrow: Dirt. This is a jar of dirt.
Tia Dalma: Yes.
Jack Sparrow: ...Is the jar of dirt going to help?
Tia Dalma: If you don't want it, give it back.
Jack Sparrow: [greedily] No!
Tia Dalma: Then it helps.

Tia Dalma: The Pearl's gone, along with its captain.
Gibbs: And already the world seems a little less bright. He fooled us all, right to the end. But I guess that honest streak finally won out. To Jack Sparrow.
Ragetti: Never another like Captain Jack.
Pintel: He was a gentleman of fortune, he was.
Elizabeth Swann: He was a good man.
Will Turner: If there was anything could be done to bring him back...
Tia Dalma: Would you do it? What would any of you do? Would you sail to the ends of the earth and back to fetch back witty Jack, and him precious Pearl?
Gibbs, Ragetti, Pintel: Aye!
Elizabeth Swann: Yes.
Tia Dalma: All right. But if you will brave the weird and haunted shores at world's end, then you will need a captain who knows those waters.
Barbossa: [enters] So tell me, what's become of my ship?

Tia Dalma: The compass you bartered from me it cannot lead you to this?
Jack Sparrow: Maybe. Why?
Tia Dalma: Ah, Jack Sparrow does not know what he wants.

Tia Dalma: You know of Davy Jones? A man of the sea, a great sailor. Until he run afoul of that which vexes all men.
Will Turner: What vexes all men?
Tia Dalma: What indeed.
Gibbs: The sea?
Pintel: Sums?
Ragetti: The dichotomy of good and evil?
Jack Sparrow: A woman.
Tia Dalma: A woman. He fell in love.
Gibbs: No, no, I heard it was the sea he fell in love with.
Tia Dalma: [annoyed] Same story, different versions. And all are true. See, it was a woman as changing and harsh and untamable as the sea. Him never stopped loving her. But the pain it caused was to much to live with, but not enough to cause him to die.
Will Turner: What exactly did he put into the chest?
Tia Dalma: Him heart.
Ragetti: Literally or figuratively?
Pintel: He couldn't literally put his heart in a chest. Could he?
Tia Dalma: It was not worth feeling what small, fleeting joy life brings.

Tia Dalma: You have a touch of destiny about you, William Turner.
Will Turner: You know me?
Tia Dalma: You want to know me.
Jack Sparrow: There'll be no knowing here! We've come for help and were not leaving without it.
[to Tia]
Jack Sparrow: I thought I knew you...

[last lines]
Tia Dalma: If you go and brave da weird and haunted shores at world's end, then you will need a captain who knows dose waters.
Barbossa: [Boot steps approach] ... So, tell me, what's become of my ship?

Tia Dalma: You know I demand payment.
Jack Sparrow: I brought payment. Look.
[brings out the monkey in a cage, shoots him]
Jack Sparrow: An undead monkey! Top that!
Tia Dalma: [releases the monkey from the cage]
Gibbs: [muttered] No...
[Speaking clearly]
Gibbs: You've no idea how long it took us to catch that.
Tia Dalma: The payment is fair...

Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End (2007) (VG)
Tia Dalma: One of the Pirate Lords, he calls himself Capitaine Chevalle, is here in Port Royal.
Captain Jack Sparrow: Nothing to it then.
Tia Dalma: Due to be hanged.
Captain Jack Sparrow: Why can't these Pirate Lords behave themselves?