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Ada Wong (Character)
from Resident Evil 4 (2005) (VG)

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Resident Evil 6 (2012) (VG)
Derek C. Simmons: How are you feeling?
Ada Wong: Why don't you come down here and I'll show you?
Derek C. Simmons: I think I'll pass, but there is something I'd like to show you.
Ada Wong: More games?
Derek C. Simmons: Not quite, just something I think you would benefit from knowing. Proceed to the research lab.

Derek C. Simmons: Find anything interesting?
Ada Wong: A recording from six months ago.
Derek C. Simmons: Then the trip was worthwhile. What's the matter? You still haven't figured it out? Allow me to clarify. Tomorrow, the U.S. will suffer a bioterrorist attack. After that, China. And then major cities all around the world will suffer the same fate at the hands of Neo-Umbrella's very own Ada Wong.
Ada Wong: If you think I'm going to sit back and be your scapegoat, Simmons, you've got another thing coming.

Ada Wong: I was just resting my eyes.
Leon S. Kennedy: Shouldn't sleep on the job.

Ada Wong: I'm pregnant, Simmons.
Derek C. Simmons: What?
Ada Wong: Oh, boy. That's the same reaction I'm expecting from Leon. You men are one in the same.

Ada Wong: If she wants a game, she'll get one. With the REAL Ada Wong.

Ada Wong: Your hatred for Simmons drove you to tear down the world they created, but it was your conscience, Carla, that saw you fail. After all, isn't that why you brought me into this? It's a shame. If you had only sought vengeance against Simmons alone, I would have helped you.
Carla Radames: Get over yourself. Help me? I'm the real Ada Wong! I don't need help from anyone! My plans aren't failing, they're thriving! And soon this frail shell of a society will collapse! After that, you know what will be left of this world? Nothing! Hell will rise and chaos will reign! And I, Ada Wong, will be queen of the new world!
Ada Wong: Hate to break it to you, but you're nothing but a cheap knockoff, at best. Rest in peace, Carla.

Ada Wong: Oh, what's wrong Carla? Can't catch up?
Carla Radames: I will eat your babies, bitch!

Derek C. Simmons: Who is this?
Ada Wong: An old friend, Simmons. Ada Wong.
Derek C. Simmons: Ada?
Ada Wong: Let's ditch the pleasantries and get right to it. That little doppelganger you brewed up just told me she has her heart set on destroying the world.
Derek C. Simmons: What-?

Resident Evil 4 (2005) (VG)
Ada Wong: Put your hands where I can see them.
Leon S. Kennedy: Sorry, but following a ladies lead just isn't my style.

Ada Wong: [after killing Krauser on top of the warehouse in Separate Ways]
[looks down at Krauser's arm]
Ada Wong: That's a large thing you have there.
[Steps over Krauser's body and starts walking away]
Ada Wong: But I don't like it when men play rough.

Osmund Saddler: [Saddler tries to control Leon by the controlling the plagas inside of him, but it doesn't work] Hmm?
Leon S. Kennedy: [points his knife at Saddler] Better try a new trick, cause that one's getting old.
[cuts Ada Wong down from where she was being held]
Leon S. Kennedy: You okay?
Ada Wong: I've been better.
Osmund Saddler: Hm, hm, hm, hm, hm, hm.
Leon S. Kennedy: [puzzled] What's so funny?
Osmund Saddler: Oh, I think you know. The "American prevailing" is a cliche that only happens in your Hollywood movies. Oh Mr. Kennedy, you entertain me. To show my appreciation, I will help you awaken from your world of clichés.
[Saddler turns into a giant spider-like creature]
Leon S. Kennedy: Ada, stand back.
[he and Saddler start fighting]

Ada Wong: [after attacking Leon] Leon... Long time no see.

Ada Wong: [waiting in motor boat] Need a ride hansome?
Leon S. Kennedy: Okay.

Albert Wesker: Report. Time is almost up.
Ada Wong: Krauser's dead.
Albert Wesker: Really? Leon doesn't die easily. That's fine. We can use him to clean up Saddler for us. When they fight it out, neither one of them will manage to come out unharmed.
Ada Wong: Easier said than done.
Albert Wesker: Either way, it's your job to clean up what's left of them when the fight is over. Don't forget who is running the show. Whatever happens we can't let either one of them live to see tomorrow. Our goal is to retrieve the sample. Take out anyone that may interfere with our plans.
[ends transmission]

Resident Evil: Damnation (2012)
[from trailer]
Ada Wong: I have been sent here by the BSAA. My name, is Ada Wong.

Ada Wong: So it's true what they said about you being a former instructor.
Svetlana Belikova: Former? I still *am* an instructor.

Ada Wong: Amateurs. They didn't even give me a pat-down.

Leon S. Kennedy: Did you release the Plaga?
Ada Wong: Don't make me laugh. I'm not interested in defective products. I'm just here to lend them a hand.
Leon S. Kennedy: Them?
Ada Wong: Although it seems as if my help wasn't needed.
Leon S. Kennedy: What are you doing here?
Ada Wong: If they attack the capital, it'll make my job a lot easier. That's all. By the way, when are we going to carry on from where we left off that night?
Leon S. Kennedy: Any time but now.
Ada Wong: You're angry with me, aren't you? Suits you.
[shoots her grapple gun through the hole in the ceiling and leaves]
Ada Wong: Quick word of warning. This town will be purged soon!
Leon S. Kennedy: Women.

Svetlana Belikova: Where did you go last night? You were not in the hotel.
Ada Wong: I went to meet an old friend.
Svetlana Belikova: And this friend, is he a spy? Who are you working for? The Russians? The Americans?
Ada Wong: I'll leave that to your imagination.
Svetlana Belikova: Considering that you will never be leaving this country again, I would say it is in your best interests to stay on my good side.
Ada Wong: Very funny.

Resident Evil: Retribution (2012)
Alice: [holds knife at Ada's throat] Don't.
Ada Wong: My name is...
Alice: Ada Wong. Operative for the Umbrella Corporation, one of Albert Wesker's top agents. I know exactly who and what you are. Now the real question is: Why don't I just cancel your contract right now?
Ada Wong: I don't work for Umbrella anymore, and neither does Albert Wesker.
Alice: I don't care.
[Wesker's image appears on a display window]
Albert Wesker: You can kill her if you like, but then you'll never get out of this place.

Alice: They're using clones of me.
Ada Wong: Of course. You were one of the 50 basic models.
Alice: [scoffs] "Basic models."
Ada Wong: How do you think Umbrella populates these test scenarios? Hundreds of people dead each time they run a simulation. Umbrella imprints them with basic memories, just enough to ensure a correct emotional response to the threat of the bio-hazard. In one life, she could be a suburban housewife. The next, a businesswoman in New York. The next, a soldier working for Umbrella.

Ada Wong: I executed everyone in this control room. I enabled Wesker to hack the mainframe. We shut down the security systems. We let you out of that cell.
Albert Wesker: We need to get you out of this facility.
Alice: So why do you want to help me?
Albert Wesker: We need you. The human race faces extinction. Our only hope for survival is for us to work together.
Alice: I'm not going anywhere until I know where we are and what the hell is going on here.
Albert Wesker: You're in the Prime Umbrella testing facility.
Alice: Explain Tokyo.
Albert Wesker: What you saw was just a detailed re-creation, nothing more. It goes on for a few city blocks. That's all.
Alice: I was outside.
Ada Wong: Were you? Saw the sky, did you?
Alice: It was night.
Ada Wong: Stars? The moon?
Albert Wesker: The testing floor is 300 feet high, the ceiling black. It's usually night in there. But isn't that when the monsters come out anyway?

Alice: It was raining.
Albert Wesker: Climate control. Wind, rain. They can even make it snow if they wanted to.
Alice: Why build such a place?
Albert Wesker: Simple. The Umbrella Corporation derived its primary income from the sale of viral weaponry, something that's impossible to test in the real world. They re-created the center of New York, simulated an outbreak, showed it to the Russians, and sold them the virus. They simulated an outbreak in Moscow, sold it to the Americans. An outbreak in Tokyo.
Alice: Sold it to the Chinese.
Ada Wong: An outbreak in China.
Alice: Sold it to the Japanese.
Albert Wesker: Exactly. Everyone had to have it. The Umbrella Corporation built a new arms race. Only, this time, it was biological rather than nuclear. Highly profitable. And this is where it all happened. This is Umbrella's greatest creation. The belly of the beast.
Alice: So why don't we just get the hell out of here?

Resident Evil 2 (1998) (VG)
Ada Wong: Are you telling me that he injected the G-virus into his own body?
Dr. Annette Birkin: The G-virus has the ability to revitalize cellular functions.

Ada Wong: [as Leon is running on a catwalk, Ada appears behind him] Leon... I've been waiting for you, Leon...
[points gun at him]
Leon Kennedy: What are you doing?
Ada Wong: You know what this is about... so just hand over the G-Virus...
Leon Kennedy: I don't believe this... Annette was right... about everything!
Ada Wong: [walks forward] That's why I told you to leave without me, but you wouldn't listen! Now hand it over! Don't make me shoot you.
Leon Kennedy: You can't do that.
Ada Wong: [pause, and Ada lowers the gun]
Ada Wong: [screams as Annette shoots her from behind, and she begins to fall off the railing of the bridge]
Leon Kennedy: [Runs and grabs her hand, stopping her from falling to her death] Ada! Ada, I've got you! Don't give up!
Dr. Annette Birkin: The G-Virus... G... Virus...
[passes out from earlier wounds]
Ada Wong: Leon... it's over, just... let me go...
Leon Kennedy: Shut up! You're going to make it!
Ada Wong: It's too late, Leon... we both know it...
Leon Kennedy: No! I promised you that we would escape! You just have to help me out here!
Ada Wong: I... really... wanted... to escape with you Leon... escape from... everything... goodbye...
[Leon loses his grip and Ada falls]
Leon Kennedy: Ada!
[fall to his knees, hitting the floor with his hands]
Leon Kennedy: No!
[slowly gets up and pulls out the G-Virus vial taken from Annette]
Leon Kennedy: So... this is what everyone's been dying for...
[throws it over the edge]

Ada Wong: When I saw the uniform I thought that you were another zombie.