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Rebecca Chambers (Character)
from Resident Evil (1996) (VG)

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Resident Evil Ø (2002) (VG)
Billy Coen: It's gonna be dangerous from here on in, why don't we cooperate?
Rebecca Chambers: Cooperate with *you*?
Billy Coen: Listen, little girl, if you haven't noticed there's some pretty freaked out things on this train. And I, for one, wanna get out of here. I don't think we stand a chance of doing it alone.
Rebecca Chambers: You expect me to trust you? A wanted felon? I don't need your help. I can handle this on my own. And don't call me little girl!
Billy Coen: [flipping Rebecca's hair] Ha, all right, Miss Do-It-yourself. What should I call you?
Rebecca Chambers: The name is Rebecca Chambers, but that's *Officer* Chambers to you.
Billy Coen: Well then, *Rebecca*. Why don't you go and try while I wait here?

Rebecca Chambers: [after finishing the game] Officially, Lt. Billy Coen is dead.
Billy Coen: Yeah, I'm just a zombie now.

Rebecca Chambers: Billy... Lieutenant Coen.
Billy Coen: So, you seem to know me. Been fantasizing about me, have you?

Resident Evil (1996) (VG)
Chris Redfield: [Rebecca sprays something into Chris' face as he enters a room] Whoa! What is it?
Rebecca Chambers: What? Oh! OH NOOOO! Sorry! I didn't mean to do that.

Rebecca Chambers: [after Plant 42 battle]
Rebecca Chambers: You'd do the same for me wouldn't you?
Chris Redfield: I guarantee it.

Rebecca Chambers: It's me Chris.
Chris Redfield: Is that you Rebecca?

Resident Evil (2002) (VG)
Chris Redfield: [referring to various members of S.T.A.R.S] ... you killed them with your own dirty hands. You son of a bitch!
Rebecca Chambers: No...
Albert Wesker: Oh yes, dear. Just like this.
[shoots Rebecca]

Resident Evil: The Umbrella Chronicles (2007) (VG)
Billy Coen: Anything you say Princess.
Rebecca Chambers: Don't call me Princess!