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Gambit (Character)
from "X-Men" (1992)

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"X-Men: Nightcrawler (#3.18)" (1995)
Gambit: [after Nightcrawler finishes telling the X- Men about his life of persecution for being a mutant] I guess peace don't come to the wicked-lookin'.

[on vacation... ]
Gambit: "I know", she say. "Let's take a trip," she say. "It be fun." Huh. Some fun!
Rogue: After what we been through, lately, I figured we could use some time off.
Gambit: But you didn't tell me we'd have a chaperone!
Wolverine: Don't whine to me, this ain't my idea of a good time!
Rogue: Hey, hoser, I thought you liked to ski!
Wolverine: This is sittin' around, drinkin' cocoa, and gettin' funny looks from rich people.
Rogue: Yeah? Well, next time plan, your own durn vacation!
[she leaves]
Gambit: Aw, Chère, wait!... Well, I hope you're happy!
Wolverine: Dunno the meanin' of the word.

Rogue: It IS gettin' kinda late. Maybe I ought to fly us there!
Wolverine: What, and spoil Gumbo's fun?
Gambit: [falls down while trying to ski] Okay... so we don't ski much on the bayou!
Rogue: [laughs] You sure you don't want help?
Gambit: Course not, Gambit's a natural athlete.
[begins to slide backwards down the hill]
Rogue: REMY!

Kurt Wagner: Think of a place I'd rather be, look to it, and I'm there.
Gambit: Gambit rather be in Monte Carlo. Think you can work that out?

Rogue: You sure you're up to this?
Gambit: Sure, cherie!
[groans and touches head]
Gambit: Soon as the room stops spinnin'...

Gambit: Face it, cherie, those monks kiddin' themselves. We on our own in this world. Life is random: deal you a full house, or busted flush.

X-Men Legends II: Rise of Apocalypse (2005) (VG)
Gambit: Oh, dat's gonna leave a mark!

Gambit: [Upon levelling up] Wooh! This's better'n Mardi Gras!

Gambit: [Discussing the insectoids Cerci] I'll just wear me some bug-stompin' boots and we'll be at that door in no time!
Scarlet Witch: Gambit, the Cerci grow to the size of a man and can crush rocks with their mandibles.
Gambit: Oh.

Gambit: Woohoo, I'm the Ragin' Cajun!

Gambit: Ororo, you're as pretty as a sunrise over the bayou, mm-hmm!

"X-Men: Days of Future Past: Part 2 (#1.12)" (1993)
Bishop: I should have known better than to play poker with an assassin.
Gambit: Shut up, fool!
[he throws a card, it explodes harmlessly against Bishop's chest]
Bishop: I can absorb your bio-energy, and channel it right back.
[fires energy blasts from his hands at Gambit, who ducks]
Bishop: That's *my* mutant power.
Wolverine: [pops claws] How would you like to try absorbing *these*?

[Mystique has shape changed to Gambit's form]
Gambit: Surprised to see me? I know I am.

Bishop: [sees two Gambits] TWO of you?
Gambit: That one's an impostor! A shapeshifter!
Bishop: Maybe... Better take you both out, just to be sure!

"X-Men: Beyond Good and Evil: Part 1 (#4.8)" (1995)
Gambit: [sees Bishop's sister Shard] This more MY kinda time-traveller!

Gambit: [to Rogue] This no way to start a honeymoon, huh, cherie?

"X-Men: Beyond Good and Evil: Part 2 (#4.9)" (1995)
Gambit: [about Apocalypse kidnapping psychics] Hey, if they be psychic, they already know, right?
Storm: That is NOT funny, Gambit.

[Logan is tied up in an anchor]
Gambit: How nice ta see ya, Logan. All tied up and nowhere to go?

"X-Men: X-Ternally Yours (#2.6)" (1993)
Cyclops: C'mon Gambit, can't you make this program a little tougher.
Gambit: Why? you don't like Gambit to be gentle.

Bobby Lebeau: Destroy her! Destroy them all!
Gambit: Bobby Shut up. Take away her powers but not her life.

"X-Men: Come the Apocalypse (#1.10)" (1993)
Gambit: You can drain my energy any time, Chère. Gambit has plenty.

[Gambit has just torn a hole in the surface of the pool table]
Storm: Gambit, the term "rec room" does not mean you must wreck it.
Gambit: Storm makes jokes now, what's next?

"X-Men: Night of the Sentinels: Part 1 (#1.1)" (1992)
[inside a gift shop]
Female Cashier: You must like playing with cards.
Gambit: I like Solitaire ok... that is, unless I got someone to play with.

Jubilee: How did you do that?
Gambit: With style, Petite. With style.

"X-Men: Night of the Sentinels: Part 2 (#1.2)" (1992)
Gambit: You wanna play with Gambit? Here, pick a card!

Gambit: Cyclops, give 'em an eyeful!

"X-Men: Slave Island (#1.7)" (1993)
[Gambit is carrying Jubilee over his shoulder]
Gambit: How do you sweat so much, Petite, and not lose weight?
Jubilee: Ooh, I hate you!

Jubilee: That's a Sentinel! I thought we wiped out those overgrown dweebs!
Gambit: There's always more gators in the bayou.

"X-Men: Sanctuary: Part 2 (#4.7)" (1995)
Rogue: Gambit come in you lowlife swamp rat.
Gambit: Chère heh huh, it almost sounds like you miss me.
Rogue: Remy, when I get my hands on you.

Gambit: Chère
Rogue: C'mon, huh just like you to be running around with another woman
Gambit: What took you so long chère, Gambit had to hold this place on his own
Rogue: Just take it easy hotshot and next time you go gallivantin' around some big ol space rock, why don't you some along to look after you?
Wolverine: Ughh you're makin' me sick.

"X-Men: Evolution: Dark Horizon: Part 2 (#3.12)" (2003)
[Searching for Rogue, who has been captured by Mystique and Mesmero, Gambit, Wolverine and Sabertooth are climbing a mountain in Tibet. Wolverine and Sabertooth insist on tracking her their own way]
Gambit: Oh would you two stop sniffing everything and follow the footprints?

[after a failed psychic attack from Mesmero]
Wolverine: Xavier's mental blocks just saved our lives!
Sabretooth: Especially yours. Mesmero was telling me to push you off the mountain. Problem is... I'm still tempted.
Gambit: Do me a favor... Why don't you BOTH jump off the mountain?

Marvel Heroes (2013) (VG)
Gambit: [to Captain America] I wonder what would happen if I threw that shield?

Gambit: Did I just blow your mind?

X-Men: Next Dimension (2002) (VG)
Gambit: Losin's not my style!

"X-Men: Repo Man (#2.5)" (1993)
Jean Grey: Wolverine... I felt him... such pain.
Gambit: Man been a pain since the get-go, Chère.

"X-Men: 'Til Death Do Us Part: Part 1 (#2.1)" (1993)
Gambit: [to Jean at her and Cyclops wedding] Where I come from we always kiss the bride.
[kisses her]
Gambit: [to Rogue who is a bridesmaid] We also kiss the maids.
Rogue: This ain't Cajun country, hun. Zip those lips!

"X-Men: Have Yourself a Morlock Little Christmas (#4.12)" (1995)
[a typical X-Men Christmas... ]
Gambit: [yells] What do you mean not eating? Gambit has spent days on this meal My oyster loafs... my dough glacè
Jean Grey: We could warm it up tomorrow.
Gambit: [yells] Warm it up, you do not warm up such a meal, Gambit does not make TV dinners!

"X-Men: The Dark Phoenix: Part 3 - Dark Phoenix (#3.13)" (1994)
Gambit: Gambit can't help but notice you saved him chère and not Wolverine, must be my way with women.
Rogue: Don't flatter yourself swamp boy.
[Rogue drops Gambit in a pond]
Wolverine: Little piece of advice cajun, never make that woman mad atcha.

"X-Men: Obsession (#3.10)" (1994)
Cyclops: How do you hide something a mile long?
Gambit: Who knows? Deep pockets?

"X-Men: The Cure (#1.9)" (1993)
[dealing with Gambit's flirting]
Rogue: You know what happens when I touch somebody. You wanna end up in the hospital?
Gambit: Maybe it's worth it, no?

"X-Men: Phoenix Saga, Part 3: Cry of the Banshee (#3.5)" (1994)
[Gladiator throws Juggernaught off Cassiday Keep to another island]
Jubilee: Whoa! I didn't think anybody could do that to Juggernaut!
Gambit: Nobody from Earth.

"X-Men: Days of Future Past: Part 1 (#1.11)" (1993)
Gambit: Everybody can relax! Gambit has returned.
Bishop: YOU! You're the reason I've come back!
[draws his rifle]
Gambit: Mon ami! There's been maybe a small mistake...
Bishop: Traitor! Your future end *now!*

"X-Men: Evolution: Cajun Spice (#4.6)" (2003)
Rogue: What is it with you and cards?
Gambit: Well it's like having 52 explosives tucked away in a little pocket. I always save her for last
Rogue: Queen of Hearts
Gambit: [Gambit kisses the card] My lucky lady. She's gotten me out of a whole load of jams
Rogue: Then I need a deck of those