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Shion Uzuki (Character)
from Xenosaga Episode I: Der Wille zur Macht (2002) (VG)

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Xenosaga Episode I: Der Wille zur Macht (2002) (VG)
Lieutenant Commander Vanderkam: You're slacking off! And you!
[smacks his employee]
Lieutenant Commander Vanderkam: And you!
[smacks another employee]
Lieutenant Commander Vanderkam: You're all bunch of slackers!
[Lt. Commander Vanderkam strikes another one of his employee]
Lieutenant Commander Vanderkam: Listen up! You lazy bums are the cause of that accident! You're not getting any time to confess your sins, though. Why not? 'Cause I am not giving it you! If you got time to be sorry, you got time to get your ass in gear! If you got time to think, you got time to get your fingers moving! Don't even start thinkin' you got a brain to think with! You're going to become machines! And work like 'em, day and night! You're all bunch of slackers!
[Lt. Commander Vanderkam continues to smack his employees as Shion watches them from above]
Shion Uzuki: Hm. Boy I guess not every department runs like ours!

KOS-MOS: Furthermore... The escape pod has a maximum capacity of two occupants. I believe it is obvious who gets priority.
Shion Uzuki: How could... How could you say that. Have you no conscience?

KOS-MOS: [after shooting through Lt. Vergil to kill a Gnosis] This ship is about to capsize. Please, make haste.
Shion Uzuki: Wait... KOSMOS... do... do you understand what you've just done?
KOS-MOS: My assigned duty is to protect Vector employees. Protection of military personnel is not part of my prime directive.
Shion Uzuki: That's no excuse! You have no right to go about killing people! Why did you shoot Lt. Vergil? With your power, you don't have to sacrifice anyone to...
KOS-MOS: At that time, Lt. Vergil was n my direct line of fire. Any changes to my firing position to avoid Lt. Virgil, while protecting you, would have resulted in a 30% depreciation in my offensive capabilities. On the other hand, with the Lt.'s death, there would only be a 0.2% drop in efficacy. I simply chose the option with the highest probability to keep you alive. Furthermore, the escape pod has a maximum capacity of two occupants. I believe it is obvious who gets priority.
Shion Uzuki: How could...! How can you even say that! Have you no conscience?
KOS-MOS: Shion. You forget, I am not human. I am merely a weapon. You of all people should be well aware of that fact. What is your decision? Will you board the escape pod, or will you not board the escape pod? If you wish to express remorse for his death, it is best that you survive. Otherwise, you will render his death meaningless.
[walks away]

Shion Uzuki: KOS-MOS... I ought to put you on a diet!

Shion Uzuki: C'mon, Allen! Show them your gratitude.
Allen Ridgeley: Ah... right.
[to Matthews]
Allen Ridgeley: Thank heavens you were around to rescue us. We almost became space dust out there because of my stubborn boss here... Argh!
[Shion stepped on Allen's foot]

Woglinde Employee: Look out!
[Shion came to her sense and a circling obstacle is about to approach Shion and she evaded the obstacle and lands on the floor]
Lieutenant Commander Vanderkam: Watch it, you slacker! Only authorized personnel are allowed up here! I've had three people vanish on me already.
[Shion gets up]
Lieutenant Commander Vanderkam: Get the hell out of here! My men'll start slacking off if they see bimbos like you around.
Shion Uzuki: I'm so sorry.
[Shion walks away]
Lieutenant Commander Vanderkam: Who's the idiot that let civilians on this ship?
[Vanderkam saw one of his employees staring at Shion]
Lieutenant Commander Vanderkam: What the hell are you staring at?
[Vanderkam punches the employee in the face knocking him to the floor. Vanderkam then picks him up by the sleeve]
Lieutenant Commander Vanderkam: Damn slacker!
[Vanderkam gave the employee an uppercut]

Shion Uzuki: Is that why you gave me this PT cartridge? I mean... Do you have any idea what this thing is?
Miyuki Itsumi: Of course!... Or so I like to claim, but I actually just transfered in, so I'm not really sure.

Shion Uzuki: ...What do you think your doing? You left us, and then tried to go to Second Miltia by yourself. Maybe your OS is malfunctioning or something.
KOS-MOS: Yes. That is possible.
Shion Uzuki: [pauses for about 10 seconds] By the way. What were the orders from HQ?
KOS-MOS: Captain Matthews, May I use the Maintenance Lab next to the Hangar?
Shion Uzuki: Just a second KOS-MOS.
Captain Matthews: Yeah, sure. What for?
Shion Uzuki: KOS-MOS?
KOS-MOS: Due to the limitations of the test tube prevential, my energy reserves are almost depleted. I wish to receive a co-generator bypass in order to replenish them.
Shion Uzuki: Hey! What is wrong with you? Answer me KOS-MOS!
Captain Matthews: So, you'll cover the bill right?
Shion Uzuki: KOS-MOS!...
KOS-MOS: -Shion.
Shion Uzuki: ...Um yes?
KOS-MOS: My sensors appear to be malfunctioning. Please adjust them before we disembark at our destination.
Shion Uzuki: W-Why should I?
KOS-MOS: Please Shion. This is a part of your job. Is it not?

Xenosaga Episode III: Also Sprach Zarathustra (2006) (VG)
Shion Uzuki: Jin, now I think I understand what Wilhelm wanted to do just a little bit better. His methods may have been wrong but now I think I understand the logic behind his reasons. Living the same life, over and over again but living those lives without any regrets is what really matters. That's probably what the ideal vision of being human is all about. However, we humans are really not that strong. And we know that we can't live like that. We're creatures that are much more flawed, weak and smaller than that. We hurt others, we lie to ourselves, we hate, we blame others, we regret, but, even if we are weak, and even if it is our fate to disappear entirely, I think the will to change the future is still an important one. We must try to change things around us, little by little. Even if it is one step at a time and even if everything is already pre-determined, it's not something for us to be sad about. No. On the contrary, the future is overflowing with hope. And we have infinite paths to choose from. Isn't that right? chaos? KOS-MOS?