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Quotes for
Beast (Character)
from X-Men: First Class (2011)

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Spider-Man 2: Enter Electro (2001) (VG)
[after Beast leaps down onto a rooftop, Spider-Man runs over and stands in front of him]
Spider-Man: Beast. What's got you bounding about? Not a Sentinel attack, I hope.
Beast: Greetings, my web-slinging compatriot. I noticed perchance your diurnal patrol and thought I would provide you with information of a practical and necessary nature.
Spider-Man: Thanks for the show of interest, Beast. But I've been doing this for a while now. I think I'm okay.
Beast: Indeed. We shall see. Would you mind telling me what this is?
[Spider-Man's Spider-Compass appears on the screen]
Spider-Man: That's my trusty Spider-Compass. It shows me where to go when I'm out and about.
Beast: Hmm. I do believe you are correct, sir. Since you're so smart, why don't you try following me?
[Beast leaps away and Spider-Man follows after him]

[after Spider-Man runs through a question mark icon, Beast drops down onto a rooftop and crouches next to Spider-Man]
Beast: Pretty good, web-head. Now I've seen these all over the city.
[a blue spider-shaped Webbing icon appears on the screen]
Spider-Man: This gives me more webbing.

[Spider-Man and Beast see a Henchman nearby]
Beast: This guy looks like trouble. How do you think we should deal with him?
Spider-Man: Using square and circle, I can punch and kick. And pressing triangle, I can shoot my web.

[after Spider-Man defeats a Henchman, Beast appears]
Beast: Superior performance, Spider-Man. Hmm. I'll wage you could use one of *these*?
[Spider-Man notices a white spider-shaped Health icon nearby]
Spider-Man: One of these will give me more health.

"X-Men: Beyond Good and Evil: Part 1 (#4.8)" (1995)
Beast: [quotes John Ford] "The joys of marriage are the heaven on Earth, life's paradise, the soul's quiet, sinews of concord, Earthly immortality."

Beast: [quotes Gilbert and Sullivan] "And the brass will crash, and the trumpets bray, / and they'll cut a dash on their wedding day!"

Beast: [the Nasty Boys have abandoned Mr Sinister to the X-Men] Mr Sinister is caught between the proverbial rock and a hard place.

"X-Men: Enter Magneto (#1.3)" (1992)
Beast: Magneto, I presume?

Magneto: [Guards open fire on Magneto and Beast] Are these the people whose laws you trust? They don't seem to share your sense of brotherhood.
Beast: They only fight because they fear us, because they don't yet understand.
Magneto: They do understand. Our mutant powers make us superior. That is why they attack us.
Beast: That is why I must stand trial.
[sits down and reshackles himself]
Beast: They must see that we are not a threat to mankind, but are a part of it.

Beast: Your Honor, we mutants yearn only to live in peace with our human brothers. To paraphrase the Bard, I am a mutant. Hath not a mutant senses, affection, fed by the same food, warm'd and cool'd by the same summer and winter as a human is? If you prick us, do we not bleed?
Judge: Don't tempt these people, Mr. McCoy. Please get to the point.

"X-Men: Weapon X, Lies & Videotape (#3.19)" (1995)
Beast: You know this place?
Wolverine: I got my bones here.

Beast: [to Silver Fox] My name is MR MCCOY, madam, not Blue Boy!

Beast: A lie which is half a truth is ever the blackest of lies.

"X-Men: Graduation Day (#5.14)" (1997)
Beast: Is there anything I can do, Charles?
Professor Charles Xavier: [quoting Hamlet] "The friends thou hast, and thy adoption tried, grapple them to thy soul with hoops of steel."

Dr. Moira MacTaggart: You cannot ignore our readings, Hank. It's a miracle we've been able to keep him going this long.
Beast: Yes. We are only human... for lack of a better expression.

"X-Men: Evolution: On Angel's Wings (#2.9)" (2001)
Beast: Be not forgetful to entertain strangers, for thereby some have entertained strangers unawares.
Professor Charles Xavier: Shakespeare?
Beast: The Bible.

Cyclops: You mean he's some kind of demon?
Rogue: [sarcastically] Yeah, right.
Beast: "There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, than are dreamt of in your philosophy."
Rogue: Now that's Shakespeare.

"X-Men: Beyond Good and Evil: Part 3 (#4.10)" (1995)
Cable: He's pure evil, and that's why he's gotta go!
Beast: If Apocalypse is indeed the personification of evil... it may be impossible to destroy him.
Cable: Why?
Beast: The conflict between good and evil is part of the fabric of existence. If Apocalypse is destroyed, evil may only take another form.

[Beast punches a metal horse... which hurts his hand]
Beast: It appears fighting metal with flesh is poor tactics!
[Famine pounces on him, but is knocked out with a blast]
Beast: THAT's more like it!

"X-Men: Time Fugitives: Part 1 (#2.7)" (1993)
Graydon Creed: [being carried by Beast] Put me down!
Beast: Remember Mr. Creed, a mutant saved your life.

"X-Men: Evolution: Uprising (#4.5)" (2003)
Professor Charles Xavier: So, Hank, what is your assessment of the new dome?
Beast: Well, for one thing, they're not actually domes. They're spheres. The pyramids are completely encased in them.
Professor Charles Xavier: Ah, so, no tunneling underneath?
Beast: You had to know it wasn't gonna be that easy. As we've seen, any energy directed at them is multiplied and repulsed... violently.
Professor Charles Xavier: What of the pyramids themselves?
Beast: From what I've learned, both date back to 3000 BC, roughly the same date as Apocalypse's rule in ancient Egypt.
Professor Charles Xavier: Significance?
Beast: We scientists have a special term for that called "I don't know."

"X-Men: The Final Decision (#1.13)" (1993)
Beast: [hanging upside down in a cell, reading] To-morrow, and to-morrow, and to-morrow, Creeps in this petty pace from day to day... Ah, the immortal Bard, so wise about the struggle of the oppressed.
[leaps down and lands on his feet]
Beast: Yet, today, by the good graces of a prominent senator, I find myself no longer numbered among them.

Lego Marvel Super Heroes (2013) (VG)
Beast: [after Juggernaut falls down the stairs] On my stars and garters!
Jean Grey: What does that even mean?

"X-Men: Night of the Sentinels: Part 1 (#1.1)" (1992)
Beast: [Beast is mixing chemicals while hanging upside down] It would be quite disconcerting if this were to detonate... disconcerting, yet provocative.