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Leon S. Kennedy (Character)
from Resident Evil 4 (2005) (VG)

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Resident Evil 4 (2005) (VG)
Luis Sera: Okay, I have only one, very important question: You got a smoke?
Leon S. Kennedy: Got gum.

Jack Krauser: What is it that you fight for, comrade?
Leon S. Kennedy: My past I suppose.
Jack Krauser: I see you've honed your skills.

Ada Wong: Put your hands where I can see them.
Leon S. Kennedy: Sorry, but following a ladies lead just isn't my style.

Leon S. Kennedy: [after unconsciously strangling Ada] ... Sorry.

Leon S. Kennedy: [showing the villager a photo of Ashley] I was wondering if you might recognize the girl in this photograph?
Villager: ¿Qué carajo estás haciendo aquí? ¡Lárgate, cabrón!
Leon S. Kennedy: Sorry to have bothered you.

Leon S. Kennedy: [after witnessing his rescue helicopter get shot down] Miiiiiike!

Ashley Graham: [the pair have just leapt down a garbage chute, much to Ashley's consternation] Are you out of your mind?
Leon S. Kennedy: I knew you'd be fine if you landed on your butt.

Leon S. Kennedy: [the villagers who until a second ago were trying to kill him have all just upped and left at the sound of a bell] Where's everyone going? Bingo?

Leon S. Kennedy: Used to be a cop myself, only for a day though.
Luis Sera: I thought I was bad...
Leon S. Kennedy: Somehow I managed to get myself involved with the incident in Raccoon City, on my first day in the force.
Luis Sera: That is the incident with the viral outbreak, right? I think I might have seen a sample of the virus in the lab at my department.

Ramon Salazar: I've sent my right hand to dispose of you.
Leon S. Kennedy: Your right hand comes off?

Ashley Graham: [looking into a garbage chute] It stinks!
Leon S. Kennedy: Sure does.
[looks at Ashley and smiles]
Ashley Graham: Uh-uh! No Way, Leon!
Leon S. Kennedy: Way!
[grabs her and both jump down]

[Bitores Mendez throws Leon and then Leon kicks one of the gasoline barrel, making it leak gasoline towards Mendez as Leon aims his handgun at the gasoline puddle]
Leon S. Kennedy: Hasta luego.
[Leon fires his handgun at the gasoline puddle and explodes towards Mendez]

Leon S. Kennedy: [after Leon arrives on Saddler's island, Saddler calls him] I hate to break it out to you, but Salazar's dead.
Osmund Saddler: Yes, it seems that way.
Leon S. Kennedy: Saddler why don't you give up and let Ashley go home?
Osmund Saddler: Perhaps you are disillusioned with overconfidence, just because you killed my small-time subordinate?
Leon S. Kennedy: Saddler, you're small time.
Osmund Saddler: [laughs] Writhe in my cage of torment, my friend.

Leon S. Kennedy: Sadler, you bastard!

Passenger Policia: Yo, who are you, really? Come on and tell us. You are a long way from home cowboy, you have my sympathies.
Leon S. Kennedy: Guess that's a locals way of breaking the ice. Anyway, you know what this is all about, my assignment is to search for the president's missing daughter.
Passenger Policia: What? All by yourself?
Leon S. Kennedy: I'm sure you boys didn't just tag along so we could sing Kumbiya together at some boyscout bonfire, then again, maybe you did.
Passenger Policia: Ha! Oh you crazy American, it's a direct order from the chief himself, I tell you it's no picnic.

Osmund Saddler: [Saddler tries to control Leon by the controlling the plagas inside of him, but it doesn't work] Hmm?
Leon S. Kennedy: [points his knife at Saddler] Better try a new trick, cause that one's getting old.
[cuts Ada Wong down from where she was being held]
Leon S. Kennedy: You okay?
Ada Wong: I've been better.
Osmund Saddler: Hm, hm, hm, hm, hm, hm.
Leon S. Kennedy: [puzzled] What's so funny?
Osmund Saddler: Oh, I think you know. The "American prevailing" is a cliche that only happens in your Hollywood movies. Oh Mr. Kennedy, you entertain me. To show my appreciation, I will help you awaken from your world of clichés.
[Saddler turns into a giant spider-like creature]
Leon S. Kennedy: Ada, stand back.
[he and Saddler start fighting]

Luis Sera: [slams the door open and looks at Leon] Leon! I got it!
[a parasite digs in his back and Luis drops the sample as his wounds became fatal, the parasite slams Luis' body to the floor]
Osmund Saddler: [gets the Sample that Luis drops] Now that I have the sample you serve me no purpose!
[Leon became angry]
Leon S. Kennedy: Saddler!
Osmund Saddler: My boy Salazar will make sure you follow the same fate.
[Saddler left the scene]
Leon S. Kennedy: Stay with me Luis!
Luis Sera: [to Leon, while he's on the floor bleeding heavily] I am a researcher, hired by Saddler. He found out what I was up to... he he... ugh.
Leon S. Kennedy: Don't talk...
Luis Sera: [takes Leon's arm off his wound] Here... it should suppress growth of the parasite. The sample Saddler took it... you have to get it back...
[Luis dies from his wounds]
Leon S. Kennedy: Luis! LUIIIISSSS!

Ashley Graham: [after saving Leon from the parasite] So... How do you feel?
Leon S. Kennedy: [Gasping for Air] Like a Million Bucks

Ramon Salazar: I was starting to wonder when you might notice us us...
Leon S. Kennedy: Who're you?
Ramon Salazar: Me llamo Ramon Salazar, the eighth castilian of this magnificent architecture. I have been honored with the prodigious power, from the great Lord Saddler. I've been expecting you my brethrens.
Leon S. Kennedy: No thanks, bro.
Ramon Salazar: My, my, we've got a feisty one. If you care for your own well being, I suggest you surrender yourself and simply... become our hostage. Or Mr.Scott, you can give us the girl, because you're not worth a penny I am afraid. You can Die.
[He Leaves]
Ashley Graham: [Looks at Leon] I'm never turning into one of them! Never!
Leon S. Kennedy: You got that right, we'll find a cure.

Leon S. Kennedy: Ashley, go hide!

Leon S. Kennedy: [to Osmund Saddler] What did you do to her?

Leon S. Kennedy: [Leon asks Luis why he is willing to help them] Why're you-?
Luis Sera: It... makes me feel better. Let's just leave it at that.

[Leon and Ashley boards the jet ski]
Leon S. Kennedy: Hang on, sweetheart!
[Leon begins escaping the collapsing island by driving the jet ski out of the tunnel]

Jack Krauser: All for Umbrella's sake...
Leon S. Kennedy: Umbrella?
Jack Krauser: Almost let it slip... Die, comrade!

Osmund Saddler: Ah! I have an idea! Since you're here, why don't I introduce you to 'It'? 'It' should keep you busy.
Leon S. Kennedy: Can't remember the name huh? A senior moment perhaps?

[Leon managed to save himself from falling into the pit trap leading to impalement by throwing his grappling hook at the wall]
Ramon Salazar: [listening to the macrophone] Hmm... Where's the satisfying sound of one's impalement?
Leon S. Kennedy: [holding the grappling hook's rope and aiming his handgun] Won't fall for this old trick.
[Leon shoots at the bell]
Ramon Salazar: [heard the bell ring loudly in his ears] Ehh! How dare you! No more games!
[to his subordinates]
Ramon Salazar: Kill him! KILL!

[Saddler tries to control Leon's body which Saddler is unaware that the parasite is no longer in Leon's body]
Leon S. Kennedy: [pulls out his dagger] Better try a new trick 'cause that one's getting old!

[Leon receives a final radio transmission from Hunnigan]
Leon S. Kennedy: Hunnigan is that you?
Ingrid Hunnigan: Finally... The line's jack free.
Leon S. Kennedy: [noticed Hunnigan not wearing glasses] Hey Hunnigan, no glasses...
Ingrid Hunnigan: Forget the glasses. What's the status of the mission?
Leon S. Kennedy: I've rescued the subject. We're returning home.
Ingrid Hunnigan: You did it Leon!
Leon S. Kennedy: Thanks. You know you're kinda cute without those glasses. Gimme your number when I get back?
Ingrid Hunnigan: [a little jealous] May I remind you that you're still on duty.
Leon S. Kennedy: [sighs] Story of my life...

[repeated line]
Leon S. Kennedy: Shit!

Leon S. Kennedy: I came here looking for this girl. You seen her?
Luis Sera: What, you supposed to be a cop or something? Nah, you don't look the type.
Leon S. Kennedy: Maybe.
Luis Sera: Okay... Let me guess. She's the President's daughter?
Leon S. Kennedy: That's too good for a guess. Wanna start explaining?
Luis Sera: Psychic powers... Nah, just kidding with you, amigo.

[Leon takes the elevator down to the first floor and approaches Ashley as the island is set to blow up from Ada's detonator]
Ashley Graham: Leon!
Leon S. Kennedy: We have to get off this island now! It's gonna blow any minute.
Ashley Graham: [wrist grabbed by Leon] It's gonna what?
[Leon who grabs Ashley's wrist rushes into the cave that leads to the ski jet]

Leon S. Kennedy: Don't worry Ashley! I'm coming for ya'!

Leon S. Kennedy: Rain or shine, you're going down!

Ada Wong: [waiting in motor boat] Need a ride hansome?
Leon S. Kennedy: Okay.

Leon S. Kennedy: [after Ada grables up and motor boat goes out of control briefly] Women!

Ramon Salazar: What a pleasant surprise. But I'm afraid it's Ashley we need, not you, Mr. Kennedy.
Leon S. Kennedy: If you don't need me, then get off my back, old man!
Ramon Salazar: [mock gasps] Did you say "old man", Mr. Kennedy? It might come as a surprise, but I'm only twenty years old.

Leon S. Kennedy: So you're just like all the others, a puppet of the Parasites?
Ramon Salazar: Surely you don't think I'm the same as those diminutive Ganados? The Parasites, Las Plagas are slaves to my will, I have absolute control.
Leon S. Kennedy: Well, I really don't give a damn; rain or shine, you're going down.

Ramon Salazar: [as Salazar has Ashley in his grip, he is on the phone with Leon] I wonder if you can see me, Mr. Kennedy?
Leon S. Kennedy: [angry] If you even scratch her, I'll break your bones.
Ramon Salazar: First we shall see if you can make it this far. I'll be waiting.

Ashley Graham: So when you take me back to my place, how about we do some 'overtime'?
Leon S. Kennedy: Uh, sorry.
Ashley Graham: Somehow I knew you'd say that, but it doesn't hurt to ask you know. So, who was that woman anyway?
Leon S. Kennedy: Why do you ask?
Ashley Graham: Come on, tell me!
Leon S. Kennedy: She's like a part of me I can't let go. Let's leave it at that.

Resident Evil: Damnation (2012)
[from trailer]
Leon S. Kennedy: If you don't stop messing around with that thing, you're gonna get us all killed.

Leon S. Kennedy: Great. Now I got a cowardly lion to deal with.

JD: What I mean is being in America is a lot more fun than being here, right?
Leon S. Kennedy: I wouldn't know.
JD: The hamburgers, man. The fried chicken. The food in your country's fantastic. I could eat it everyday.
Leon S. Kennedy: Thanks for the valuable insight.
JD: And the Hollywood movies. I love those things. I have 50 DVDs. None of them are pirated.
Leon S. Kennedy: I thought you guys hated America.
JD: Sure, we hate it. But things made in America? Now that's different.

Leon S. Kennedy: I was looking forward to showing you America.
[shoots Plaga infected JD]

Buddy: The American and the Russians had us in the palm of their hands from the beginning.
Leon S. Kennedy: That's what it looks like.
Buddy: Did you know about this?
Leon S. Kennedy: No. If I did, I'd still be enjoying my vacation.

Buddy: I've lost everything. My mentor, my friends. I have nothing left to fight for. Kill me. Please. I don't want to change into one of those monsters. Well, I guess there is no other choice.
Leon S. Kennedy: I'd feel the same way if I was you. But the option of taking our own lives no longer belongs to us. Once we start using these, we owe it to the people who died alongside us. We have to continue living. Even if it means living the rest of our lives without the use of your limbs. That is my answer and your answer, Buddy.

Ingrid Hunnigan: Listen to me carefully, Leon. Your mission has been aborted. The U.S. is going to pull out of the country.
Leon S. Kennedy: What? I just got here. After taking me off furlough and sending me to this godforsaken place? What the hell?
Ingrid Hunnigan: Washington and the government there have decided to go their separate ways. Everyone has to leave, not just embassy staff. All American citizens have been to evacuate the country.
Leon S. Kennedy: I don't give a damn about the politics. We've got confirmation that B.O.W.'s are being used in this war. If we don't stop them now, the same shit will happen everywhere else. Do you really want to see that?
Ingrid Hunnigan: This is a war and things are different. No one can do anything without backup from the American government. Not even you.
Leon S. Kennedy: Well, then I guess my only option is to lose my American citizenship for a while.
Ingrid Hunnigan: Leon!
[switches off comm]
Leon S. Kennedy: She can tell them I got lost and missed my flight.

Leon S. Kennedy: Do I look like I need a pruning?

Leon S. Kennedy: Did you release the Plaga?
Ada Wong: Don't make me laugh. I'm not interested in defective products. I'm just here to lend them a hand.
Leon S. Kennedy: Them?
Ada Wong: Although it seems as if my help wasn't needed.
Leon S. Kennedy: What are you doing here?
Ada Wong: If they attack the capital, it'll make my job a lot easier. That's all. By the way, when are we going to carry on from where we left off that night?
Leon S. Kennedy: Any time but now.
Ada Wong: You're angry with me, aren't you? Suits you.
[shoots her grapple gun through the hole in the ceiling and leaves]
Ada Wong: Quick word of warning. This town will be purged soon!
Leon S. Kennedy: Women.

Resident Evil 2 (1998) (VG)
[after Ada falls over the railing, Leon takes the G-Virus vial out of his pocket]
Leon Kennedy: So... this is what everyone is dying for!
[Leon throws the vial off the catwalk]

Ada Wong: [as Leon is running on a catwalk, Ada appears behind him] Leon... I've been waiting for you, Leon...
[points gun at him]
Leon Kennedy: What are you doing?
Ada Wong: You know what this is about... so just hand over the G-Virus...
Leon Kennedy: I don't believe this... Annette was right... about everything!
Ada Wong: [walks forward] That's why I told you to leave without me, but you wouldn't listen! Now hand it over! Don't make me shoot you.
Leon Kennedy: You can't do that.
Ada Wong: [pause, and Ada lowers the gun]
Ada Wong: [screams as Annette shoots her from behind, and she begins to fall off the railing of the bridge]
Leon Kennedy: [Runs and grabs her hand, stopping her from falling to her death] Ada! Ada, I've got you! Don't give up!
Dr. Annette Birkin: The G-Virus... G... Virus...
[passes out from earlier wounds]
Ada Wong: Leon... it's over, just... let me go...
Leon Kennedy: Shut up! You're going to make it!
Ada Wong: It's too late, Leon... we both know it...
Leon Kennedy: No! I promised you that we would escape! You just have to help me out here!
Ada Wong: I... really... wanted... to escape with you Leon... escape from... everything... goodbye...
[Leon loses his grip and Ada falls]
Leon Kennedy: Ada!
[fall to his knees, hitting the floor with his hands]
Leon Kennedy: No!
[slowly gets up and pulls out the G-Virus vial taken from Annette]
Leon Kennedy: So... this is what everyone's been dying for...
[throws it over the edge]

Dr. Annette Birkin: [points gun at Leon] You! You murdered my husband! I know what you're looking for! You came for the G-Virus, didn't you? Well, you're not taking this from me, this is my husband's legacy! Now... where's that spy you were working with earlier? You know who I'm talking about...
Leon Kennedy: What?
Dr. Annette Birkin: You really don't know anything, do you? You're so gullible! She is a spy... the only reason she came here is to obtain the G-Virus...
Leon Kennedy: That's a lie!
Dr. Annette Birkin: No, it's the truth... She specifically got close to the researcher John and became his girlfriend, to get information about the G-Virus...
Leon Kennedy: That can't be! I know her... Ada wouldn't do something like that!
Dr. Annette Birkin: If you don't want to listen, I don't really care. You're about to die anyway...
[laboratory begins shaking]
Dr. Annette Birkin: What's happening?
[screams as a piece of ceiling crashes down on her]

Leon Kennedy: It's over.
Claire: No. I have to find my brother.
Leon Kennedy: You're right. This is just the beginning.

Claire: [talk to Leon via radio] Leon, you there? We're leaving.
Leon Kennedy: Are you crazy? The streets are crawling with zombies!
Claire: It'll be okay. I found a way out through the sewers. Follow us later!
Leon Kennedy: Claire. Claire! Wait, wait!
[Claire turns off the radio]
Leon Kennedy: Man, why doesn't anyone ever listen to me?

Leon Kennedy: Hey, it's up to us to take out Umbrella.

Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles (2009) (VG)
Claire Redfield: [Referring to finding Ada] You're just trying to impress her. Ugh! Men!
Leon S. Kennedy: Ugh! Women!

Leon S. Kennedy: Look it's Trenchy again! Over Trenchy, come and get me!

Leon S. Kennedy: I just got here myself.
Claire Redfield: Well then... I guess I won't rely on you to show me about.

Leon S. Kennedy: It's Trenchy again. Over here Trenchy!

Leon S. Kennedy: Krauser, wait!
Jack Krauser: Yeah? What's wrong?
Leon S. Kennedy: Look. There's something wrong with this guy.

Resident Evil 6 (2012) (VG)
Derek C. Simmons: The president spoke highly of you, Agent Kennedy.
Leon S. Kennedy: Likewise. He told me you'd been friends for 30 years.
Derek C. Simmons: Tell me, is it true you were the only ones present at the time of his death?
Leon S. Kennedy: What are you saying?
Derek C. Simmons: Well, you must be aware that you are both suspects in this attack?
Helena Harper: What?
Derek C. Simmons: Agent Harper, at the time of the attack you had abandoned your post, leaving the president vulnerable. You must admit such behavior is suspicious.
Helena Harper: You son of a bitch! You're the one who planned all this!
Derek C. Simmons: With what evidence could you base such an outrageous accusation? I am the National Security Advisor. It's my job to prevent terrorist attacks, not cause them.
Helena Harper: You liar!
Leon S. Kennedy: Helena!
Derek C. Simmons: If the two of you feel so strongly about your innocence, then you should have no problem turning yourselves in.
Helena Harper: I'm going to make him pay!
Leon S. Kennedy: Looks like things just went from bad to worse.

Jake Muller: [after spotting Ustanak] Him again?
Leon S. Kennedy: Friend of yours?
Jake Muller: More like an ex-girlfriend. Guy doesn't know when to quit.
Leon S. Kennedy: Welcome to the club. You get used to it.

Ada Wong: I was just resting my eyes.
Leon S. Kennedy: Shouldn't sleep on the job.

Derek C. Simmons: Agent Kennedy, I suggest you stay away from Wong! She has no intentions of being with you!
Leon S. Kennedy: That's not what she said last night.
Helena Harper: Oh! Apply cold water to the BURNED area!

Resident Evil: Degeneration (2008)
Claire Redfield: [Leon has just saved her from a zombie] Leon... what are you doing here?
Leon S. Kennedy: I could ask you the same thing.
Claire Redfield: You're the one?
Senator Ron Davis: Is this it?
Leon S. Kennedy: Yep.
Senator Ron Davis: Reinforcements?
Leon S. Kennedy: None, we're getting out alone.
Senator Ron Davis: Is it too much to hope you at least have some sort of a plan?
Leon S. Kennedy: We're gonna run across the lobby.
Senator Ron Davis: Are you insane? The lobby is crawling with those creatures!
Leon S. Kennedy: It's also the widest area. It's too dangerous to take the long way around.
Claire Redfield: He's right.
[the Senator looks at her]
Claire Redfield: They aren't fast, we can get by them.
Senator Ron Davis: Oh yeah? And since when did the N.G.O member become such an authority on the subject!
Leon S. Kennedy: She's one of the rare survivors of Raccoon City. She has more experience with this kind of hellish nightmare than anyone else here.
Greg Glenn: [talking to Angela] Hey, Raccoon City, isn't that where the...?
Angela Miller: Yes.
[she looks at Claire]

Leon S. Kennedy: Try not to get killed.
Claire Redfield: Okay, ditto.

Leon S. Kennedy: [to Claire as they are about to part ways] If we ever bump into each other again, let's meet someplace more... normal.

Leon S. Kennedy: [after fighting a zombie, looks at Claire] You okay?
Claire Redfield: Barely.

Resident Evil: Retribution (2012)
Leon S. Kennedy: Fall back to the elevator!
Barry Burton: You go! I'm gonna stay here for a while.
Leon S. Kennedy: Barry.
Barry Burton: When the countdown gets to zero, you have to be on that elevator! Someone's got to stay, Leon. Besides...
[guns down a guard]
Barry Burton: I'm kinda enjoying myself!

Alice: Boys? You mind?
Leon S. Kennedy: Shall we?
Barry Burton: My pleasure.

Luther West: Leon, why don't we just trigger the explosives remotely?
Leon S. Kennedy: Can't risk them jamming the signal. And whether we succeed or not, this facility has to be destroyed.
Luther West: What if we take longer than two hours?
Barry Burton: Then I hope you're really good at holding your breath.