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Commander Margulis (Character)
from Xenosaga Episode I: Der Wille zur Macht (2002) (VG)

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Xenosaga Episode III: Also Sprach Zarathustra (2006) (VG)
Wilhelm: You probably don't know the origin of Ormus, so I shall tell you. Ormus was born approximately 6,000 years ago. It began from the death of the man you worship as your Lord. Officially, it existed to convey the man's existence to coming generations. But its true purpose... was to manage the "words" he passed on. The program you call Lemegeton is, in fact, those words. It's a failsafe installed by God that can cause this universe to dissipate. Though it appears the man you call your Lord didn't know that. Of course that was to be expected, for those were the words of Yeshua. To protect the universe from dissipation, I created an organization to manage and watch over those words. That's Ormus's true objective. Not just the words, but also the artifacts of God, passed down from ancient times. All of them are beyond human control.
Margulis: Are you saying our devout wish to return to Lost Jerusalem is all a lie?
Wilhelm: Yes, exactly. You needed words, faith, to define who you are. What were you planning on doing once you returned to that place? It disappeared because it was fated to. Because of human action.
Margulis: Then all we've done so far, all we've worked for was meaningless?
Wilhelm: It wasn't meaningless as long as you, yourself, believe it wasn't meaningless. After all, that's why I've continued to exist. Now, what will you do, Margulis? You must make a decision that will define who you are. Will you leave this place, or...
Margulis: I-I...
Wilhelm: Yes. You are a man who has lived a life without regret. You truly are a worthy actor to decorate the final stage.

Margulis: I, too, was unable to rise above my human existence. It may have been I who sealed this planet into a nightmare. You could say I was pure. If I'd stopped to think for a moment, it all would have been obvious. But the word "martyrdom" seduced and clouded my eyes.
Jin Uzuki: Colonel, for that word, your followers believed in you... and laid down their own lives. So why are you here? Why are you not beside them?
Margulis: Uzuki, those who died with their beliefs were the happy ones. But what about me? There's nothing more pathetic than a pet who's been abandoned by his master. Lacking the strength of the wild, he merely exposes his pitiful form to the world, and waits to die. Heh! But it is the same for you. Ormus, Vector, the Federation, Miltia... all of them were nothing but actors for the one objective. What does the term "People of Zohar" mean for us now? We're just fools made to dance to a tune of lies.
Jin Uzuki: Why do you still fight us if you know that?
Margulis: Even a fool has his pride.

Jin Uzuki: Your movement is impressive, as I expected, Colonel. But this is only the tip of my power!
Margulis: You always have something to say. Let's see how much you can talk once you've tasted my blade!

Xenosaga Episode I: Der Wille zur Macht (2002) (VG)
Albedo: I see. So, what do you want me to do?
Commander Margulis: The situation is proceeding as planned. Don't interfere with it for now. Of course, I can't imagine the Second Miltian government and the Kukai Foundation will simply hand it over. If the situation warrants, we may have to use... the Song of Nephilim.
Albedo: Now this is a surprise. I thought you hated it with a passion.
Commander Margulis: I'm just saying, that even your toys have their uses.
Albedo: Then why don't you join me? We can enjoy the show together.
Commander Margulis: Thank, I'll pass. I don't share your perverse taste in hobbies.
[Albedo laughs]
Albedo: Yeah right, you gutless bastard.

Commander Margulis: How are you feeling, 100-Series Realian? Is the food here unsatisfactory? Even Realians require nourishment, you know. Are the Federation's 100-Series Realians so ill-mannered that they don't even reply to simple questions?
MOMO: I don't like that name.
Commander Margulis: Well, my goodness, pardon me. And what would you like to be called, Miss 100-Series Realian?
MOMO: I don't like strangers to be calling me by my name.