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Quotes for
Mondo (Character)
from Generation X (1996) (TV)

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Generation X (1996) (TV)
Mondo: You know I don't like Jello.

Kurt Pastorius: You know, having stretchy skin ain't the kinda thing that's gonna make you a star around here...
Angelo Espinosa: And I suppose looking through pantyhose is real special huh?
Kurt Pastorius: ...listen "dermoflex"... you have got to try and get by on your personality. Accept the fact that the mutant god was in a viciously funny mood when it was your turn in line.
Angelo Espinosa: I think the joke's on all of us esse'.
Mondo: See now there he goes again running that little mouth of his.
Angelo Espinosa: You okay man? You getting proper nutrition?
Mondo: What does it look like?
[Flexes muscles]
Mondo: ... boom, ping, PING!
Angelo Espinosa: Okay man, look like Schwarzenegger don't gotta worry 'bout you.
Mondo: Yeah well he better, cause I can become as solid as anything I touch man. Wood, rock, steel, it's ALL good!
Angelo Espinosa: What happens when you eat jello esse'?
Kurt Pastorius: Haha...
Mondo: [stares at Refrax] You know I don't like jello...
Kurt Pastorius: Oh I know... it was just very funny.
Mondo: I'm still big.
Kurt Pastorius: Oh you're huge!

Kurt Pastorius: You know, I think my vision is getting stronger. Arlee, is that you in there? Mmm. Outstanding glutes!
Arlee Hicks: I know that you can't see through that door because it is a sheilded fire wall, but when you do get stronger and try to look through my clothes I'm gonna tear your head off and re-attatch it to his butt!
Mondo: No one's touching my butt!