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Luis Sera (Character)
from Resident Evil 4 (2005) (VG)

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Resident Evil 4 (2005) (VG)
Luis Sera: Okay, I have only one, very important question: You got a smoke?
Leon S. Kennedy: Got gum.

Luis Sera: [checking out Ashley's figure] Well, I see that the President has equipped his daughter with ballistics too!

Luis Sera: [guns fired] Did you send those invitations?... I told you no more than fifty people!

Leon S. Kennedy: Used to be a cop myself, only for a day though.
Luis Sera: I thought I was bad...
Leon S. Kennedy: Somehow I managed to get myself involved with the incident in Raccoon City, on my first day in the force.
Luis Sera: That is the incident with the viral outbreak, right? I think I might have seen a sample of the virus in the lab at my department.

Luis Sera: [slams the door open and looks at Leon] Leon! I got it!
[a parasite digs in his back and Luis drops the sample as his wounds became fatal, the parasite slams Luis' body to the floor]
Osmund Saddler: [gets the Sample that Luis drops] Now that I have the sample you serve me no purpose!
[Leon became angry]
Leon S. Kennedy: Saddler!
Osmund Saddler: My boy Salazar will make sure you follow the same fate.
[Saddler left the scene]
Leon S. Kennedy: Stay with me Luis!
Luis Sera: [to Leon, while he's on the floor bleeding heavily] I am a researcher, hired by Saddler. He found out what I was up to... he he... ugh.
Leon S. Kennedy: Don't talk...
Luis Sera: [takes Leon's arm off his wound] Here... it should suppress growth of the parasite. The sample Saddler took it... you have to get it back...
[Luis dies from his wounds]
Leon S. Kennedy: Luis! LUIIIISSSS!

Leon S. Kennedy: [Leon asks Luis why he is willing to help them] Why're you-?
Luis Sera: It... makes me feel better. Let's just leave it at that.

Luis Sera: There is supposed to be some obvious symptom, before you turn into one of them anyway.

[if Leon intentionally shoots Luis enough times during the assault in Barricade Cabin, Luis gets shot in the right shoulder from Leon's handgun bullets]
Luis Sera: [clenching his right shoulder] Adios, Leon!
[Luis intentionally shoots and kills Leon as Leon made a fatal mistake and lost his trust. Your game is over if this happens]

Leon S. Kennedy: I came here looking for this girl. You seen her?
Luis Sera: What, you supposed to be a cop or something? Nah, you don't look the type.
Leon S. Kennedy: Maybe.
Luis Sera: Okay... Let me guess. She's the President's daughter?
Leon S. Kennedy: That's too good for a guess. Wanna start explaining?
Luis Sera: Psychic powers... Nah, just kidding with you, amigo.

Luis Sera: It's game time!