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Balrog (Character)
from Street Fighter (1994)

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Street Fighter (1994)
Zangief: [on Guile] He vas a brave man... a true warrior.
Cammy: [crying] He told us to leave. We did the right thing.
Balrog: Well it still feels pretty wrong to me.

Ryu: I know you, you're Edmond Honda, the sumo from Hawaii. Almost made Yokozuna.
E. Honda: Until the Shadaloo Tong destroyed my reputation.
Balrog: They did the same thing to me in my boxing career.
[Ken looks at Chun-Li]
Ken: [Coldly] Don't tell me. Figure skating?

[the torturer cracks his whip several times at Honda's back and Honda doesn't make a sound. Balrog starts to laugh]
Bison's torturer: [to Balrog] You're next, yankee.
Balrog: Uh, I think I want to lie down first.
[the torturer punches Balrog in the face and leaves the room]
Balrog: And take a bath.
Balrog: [notices Honda's wounds] How do you keep from crying out?
E. Honda: I'm a sumo, brother. My body can be in one place, my mind another.
Balrog: Do me a favor. Next time your mind leaves, tell it to bring back a pizza.

E. Honda: Watch your back, Li.
Chun Li: Oh, I didn't know you cared.
Balrog: We don't. You're the only one who can pay for our expense accounts.

Balrog: [Balrog and Honda are chained in prison. Balrog grabs his chain] Honda, give me a hand.
E. Honda: We've only been in prison two hours. Maybe next month.

Balrog: [Balrog and Honda are throttling Ken and Ryu with their chains] Well well, if it isn't our little buddies who double-crossed us.
[Ken tries to speak]
Balrog: What did he say?
E. Honda: Hail to M. Bison. These guys are fanatics
Ken: [Disgruntled] We're on the same side!
Balrog: I think he said he can lead us outside.
[Balrog and Honda release them]
Ken: What I said was "we're on the same side!"

E. Honda: [Bison's logo appears on the monitor in his news van] What the hell? Balrog! Balrog, do you believe this?
Balrog: [Holding video camera] Believe this Honda? Man, I'm shootin' it.

"Street Fighter: The Later Years: Episode #1.5" (2007)
Balrog: It's me, Balrog. You know, the boxer.
Zangief: What are you're special moves?
Balrog: I *punch* really hard.
Dhalsim: Do you... kick?
Balrog: What's a kick?

"Street Fighter: The Animated Series: The Medium Is the Message (#1.8)" (1995)
M. Bison: [M. Bison is watching the Street Fighters getting pummeled by his mutant warriors on his handheld device]
M. Bison: This is delicious!
Balrog: Guess you won't be needing those tapes I made for ya. You want me to get rid of them?
M. Bison: Don't be hasty. Not until I see those Street Fighters pummeled to dust, which should be any moment now.
[a mutant charges Guile, knocking him down]
M. Bison: YES! YES!

Street Fighter II: The Animated Movie (1994)
[after running headfirst into Balrog]
Edmond Honda: Hi there. And you are?
Balrog: I'm the welcome wagon, it's nice to meet you friend.