Ashley Graham
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Ashley Graham (Character)
from Resident Evil 4 (2005) (VG)

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Resident Evil 4 (2005) (VG)
Ashley Graham: [the pair have just leapt down a garbage chute, much to Ashley's consternation] Are you out of your mind?
Leon S. Kennedy: I knew you'd be fine if you landed on your butt.

Ashley Graham: [looking into a garbage chute] It stinks!
Leon S. Kennedy: Sure does.
[looks at Ashley and smiles]
Ashley Graham: Uh-uh! No Way, Leon!
Leon S. Kennedy: Way!
[grabs her and both jump down]

Ashley Graham: So ehm, after you take me back to my place, how about we do some overtime?

Ashley Graham: [after saving Leon from the parasite] So... How do you feel?
Leon S. Kennedy: [Gasping for Air] Like a Million Bucks

Ramon Salazar: I was starting to wonder when you might notice us us...
Leon S. Kennedy: Who're you?
Ramon Salazar: Me llamo Ramon Salazar, the eighth castilian of this magnificent architecture. I have been honored with the prodigious power, from the great Lord Saddler. I've been expecting you my brethrens.
Leon S. Kennedy: No thanks, bro.
Ramon Salazar: My, my, we've got a feisty one. If you care for your own well being, I suggest you surrender yourself and simply... become our hostage. Or Mr.Scott, you can give us the girl, because you're not worth a penny I am afraid. You can Die.
[He Leaves]
Ashley Graham: [Looks at Leon] I'm never turning into one of them! Never!
Leon S. Kennedy: You got that right, we'll find a cure.

[if you make Leon look under Ashley from the lower area]
Ashley Graham: Ah! You pervert!

[says it sometimes when Leon is knocked to the floor near Ashley's legs]
Ashley Graham: [holding her skirt] Ah! What are you looking at?

[Leon takes the elevator down to the first floor and approaches Ashley as the island is set to blow up from Ada's detonator]
Ashley Graham: Leon!
Leon S. Kennedy: We have to get off this island now! It's gonna blow any minute.
Ashley Graham: [wrist grabbed by Leon] It's gonna what?
[Leon who grabs Ashley's wrist rushes into the cave that leads to the ski jet]

Ashley Graham: So when you take me back to my place, how about we do some 'overtime'?
Leon S. Kennedy: Uh, sorry.
Ashley Graham: Somehow I knew you'd say that, but it doesn't hurt to ask you know. So, who was that woman anyway?
Leon S. Kennedy: Why do you ask?
Ashley Graham: Come on, tell me!
Leon S. Kennedy: She's like a part of me I can't let go. Let's leave it at that.