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Quotes for
Ryu (Character)
from "Street Fighter II: V" (1995)

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Street Fighter (1994)
Ken: This sucks! Those guys are good guys, like us!
Ryu: Lately, I don't feel very good.

Zangief: [to Ryu and Ken] Now you look like Bison troopers! This is vhere ve train in our glorious struggle against the Allied Nations' tyranny!
Ken: [to a Bison trooper] How ya doin'?
Ryu: [to another trooper] Hey, lookin' great!
Ken: [to another trooper] Nice gun!
Ryu: [to another trooper] Hey, great uniforms!
Ken: [to another trooper] Long live Bison!
Ryu: Yep, Bison.
Zangief: I see you later, in the commissary, ah?
[salutes them and leaves]
Ken: You get a good look at that video map?
Ryu: Just got the left half.
Ken: Good. I got the right.

Ken: Sayonara, buddy!
Ryu: Come on! Let's go! Where are you going, man?
Ken: What are you, nuts? Ryu, Guile put a gun to our head! We did our part! The real soldiers are here, and we're gone!
Ryu: What's wrong with you, man? There's people fighting upstairs! Dying upstairs!
Ken: Yeah, and they get paid for it! We don't! Now you comin' with me or not? Maybe before this place blows up we can find something worthwhile!
Ryu: No thanks! I already found something worthwhile.
Ken: I don't understand!
Ryu: I know you don't.

Colonel Guile: I guess you've earned your passports home.
Ryu: You can hang onto them.
Ken: Somebody's gonna have to help put this country back together. Maybe a couple of hustlers can help.
Colonel Guile: Ever think of, uh, enlisting?
Ryu, Ken: Oh, no, no, no, no.

Ryu: I know you, you're Edmond Honda, the sumo from Hawaii. Almost made Yokozuna.
E. Honda: Until the Shadaloo Tong destroyed my reputation.
Balrog: They did the same thing to me in my boxing career.
[Ken looks at Chun-Li]
Ken: [Coldly] Don't tell me. Figure skating?

Ken: I'm sorry I talked you into this.
Ryu: I'm sorry I listened.

Ryu: Vega!
Vega: Where were we?
Ryu: [kicks Vega in the chest] You were losing.

Ken: Okay we're off the streets you feel safe yet?
Ryu: [the sound of ripping flesh is heard. Vega's opponent falls unconcious in the ring next to Ken & Ryu] Yeah, real safe.

"Robot Chicken: Poisoned by Relatives (#6.4)" (2012)
Sagat: We meet again, Ryu. Only this time, we fight TO THE DEATH!
Ryu: Actually, no. It's, uh, to Knock-Out, best two out of three. Remember? It was all covered in the packet.
Sagat: Uh... sorry, what now?
Ryu: [pulling out a packet] The packet I spent weeks putting together? You don't have your packet?
Sagat: Oh, right, right! No, I have it. It's just... it's in the bag...
[starts searching his bag]

Ryu: [on phone] Well, Ken, if your opponent's late, you give him a call. There's a contact sheet in the packet.
Ken Masters: [not looking] Let's see... contact sheet, contact sheet... no, I don't see it. You must've forgotten to put it in.

Ryu: [on phone] What's the problem, Guile?
Guile: I'll tell you the problem: E. Honda's venue is a bathhouse! Like a full-on "We're all guys here, so let's get naked" bathhouse!
E. Honda: What? In my culture, it's a familiar setting.
Guile: Hey, no one told me I'd be fighting with all these "sushi rolls" hanging out...

Ryu: [on phone] What is it?
[Blanka is in a hotel with a chihuahua, and hollers down the line]
Ryu: No! Don't you scream at me! It's specifically noted that your hotel doesn't allow pets!

Ryu: [on phone] This better be good, M. Bison.
[Bison is in the Q*Bert game]
M. Bison: I think I got the wrong packet.
[Punches Q*Bert]

Ryu: [on phone] What?
Ken Masters: It's been twenty minutes. I don't think E. Honda's coming.
Ryu: E. Honda?
[checks the packet]
Ryu: You're not fighting E. Honda, you're fighting A Honda.
Ken Masters: I'm fighting a car?
Ryu: Yes!
Ken Masters: That's the stupidest thing I've ever heard!
Ryu: It was in the packet! You know what? From now on, you lose your packet, you are OUT of the tournament!
Ken Masters: [sarcastically] Fine, fine! I'm punching the car! Oh, he's not hitting back. How exciting! Wow, what a great idea!
[gets into it]
Ken Masters: Hey, this is kind of fun... Shoryuken! Shoryuken!

"Street Fighter: The Later Years: Episode #1.7" (2007)
Ryu: Five years in this dungeon, eating rats. Drinking nothing but sewage and eating rats to survive. Did I mention I had to eat rats?

Ryu: Honda's men are no longer street fighters. They see this as a Mortal Kombat and they have the Killer Instinct. If you do not help your friends, this may be their Final Fight.

Marvel vs. Capcom 3: Fate of Two Worlds (2011) (VG)
Wolverine: Let's see those karate moves, kid.
Ryu: Interesting... you fight like a wild animal!

Ryu: Spiders. I hate spiders.
Spider-Man: You got a black belt in stupid if you think you can beat me.

Marvel vs. Capcom: Clash of Super Heroes (1998) (VG)
Morrigan Aensland: I don't think there is anyone good enough...
[Ryu jumps in]
Ryu: Morrigan, wait! I have come to challenge you!
Morrigan Aensland: Hee, hee, hee. It will be my pleasure...
Ryu: Then let's do it! Shoryu-ken!
Announcer: Ready... fight!
[the two engage in a round of Super Puzzle Fighter II]

Street Fighter IV: The Ties That Bind (2009) (V)
[Ryu and Seth are fighting]
Ryu: I'm not through fighting. And I do not run from the power I hold within. I too seek strength. That's what has driven me all this way.
[gets back up on his feet]
Ryu: And yet I never truly understood just what power is, or what it means to be strong. Your words did help me to understand one thing. The power I seek is nothing like what you describe. The power humans possess, that is the source of and destination for all of life. The power you're after is the opposite of this. It can only destroy that which is good, to seek it invites your own demise. That is why I fight! I fight to rid the world of such diabolical power! I'll show you what true strength is. It is the courage to stand up in the face of evil and emerge victorious!
Seth: [laughs evilly] What is this nonsense?
[continues punching Ryu]
Seth: Power is power! There is no difference!
[throws another punch until Ryu suddenly grabs Seth's arm and Ryu enters the State of Nothingness to defeat Seth]
Ryu: Here's your answer.

Street Fighter II: The Animated Movie (1994)
Ryû: [Ken saves Ryu from Bison] Ken, you're alive.
Ken: Hey, buddy, how have you been? We'll catch up on the reunion stuff later. We got something to take care of first. Like taking out the trash!
Ryû: Yeah!
M. Bison: [throws his cape off] You both seem bound and determined to meet destruction at my hands. So be it. I'll fight you on your own level! COME ON!

"Street Fighter: The Later Years: Episode #1.6" (2007)
Ryu: Seems like your Ha-dou-ken is more a Ha-dou-kent... uh... Ha-dont-ken... uh... No-ken-dou-ken...

Street Fighter IV (2008) (VG)
Ryu: The answer lies in the heart of battle.