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Quotes for
Vega (Character)
from Street Fighter (1994)

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Street Fighter II: The Animated Movie (1994)
Vega: My hobby is to slowly peel the skin off the rabbits I catch, especially cute little bunnies like you. And my friend here is thirsty for blood.

Vega: My beautiful face is ruined! You bitch, I'll make you suffer!

Street Fighter (1994)
Ryu: Vega!
Vega: Where were we?
Ryu: [kicks Vega in the chest] You were losing.

"Street Fighter: The Later Years: Episode #1.5" (2007)
Vega: I'm going to get a sandwich!

Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun-Li (2009)
Vega: [Chun-Li has cut Vega's face and has her foot pressed against his head] You think this is over?
Chun-Li: No. I'm just getting started.

"Super Power Beat Down: Ryu vs. Green Ranger (#1.15)" (2015)
Vega: Ryu wins! Does anyone else want to challenge Ryu? Anyone!
[a bolt of energy strikes the ground and from it the Green Ranger emerges]
Green Ranger: I challenge Ryu.
Vega: I'm too old for this.