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Dhalsim (Character)
from Street Fighter II: The Animated Movie (1994)

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Street Fighter (1994)
Dr. Dhalsim: If good men do nothing, that is evil enough.

Bison: Ah! Doctor Dhalsim! How is your research today?
Dr. Dhalsim: The same. Warped. Corrupted. My science twisted to serve perversion instead of peace.
Bison: Tell you what. After I've crushed my enemies, we'll see about getting you published. That should cheer you up, hmm?

Bison Computer Voice: Stand clear. Incubation chamber arriving to command room level.
Dr. Dhalsim: [to Guile] The signal! The real monster's upstairs! He expects to see his creation!

Bison: Merely educational software. Why does he find it disturbing?
Dr. Dhalsim: Because, unlike you, he's not psychotic.

"Street Fighter: The Later Years: Episode #1.9" (2008)
Dhalsim: [final lines] Bison, did you see what happened?
Michael Bison: Yeah, yeah. Why don't you try a harder difficulty level next time?

"Street Fighter: The Later Years: Episode #1.5" (2007)
Balrog: It's me, Balrog. You know, the boxer.
Zangief: What are you're special moves?
Balrog: I *punch* really hard.
Dhalsim: Do you... kick?
Balrog: What's a kick?

Street Fighter IV (2008) (VG)
Dhalsim: [after defeating Rufus] I am no alien!