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Victor Sagat (Character)
from Street Fighter (1994)

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Street Fighter (1994)
Victor Sagat: Guile? Alive!
Bison: Of course! His death was designed to ingraitate his spies with you!
[mockingly covers one eye]
Bison: I guess you didn't SEE that, did you?

Dee Jay: Jamaica, here I come!
Victor Sagat: [appearing abruptly] Here WE come!

Victor Sagat: Is this a joke? This money isn't even worth the paper it's printed on!
Bison: On the contrary. Every Bison dollar will be worth five British pounds. That is the exchange rate that the bank of England will implement after I kidnap their queen.

Victor Sagat: Vega is the greatest cage fighter since Iron Fist.
Ken: What happened to him?
Victor Sagat: He retired... and became me.

[Ryu and Ken have been grabbed by the neck by Sagat during the ambush of Bison's party]
Victor Sagat: [raging] Are you with me, or against me?
Ken: [desperate] Uh... is that multiple choice?

Bison: This is general Bison. Our defenses are locked onto you. Identify yourself!
Colonel William F. Guile: This is the collection agency, Bison. Your ass is six months overdue, and it's mine.
Victor Sagat: Guile? Alive?
Bison: Of course! His "death" was designed to igratiate his spies with you!
[Covers one eye]
Bison: I guess you didn't *see* that did you? Tch. This time colonel, you die for real.

[From trailer]
Victor Sagat: The next fight! The challenger...
Ryu & Ken: [Pointing to each other] Him!

"Robot Chicken: Poisoned by Relatives (#6.4)" (2012)
Sagat: We meet again, Ryu. Only this time, we fight TO THE DEATH!
Ryu: Actually, no. It's, uh, to Knock-Out, best two out of three. Remember? It was all covered in the packet.
Sagat: Uh... sorry, what now?
Ryu: [pulling out a packet] The packet I spent weeks putting together? You don't have your packet?
Sagat: Oh, right, right! No, I have it. It's just... it's in the bag...
[starts searching his bag]

Sagat: Tiger! Tiger!
Sagat: [to Ryu] Oh, man! I accidentally just Tiger-punched my packet, dude! That is classic Sagat! I mean, I don't know what happened there...

Street Fighter II: The Animated Movie (1994)
Sagat: Please master, give me the chance to prove myself against Ryu.
M. Bison: Remember, you are a Shadowlaw warrior now, Sagat. Put these commonplace thoughts aside.
Sagat: But sir, we're talking about fighter's pride and my reputation here!
M. Bison: Fighter's pride, how dull. The world is now your arena not the street.