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Chun-Li (Character)
from Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun-Li (2009)

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Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun-Li (2009)
Chun-Li: [fighting with Cantana] Tell me about the White Rose.
Cantana: You must be Daddy's little girl.
Chun-Li: [Chun-Li breaks Cantana's arm. They fight until Chun-Li has Cantana's other arm trapped, ready to break it] Tell me!
Cantana: It's a shipment. Arrives at the end of the month, the last Friday.
Chun-Li: Where?
Cantana: Central shipyards. Berth 21.
Chun-Li: [Cantana's bodyguards are about to break in] I want you to send Bison a message. Tell him the schoolgirl's grown up.

Vega: [Chun-Li has cut Vega's face and has her foot pressed against his head] You think this is over?
Chun-Li: No. I'm just getting started.

Chun-Li: [to Vega] No wonder you wear a mask.

Street Fighter II: The Animated Movie (1994)
Chun-Li: This walking mountain of muscle is called Sagat. He is a champion Muay Thai fighter and is considered a national hero in Thailand. Contestant number two is Balrog who's penchant for violent behavior got him permanently banned from boxing. From Spain we have Vega, he's savage, ruthless and a card-carrying psychopath.

Guile: Bison's ass is mine.
Chun-Li: What do you mean, Captain?
Guile: I don't need Interpol's or anyone else's help to take him out.
Chun-Li: Hey, Brush-Head! This is not a request!
Guile: [Dryly] You want Bison destroyed, don't you? So what's the problem?

Chun-Li: [shouts angrily at Guile] Hey, Brush-head! This is not a request!