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Major Tom Cain (Character)
from Resident Evil: Apocalypse (2004)

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Resident Evil: Apocalypse (2004)
Major Cain: Why haven't we taken off?
[he reaches the pilot seat, and the "pilot" turns around]
L.J.: 'Cause I usually drive a Cadillac!
[punches Cain]

[after spotting a zombie in the crowd]
Major Cain: It's here. It's reached the gate.

Major Cain: The infection is spreading faster than anyone could have anticipated.

Major Cain: I'm surprised there's anyone left alive.
Tech #2: They're S.T.A.R.S. Special Tactics and Rescue Squad. They're the best.
Major Cain: Let's see how good they really are.

Major Cain: [to Alice, referring to her and the Nemesis] The two of you showed such promise, but we had to see you in action. And most impressive you've been. You're like brother and sister. Heightened speed, strength, agility, the same killer instincts. Parallel strands of research. And now... we discover which is superior.

Major Cain: This is what we've been waiting for gentlemen. Confirm at 2:18 and 27 seconds the Nemesis Prgoramme is now fully activated.

Major Cain: [to Alice] You're not mutation, you are evolution.

Major Cain: [as Alice prepares to throw him out of the helicopter] Wait! Killing me won't make things right.
Alice: No, but it's a start!

Major Cain: I was instructed to get you and the other scientists out of the hot zone. You're too important to Umbrella to be at risk.
Dr. Ashford: I'm not leaving without my daughter.
Major Cain: I'm sorry, truly. But the city is sealed. She may have survived the crash, but we couldn't find her anywhere. Even if she were still alive, I couldn't let her out. The risk of infection is too great. You must understand.
Dr. Ashford: You do what you have to do. I'm staying.

Major Cain: And now... Now we'll discover which is superior. Fight him.
Alice: No.
Major Cain: Fight him, or they die.
Alice: What makes you think I care?

Major Cain: Now, finish this. Put him out of his misery... And come with me.
Alice: No.
Major Cain: You're such a disappointment to me.