Spence Parks
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Spence Parks (Character)
from Resident Evil (2002)

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Resident Evil (2002)
Spence: What happened here?
[Alice and Matt both look towards "One" rather anxiously for an answer as well]
James "One" Shade: Five hours ago Red Queen went homicidal, sealed the Hive and killed everyone down here.
Spence: Jesus!
James "One" Shade: When we realized what was happening, my team was dispatched to shut her down.
Alice: Why did she do it?
James "One" Shade: That we don't know, but outside interference is a possibility.

Rain: All the people that were working here are dead.
Spence: Well, that isn't stopping them from walking around.

Spence: In or out? In... or out?
Alice: I don't know what we had, but it's over.
Spence: [a female scientist zombie bites Spence] OH, GOD!
Spence: [Spence shoots the scientist; Matt fights Spence for the gun] Back... the FUCK off!
Spence: [to Alice] I'm missing you already.
[Locks Alice, Rain, and Matt inside the flooded research lab]

Spence: [J.D. enters a code to open a secured door] You got it?
J.D.: See how easy that was?
Kaplan: [the door opens only to find a room extremely full of the undead flesh-eating zombies] Shit!
Rain: [yells] J.D., no! Grab my hand and hold it real tight!
J.D.: Don't let me go!
J.D.: [the zombies pulls J.D. back; Rain lets him go] RAIN! FUCK! NO!
[zombies chomping and devouring; J.D. screaming]

Spence: [points the gun at Matt] Please, I wouldn't wanna shoot you. I might need the bullets. Back off!

Spence: Nothing - ever - changes.