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Albert Wesker (Character)
from Resident Evil: Extinction (2007)

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Resident Evil 5 (2009) (VG)
[says it sometimes during the battle against Wesker]
Albert Wesker: There's no point in hiding!

[says it sometimes during the battle against Wesker]
Albert Wesker: You're merely postponing the inevitable!

[says it after the player characters deal enough damage to Wesker to end the 1st fight against him]
Albert Wesker: Self-righteous fools!
[if this is the first time, the player will unlock the "Bad Blood" trophy for PS3 version or achievement for Xbox 360 version]

Ozwell E. Spencer: [during a flashback at the Spencer estate] ... a new superior breed of humans given birth by the Progenitor Virus. The Wesker children were entrusted with endless potential. Of them, only one survived. You.
Albert Wesker: Are you saying I was manufactured?
Ozwell E. Spencer: I was to become a god... creating a new world with an advanced race of human beings. However, all was lost with Raccoon City...
Ozwell E. Spencer: Despite that setback, your creation still holds great significance.
[gets out of wheelchair slowly]
Ozwell E. Spencer: Now my candle burns dimly. Ironic, isn't it? For one who has the right to be a god! To face his own mortality...
Albert Wesker: The right to be a god...
[abruptly shoves hand through Spencers stomach]
Albert Wesker: that right is now mine.
Albert Wesker: [pulls hand out and Spencer falls dead to the floor]
Albert Wesker: The right to be a god. You? Arrogant even until the end. Only one truly capable of *being* a god, deserves that right.
Albert Wesker: [return to present] The right... With Uroboros, I have that right.

[Chris and Sheva climbed up into the helicopter where Jill and Josh are inside, but then]
Albert Wesker: [shouts] CHRIS!
[Wesker angrily uses his infected left arm in "Bionic Commando" style and attempts to drag the helicopter into the lava with him]
Chris Redfield: Hang on!
[as Wesker keeps attempting to drag the helicopter]
Jill Valentine: Chris, Sheva, use those!
[Jill points to the two Rocket Launchers on the racks as Chris and Sheva takes them off the racks and readies their Rocket Launchers]
Chris Redfield: Ready partner?
Sheva Alomar: Locked and loaded.
Chris Redfield: Suck on "this", Wesker.
Sheva Alomar: Your time's up you son of a bitch!
[Chris and Sheva aims and fired their last rocket at Wesker's head, decapitating and blowing him up, finishing him once and for all as the helicopter was released from Wesker's grabbing]
Sheva Alomar: That was for our fallen brothers.
[Chris and the team slightly smiles as then helicopter flies away from the volcano site]

[in "The Mercenaries" or "Versus" mode, he says it sometimes when Wesker is in "Dying" state and calls for help]
Albert Wesker: You failed me!

Chris Redfield: [Jill has him pinned to the ground] Jill! Come on! It's me, Chris! Snap out of it!
Albert Wesker: Nice move, Chris. But now that you... 'partner' has arrived, I'll leave you two to catch up.
Chris Redfield: [Jill increases the hold, making him scream in pain] Get yourself together, Jill! Wake up, Jill Valentine!

Albert Wesker: Six billion cries of agony will with birth the new balance. Unfortunately you will not live to see the dawn.

Albert Wesker: [to player who revived him from a "Dying" status] It was in your best interests to assist me!

Albert Wesker: [to player who revived him from a "Dying" status] I suppose I should thank you.

Albert Wesker: I don't need anyone else. I have Uroboros! In less than five minutes we'll reach the optimal altitude for missile deployment. Uroboros will be released into the atmosphere ensuring complete global saturation.

Albert Wesker: A new genesis is at hand and I will be the creator.

Albert Wesker: The human race requires judgment!
Chris Redfield: And you're going to judge us? Do you get all your ideas from comic book villains?

Chris Redfield: Why are you doing this? What do you accomplish by unleashing Uroboros?
Albert Wesker: Every day humans come one step closer to self destruction. I'm not destroying the world, I'm saving it!

[Chris and Sheva are fighting Wesker and a brainwashed Jill]
Albert Wesker: Your future hinges upon this fight.
[kicks Chris through a door into the next room]
Chris Redfield: We'll never win like this. Time to change tactics.
Sheva Alomar: We should hide!

Resident Evil (2002) (VG)
Albert Wesker: Jill and Barry together... in Hell.

Albert Wesker: [laughing] You gotta love Barry. He must really be afraid of Umbrella.

Albert Wesker: You're a bit of a mess up. Chris, take a piece of the action.

Chris Redfield: Since when, Wesker?
Albert Wesker: I'm afraid I don't know what you're talking about.
Chris Redfield: Since when have they been slipping you a paycheck?

Barry Burton: [after Jill, Barry, and Wesker have escaped from a pack of killer dogs and into a large secluded mansion] What is this place?
Albert Wesker: Not quite your ordinary house, that's for sure.
Jill Valentine: Hey, Wesker, where's Chris?
[Begins to run for the front door]
Albert Wesker: Jill, no! You don't want to go back out there.

Chris Redfield: [referring to various members of S.T.A.R.S] ... you killed them with your own dirty hands. You son of a bitch!
Rebecca Chambers: No...
Albert Wesker: Oh yes, dear. Just like this.
[shoots Rebecca]

Albert Wesker: [stares at the Tyrant] It's magnificent...

Albert Wesker: So, you've come. Chris, you make me proud, but of course you are one of MY men.
Chris Redfield: [scoffs] Thanks.

Jill Valentine: Wesker... you're PATHETIC.
Albert Wesker: Well, you shouldn't worry too much dear. You'll soon be free of this anyway.

Resident Evil: Afterlife (2010)
Albert Wesker: [Upon expecting Alice to enter his chamber] Well, this is a pleasant surprise.

Alice: Please wait.
Albert Wesker: Last words?
Alice: Thank you.
Albert Wesker: For killing you?
Alice: For making me human again.

Alice: [to Wesker] Any last words?
Albert Wesker: [sticks syringe in Alice's neck] How nice to finally meet the real you. Hurts, doesn't it? Well, that's just the start of the bad news. All those powers of yours: Speed, strength, accelerated healing. Well, you can kiss all those goodbye.
Alice: What have you done?
Albert Wesker: The serum I've injected you with is neutralizing the T cells within your body. Put simply, the Umbrella Corporation is taking back its property. You just didn't work out, so you're being recalled.

Albert Wesker: [During Alice Clone battle] Tell security to flood the the main entrance with nerve gas.
Umbrella Sergeant: Sir, our men are still up there.
Albert Wesker: [Wesker shoots the Japanese Umbrella employee in the head] Any more questions?

Albert Wesker: I'm what you used to be. Only better.

Albert Wesker: Well isn't this one big family reunion? Chris and Claire Redfield, you've really become quite an inconvenience for me.
Alice: I told you I'd be bringing a few friends.
Albert Wesker: [removes sunglasses] You should have brought more.

Alice: Why am I not suprised?
Albert Wesker: You weren't too hard to find. Our satellite system is still operational, and there aren't too many people flying now days. Besides, I always knew you would be drawn to your friends. Loyalty - Highly overrated.

Albert Wesker: The T-Virus brought me back.
[his head jerks, jaws set, chest heaves]
Albert Wesker: But it's so strong. It fights me for control. I thought if I ingested fresh human DNA, I could redress the balance.
Alice: No wonder your crew abandon ship.
Albert Wesker: No matter. Now I have a new subordinate. And a new plan. You were the only one who successfully bonded with the T-Virus. Your DNA is stronger than the others. I ingest you, I gain control.
Alice: [nods, walks a few paces to a table] That's pretty smart thinking. There's only one problem with that plan.
Bennett: [aiming gun at Alice] Stop right there.
Albert Wesker: And what is that?
Alice: I'm not on the menu.
[she kicks a tray of surgical instruments at Wesker and takes out Bennett's gun with a roundhouse kick. Wesker dodges the scalpels that impale his chair]

Resident Evil Code: Veronica X (2000) (VG)
Wesker: Let's just say I am just a ghost to haunt your dear brother.

Chris Redfield: I'll end this once and for all. Say hello to my comrades you killed!
Albert Wesker: I don't know where you get your confidence, Chris.

Albert Wesker: Today's your lucky day. Next time we meet, don't count on another...
Chris Redfield: Next time.
Albert Wesker: Until we meet again! Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha! Ah, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha! Ah, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha!
[Wesker continues to laugh and Chris ran away]

Albert Wesker: Sure I'm not human any more. But just look at the power I've gained!

Albert Wesker: [walking up the path towards Claire] Greetings! You must be the LOVELY Claire Redfield!
Claire Redfield: Who are you?
Albert Wesker: Let's just say I'm a ghost, coming back to haunt your... DEAR brother.
Claire Redfield: Wesker?
Albert Wesker: It seems there's not much explaining to do is there? I was the one who attacked this island... who would have thought YOU'D be hanging about?
Albert Wesker: All the better for me, now that the cat has dragged in this lovely surprise, your most caring brother will DEFINITELY be coming to rescue you.

Albert Wesker: At last! I found you Alexia! Come with me!
Alexia Ashford: Ah, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha!
Albert Wesker: [approaching the stairways] You're the one who is responsible for the creation of the T-Veronica virus. And now, the only existing sample is in your body. I want it, now!
Alexia Ashford: You want it? You are not worthy of its power! Ah, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha!
[Alexia's entire body engulfs in flames and reveals her T-Veronica viral infected form, making her a green mutated creature as she descends the stairways]

Wesker: Hehehehehehe. Long time no see, Chris.
Chris Redfield: Wesker? You're still alive?
Wesker: Hahahaha.
Chris Redfield: What are you doing here?
Wesker: I came for Alexia.
Chris Redfield: Who?
Wesker: An organisation hired me to capture her.
Chris Redfield: Wait, you attacked the island... and my sister!
[Chris raises his weapon but Wesker makes a thrust punch and knocks Chris to the wall]
Chris Redfield: [Wesker puts his shades back in position and makes another rush to grab Chris]
Wesker: Hahahahahaha.
Wesker: You have no idea how much i hate you! You destroyed my plans, so now i've sold my soul to a new organisation... now DIE!
[Chris knocks Wesker's shades off]
Wesker: Here's a little secret Chris. I figured out that your sister is now in the Antarctic... with Alexia. It's too bad you won't be seeing her again. Hehehehehe. Hahahahahaha...
[Alexia shows up on a monitor]
Alexia Ashford: Hahahahahahaha.
Wesker: Alexia?
[Wesker throws Chris trough the room]
Wesker: [Chris struggling for breath aswell as coughing]

Resident Evil: Retribution (2012)
Alice: What is this? What have you done to me?
Albert Wesker: You were the only one to successfully bond with the T-Virus, to fully realize her powers. Well, now I have need of you. The old you. So I've given you back your gift. You are the weapon.
Alice: I'm gonna kill you.
Albert Wesker: Perhaps. But first, you have work to do.

Alice: [holds knife at Ada's throat] Don't.
Ada Wong: My name is...
Alice: Ada Wong. Operative for the Umbrella Corporation, one of Albert Wesker's top agents. I know exactly who and what you are. Now the real question is: Why don't I just cancel your contract right now?
Ada Wong: I don't work for Umbrella anymore, and neither does Albert Wesker.
Alice: I don't care.
[Wesker's image appears on a display window]
Albert Wesker: You can kill her if you like, but then you'll never get out of this place.

Ada Wong: I executed everyone in this control room. I enabled Wesker to hack the mainframe. We shut down the security systems. We let you out of that cell.
Albert Wesker: We need to get you out of this facility.
Alice: So why do you want to help me?
Albert Wesker: We need you. The human race faces extinction. Our only hope for survival is for us to work together.
Alice: I'm not going anywhere until I know where we are and what the hell is going on here.
Albert Wesker: You're in the Prime Umbrella testing facility.
Alice: Explain Tokyo.
Albert Wesker: What you saw was just a detailed re-creation, nothing more. It goes on for a few city blocks. That's all.
Alice: I was outside.
Ada Wong: Were you? Saw the sky, did you?
Alice: It was night.
Ada Wong: Stars? The moon?
Albert Wesker: The testing floor is 300 feet high, the ceiling black. It's usually night in there. But isn't that when the monsters come out anyway?

Alice: It was raining.
Albert Wesker: Climate control. Wind, rain. They can even make it snow if they wanted to.
Alice: Why build such a place?
Albert Wesker: Simple. The Umbrella Corporation derived its primary income from the sale of viral weaponry, something that's impossible to test in the real world. They re-created the center of New York, simulated an outbreak, showed it to the Russians, and sold them the virus. They simulated an outbreak in Moscow, sold it to the Americans. An outbreak in Tokyo.
Alice: Sold it to the Chinese.
Ada Wong: An outbreak in China.
Alice: Sold it to the Japanese.
Albert Wesker: Exactly. Everyone had to have it. The Umbrella Corporation built a new arms race. Only, this time, it was biological rather than nuclear. Highly profitable. And this is where it all happened. This is Umbrella's greatest creation. The belly of the beast.
Alice: So why don't we just get the hell out of here?

[Last Lines]
Albert Wesker: The Red Queen is determined to destroy all life on earth. This is the last that remain of us, of the human race. It seems we're bonded against a common foe. This is why we needed you back. The ultimate weapon. This is humanity's last stand. The beginning of the end.

Resident Evil (1996) (VG)
Albert Wesker: I'm sorry for my lack of manners, but I'm not used to escorting men.

[Stars members enter Mansion and hear a gunshot]
Albert Wesker: Maybe it's... Chris. Now Jill, can you go?

Chris Redfield: [about Tyrant]
[starts laughing]
Albert Wesker: What're you laughing at?
Chris Redfield: You think that *this* is your saviour? You think that *this* *failure* is your *savior*? This is the *ultimate* *failure*!

Albert Wesker: STOP! DON'T, OPEN, THAT, DOOR!

Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles (2009) (VG)
Albert Wesker: I knew you would lead me to the truth.

Albert Wesker: [unseen] I attacked this island upon hearing the news of an awakening. But it seems it was a pretense.
Claire Redfield: [searching for the source of the voice] Steve?
Steve Burnside: [also searching] Who is it?
Albert Wesker: Though, ironically, I feel you will lead me to the truth, regardless... Chris's little sister.
Steve Burnside: [shouting into the darkness] You're nothing more than a coward! Show yourself, damn it!
Claire Redfield: [startled] He... he mentioned my brother's name. Who was that?

Resident Evil 4 (2005) (VG)
Albert Wesker: Report. Time is almost up.
Ada Wong: Krauser's dead.
Albert Wesker: Really? Leon doesn't die easily. That's fine. We can use him to clean up Saddler for us. When they fight it out, neither one of them will manage to come out unharmed.
Ada Wong: Easier said than done.
Albert Wesker: Either way, it's your job to clean up what's left of them when the fight is over. Don't forget who is running the show. Whatever happens we can't let either one of them live to see tomorrow. Our goal is to retrieve the sample. Take out anyone that may interfere with our plans.
[ends transmission]

Resident Evil: Extinction (2007)
Albert Wesker: [to Dr. Isaacs] Continue with your research, Doctor... while is is still YOUR research.

Resident Evil Ø (2002) (VG)
William Birkin: [looking through his notes] It just doesn't make any sense. Do you really believe that this could be the real identity of that crazy young man? Impossible. But IF, somehow it is true, then Umbrella will be finished.
Albert Wesker: [walking to the elevator] If the old conspiracy against Doctor Marcus is revealed, Mr. Spencer's career will be over. Not to mention ours too. So... the time has come at last.
William Birkin: What are you going to do?
Albert Wesker: I will simply say 'goodbye' to Umbrella. The biological weapon utilizing the T-Virus has almost been completed. Our only remaining task is to acquire combat data.
William Birkin: You CAN'T be serious! I REFUSE to abandon my work! I've finished my research on the T-Virus, but I need a LITTLE more time to complete the more powerful G-Virus.
Albert Wesker: Do as you wish.
[enters elevator and presses button]
Albert Wesker: I will follow my initial plan and lure the S.T.A.R.S members into the Mansion. Their superior combat training should make them PERFECT test subjects.
[chuckles darkly]
William Birkin: Fine. In the meantime, something must be done about that madman. As I recall URC is equiped with a self-destruct device in the basement. I'll find it, set it off and annihilate the place to nothing more than a mass of rubble.
[elevator doors close]

Resident Evil: The Umbrella Chronicles (2007) (VG)
Sergei Vladimir: Comrade Wesker. Welcome to my humble abode.
Albert Wesker: I see you are still resolved to go down with the ship, Coloneal.
Sergei Vladimir: Umbrella's not going anywhere. All of the pain... the punishment and the difficulties help to make Umbrella stronger! It's a shame you couldn't understand.
Albert Wesker: [clicks gun] Stand aside.
Sergei Vladimir: Oh, I almost forgot. Here are a few of my old friends I would like to introduce you to.
[Orange Ivan enters from the door behind him]
Albert Wesker: Charmed.
[Turns around and sees blue Ivan behind him. The Ivan twins circle him]
Sergei Vladimir: Russia's such a peaceful place, don't you agree? A perfect place for your final resting spot.
[exits through door that Orange Ivan walked through]