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Quotes for
Guile (Character)
from Street Fighter (1994)

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Street Fighter (1994)
Bison: You have made me a very happy man.
Colonel William F. Guile: And next, I'll make you a dead one.

Chun Li: [reporting on GNT World News] Colonel Guile? Colonel Guile! Colonel Guile, Chung-Li Zang, GNT News. May we speak to you, please?
Colonel William F. Guile: No.
Chun Li: But don't you want to speak to the world audience?
Colonel William F. Guile: No, but I do want to talk to someone.
[takes Chung-Li's microphone]
Colonel William F. Guile: That bastard Bison! I know you like to look at yourself on television, you sick son of a bitch. So look at this!
[flips Bison off]

Bison: [patching through to Guile on GNT World News] Colonel Guile! Greetings!
Colonel William F. Guile: [to Cammy] He took the bait. Trace that signal, stat!
Bison: Why do you address a fellow warrior with such disrespect?
Colonel William F. Guile: Warrior? You? How many doctors and nurses have you killed this week? How many children have you orphaned?
Bison: You will choke on those words, Guile.
Colonel William F. Guile: Anytime, dickhead. We'll go worldwide, just like now.
Dee Jay: General, they're tracing this.
Bison: You think you're so clever, Guile. Think about this. You have three days. If my twenty billion dollars are not delivered by then, the hostages will die, and the world will hold you responsible! Victory!
Dee Jay: [chanting with Bison's troops] Bison! Bison!
Colonel William F. Guile: You hostages! If you can hear me, we're coming! We're coming! Charlie! Charlie, hang on, buddy! We're coming! We're coming! Hang on, buddy!

Cammy: [to Chung-Li as she arrests her] Darling, basic black's not really you. Prison grey, perhaps?
[Chung-Li does a back-flip and runs off]
T. Hawk: Stop! Hey! Come back here! Where do you think you're going? Hey, stop! Stop! You don't have a chance!
Cammy: Stop! Stop!
T. Hawk: What a screw-up!
Colonel William F. Guile: [appears and watches Chung-Li's escape] What a woman!

A.N. Official: [getting saluted] As you were, Colonel.
Colonel William F. Guile: What a surprise. Welcome to the Shadaloo front. You're just in time for the kickoff.
A.N. Official: I'm afraid not, Colonel. The Security Council has just voted. They've decided to negotiate.
Colonel William F. Guile: You're joking!
A.N. Official: We think we can deal with General Bison. You're instructed to call off the assault. Contact him. Request an extension of his deadline. We are prepared to pay the ransom demand.
Colonel William F. Guile: Twenty billion dollars? What will prevent him from taking more hostages next month and asking for fifty billion?
[gives him a slight shove]
Colonel William F. Guile: One hundred billion?
A.N. Official: Colonel, have you lost your mind?
Colonel William F. Guile: No! You've lost your balls!
A.N. Official: Colonel Guile, deliver these instructions to your troops, then consider yourself relieved of your command!

Colonel William F. Guile: [solemnly] Troopers, I just received new orders. Our superiors say the war is cancelled. We can all go home. Bison is getting paid off for his crimes, and our friends who have died here will have died for nothing. But, we can all go home. Meanwhile, ideals like peace, freedom, and justice, they get packed up. But, we can all go home.
Colonel William F. Guile: Well, I'm not going home. I'm gonna get on my boat, and I'm going up river, and I'm going to kick that son of a bitch Bison's ass so hard that the next Bison wannabe is gonna feel it! Now, who wants to go home... and who wants to go with me?
[the troopers cheer]

A.N. Official: Colonel Guile! Colonel Guile, these instructions...!
[accidentally drops them into the water]
A.N. Official: Stop them, please!
Colonel William F. Guile: Hey, I would love to! But some moron just canned me!

Bison Computer Voice: Stand clear. Incubation chamber arriving to command room.
Bison: [to the hostages] Behold, the face of your destruction, and of my victory!
[the incubation chamber rises, Guile leaps out]
Colonel William F. Guile: [attacking Bison] Hai-ya!
Chun Li: Yes!

Colonel William F. Guile: No weapon, Bison? What happened to the purity of unarmed combat?
Bison: This is merely superconductor electromagnetism. Surely you've heard of it. It levitates bullet trains from Tokyo to Osaka. It levitates my desk, where I ride the saddle of the world. And it levitates... me!

Colonel William F. Guile: I guess you've earned your passports home.
Ryu: You can hang onto them.
Ken: Somebody's gonna have to help put this country back together. Maybe a couple of hustlers can help.
Colonel William F. Guile: Ever think of, uh, enlisting?
Ryu, Ken: Oh, no, no, no, no.

Colonel William F. Guile: Troopers! I have just received new orders. Our superiors say the war is cancelled, and we can all go home. Bison is getting paid off for his crimes, and our friends will have died here... will have died for nothing. But... we can all go home. Meanwhile, ideas like peace, freedom and justice - they get packed up. But... we can all go home. Well... I'm not going home. I'm gonna get on my boat, and I'm going up-river, and I'm going to kick that son-of-a-bitch Bison's ass so HARD... that the next Bison wanna-be is gonna feel it. Now who wants to go home... and who wants to go with ME!

Colonel William F. Guile: Bison. Are you man enough to fight me?
Bison: Anyone who opposes me will be destroyed.

Cammy: Cammy here, are you all right?
Colonel William F. Guile: I'm okay. I'm just half dead.
Cammy: And Bison?
Colonel William F. Guile: All dead.

Colonel William F. Guile: It's the Collection Agency, Bison. Your ass is six months over due, and it's mine.

Colonel William F. Guile: Four years of ROTC for this shit!

Chun Li: Colonel Guile! How about that interview... for my network?
Colonel William F. Guile: Sure... but only if you wear that dress!

Colonel William F. Guile: The only way you're leaving is over my dead body!

Capt. Sawada: A single boat against everything he's got? The pilot would have to be out of his mind.
Colonel William F. Guile: Luckily, Bison has driven me crazy... so I'm going to do it.

Bison: This is general Bison. Our defenses are locked onto you. Identify yourself!
Colonel William F. Guile: This is the collection agency, Bison. Your ass is six months overdue, and it's mine.
Victor Sagat: Guile? Alive?
Bison: Of course! His "death" was designed to igratiate his spies with you!
[Covers one eye]
Bison: I guess you didn't *see* that did you? Tch. This time colonel, you die for real.

Colonel William F. Guile: [to the citizens after crashing into a building with his tank] You're all under arrest.

Street Fighter II: The Animated Movie (1994)
Guile: [to Chun-Li] Move your cute little butt before I run it over!

Guile: Bison! I'm gonna rip your lousy heart out you filthy bastard!
M. Bison: Afraid I don't have one.

M. Bison: Hello captain. Are you ready to give me that heart transplant you mentioned?
Guile: Ready and waiting!

M. Bison: What's wrong, Guile? Thinking about your friend I killed? Try harder!

Guile: I came with a warning: Shadowlaw's after you.
Dee Jay: [PG-13 edited version] Yahoo! They are some masterpieces of work, I am honored!

Guile: Bison's ass is mine.
Chun-Li: What do you mean, Captain?
Guile: I don't need Interpol's or anyone else's help to take him out.
Chun-Li: Hey, Brush-Head! This is not a request!
Guile: [Dryly] You want Bison destroyed, don't you? So what's the problem?

Guile: I came with a warning: Shadowlaw's after you.
Dee Jay: [Unrated edited version] Yahoo! They are some bad ass mothers. I am honored!

Guile: I came with a warning: Shadowlaw's after you.
Dee Jay: [unrated uncut version] Yahoo! They are some bad ass motherfuckers, I am honored!

"Street Fighter II: V: Kûgun no ôsha sakuretsu, kyôi no Military Combat (#1.2)" (1995)
Guile: [while fighting Ryu] You youngsters run out of energy before you even get started. Me, I can kick your ass all night.

Guile: [to Ryu] You young punks run out of steam before you even get started. Now me, I can kick your ass all night!

Guile: You runts run out of steam before you can even get started. But me, I can kick your ass all night long!

Ken Masters: You're not so tough today!
[Guile throws sand in Ken's eyes]
Ken Masters: That's a dirty trick!
Guile: We don't play by any rules in a street fight, kid!

"Robot Chicken: Poisoned by Relatives (#6.4)" (2012)
Ryu: [on phone] What's the problem, Guile?
Guile: I'll tell you the problem: E. Honda's venue is a bathhouse! Like a full-on "We're all guys here, so let's get naked" bathhouse!
E. Honda: What? In my culture, it's a familiar setting.
Guile: Hey, no one told me I'd be fighting with all these "sushi rolls" hanging out...