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Biography for
Mystique (Character)
from X-Men: Days of Future Past (2014)

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Mystique is Raven Darkholme. She is a mutant.

Her mutant power is the ability of shapeshifting, being able to turn into anyone. Mystique assumes all physical attributes of those she is mimicing including finger prints, retinal patterns and she can shift her vocal cords to match their voice. However, she cannot replicate powers of people she copies. Her mutation also slows her aging process. Mystique is an extremely skilled hand to hand combatant and also highly proficient with a wide variety of weaponry. She is also a brilliant tactician and strategist.

While a lot about her past is unknown, it is known that she spent a part of her life with the seer Destiny as her lover. During this time, she met the mutant Rogue and become a mother figure to the young girl. Mystique led the 3rd incarnation of the Brotherhood of Mutants. Raven Darkholme is but one of her many aliases.

She is the mother of Nightcrawler and Graydon Creed, whose father is none other than Wolverine's nemesis Victor Creed a.k.a. Sabretooth.

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