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Alice (Character)
from Resident Evil (2002)

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Resident Evil: Retribution (2012)
[first lines]
Alice: My name is Alice. I worked for the Umbrella Corporation, the largest and most powerful commercial entity in the world. I was head of security at a secret high-tech facility called the Hive, a giant underground laboratory developing experimental, viral weaponry. There was an incident. A virus escaped. A lot of people died. The trouble was, they didn't stay dead. The computer that controlled the Hive was a state-of-the-art artificial intelligence: the Red Queen. The Red Queen responded to the threat of the viral outbreak in an extreme way. She went homicidal.
The Red Queen: You're all going to die down here.
Alice: The Red Queen attempted to kill everyone, whether they were infected or not. I managed to escape, but this was only the beginning. Viral outbreaks spread like wildfire, first across the United States, then the world. The T-Virus didn't just bring the dead back to life. It mutated them in terrifying ways. Despite the apocalypse they had created, the Umbrella Corporation continued to experiment with the deadly virus. I was infected. But the virus bonded with me on a cellular level. I developed powers.
Dr. Isaacs: Your genetic structure is the key.
Alice: I became different. Powerful. Unstoppable. As I got stronger, the human race became weaker. I tried my best to lead what survivors I could find to safety, but we were pursued relentlessly. Even my friend Jill Valentine was seized and brainwashed by Umbrella.
Jill Valentine: Shoot to kill.
Alice: Finally, I confronted the head of the Umbrella Corporation, Albert Wesker. He robbed me of my powers, but I still managed to defeat him. At last, we thought it was over. We thought we had survived the horror. But we were wrong. Once again, we found ourselves fighting for our lives.

Luther West: [In a Rolls Royce] Sweet ride.
Alice: Well, this is Moscow. Heard gunfire. Thought you might need some help.

Alice: You two made it! Thought I was the only one that survived. What is this place, and why is everything in Russian? And what's with the S&M getup?
Alice: [pulls out a gun] You know how to use this?
Rain: I campaigned for gun control.
[Alice puts the gun in Rain's hand]
Rain: No, I don't think you understand. I marched against the NRA.
Alice: Concentrate. It's just like a camera. Point and shoot.
[Rain fires at a marble pillar]
Alice: Congratulations. You're officially a badass.

Rain: You can't kill me.
Alice: I don't have to.
[Alice shoots the ice at Rain's feet, she falls in with the Las Plagas Undead]

Alice: What is this? What have you done to me?
Albert Wesker: You were the only one to successfully bond with the T-Virus, to fully realize her powers. Well, now I have need of you. The old you. So I've given you back your gift. You are the weapon.
Alice: I'm gonna kill you.
Albert Wesker: Perhaps. But first, you have work to do.

Alice: There's a child here.
Rain: Your problem, not ours.
Alice: All heart. You haven't changed a bit.
Rain: I don't know you lady.

Alice: Waiting for a written invitation?

Alice: Boys? You mind?
Leon S. Kennedy: Shall we?
Barry Burton: My pleasure.

Rain: I'm coming for you!
Alice: Good luck with that.

The Red Queen: Don't listen to the traitor Wesker. I am in control now. Project Alice, Ada Wong, stay where you are.
Alice: [to Ada] Let's move.
The Red Queen: Project Alice, you're all going to die down here.
Alice: I've heard that before.

Jill Valentine: Project Alice, why did you turn against Umbrella?
Alice: Jill? Is that you?
Jill Valentine: Project Alice, why did you turn against Umbrella?

Alice: [holds knife at Ada's throat] Don't.
Ada Wong: My name is...
Alice: Ada Wong. Operative for the Umbrella Corporation, one of Albert Wesker's top agents. I know exactly who and what you are. Now the real question is: Why don't I just cancel your contract right now?
Ada Wong: I don't work for Umbrella anymore, and neither does Albert Wesker.
Alice: I don't care.
[Wesker's image appears on a display window]
Albert Wesker: You can kill her if you like, but then you'll never get out of this place.

Alice: They're using clones of me.
Ada Wong: Of course. You were one of the 50 basic models.
Alice: [scoffs] "Basic models."
Ada Wong: How do you think Umbrella populates these test scenarios? Hundreds of people dead each time they run a simulation. Umbrella imprints them with basic memories, just enough to ensure a correct emotional response to the threat of the bio-hazard. In one life, she could be a suburban housewife. The next, a businesswoman in New York. The next, a soldier working for Umbrella.

[a weapons cache emerges from the floor]
Alice: Oh, yeah.

Ada Wong: I executed everyone in this control room. I enabled Wesker to hack the mainframe. We shut down the security systems. We let you out of that cell.
Albert Wesker: We need to get you out of this facility.
Alice: So why do you want to help me?
Albert Wesker: We need you. The human race faces extinction. Our only hope for survival is for us to work together.
Alice: I'm not going anywhere until I know where we are and what the hell is going on here.
Albert Wesker: You're in the Prime Umbrella testing facility.
Alice: Explain Tokyo.
Albert Wesker: What you saw was just a detailed re-creation, nothing more. It goes on for a few city blocks. That's all.
Alice: I was outside.
Ada Wong: Were you? Saw the sky, did you?
Alice: It was night.
Ada Wong: Stars? The moon?
Albert Wesker: The testing floor is 300 feet high, the ceiling black. It's usually night in there. But isn't that when the monsters come out anyway?

Alice: It was raining.
Albert Wesker: Climate control. Wind, rain. They can even make it snow if they wanted to.
Alice: Why build such a place?
Albert Wesker: Simple. The Umbrella Corporation derived its primary income from the sale of viral weaponry, something that's impossible to test in the real world. They re-created the center of New York, simulated an outbreak, showed it to the Russians, and sold them the virus. They simulated an outbreak in Moscow, sold it to the Americans. An outbreak in Tokyo.
Alice: Sold it to the Chinese.
Ada Wong: An outbreak in China.
Alice: Sold it to the Japanese.
Albert Wesker: Exactly. Everyone had to have it. The Umbrella Corporation built a new arms race. Only, this time, it was biological rather than nuclear. Highly profitable. And this is where it all happened. This is Umbrella's greatest creation. The belly of the beast.
Alice: So why don't we just get the hell out of here?

Becky: [looks at a track of Alice clones] Mommy, who are they? Mommy, is that you? You're my mommy, aren't you?
Alice: I am now.

Alice: Hey, boys. Bad idea.
[Alice and Ada fire at the taxi cab leaking gas, the blast kills the two Axe Men]

[Becky comes up to Alice and embraces her]
Luther West: Who's this?
Becky: I'm Becky.
Luther West: Hi, Becky.
Becky: [points to Alice] This is my mom.
Luther West: Your mom? Ah.
Alice: Long story.

Resident Evil: Afterlife (2010)
[first lines]
Alice: [narrating] My name is Alice. I worked for the Umbrella Corporation in a secret laboratory developing experimental viral weaponry. There was an incident. A virus escaped. Everybody died. Trouble was, they didn't stay dead. This was the start of an apocalypse that would sweep the entire world. The men responsible for this disaster took refuge underground and continued to experiment with the deadly T-Virus. They felt secure in their high-tech fortress. But they were wrong.

Alice: Hey, boys. Is that anyway to treat a lady?

Alice: Please wait.
Albert Wesker: Last words?
Alice: Thank you.
Albert Wesker: For killing you?
Alice: For making me human again.

Alice: [after checking the armory and weapons room] Nice!

Alice: You don't look very good, Bennett.
Bennett: Yeah, I'm looking forward to playing with your pretty face.

Alice: [to Wesker] Any last words?
Albert Wesker: [sticks syringe in Alice's neck] How nice to finally meet the real you. Hurts, doesn't it? Well, that's just the start of the bad news. All those powers of yours: Speed, strength, accelerated healing. Well, you can kiss all those goodbye.
Alice: What have you done?
Albert Wesker: The serum I've injected you with is neutralizing the T cells within your body. Put simply, the Umbrella Corporation is taking back its property. You just didn't work out, so you're being recalled.

Crystal: That plane of yours, do you think it could still fly?
Alice: It can fly, but it only seats two.
Crystal: So you take us to Arcadia one at a time.
Luther West: Look, I think she was lucky to land here once. Five or six times would be suicide. No offense.
Alice: None taken.

Albert Wesker: Well isn't this one big family reunion? Chris and Claire Redfield, you've really become quite an inconvenience for me.
Alice: I told you I'd be bringing a few friends.
Albert Wesker: [removes sunglasses] You should have brought more.

Alice: Day 6, 1800 hours, Los Angeles. No signs of life, not even the undead. They must have burned with the city. But what about the rest?

Alice: Just don' t do anything crazy, all right?
Claire Redfield: Nothing as crazy as what you have in mind.

Luther West: Nice landing.
Alice: I think technically it's called crashing.

Alice: Why am I not suprised?
Albert Wesker: You weren't too hard to find. Our satellite system is still operational, and there aren't too many people flying now days. Besides, I always knew you would be drawn to your friends. Loyalty - Highly overrated.

Albert Wesker: The T-Virus brought me back.
[his head jerks, jaws set, chest heaves]
Albert Wesker: But it's so strong. It fights me for control. I thought if I ingested fresh human DNA, I could redress the balance.
Alice: No wonder your crew abandon ship.
Albert Wesker: No matter. Now I have a new subordinate. And a new plan. You were the only one who successfully bonded with the T-Virus. Your DNA is stronger than the others. I ingest you, I gain control.
Alice: [nods, walks a few paces to a table] That's pretty smart thinking. There's only one problem with that plan.
Bennett: [aiming gun at Alice] Stop right there.
Albert Wesker: And what is that?
Alice: I'm not on the menu.
[she kicks a tray of surgical instruments at Wesker and takes out Bennett's gun with a roundhouse kick. Wesker dodges the scalpels that impale his chair]

Alice: Umbrella.
Claire Redfield: Of course. I remember them coming for us.
Alice: This whole thing, Arcadia, was a lie.
Claire Redfield: No, it's worse than that. It's a trap.

Alice: You know I have the strangest feeling I know you.
Luther West: Yeah, I get that a lot. You're a sports fan, huh? Do you like basketball?
Alice: Not really.
Luther West: No? Well, maybe just a fan of fine timepieces.
[they look at a distant rooftop billboard with Luther modeling a luxury wristwatch]
Angel Ortiz: Yeah. Luther here is our resident superstar.

Luther West: We thought they sent you. We've been launching flares for days to get their attention.
Alice: Flares?
[she gives an incredulous smirk]
Luther West: Yeah.
Alice: Who's gonna see flares from Alaska?
Luther West: Alaska?
Angel Ortiz: Alaska?
Alice: Arcadia. I've been there. It's in Alaska. It's a town, or so we thought.
Luther West: A town? I don't think so.

Chris Redfield: Claire?
Claire Redfield: What?
Chris Redfield: Claire, it's me. It's Chris.
[Chris caresses her cheek, Claire grabs his arm and twists it behind his back]
Claire Redfield: I don't know you.
Chris Redfield: Claire. I'm your brother, remember? What the hell's happened to you?
Alice: Hey. It's okay. Let him go.
[Claire releases his arm]
Alice: Look, she suffered some sort of memory loss. If you really are her brother, it'll come back.

Claire Redfield: Alice, you were my friend?
Alice: I like to think so.
Claire Redfield: Was I a good person?
Alice: Why would you ask that?
Claire Redfield: I don't know, I just, I have this feeling that I let people down.
Alice: You're not the only one.
Claire Redfield: What do you mean?
Alice: We struggle, we fight, we watch our friends die. Survival is a bitch.

Resident Evil: Extinction (2007)
[from trailer]
Alice: Good thing we like a challenge.

K-Mart: [upon seeing a post-apocalyptic waste-land Las Vegas, which is under about 10 stories of sand] What happened to it?
Alice: Desert must have taken it back. Five years. No one to keep the sand back.

Alice: [from trailer] We fought the infection. We survived the apocalypse. And now, we face extinction.

Alice: [to White Queen] I knew your sister. She was a homicidal bitch.

Carlos Olivera: Just promise me one thing. When you get down there...
Alice: Consider it done.

[last lines]
Alice: You won't have to wait that long, boys. Because I'm coming for you. And I'm gonna be bringing a few of my friends.

Claire: Everyone is grateful for you helping us out.
Alice: But how long am I gonna stay?
Claire: Don't get me wrong, we really are grateful. They're all talking about what you did, and they're scared.
Alice: I don't blame them, people have a habit of dying around me.
Claire: Not just you.

White Queen: I'm sorry I didn't mean to startle you, I am the artificial intelligence which...
Alice: Yeah I know what you are, I knew your sister, she was a homicidal bitch.
White Queen: My sister computer was merely following the most logical path of preservation of human life.
Alice: Yeah kill a few save a lot.

Dr. Isaacs: [as the Tyrant] For so long, I thought you were the future; I was wrong, I am the future.
Alice: [laughs] No, You're just... another asshole, and we're both gonna die down here.
[laser grid turns on and slices the Tyrant into pieces]

[Dr. Issacs, in Tyrant form, has been sliced by the laser grid and a clone of Alice reacts to Issacs explaining to the real Alice that he is the future as the Alice clone deactivates the grid]
Alice: [watching as Issacs is sliced into bits and falls to the floor] Yeah, you're the future all right!

[narration beginning at title sequence]
Alice: The Umbrella Corporation thought they'd contained the infection. Well, they were wrong. Raccoon City was just the beginning. Within weeks, the T-virus had consumed the United States. Within months, the world. The virus didn't just wipe out human life. Lakes and rivers dried up, forests became deserts and whole continents were reduced to nothing more than barren wastelands. Slowly but surely, the Earth began to wither and die. What few survivors there were learned to keep on the move. We avoided major cities. If we stopped anyplace too long, they would be drawn to us. Only a few at first, but then more and more. A never-ending army of undead. For those of us left, staying on the road seemed the only way to stay alive.

Resident Evil: Apocalypse (2004)
Alice: My name is Alice and I remember everything.

[first lines]
Alice: My name is Alice. I worked for the Umbrella Corporation, the largest and most powerful commercial entity in the world. I was head of security at a secret high-tech facility, The Hive, a giant underground laboratory developing experimental viral weaponry. But there was an incident. The virus escaped and everybody died. Trouble was... they didn't stay dead.

Alice: There's something down there.
Jill Valentine: Where?
Alice: There.
Peyton Wells: I don't see anything.
Alice: Well, that doesn't alter the fact that there *is* something down there.

Alice: [after hiding out from zombies in the cemetery!] There's too many of them. Let's get out of here...

Peyton Wells: We find the building with the thickest walls and strongest doors and we barricade ourselfs in, sit tight, wait for help.
Alice: There won't be any help. According to Ashford, Umbrella know they can't contain the infection. So at sunrise this morning, Raccoon City will be completely sanitized.
Terri Morales: What do you mean by "sanitized"?
Alice: A precision tactical nuclear device.
Jill Valentine: What yield?
Alice: Five kilotons.
Jill Valentine: [scoffs] Fuck me.

[after Alice realizes Peyton coughs and has a zombie bite injury, she aims her gun at him]
Jill Valentine: [points her gun at Alice] Hold it. What do you think you're doing?
Alice: He's wounded. The infection's spreading.
Peyton Wells: I'm fine.
Alice: You should take care of him now. It'll be more difficult later. You know that.
Jill Valentine: No. If it comes to that, I'll take care of it myself.
Alice: As you wish.
[to Peyton]
Alice: It's nothing personal. But in an hour, maybe two, you'll be dead. And moments later, you'll become one of them. You'll endanger your friends, try to kill them, probably succeed. I'm sorry. That's just the way it is.

Alice: How long ago have you been bitten?
Carlos Olivera: Three hours.
L.J.: What?
Alice: Today's your lucky day.
L.J.: [to Carlos] You should have told me you were bit, motherfucker, I'm hanging with you and shit!

Major Cain: [as Alice prepares to throw him out of the helicopter] Wait! Killing me won't make things right.
Alice: No, but it's a start!

Major Cain: And now... Now we'll discover which is superior. Fight him.
Alice: No.
Major Cain: Fight him, or they die.
Alice: What makes you think I care?

Major Cain: Now, finish this. Put him out of his misery... And come with me.
Alice: No.
Major Cain: You're such a disappointment to me.

Resident Evil (2002)
[Alice points her gun at Rain]
Rain: I'm not dead yet.
[Rain takes the gun from Alice]
Rain: I think I'll take this back.
Alice: I could kiss you, you bitch!

Rain: That homicidal bitch killed my team.
Alice: That homicidal bitch may be our only way out of here.

Alice: There's a cure!
[to Rain]
Alice: You're gonna be alright!
Rain: I was beginning to worry.

Spence: What happened here?
[Alice and Matt both look towards "One" rather anxiously for an answer as well]
James "One" Shade: Five hours ago Red Queen went homicidal, sealed the Hive and killed everyone down here.
Spence: Jesus!
James "One" Shade: When we realized what was happening, my team was dispatched to shut her down.
Alice: Why did she do it?
James "One" Shade: That we don't know, but outside interference is a possibility.

Alice: I'm not sure I want to remember what went on down here.
James "One" Shade: I don't blame you.

Alice: I'm missing you already.

Spence: In or out? In... or out?
Alice: I don't know what we had, but it's over.
Spence: [a female scientist zombie bites Spence] OH, GOD!
Spence: [Spence shoots the scientist; Matt fights Spence for the gun] Back... the FUCK off!
Spence: [to Alice] I'm missing you already.
[Locks Alice, Rain, and Matt inside the flooded research lab]

Red Queen: I can give you the code, but first you must do something for me.
Alice: What?
Red Queen: One of your group has been infected. I require her life for the code.

Alice: Watch the tank! The tank!