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Sophia Hapgood (Character)
from Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis (1992) (VG)

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Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis (1992) (VG)
Indiana Jones: [complimenting Sophia] In this light you look just like Vivien Leigh.
Sophia Hapgood: Frankly Indy, I don't give a damn.

Indiana Jones: Of all the shops in Algeria and we had to walk into this one.
Sophia Hapgood: We'll always have Iceland Indy...

Indiana Jones: [while exploring the Crete labyrinth] Some date, huh?
Sophia Hapgood: We're not dating Jones; this is not a date, if it was a date, I would've stood you up!

Indiana Jones: [Indy is making shadow puppets with a flashlight and makes a dog] Neat! Woof, woof!
Sophia Hapgood: ...Indy?
Indiana Jones: [makes an elephant] It's Jumbo! King of the Circus!
Sophia Hapgood: What do you think you're doing?
Indiana Jones: [makes a rabbit] ... and here's Nur-Ab-Sal!
Sophia Hapgood: Stop that this instant!
Indiana Jones: [turns off flashlight] ... sorry.

[last lines]
[looking at the volcano left after Atlantis' collapse]
Indiana Jones: You know, a lot of my discoveries seem like tall tales, even to me. At least there's some evidence now.
[the volcano promptly sinks under the surface]
Sophia Hapgood: Then again, maybe not.
[Indy suddenly kisses Sohia intently]
Sophia Hapgood: [surprised] What was that for?
Indiana Jones: To ease the pain.

Sophia Hapgood: Not so fast; first I'm going to read your fortune.
[Sophia moves closer to Indy]
Sophia Hapgood: Look into my eyes.
[Indy backs off nervously, Sophia moves in again]
Sophia Hapgood: *Deep* into my eyes.
[Indy backs off again, Sophia follows]
Sophia Hapgood: For Pete's sake, I'm not going to hurt you!

Indiana Jones: [in Iceland] Cold enough for ya?
Sophia Hapgood: Even colder than my feelings toward you, Dr. Jones.

Indiana Jones: [Indy finds Sophia trapped in a pit in the Knossos labyrinth, but cannot see her] How do I know you're really Sophia?
Sophia Hapgood: If I wasn't Sophia, how would I know about that cute little birthmark on your...
Indiana Jones: Fine, you're Sophia!