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Biography for
Short Round (Character)
from Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom (1984)

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Short Round a.k.a Shorty is a fictional 11 year old taxicab driver in Shanghai. "Yes the kid can drive". Shorty was born in 1924 and was named Wan Li by his parents. His family were killed when the Japanese bombed Shanghai in 1932. Despite attending a christian school, he still respects Chinese mythology, and believes a baby elephant that transports him in India to the Pankot Palace is really a recarnation of his brother Chu. Short Round first met Indiana Jones when he tried to pick Indy's pocket. However, Indy did not turn him into the police. Instead he took him in and decided to make him his sidekick. Shorty followed Indy on all of his adventures dispite his age. Shorty is usually seen wearing his grey baseball cap. He is always telling Indy "You listen to me. You live longer", and does not usually call Indiana, Indy but "Dr Jones" instead. In the film Short Round is frequently heard speaking Cantonese which is dialect of Chinese, as well as English. Short Round was potrayed by Jonathan Ke Quan in The Temple of Doom.

Shorty's first appearance in the film is when he helps Indiana escape from Lao Che's thugs in his yellow taxicab (since he is too short to reach the pedals, he wears little wooden blocks on his feet to help him drive). Shorty, Indy and a singer named Willie Scott travel to the Pankot Palace (in India) on a mission to save the inslaved village children and to retrieve the sacred stone. Shorty and Indy show that they enjoy playing poker together and during the game Indy tells Willie how he and Shorty mat. When they arrive at the palace, they are invited to a large feast. Shorty and Willie inspect the strange food (live baby snakes, dead beatles, soup with eyes and finally chilled monkey brains!). Soon they find a secret tomb where people are chosen to be sacrificed to the powerful God Shiva. Shorty and Willie are captured by guards and Shorty is forced to join the other children in the mines. He escapes and finds Indy and Willie. Shorty plays a key role in freeing Indy and Pankot's Maharaja from Mola Ram's evil psychic control and saving Willie from being sacrificed. After escaping a mine cart chase, Shorty, Indy and Willie stumble upon a rope bridge and Indy uses a sword to cut the rope and the bridge collapses. Indy, Shorty and Willie all manage to survive whil Mola Ram and his men fall to their deaths. The three of them return to the village with the children and the last sacred stone.

Shorty immigrated to the United States with Indiana following his adventure.

In an issue of Marvel Comics, The further Adventures of Indiana Jones, Short Round rescued Indy from a pirate attack in the Caribbean before returning to boarding school.

When Short Round grew up, he became an archaeologist and tracked down the Peak's Eye (a valuable diamond) to Niihau.

Shorty was named "favourite Indy sidekick" by

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