Marion Ravenwood
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Marion Ravenwood (Character)
from Raiders of the Lost Ark (1981)

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Raiders of the Lost Ark (1981)
[Marion is being kidnapped]
Marion: You can't do this to me, I'm an AMERICAN.

Indiana: Here, take this,
[hands Marion a torch]
Indiana: Wave it at anything that slithers.
Marion: The whole place is slitherin'!
[turns and mistakes Indy's whip on his side for a snake]
Marion: Indy!
[tries to burn it with the torch]
Indiana: [screams]

Marion: Well, Jones, at least you haven't forgotten how to show a lady a good time.
Indiana: Boy, you're something!
Marion: Yeah? I'll tell you what: until I get back my five thousand dollars, you're gonna get more than you bargained for. I'm your goddamn partner!

Marion: You're not the man I knew ten years ago.
Indiana: It's not the years, honey, it's the mileage.

Indiana: I can only say I'm sorry so many times.
Marion: Well, say it again anyway!
Indiana: Sorry.

Indiana: Hello, Marion.
Marion: Indiana Jones. I always knew some day you'd come walking back through my door. I never doubted that. Something made it inevitable. So, what are you doing here in Nepal?
Indiana: I need one of the pieces your father collected.
[Marion surprises him with a right cross to the jaw]
Marion: I've learned to hate you in the last ten years!
Indiana: I never meant to hurt you.
Marion: I was a child. I was in love. It was wrong and you knew it!
Indiana: You knew what you were doing.
Marion: Now I do. This is my place. Get out!

Toht: Good evening, Fraulein.
Marion: The bar's closed.
Toht: We are... hehe... not thirsty.

Marion: What do you want?
Toht: Ah, the same thing your friend Dr. Jones wanted. Surely he mentioned there would be other interested parties?
Marion: Must have slipped his mind.
Toht: The man is nefarious. I hope for your sake that he has not yet acquired it.
Marion: Why, are you willing to offer more?
Toht: Oh, almost certainly. Do you still have it?
Marion: [blows smoke in his face] No.

[talking about Marion's late father]
Marion: He said you were a bum.
Indiana: Aw, he's being generous.
Marion: The most gifted bum he ever trained. You know, he loved you like a son... took a hell of a lot for you to alienate him.
Indiana: Not much... just you.

[Toht prepares to torture Marion with a hot poker]
Marion: Wait, wait! I can be reasonable!
Toht: That time has passed.
Marion: You don't need that. I'll tell you everything!
Toht: Yes, I know you will.

Toht: Your fire is dying... here, why don't you tell me where the piece is right now?
Marion: Listen, Herr Mac, I don't know what kind of people you're used to dealing with, but nobody tells me what to do in my place.
Toht: Fräulein Ravenwood, let me show you what I am used to...

[Marion and Belloq are both very drunk]
Marion: [laughs] What is this stuff, Rene?
Belloq: [laughing as well] I grew up on this. It's my family label.
[Marion falls to the ground laughing, then calmly pulls out the knife she was concealing and points it at Belloq, who bursts out laughing in response]
Marion: [laughs] We-he-he-ell, I have to be going now, Rene.
Belloq: [flicking his hand and laughing] Ta-ta.
Marion: [walking off] I like you, Rene, very much. Perhaps we'll meet again under better circumstances.

[last lines]
Marion: Hey, what happened? You don't look very happy.
Indiana: Fools. Bureaucratic fools!
Marion: What'd they say?
Indiana: They don't know what they've got there.
Marion: Well, I know what I've got here. Come on. I'll buy you a drink. You know, a drink?

[Marion removes heavy robe to reveal satin negligèe]
Indiana: Where'd you get that?
Marion: From him.
Indiana: Who 'him'?
Marion: Katanga. I got a feeling I'm not the first woman to travel with these pirates.

[Indiana falls asleep while kissing her]
Marion: We never seem to get a break, do we?

Indiana: Do we need the monkey?
Marion: I'm surprised at you. Talking that way about our baby. He's got your looks, too.
Indiana: And your brains.
Marion: Yes she does! She's very smart.

Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull (2008)
Col. Dr. Irina Spalko: [Irina has Marion and Indiana hostage] So, Dr. Jones, you will help us?
[a soldier cocks a pistol and points it at Marion's back]
Col. Dr. Irina Spalko: A simple "yes" will do.
Indiana Jones: Oh, Marion, you had to go and get yourself kidnapped.
Marion Ravenwood: Not like you did any better.
Indiana Jones: Same old, same old.

Marion Ravenwood: Mutt can be a little impetuous.
Indiana Jones: Well, it's not the worse quality in the world.
[Indy and Marion sink further into the ground]
Indiana Jones: Keep your arms above the surface. When the kid comes back, grab on.
Marion Ravenwood: Indy, he...
Indiana Jones: He's a good kid, Marion. You should get off his back about school.
Marion Ravenwood: Mutt, I mean...
Indiana Jones: Not everybody is cut out for it.
Marion Ravenwood: His name is Henry!
Indiana Jones: Henry. Good name.
Marion Ravenwood: He's your son.
Indiana Jones: My son?
Marion Ravenwood: Henry Jones the III.
Indiana Jones: [beat] Why the hell didn't you make him finish school?

Mutt Williams: What's he gonna do now?
Marion Ravenwood: I don't think he plans that far ahead.
Mutt Williams: Yeah.
Indiana Jones: [pops out from the inside of the truck with a bazooka] Scooch over, will you, Son?
Mutt Williams: Don't call me "son." Don't.
Indiana Jones: [ignoring Mutt's complaint] I think I'd cover my ears if I were you.
[Indy fires a rocket at a giant tree cutter, but it sends the large circular blade bouncing straight for them, cutting through other trucks as it goes]
Indiana Jones: Duck! Duck!

Marion Ravenwood: What the hell is that?
Professor 'Ox' Oxley: A portal! A pathway to another dimension!
Indiana Jones: I don't think we want to go that way.

Mutt Williams: [as Indy sinks in a quicksand-esque substance, he is passed a long snake] Grab on. It's a rat snake!
Indiana Jones: Rat snakes aren't that big.
Mutt Williams: Well, this one is, all right? It's not even poisonous. Now grab on!
Indiana Jones: Go get something else.
Mutt Williams: Like what?
Indiana Jones: Like a rope or something.
Mutt Williams: There's no Sears and Roebuck here! Grab the snake!
Indiana Jones: Maybe I can touch the bottom.
Marion Ravenwood: There's no bottom. Now grab it.
Indiana Jones: I think I can feel it with my feet
Mutt Williams: Grab the snake!
Indiana Jones: Stop calling it that!
Mutt Williams: It's a snake! What do you want me to call it?
Indiana Jones: Say "rope."
Mutt Williams: What?
Indiana Jones: Say "Grab the rope"!
Mutt Williams, Marion Ravenwood: Grab the rope!

Marion Ravenwood: You still living a trail of human wreckage, or have you retired?
Indiana Jones: Why? You looking for a date?
Marion Ravenwood: With anyone but you.

Col. Dr. Irina Spalko: Clearly I have chosen the wrong pressure point. Perhaps I can find a more sensitive one.
Col. Dr. Irina Spalko: [to Russian soldiers] Prinesite yom!
Marion Ravenwood: [Struggling] Get your hands off me, you rotten Russki son of a bitch!
Marion Ravenwood: Indiana Jones.
Marion Ravenwood: [Indy shrugs and laughs] About time you showed up.
Mutt Williams: Mom!
Marion Ravenwood: Sweetheart.
[Runs over to Mutt and hug him]
Indiana Jones: "Mom"?

Mutt Williams: [Looking at Indy and Marion] No! No, he was Britsh! My dad was an RAF Pilot; he was a war hero; not some school teacher!
Marion Ravenwood: No, sweetheart! Collin was your step father. We started dating 3 months after you were born! He was a good man!
Indiana Jones: Wait... wait... wait a minute! Collin? As in Collin Williams? Ha! You, you married him? I introduced you!
Marion Ravenwood: I think you gave up your vote on who I married, when you decided to break it off a week before the wedding!
Indiana Jones: You and I both knew Marion, that it wasn't gonna work out!
Marion Ravenwood: Then why didn't you ever talk to me about it?
Indiana Jones: Because, we never had an argument I won!
Dovchenko: Oh, for the love of God! Shut the hell up!
Marion Ravenwood: Didn't you ever wonder why Ox stopped writing, he hated that you walked out on me!
Mutt Williams: Would you two just stop!
Indiana Jones: Yeah, Marion! Let's not let the kid see mom and dad fight!
Mutt Williams: You're not my dad, alright!
Indiana Jones: You bet I am; and I've got news for you; you're gonna go back and finish school!
Mutt Williams: Oh really! What happend to there's not a damn thing wrong, with you kid, don't let anybody ealse tell you any different! You don't remember saying that!
Indiana Jones: That was before I was your father!
Mutt Williams: You're not my father!
Marion Ravenwood: [Dovchenko gets up] Oh yes, he is your father!
Indiana Jones: You should've told me about the kid, Marion; I had a right to know!
Marion Ravenwood: [Dovchenko gags Marions mouth] You vanished, after that!
Indiana Jones: I wrote!
Marion Ravenwood: A year later! By then, Mutt was born, and I was married!
Indiana Jones: Why in the bother did you tell me now?
Marion Ravenwood: Because I thought we were gonna die!
Indiana Jones: Not yet!
[Indy and Mutt start kicking Dovchenko until he falls over]
Mutt Williams: [Mutt empties knife out of shoe, and throws it to Indy, and it lands on Indy's shoulder, and drops to Indy's hand] Got it?
[Mutt hears rip]
Mutt Williams: Oh shit!
[Indy cuts himself loose, then Mutt]

Mutt Williams: Mom!
Indiana Jones: Honey!
Mac: Slow down!
Indiana Jones: Honey! Stop, we're gonna go the cliff!
Marion Ravenwood: That's the idea!
Indiana Jones: Bad idea; give me the wheel!
Marion Ravenwood: Trust me!
[Steps on gas]
Marion Ravenwood: [Mutt screems]
[Car lands in tree, and Marion smiles and steps on gas, drives down into the river, and tree flys up and hits Russian soldiers, and some of them fall]
Indiana Jones: Don't ever do that again!
Marion Ravenwood: Yes, dear!
Professor 'Ox' Oxley: Three times it drops! The way down...
Indiana Jones: Reverse! Put it in reverse! Reverse! Reverse!
[Go off water]
Indiana Jones: [Everyone screems]
Indiana Jones: [Coughing] Three times it drops?
Professor 'Ox' Oxley: Three times it drops!
Mutt Williams: He means by land?
Marion Ravenwood: Oh, what does he mean?
Indiana Jones: He means one... two...
[Go off another waterfall]
Indiana Jones: [Coughing] ... Three!
[Takes off hat]
Indiana Jones: [Go off biggest waterfall]
Indiana Jones: [Marion still holding wheel with no truck!] Marion! Marion!
[Pulls wheel out of her hands]
Professor 'Ox' Oxley: Through eyes at last I saw in tears...
Mutt Williams: ...the golden vision reapears! Through eyes... through eyes in tears! We gotta go through that waterfall!
Indiana Jones: The skull has to be returned! I'll do it! No one else has to come!
Mutt Williams: Who cares! It's brought us nothing but trouble!
[Pointing at Ox]
Mutt Williams: Look what it did to him!
Indiana Jones: I have to return it!
Marion Ravenwood: Why you?
Indiana Jones: Because it told me to!

Marion Ravenwood: [Indy cuts Marion loose, and removes gag] I'm sure I wasn't the only person to go on with my life. There must have been plenty of women for you over the years.
Indiana Jones: Yeah. There were a few, but they all had the same problem.
Marion Ravenwood: Yeah? What's that?
Indiana Jones: [Indy cuts through roof] They weren't you, honey.
[Throws Mutt knife, and climbs out of truck. Marion smiles a big smile]
Indiana Jones: [Mutt smiles and laughs]
[Mutt and Marion get thrown around truck!]
Indiana Jones: [Indy throws Russian out of truck, and big action scene starts]

Indiana Jones: Marion!
Marion Ravenwood: Well, it's about time you showed up, Jones.
Mutt Williams: Mom!
Marion Ravenwood: [looks at Mutt] Sweetheart! What in the world are you doing here?
Indiana Jones: [looks at them] Mom?
Mutt Williams: [ignores Indy] Ah, don't worry about me. Are you alright?
Indiana Jones: Marion is your...
Marion Ravenwood: [Indy is still ignored] Young man, I specifically told you...
Indiana Jones: ...your mother?
Marion Ravenwood: [still ignores Indy] ... not to come down here.
Indiana Jones: Marion Ravenwood is your mother?
Marion Ravenwood: [ignores him once more] I should've known Jones would drag you into this.
Indiana Jones: Marion Ravenwood is your mother?
Marion Ravenwood: [stops ignoring him] For cryin' out loud, Jones, is it so hard to figure out?

Marion Ravenwood: Get your hands off me, you rotten Russky son of a bitch!