Mrs. Molly Weasley
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Mrs. Molly Weasley (Character)
from Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone (2001)

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Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets (2002)
Ron: They were starving him, Mum! There were bars on his window!
Molly Weasley: Well, you'd best hope I don't put bars on your window, Ronald Weasley!

Molly Weasley: *Your* sons flew that enchanted car of yours to Surrey and back last night.
Arthur Weasley: [to the boys] Did you really? How did it go?
[after Molly hits him]
Arthur Weasley: I mean, that was very wrong indeed, boys. Very wrong of you.

Ginny: Mummy, have you seen my jumper?
Molly Weasley: Yes dear, it was on the cat.

Molly Weasley: Now don't forget to speak very, very clearly.
Harry: Diagonally.
[Harry vanishes]
Molly Weasley: What did he say dear?
Arthur Weasley: Diagonally.
Molly Weasley: I thought he did.

Mrs. Weasley: RONALD WEASLEY! How dare you steal that car? I am absolutely disgusted! Your father's facing an inquiry at work, and it's entirely your fault! If you put another toe out of line, we'll bring you straight home!
[to Ginny]
Mrs. Weasley: Oh, and Ginny dear, congratulations on making Gryffindor. Your father and I are so proud.
[turns back to Ron]
Mrs. Weasley: PPPBBBTTT!
[the howler rips up]
Mrs. Weasley: .

Molly Weasley: Your sons flew that car all the way to Surrey and back!
Arthur Weasley: Really? How did it go?
[Molly hits him on the shoulder]
Arthur Weasley: I mean, that was very wrong of you, boys. Very wrong indeed.

Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix (2007)
Sirius Black: If anyone's got a right to know it's Harry. If it wasn't for him we wouldn't even know Voldemort was back! He's not a child, Molly!
Mrs. Weasley: He's not an adult either! He's not James, Sirius.
Sirius Black: He's not your son.
Mrs. Weasley: He's as good as! Who else as he got?
Sirius Black: He's got me!

Sirius Black: We think Voldemort wants to build up his army again.
[everyone turns to look at Sirius]
Sirius Black: Fourteen years ago he had huge numbers at his command, not just witches and wizards but all manner of dark creatures. He has been recruiting heavily and we have been attempting to do the same. But gathering followers isn't all he's interested in...
[Moody coughs loudly from the corner]
Sirius Black: We believe Voldemort may be after something...
Alastor 'Mad-Eye' Moody: Sirius!
Sirius Black: Something he didn't have last time.
Harry Potter: You mean, like a weapon?
[Sirius opens his mouth to speak]
Mrs. Weasley: No! That's enough! He's just a boy, you say much more and you might as well induct him into the Order straight away.
Harry Potter: Good! I want to join! If Voldemort's raising an army then I want to fight!

Arthur Weasley: [raising his glass] To Harry Potter, without whom I may not be here. To Harry.
Hermione Granger, Ron Weasley, George Weasley, Fred Weasley, Ginny Weasley, Mrs. Weasley: [raising their cups] To Harry
Sirius Black: [at doorway] To Harry.

Mrs. Weasley: [at the dinner table on Christmas] Sit down everyone, sit down. That's it, now present time.

Mrs. Weasley: [Fred and George have just appeared out of thin air and Mrs Weasley screams] Just because you can use magic now does not mean you have to whip your wands out for everything.

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2 (2011)
Molly Weasley: [to Bellatrix Lestrange] Not my daughter, you bitch!

Flitwick, Molly Weasley, Professor Horace Slughorn: Protego Maxima, Fianto Duri, Repello Inimicum.

Molly Weasley: Not my daughter, you bitch!

Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone (2001)
Molly Weasley: [looks at Fred, hoping to get him onto platform 9 3/4] Fred, you next.
George Weasley: He's not Fred, I am!
Fred Weasley: Honestly, woman. You call yourself our mother.
Molly Weasley: [to Fred] Oh, I'm sorry, George.
Fred Weasley: [approaches the barrier] I'm only joking, I am Fred!
[runs through the barrier]

Molly Weasley: Okay, Fred, you next.