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Quotes for
Sal (Character)
from RoboCop (1987)

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RoboCop (1987)
Sal: Okay, let me, uh, try to put this in perspective. You killed a bunch of cops. Word around is that you've got a lot of heavy connections downtown. You make a lot of MY friends nervous. A lot of people... would love to see a guy like me... put a guy like you out of business.
Clarence Boddicker: I don't know. I don't know. Maybe I'm just not making myself clear. I don't want to fuck with you, Sal, but I got the connections. I got the sales organization. I got the muscle to shove enough of this factory so far up your stupid wop ass that you'll shit snow for a year.
Sal: Frankie, blow this cocksucker's head off.
[both Clarence's and Sal's henchmen draw their guns]
Clarence Boddicker: Oooh. Guns, guns, guns! C'mon, Sal! The Tigers are playing...
[slaps the table]
Clarence Boddicker: ...tonight. I never miss a game.
Sal: [grinning] Just kidding.
[signals his henchmen to put their guns away]

Clarence Boddicker: I don't think I want to pay that, Sal.
Sal: I don't give a shit what you want to pay. I set the prices here.
Clarence Boddicker: Listen, pal, maybe you haven't heard. I'm the guy in Old Detroit. You want space in my marketplace... you're gonna have to give me a volume discount.
Sal: Not into... discounts.