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Janelle Voight (Character)
from Terminator 2: Judgment Day (1991)

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Terminator 2: Judgment Day (1991)
John Connor: Todd and Janelle are dicks, but I've gotta warn them. You got a quarter?
[the Terminator smashes into the coin bin and hands John a quarter]
Janelle Voight: [answers the phone] Hello?
John Connor: Janelle, it's me!
Janelle Voight: John?
John Connor: Yeah. Is everything all right? Are you guys okay?
Janelle Voight: Sure, honey, everything's okay. Are you all right?
John Connor: Yeah, I'm fine.
Janelle Voight: John, it's late. Honey, I was beginning to worry about you. If you hurry home, we can sit down and have dinner together. I'm making beef stew.
John Connor: [holds his hand over the phone] Something's wrong. She's never this nice.
Janelle Voight: John, where are you?
Todd Voight: [hearing Max barking outside] What the hell is that goddamn dog barking at?
Todd Voight: [shouting at Max] Hey! Shut up you worthless piece of shit!
John Connor: [to himself] The dog's really barking...
Todd Voight: Thought you were gonna tell the kid to get rid of that fucking mutt.
Janelle Voight: [uses her arm to kill Todd] John, honey, it's late. Please don't make me worry.
John Connor: [to Terminator, hand over the phone] Could it already be there?
Janelle Voight: Honey, are you okay?
The Terminator: [takes the phone from John and impersonates his voice] I'm right here. I'm fine.
Janelle Voight: Are you sure? Are you sure you're all right?
The Terminator: [to John; normal voice] What's the dog's name?
John Connor: Max.
The Terminator: [impersonating John's voice] Hey Janelle, what's wrong with Wolfie? I can hear him barking. Is he all right?
Janelle Voight: Wolfie's fine, honey. Wolfie's just fine. Where are you?
The Terminator: [hangs up the phone] Your foster parents are dead.

T-1000: Are you the legal guardian of John Connor?
Todd Voight: That's right, Officer. What's he done now?
T-1000: Could I speak with him please?
Janelle Voight: You could if he were here. He just took off on his bike. So, he could be anywhere.
T-1000: Do you have a photograph of John?
Janelle Voight: Yeah, sure, hold on.
Todd Voight: Could you tell me what this is about?
T-1000: Just need to ask him a few questions.
[Janelle gives the photo to T-1000]
T-1000: He's a good looking boy. Do you mind if I keep this picture?
Janelle Voight: No, go on. There was a guy here this morning looking for him, too.
Todd Voight: Yeah, a big guy on a bike. Does that got something to do with this?
T-1000: No, I wouldn't worry about him. Thanks for your cooperation.