Cameron Phillips
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"Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles: Pilot (#1.1)" (2008)
Cameron: [to John] You're safe.
Sarah Connor, John Connor: No one is ever safe.

Cameron Phillips: [to John] Come with me if you want to live.

Cameron Phillips: I was sent here to protect John.
Sarah Connor: Not now. Not yet.

Sarah Connor: [to a topless Cameron] You might want to put those back in the holster.
Cameron Phillips: [grabbing her bra] Oh.

Cameron Phillips: You should have changed your alias.
Sarah Connor: Go to hell!
Cameron Phillips: They would have found you anyway. They always do.

Cameron Phillips: [to John] In the future you have many friends.

John Connor: What model are you? Are you new? You seem... different.
Cameron Phillips: I am.

Sarah Connor: I didn't kill Miles! I didn't do it. I would never... Miles was a hero.
Terissa Dyson: Then why are you here?
Cameron Phillips: We're back.

Cameron Phillips: When the isotope solution turns red you can fire.
Sarah Connor: Isotope. Is this nuclear?
Cameron Phillips: No, not really.

Sarah Connor: What have you done?
Cameron Phillips: You want to find Skynet? You want to stop Skynet? This is the way.
Sarah Connor: You don't know who builds it!
Cameron Phillips: No. But we know where and we know when. We can go kill it before it's born. You can stop running. Stay in one place. Fight.

Sarah Connor: Where are we?
Cameron Phillips: Same where, different when.

Cameron Phillips: You're safe.
Sarah and John: [in unison] No one is ever safe.

"Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles: Allison from Palmdale (#2.4)" (2008)
[first lines]
John Connor: Earth to Cameron.
Cameron Phillips: What?
John Connor: Are you okay? Cause if you're gonna try and kill me again, I wouldn't mind a head start.
Cameron Phillips: If I was going to try to kill you again, we wouldn't be having this conversation.

John Connor: You really not know who you are?
Cameron Phillips: I'm Allison from Palmdale.
John Connor: You're not Allison. You're not from Palmdale. You're from the future. You're a machine.
Cameron Phillips: A what?
John Connor: Chip is messed up. But I can fix you. I fixed you before!
Cameron Phillips: *Fix* me? Why would you fix me?

Cameron Phillips: [Allison is brought back after escaping] You shouldn't have run. You're just making things worse for yourself.

Cameron Phillips: I want to get to know you. You're very brave. That must be why John Connor chose you.
Allison Young: I don't know what you're talking about.
Cameron Phillips: I admire him. His determination, his spirit, his fearlessness. I'd like to meet him.
Allison Young: He wouldn't want to meet you!

Rita: And what are you going to do when you find John Connor?
Cameron Phillips: I'm going to kill him and stick his head on a pike for all to see!

John Connor: [examining the somewhat lifeless Jody] Did you kill her?
[suddenly Jody gasps for breath]
Cameron Phillips: Apparently not.

Cameron Phillips: I think... I'm a machine.
Rita: A machine? What kind of machine?
Cameron Phillips: From the future.
Rita: What do you do in the future?
Cameron Phillips: I'm an infiltrator.
Rita: What do you infiltrate?
Cameron Phillips: The Human Resistance.
Rita: I see. Why?
Cameron Phillips: It's what I was programmed for.
Rita: Programmed?
Cameron Phillips: To find John Connor.
Rita: Why is he so important?
Cameron Phillips: He's the one who saves mankind.
Rita: Saves them? From what?
Cameron Phillips: Extinction.
Rita: And what're you gonna do when you find John Connor?
Cameron Phillips: I'm going to kill him, and hang his head on a pike for all to see.

Cameron Phillips: You lied to me.
Allison Young: I'll never help you get to John Connor.
Cameron Phillips: [breaks Alison's neck and takes her identification bracelet] You already did.

Cameron Phillips: You lied to me!
Jody: I'm from L.A., okay?

Cameron Phillips, Allison Young: [alternating] I had a party in Griffith Park. My friends were there... I saw a boy ride by on his silver mountain bike. And I told my dad: "This is what I want." And he said: "Next year." But I didn't have a party the next year. No one did.
Interrgator: Why not?
Allison Young: Everyone was dead.

Cameron Phillips: They're going to kill you. They're going to kill every one of you. They'll hunt you down, until every Human is gone and you're extinct.
Allison Young: Why are we having this conversation?
Cameron Phillips: Because some of us don't want that. Some of us want peace. You were chosen, Alison - not just by John Connor. By us.

[last lines]
John Connor: [about the necklace] Where d'you get that?
Cameron Phillips: I got it at this awesome thrash store in Eco-Park.

"Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles: Queen's Gambit (#1.5)" (2008)
John Connor: You're really good at math.
Cameron Phillips: Yes.
John Connor: You wanna do mine?
Cameron Phillips: Yes.

Cameron Phillips: What are they doing?
John Connor: They're writing notes... for Jordan.
Cameron Phillips: She's dead.
John Connor: Yeah, I remember watching her fall.
Cameron Phillips: Me too. How will she get the notes?
John Connor: She won't.
Cameron Phillips: But you said...
John Connor: Sometimes things happen and they're so bad that people just don't know how to deal with their sadness, so they write it in a note.
Cameron Phillips: But I thought people cried when they were sad.
John Connor: Sometimes it's not enough.

[Cameron offers Sarah a pencil]
Cameron Phillips: You should write Andy a note... if you can't cry.
[Sarah takes the pencil, snaps it in two and hands it back to Cameron]
Sarah Connor: It doesn't bother you that he's dead, does it?
Cameron Phillips: The world is safer without him.

Cameron Phillips: I already did your homework.
John Connor: Yeah, I know, but I still have to take the test. I need to know this stuff.
Cameron Phillips: Then why did you ask me to do it?
John Connor: 'Cause, maybe it's kinda hard to concentrate on geometry when people keep dying around you.

Mr. Harris: I know this is difficult for you to talk about, so I'm gonna need you to be strong. Okay? Can you do that for me?
Cameron Phillips: Yes. I can be strong.

Cameron Phillips: It's freakin' big.

Cameron Phillips: Can I go now? I'm done with grief counseling and I feel much better.

Cameron Phillips: [to John] Mom's here.
Morris: Woah. Hi, I'm Morris, your brother's new best friend.
Cameron Phillips: [shaking Morris's hand] Cameron.
Morris: Nice grip.
John Connor: [to Morris] Watch yourself. Just looking out for ya.

Sarah Connor: Field trip.
John Connor: I call shotgun.
Cameron Phillips: I call nine millimeter.

Cameron Phillips: [on Andy] You should have killed him when you had the chance.
Sarah Connor: I'm surprised it's taken you this long to bring that up.
Cameron Phillips: I'm busy doing John's homework.

John Connor: Nobody's gonna want Andy's program now. That thing's... kinda crazy.
Cameron Phillips: It could still be a threat... It could still become 'Skynet'.
Sarah Connor: It could also become 'Pong'.

"Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles: Vick's Chip (#1.8)" (2008)
Cameron Phillips: We should be very careful with Vick's chip.
John Connor: Yeah, that's the understatement of the century.

Derek Reese: [talking to Sarah about Cameron] Who showed you my safehouse? She did. Who else knew about it? Nobody. Where are my men? In the morgue.
Cameron Phillips: I didn't give the Triple-Eight the safehouse's location.
Derek Reese: Prove it.

Cameron Phillips: [about Vick the Terminator] He's protecting her.
Sarah Connor: Why? And why like *that*?
Derek Reese: Because they're twisted. That's why.
[gives Cameron a pointed look of disgust and starts to leave]
Derek Reese: I'll be in the Jeep.

John Connor: So how often do you lie?
Cameron Phillips: When the mission requires it.
John Connor: Do you lie to me?
Cameron Phillips: Sometimes.
John Connor: About important things?
Cameron Phillips: Yes, important things.

Cameron Phillips: How much power are you giving the chip?
John Connor: Uh... We're running at 2.5 volts.
Cameron Phillips: My CPU requires a minimum of 6.2 and a maximum of 8.7 continuous voltage in order to function properly.
John Connor: That much juice would burn out any processor I've ever seen.
Cameron Phillips: Access to visual memory will require less power than higher-level functions.
John Connor: Higher-level functions?
Cameron Phillips: Decision-making, strategic mission analysis, we don't wanna activate those functions.
John Connor: So, crank the juice, but not too much.
Cameron Phillips: Yes. Crank the juice.

[trying to find the women that Vick murdered]
Cameron Phillips: I don't understand your need to find her. She's dead.
Sarah Connor: That's because you don't value human life.
Cameron Phillips: But she's not life, she's just a body - bones and meat... Was that bad to say?

Cameron Phillips: [about Cromartie] He's going school to school looking for you. Trying to match your face. He's moved on now. He won't go back there. I wouldn't.
John Connor: The only way that I am reassured by that is if I remember... that in the core of your chip... you're just like him.

[John and Derek find the body of a dead woman]
John Connor: I was kinda hoping we wouldn't find her.
[Derek whistles for Cameron and Sarah, then kneels and pulls the woman around]
John Connor: That's not Barbara.
Derek Reese: [checks her ID] Who the hell's Jessica Peck?
Cameron Phillips: A threat to Skynet.

John Connor: How the hell do you keep your brain organized?
Cameron Phillips: Not like yours.

[John and Cameron are looking at footage of Vick's "family life"]
John Connor: Was that thing... married?
Cameron Phillips: The T-888 is an advanced model infiltrator.
John Connor: I-I don't think she... knows. I mean, is that possible?
Cameron Phillips: She would not be the first human fooled by a machine.

[John intends to plant a virus into ARTIE with Cameron's chip]
Sarah Connor: You can get in through a traffic light?
John Connor: Yes.
Sarah Connor: Are you sure?
John Connor: Nope.
Sarah Connor: Are *you* sure?
Cameron Phillips: No.

"Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles: Gnothi Seauton (#1.2)" (2008)
Sarah Connor: Now, after three days, you tell me there are other people here?
Cameron Phillips: Resistance fighters.
Sarah Connor: Resistance fighters, humans, sent back from the future by John. And what? Are they manning some kind of apocalyptic paramilitary convenience store filled with fake IDs and guns and money?

Sarah Connor: These resistance fighters... they know you?
Cameron Phillips: They've seen me before.

[Cameron is pulling her head out the windshield of a car that just hit her]
Cameron Phillips: [to the car's occupants] Please remain calm.

Sarah Connor: Why jump at all? Why not stay in the past? I had seven more years to get ready. To get him ready.
Cameron Phillips: No, you wouldn't have.
Sarah Connor: Why not?
Cameron Phillips: Because you died; two years ago, December fourth, two thousand five. You died.

Cameron Phillips: Skynet doesn't know you're here. There's no directive to hunt you.
John Connor: So if I was to walk right by one...
Cameron Phillips: They'll walk right by you. They don't know what you look like.
John Connor: That's really awesome.
Sarah Connor: And what if they found out who he was? Would they all know what to do then?
Cameron Phillips: They do.
Sarah Connor: Awesome.

Sarah Connor: Did John, the future John, send you back to help me jump over my death? Is everything else a lie?
Cameron Phillips: No. He sent us here to fight. But you're the best fighter he knows.
Sarah Connor: I'm sure that's not -
Cameron Phillips: The best.

Sarah Connor: Were you gonna kill that cop? Don't answer that, don't want to know. We need rules. Are you supposed to take orders or something like that?
Cameron Phillips: I do, from John.
Sarah Connor: From John. So, if I tell John to forbid you -
Cameron Phillips: Not this John.
Sarah Connor: Not this John. Aren't they the same?
Cameron Phillips: Not yet.

Cameron Phillips: John has a high level of stress.
Sarah Connor: Genetics are a bitch.

Cameron Phillips: Diamonds are a girl's best friend.

Cameron Phillips: I know what the Tin Man is. He needed a heart. The Wonderful Wizard Of Oz written by L. Frank Baum in nineteen hundred, first published -
Sarah Connor: I know all about The Wizard Of Oz. When John was little I -
Cameron Phillips: You read it to him over and over again, in Spanish. He never told you, but it was one of his favorite things that you did. He used to talk about it a lot.

Sarah Connor: How do you know what I would and would not do? You don't know me! You don't know me! And you don't know my son. Not John. Not my John. You don't know what I would and wouldn't do. *I* don't even know what I would and wouldn't do. I don't know anything anymore. I don't even remember what my name is.
Cameron Phillips: Sarah Connor.

"Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles: Heavy Metal (#1.4)" (2008)
Sarah Connor: You know what I love about you guys? Even when you've evolved into the ultimate indestructible killing machine, you're not above self-examination and improvement.
Cameron Phillips: Thank you.
Sarah Connor: Please shut up.

Cameron Phillips: It's too dangerous. We should go.
John Connor: It's always too dangerous! It's war! War is dangerous!
Sarah Connor: If you die, they win.

Sarah Connor: Do you have any idea what's going on? I lost him! I lost John!
Cameron Phillips: I understand.
Sarah Connor: It's impossible for you to understand.
Cameron Phillips: Without John, your life has no purpose.

Sarah Connor: I can't believe I let him talk me into this. You try to open your hands just a little, and it's too soon.
Cameron Phillips: Is it? The world ends in four years.

Cameron Phillips: This is it. This is where the factory will be.
Sarah Connor: What factory?
Cameron Phillips: Where I'll be made. Me and many others.

[a guard wakes up in a chair he is tied to]
Guard: [after getting his bearings back] Are you kidding?
Sarah Connor: No!
[punches him in the face]
Sarah Connor: Tell me where they went.
Guard: Lady, go to hell.
Sarah Connor: Where they went or I'm gonna beat you to death.
[Sarah hits him again]
Sarah Connor: And don't call me lady.
[she hits him again and again]
Sarah Connor: Tell me where they went, dammit!
Cameron Phillips: If you beat him to death, he can't tell us anything.
Guard: I'm not gonna tell you anything.
Sarah Connor: Okay.
[She leaves and returns with a large bowie knife]
Guard: Yeah, like you got the stones.
[Sarah cuts him loose]
Sarah Connor: You can go...
[referencing Cameron]
Sarah Connor: ...if you can get past her.

[after leaving their interrogation subject stranded in a mine field]
Cameron Phillips: It would have been faster to kill him. Sometimes you seem inefficient.
Sarah Connor: I'm not for you to understand.
Cameron Phillips: You've said that before.
Sarah Connor: Well, I do things, you know... stupid, illogical, inefficient things. Humans. Get used to it.

Cameron Phillips: It's not your fault.
Sarah Connor: Maybe it's yours. Maybe if you would have let him try to save that girl, or at least let him think he had a choice in the matter, he wouldn't have gone off the reservation.
Cameron Phillips: John does these things.
Sarah Connor: Not the John I know.
Cameron Phillips: The John I know.

Sarah Connor: So, what do you think future John would do right now?
Cameron Phillips: We'll see.

Sarah Connor: You know what I love about you guys? Even when you've evolved into the ultimate, indestructable killing machine, you're not above self-examination and improvement.
Cameron Phillips: Thank you.
Sarah Connor: Please shut up.

"Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles: Dungeons & Dragons (#1.6)" (2008)
John Connor: Do you know who that is in there? Who's dying on that table?
Cameron Phillips: Yes. That man is First Lieutenant Derek Thomas Reese, with the 132nd SFC. Operation specialty: TechCom.

John Connor: And what information do you have about Kyle Reese?
Cameron Phillips: Imprisoned at Century Sector work camp with John Connor, 2015. Escaped with John Connor, 2021. He was officially declared MIA in 2027 after being assigned to protect Sarah Connor from a Skynet attack.
John Connor: Is that all?
Cameron Phillips: Seems like a lot.
John Connor: It is.

Charley Dixon: So - Skynet, robots from the future. And... you're a...
Cameron Phillips: Yes, I'm a...
Sarah Connor: You need a...
Charley Dixon: ...a minute?
Sarah Connor: I was gonna say 'a drink'.
Charley Dixon: Oh, yeah, that too.

Charley Dixon: It's dead, right? Or powered off... whatever?
Cameron Phillips: Every component must be destroyed beyond repair or recovery. Even a single unaccounted for piece of the endoskeleton could alter the course of technological evolution... and hasten the arrival of Judgment Day.

Charley Dixon: You know, little girl - you freak me the hell out. I mean, on the outside, you're just as pretty as a picture. But on the inside... you're a...
Cameron Phillips: Hyper-alloy combat chassis.
Charley Dixon: Right, what, is that, is that a complicated way of saying 'robot'?
Cameron Phillips: Cybernetic organism. Living tissue over a metal endoskeleton.
Charley Dixon: Okay, scary robot. And here you are, carving up this guy... i-into chum.
Cameron Phillips: He's not a guy. He's a scary robot.
Charley Dixon: Okay. He's a scary robot? You - you're a *very* scary robot.

Cameron Phillips: Sometimes they go bad. No one knows why.

Sarah Connor: What did you say to Charley?
Cameron Phillips: I freak him the hell out.
Sarah Connor: I'll bet you do. I'll just bet.

Sarah Connor: [about Charley] You don't go near him. You don't touch him. You swear to me you'll leave him alone, or so help me, I will find a way of taking you apart piece by piece.
Cameron Phillips: I swear.
Sarah Connor: So do I.

Sarah Connor: That thing's done, right? It's vapor.
Cameron Phillips: One missing component. His left hand. I'll find it.
Sarah Connor: Everything needs to be destroyed, everything.
Cameron Phillips: Everything.
Sarah Connor: Every last bolt. Get it done.
Cameron Phillips: I swear.

"Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles: Self Made Man (#2.11)" (2008)
Eric: Those who don't know history are destined to repeat it.
Cameron Phillips: Or die.

Eric: Why is the date so important?
Cameron Phillips: It's not. Unless it's the wrong date.

Eric: [of Myron Stark] He could have been an immigrant. Came through Ellis Island, shortened his name, worked his way up from nothing... It's the immigrant spirit: single-minded pursuit of a goal, never giving up - buying into the American dream.
Cameron Phillips: An effective strategy?
Eric: Either that, or he robbed banks.

Eric: [after planting that idea into Cameron's head] You really think he robbed banks?
Cameron Phillips: It's a very effective strategy.
Eric: But why, what did he need it for?
Cameron Phillips: To buy into the American dream.

Cameron Phillips: [quoting 'Othello'] "The robbed that smile steal something from the thief."

Cameron Phillips: [of Will Chandler] 400 people came to his funeral. He had a lot of friends.
Eric: His father had a lot of money. There is a difference.

Eric: If Stark wanted to kill Chandler, why take out 43 innocent people?
Cameron Phillips: It happens.

Cameron Phillips: Do you ever think about dying?
Eric: About what?
Cameron Phillips: Or about suicide?
Eric: Why would I think about that?
Cameron Phillips: Because there's something wrong with you.
Eric: Gee, don't ever look for work as a counselor.

Eric: No wonder you don't have any friends. You can't just do things like that. You can't just show up whenever you need something. Can't carry a gun around and freak people out, and walk into the bathroom when a guy's taking a leak and ask him if he's gonna kill himself. And you can't just blurt things out like "You have cancer!" - especially to someone who's already had it. You have no clue, do you? You have no idea what it's like to have something inside of you - something that's damaged.
Cameron Phillips: It's like a bomb... waiting to go off.

"Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles: The Turk (#1.3)" (2008)
[John sees Cameron putting on some eyeliner]
John Connor: You're getting pretty good at that.
Cameron Phillips: Thank you.
John Connor: Still, it's not exactly brain surgery or anything. It'd be pretty funny if you were some sort of advanced cybernetic intelligence, yet stumped by a stick of eyeliner.
Cameron Phillips: No, not brain surgery. It would have to be a lot sharper for brain surgery.

John Connor: Don't seem like a freak. You know what I mean, right?
Cameron Phillips: Freak. Weirdo. Kook. Oddball. Crackpot. Strange duck. Weird potato. Nut. I've been reading the dictionary. I don't sleep.
John Connor: Yeah, see, that's what I'm talking about. You do that, you sound like a freak.

Sarah Connor: Hey. How was school?
Cameron Phillips: I have a metal plate in my head.
John Connor: She's gonna need a note.
Sarah Connor: I meant you, not her.
John Connor: Yeah, fine.
Sarah Connor: You're not going to give me anything?
John Connor: Oh well, we went, we learned. I didn't get killed and she didn't kill anybody. It's a pretty good first day, I think.

John Connor: So, about the cell phone guy...
Sarah Connor: I am having dinner with him tonight.
John Connor: Dinner? You mean like a date?
Sarah Connor: Not a date.
Cameron Phillips: Are you going to kill him?
Sarah Connor: Kill him? I don't know the first thing about him.

Sarah Connor: Nobody dies 'til I say so.
[to John]
Sarah Connor: Tell her.
Cameron Phillips: People die all the time. They won't wait for her.

Zoey: Does this make me look fat?
Cameron Phillips: Yes.
Zoey: What the hell? What's your problem?
Cameron Phillips: You asked...
Franny: Bitch whore much?
Cameron Phillips: I don't understand.
Franny: I said: bitch... whore... much? What are you looking at?
Cameron Phillips: I am looking at YOU.

Cameron Phillips: Here's a present. It's tight.

Cameron Phillips: I'm a bitch whore.
John Connor: What?
Cameron Phillips: I have a new friend.
John Connor: Did she tell you you were a bitch whore?
Cameron Phillips: No. She cried.
John Connor: [completely confused] What?

"Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles: Ourselves Alone (#2.17)" (2009)
[repeated line]
Cameron Phillips: What am I going to do with you?

[a pigeon flies against the window]
Cameron Phillips: That's a window, bird.

Cameron Phillips: You've been distracted.
Sarah Connor: I was kidnapped.
Cameron Phillips: Which is distracting.

Cameron Phillips: I'll make you a sandwich.
John Connor: Wait, why?
Cameron Phillips: You're hungry.
John Connor: Why don't we let hungry be my problem?
Cameron Phillips: Sometimes it's nice to have help.
John Connor: How's the hand?
Cameron Phillips: [checks her hand] Not a problem.
John Connor: Aren't you supposed to be really good at self-repair?
Cameron Phillips: Yes.
John Connor: But sometimes it's nice to have help.
Cameron Phillips: Yes.
John Connor: Well, I'll make my own sandwich.

[Cameron takes Riley with her into the shed]
Riley Dawson: You're John's sister. You can't keep me here.
Cameron Phillips: They don't always like the way I do things.

John Connor: [referring to Riley] Were you gonna kill her?
Cameron Phillips: I don't know what I was going to do.
John Connor: What do you mean you didn't know what you were gonna do? Since when do you not know what you're gonna do?
Cameron Phillips: I don't know. I should've killed her. She's a threat to you.
John Connor: That is not your decision to make.
Cameron Phillips: It's usually not a decision.
John Connor: Well, obviously it is this time. And it's not yours.

[last lines]
[Cameron has given John a device to destroy her if necessary]
John Connor: What would future John do now?
Cameron Phillips: Future John doesn't live here. You do.

"Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles: Born to Run (#2.22)" (2009)
John Henry: Hello.
Cameron Phillips: Hello.
John Henry: I know you.
Cameron Phillips: And I know you.
John Henry: Will you join us?

[John suggests to leave the motel they are staying in]
Cameron Phillips: Relocating within twenty-four hours of the incident has high risk factors. This room provides excellent sight lines down the highway.
John Connor: This is not an incident. This is my mother!

Cameron Phillips: [of Ellison] He upset you.
John Connor: Me? I think he upset you.
Cameron Phillips: You know that's impossible.
John Connor: Is it?
Cameron Phillips: You said it yourself, John - I'm just a machine.

Cameron Phillips: You need to understand how it works.
John Connor: What?
Cameron Phillips: This chip. This body. The software is designed to terminate humans. The hardware is designed to terminate humans. That's our sole function.
John Connor: Not you.
Cameron Phillips: No. Not anymore. But what was there is still there. It'll always be there.
John Connor: So down deep... you want to kill me.
Cameron Phillips: Yes. I do.
John Connor: And why don't you?
Cameron Phillips: I might someday.

Cameron Phillips: [written on a screen] I'm sorry John.

"Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles: Samson & Delilah (#2.1)" (2008)
Cameron: [to Sarah] Don't let him do it again. If I ever go bad, don't let him bring me back!

Cameron: Don't let him do that again. If I ever go bad again, don't let him bring me back.

Cameron: Are you here to kill me, John?
John Connor: Are you here to kill me?
Cameron: No.
John Connor: [hands her his gun] Promise.
Cameron: [analyzing]
Cameron: [after a long pause] Promise.

Cameron: [Sarah has Cameron pinned between 2 trucks as John attempts to remove her CPU] John... John you can't do this... You don't know what you're about to do...
John Connor: Yes, I do. You're going to kill me.
Cameron: No. John, you can't do this. You're not doing the right thing. Things are good now. Things are fine now. I ran a test. Things are good now. I'm fixed now. You can trust me now. Everything's good now.
Sarah Connor: What are you waiting for?
Cameron: She doesn't know, she doesn't. I'm good now. I'm good, I ran a test. Everything's perfect. I'm perfect.
Sarah Connor: JOHN!
Cameron: I'm sorry for what I did. It wasn't me. You have to understand, it wasn't me, you can't let this happen, John. You can't, please. Listen to me. Listen to me. I don't want to go. Please, John, please. John, listen to me. I don't want to go. Please, John. Please. I'm good now. Listen to me, I don't want to go. I'm sorry. That wasn't me. I'm fixed now, I ran a test. Everything's perfect. You can trust me.
Sarah Connor: JOHN CONNER!
Cameron: I love you! I love you! Please, I love you! Please John, and you love me.
John Connor: [removes Camerons CPU]

"Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles: To the Lighthouse (#2.20)" (2009)
Cameron Phillips: 33-42-31 North - the safe house coordinates. It's in the desert. You like the desert.
Sarah Connor: Things happen out there.
Cameron Phillips: Things happen here too.

Cameron Phillips: You can't kill me.
Derek Reese: I can try.

[Cameron has told Derek about Jesse's miscarriage]
Derek Reese: Why'd you tell me that now?
Cameron Phillips: You put John in danger when you lied about Jesse. Sarah nearly lost her child. You've lost a child. You won't make that mistake again.
Derek Reese: You knew her?
Cameron Phillips: I met her once.
Derek Reese: She never told me that.
Cameron Phillips: It seems she never told you a lot of things.

[last lines]
Derek Reese: Why'd you come in after me?
Cameron Phillips: You know the location of the safe house... John's location. If they tortured you...
Derek Reese: That would never happen.
Cameron Phillips: It has before.

"Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles: Brothers of Nablus (#2.7)" (2008)
Cameron Phillips: My jacket, give it to me.
Dave: Come and get it.
Cameron Phillips: [pulls out and aims gun] Come and give it to me.

Cameron Phillips: [about Riley] She's a security risk.
John Connor: Really? She's never tried to kill me... You know that this has nothing to do with Riley, or with the rules, or the security of this house. You are pissed off, because I found someone I actually like spending time with, and it's not *you*.
Sarah Connor: You think I don't want you to have a normal life?
John Connor: No. I don't.
Sarah Connor: [grabbing John by his arm] Hey! We didn't choose this, John, it chose us. And there's nothing either of us can do about it. My job is to protect you. And you can hate me as much as you want, but I will keep doing this as long as I'm here.
John Connor: Then why didn't you protect me when I was killing Sarkissian? Why didn't you protect me when I had my hands around his throat? Why didn't you protect me from that?

Sarah Connor: Fools errands, and the Fathers of Nablus. It's been a great day.
Cameron Phillips: Brothers.
Sarah Connor: What?
Cameron Phillips: Brothers of Nablus - Genesis, chapter 34.
Sarah Connor: You've memorized the bible?
Cameron Phillips: Jacob's daughter Dinah is raped by Shechem, Prince of Nablus. He falls in love with her. Shechem's father comes to Jacob and strikes a bargain to allow his son to marry Dinah.
Sarah Connor: That's brave of him.
Cameron Phillips: Jacob says yes, on the condition that all the men in Shechem 's town be circumcised.
Sarah Connor: Everybody gets what they want.
Cameron Phillips: Three days later, while Shechem's men were still in pain from the circumcision, Dinah's brothers rode into the city and killed them all.
Sarah Connor: It's your kind of story.
Cameron Phillips: Yes. My kind of story.

Moishe: You killed Rico!
[Rico lies in a corner, moaning]
Cameron Phillips: Not yet.

"Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles: Automatic for the People (#2.2)" (2008)
Cameron Phillips: I'm thinking about what to do.
Sarah Connor: Since when do you do that?

Sarah Connor: [about an irregularity Greenway has detected at the power plant] His boss is pressuring him to ignore it, says it's nothing major. But if Greenway's right and there is a problem...
Cameron Phillips: The reactor could melt down. Half the state would be contaminated.
Derek Reese: Skynet wins.
Sarah Connor: But if Greenway stops the test and they close down the plant...
Derek Reese: Then the resistance can't use it in the future.
Cameron Phillips: Skynet wins.

Cameron Phillips: You have a new friend?
John Connor: Her name is Riley. And you probably creeped her out. You talk to people, don't stand so close.
Cameron Phillips: I was assessing her threat level.
John Connor: Well? Am I safe?
Cameron Phillips: I don't know. Girls are complicated.

John Connor: About what you said before - about not being able to trust me.
Cameron Phillips: Yes?
John Connor: I don't have to prove anything to anyone. Anyone - including you!

"Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles: The Mousetrap (#2.3)" (2008)
[Cameron is examining the chimney]
Cameron Phillips: There's something alive up there.
Sarah Connor: Is it something that can hurt us?
Cameron Phillips: It's a bird. I'll kill it before it flies away.
Sarah Connor: No.
Cameron Phillips: Maybe later?
Sarah Connor: Maybe never.

Cameron Phillips: Your mother told me to keep an eye on you.
John Connor: Yeah well, that doesn't mean you have to go everywhere I do.
Cameron Phillips: Yes it does.
John Connor: Just because my mother said it doesn't make it so. I'm not a child anymore; I can go to the store or see a friend or do whatever the hell else people like me do.
Cameron Phillips: There are no other people like you.

[Cameron is standing in the middle of a room]
Cameron Phillips: This is the absolute center of the house.
John Connor: [unenthusiastic] Excellent, good work.
Cameron Phillips: The house is moving.
John Connor: What...?
Cameron Phillips: Moving. The east by southeast section of the house is moving.
John Connor: Really. Where's it going?
Cameron Phillips: Down. At a rate of point nine three millimeters per year.
John Connor: And what? Does that affect the security system or, uh, sidelines with the night scope - how does this affect the safety of one John Connor?
Cameron Phillips: It doesn't. But next time we're going to have to repaint.

[John has just escaped Cromartie in the water and spots Cameron on the pier]
John Connor: Could've helped!
Cameron Phillips: I don't swim.
John Connor: Yeah, I just figured that out!

"Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles: Today Is the Day: Part 1 (#2.18)" (2009)
[Cameron scares away a pigeon]
Cameron Phillips: Goodbye, bird. There's a fifty-one percent chance I wouldn't have killed you.

John Connor: Was it you? Did you kill her?
Cameron Phillips: What if I did?
John Connor: Don't play games with me. I need the truth.
Cameron Phillips: I didn't kill her.
John Connor: I want to believe you.
Cameron Phillips: Believe me.
John Connor: Sometimes you lie to me.
Cameron Phillips: Yes. I do, but I'm not lying now. I am sorry.
John Connor: You're sorry? For what?
Cameron Phillips: For your loss.
John Connor: I really wish I could believe that too.

Sarah Connor: I have planned on waiting for you with Derek's sniper rifle, pulled the trigger, solved about fifty percent of my problems. One shot. Do you know how bad I'd have felt?
Cameron Phillips: Very bad?
Sarah Connor: Not bad at all. But I know someone who'd have felt bad, someone who would never forgive me if I had done that.

Cameron Phillips: It's not about me. It's about John. You're concerned for his safety.
Sarah Connor: You bet I am.
Cameron Phillips: From Skynet? From me?
Sarah Connor: Maybe. Maybe especially you.
Cameron Phillips: We're all a threat. We're all a threat to John. He worries about us. That makes him vulnerable. He cares.
Sarah Connor: I am not John's problem.
Cameron Phillips: John is John's problem. Humans are the problem. There's only one way for him to be safe - that's to be alone.
Sarah Connor: What kind of life is that?
Cameron Phillips: John's life. Someday.

"Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles: What He Beheld (#1.9)" (2008)
Cameron Phillips: Do I have a birthday?
John Connor: I don't know. Were you born?
Cameron Phillips: I was built.
John Connor: Well, then, maybe you have, like, a 'built-day'.

Morris: Wait, Cameron! Hey, um... There's something I... kinda need to ask you. Um... you think maybe you might wanna go to the prom with me?
John Connor: Just say 'yes'!
Cameron Phillips: Yes!

[Cameron reveals Sarkissian's dead handyman in the trunk]
Cameron Phillips: He was a threat to us.
John Connor: Did he say anything, a name, a location?
Cameron Phillips: He said very little. And then he was quiet.

Morris: Oh wow. Is this your car?
Cameron Phillips: No. It belongs to the guy I killed and stuffed in the trunk.
John Connor: Hey. Where you been, Mom says we gotta get home right now. - What's up with the car?
Morris: Cameron stuffed a dead guy in the trunk.
Cameron Phillips: He was following us.
Morris: Your sister's dark, bro. You're gonna love the Smiths.
John Connor: Yeah, she's, uh, she's really Goth.

"Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles: Desert Cantos (#2.15)" (2009)
Cameron Phillips: Native-Americans believe that when their pictures are taken, their souls are stolen and locked in the photograph forever.
Derek Reese: I think you're safe.

Cameron Phillips: [after Zoe has become emotional about her father's death] She's not crying.
John Connor: She's not doing a lot of things.

Cameron Phillips: [about Zoe] She hasn't looked at her father's picture since we've been here - not once. Neither has her mother.
Derek Reese: Yeah, and?
Cameron Phillips: If you had a photo of Kyle Reese, you'd look at it, wouldn't you? - Maybe there's something I don't understand.
John Connor: He's not dead.
Derek Reese: That's a big leap.
John Connor: Lemme repeat what she said: if you had a photo of your brother, would you or would you not look at it?
[Reese turns to observe Zoe and her mother]
Derek Reese: He's not dead.
Cameron Phillips: We should find him before he is.

"Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles: Mr. Ferguson Is Ill Today (#2.8)" (2008)
Cameron Phillips: I'll talk to John.
Sarah Connor: John's not listening.
Cameron Phillips: He's always listening.

Cameron Phillips: You bring danger into Riley's life.
John Connor: I know that. I'm not stupid.
Cameron Phillips: But sometimes you do stupid things. It would help me to understand why.
John Connor: Humans do stupid things. So don't worry about it and be happy you're a machine.
Cameron Phillips: I'm a machine. I can't be happy.

Cameron Phillips: I understand that being John Connor can be lonely.
John Connor: Oh yeah? How do you understand that?
Cameron Phillips: You and I talk about it a lot.
John Connor: We do?
Cameron Phillips: We do. We will.

"Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles: Complications (#2.9)" (2008)
Sarah Connor: What's that?
Cameron Phillips: It's rehydration fluid. Drink one cup every half hour or right after you vomit.

Cameron Phillips: I don't think you understand how we work. I have sensation. I feel. I wouldn't be worth much if I couldn't feel.

Cameron Phillips: [waiting for Ellison] There are many things I don't understand.
John Connor: Like what?
Cameron Phillips: The tortoise.
John Connor: What tortoise?
Cameron Phillips: It was on its back by the side of the road in Mexico. Your mother turned it over.
John Connor: She was helping it.
Cameron Phillips: I know. But why?
John Connor: That's what we do; when we, uh... when we see something that's, uh, in pain or in trouble or whatever, we're trying to help it.
Cameron Phillips: Empathy?
John Connor: Something like that.
Cameron Phillips: But not everyone would turn a tortoise over?
John Connor: No. Someone'd just leave it there.
Cameron Phillips: Someone'd probably drive over it and crush it.
John Connor: Yeah, I guess they would. Is that what you'd do?
Cameron Phillips: It didn't seem like much of a threat. We're not built to be cruel.
John Connor: Yeah, that's one for cyborgs.
Cameron Phillips: Yes.
[sees Ellison getting out of his car]
Cameron Phillips: That's one for us.

"Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles: The Tower Is Tall But the Fall Is Short (#2.6)" (2008)
Cameron Phillips: [of Sherman] Maybe his name's on the list because he helps John.
Sarah Connor: Helps John? What makes you think John needs help?
John Connor: What makes you think I don't?

Cameron Phillips: [of another terminator she has killed] This model has been redesigned.
Derek Reese: With a self-destruct feature?
John Connor: Skynet must not want me reprogramming in the future.
Cameron Phillips: This is one way to stop you.
John Connor: Well, I guess they're getting smarter. We should too.

"Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles: The Demon Hand (#1.7)" (2008)
Cameron Phillips: Dance is the hidden language of the soul.
Derek Reese: First you have to have a soul.

Derek Reese: You might have fooled them, but not me. I know you.
Cameron Phillips: I know you, too.

"Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles: Adam Raised a Cain (#2.21)" (2009)
Sarah Connor: We don't kill just to kill.
Cameron Phillips: I never have.

Cameron Phillips: [after Derek got killed] You miss him.
John Connor: Well... there's no use crying about it, is there? I'm sure, future me would beat my ass if I did.
Cameron Phillips: Future you knows what it means to lose people you love. It happens to him too.

"Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles: Alpine Fields (#2.12)" (2008)
Anne: Why would you keep a gun in the house?
David: Maybe for a situation like this. Or a bear.
Cameron Phillips: [examining David's gun] This wouldn't work in a situation like this...
Anne: Why didn't you tell me?
Cameron Phillips: ...or a bear.

[Cameron knocks Roger down from behind. Lauren gasps in horror]
Cameron Phillips: He's human?
Lauren: Yes, of course!
Cameron Phillips: My mistake.

"Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles: Today Is the Day: Part 2 (#2.19)" (2009)
Jesse: If the answer is 'no', what was the question?
Cameron Phillips: 'Will you join us?'
Jesse: *What*?
Cameron Phillips: That was the question. 'Will you join us?'

Sarah Connor: Why're you here?
Cameron Phillips: Protect John. Hunt Skynet. Stop Judgment Day.
Sarah Connor: But why're you here? Right now, with us? John sent you here from the future. He sent you away, away from him. Maybe you should think about that. Maybe you should think about why he didn't want you around anymore.

"Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles: Strange Things Happen at the One Two Point (#2.10)" (2008)
Cameron Phillips: [about the money] It's not enough.
Sarah Connor: [counting diamonds] What will be enough?
Cameron Phillips: [looks over the money and diamonds] Everything.
Sarah Connor: Everything then.
[she adds all the diamonds to the money]
Cameron Phillips: You're certain?
Sarah Connor: Certain is a luxury.

"Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles: Earthlings Welcome Here (#2.13)" (2008)
[Cameron appears on screen from behind]
Cameron Phillips: You didn't buy me a smoothie.
Riley: I'm sorry, I didn't know you were here.
Cameron Phillips: I'm always here.
John Connor: Cameron, I'm not sure we're gonna have enough paint. Would you do me a favor and go out and get some?
Cameron Phillips: You have 420 square feet to paint. What you have should be sufficient.
John Connor: Two coats. It's a bigger job than it looks.
Cameron Phillips: I have a job, too.
John Connor: Could you do it in the other room, please?
Cameron Phillips: [upon leaving the scene] Peachy Keen is my favorite.

"Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles: Goodbye to All That (#2.5)" (2008)
[Marty tries to call home. Cameron snatches the telephone out of his hand and lifts him up by his collar]
Cameron Phillips: If you call your mother, that man knows where to find you. Then he'll kill her. He'll kill you.
Sarah Connor: [coughs slightly] Cameron...
Cameron Phillips: [to Marty, still holding him up] Would you like a bedtime story?